Monday, October 6, 2014

Suicide blast hits Grozny, predominately Chechen, Southern Russia- 5 dead

Often times events that seem random, aren't.  

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"And we will liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus, God willing," said the militant.

"According to the latest data, the blast killed five policemen, twelve others received wounds," a police spokesman said. Four police officers died at the scene, while the fifth later died of wounds at a local hospital.

The incident happened ahead of a concert dedicated to City Day in Grozny, which is home to over 280,000 people, most of them Chechens. According to the Internal Affairs Ministry, police forces noticed a suspicious man outside a concert hall.
Five killed in suicide bombing in Chechen capital
The attack took place outside a hall where a concert marking Grozny's City Day was about to take place.An interior ministry statement said police were searching a "suspicious" young man when he detonated a device. The Russian statement said that police officers on duty at the event "noticed a suspicious young man near metal detectors set up at the concert hall".
"When the police decided to search him and establish his identity, the man blew himself up," it said.
The bomber was identified as 19-year-old Opti Mudarov, a resident of Grozny. The ministry said he had disappeared two months ago and had had no contact with his family since then.
This was a high-profile and symbolic target.
This year, Grozny City Day celebrations coincide with the birthday of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

He recently asserted that extremist Islamic insurgents - who carried out major bomb attacks in Russia in the run-up to the Winter Olympics - were no longer a threat in Chechnya, and no longer recruiting.
Toronto Star
The Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, told journalists at the scene that the suicide bomber was wearing a police uniform and presented police identification when he tried to go through metal detectors set up outside a concert hall in Grozny, the capital. When police moved to stop him, he detonated the explosives, Kadyrov said.
On a day of unity and celebration in Grozny, a highly symbolic attack takes place. Not a coincidence.
Coming just after an ISIS threat? Taking into consideration Ukraine and more? Feels like a plan.


  1. It's hard for people to wrap their minds around just how amoral and murderous the Zionist West is if they haven't really been paying close attention as of late.

    To hide the fact that they are IN FACT waging a global war of aggression against the planet's population, the Zionist West is pushing the use of 4th generational warfare to its limits. Hallmarks of this are the use of terrorism, false flags, civilian murders etc etc and we see it on display in Ukraine, Syria, Hong Kong, etc etc etc. Where there formerly were "rule" of engagement as to geopolitics the Zionist West has completely tossed such "niceties" aside and instead is proving time and time and time again that it it the most despicable and amoral civilization in the history of mankind.

    Instead of admitting that the Zionist Western empire - like ALL empires ultimately - has reached its limits as to power/hegemony, TPTB will keep attempting to further their reach through the use of such cowardly tactics like those described in your OP.

    Thus, we will continue to be treated to murderous displays as the above that always seem to have a conspicuous undercurrent of Western motive to them.

  2. F1 in Sochi. Too much MSM(MiHi/Mossad/Mecca) infiltration there this year and the surrounding areas lately.

    Big trouble brewing.

  3. Hi Penny,
    This piece at Aletho News has Biden backing up what you say about no moderate terrorists in Syria.
    Btw, they reproduced one of your other articles on that site, in case you haven't seen it there.

    Very sad about this latest and what is happening in Hong Kong on top of all the other state aggression already taking place. Thank you for all your hard work here.

  4. Mother Agnes Mariam+ ‏@MotherAgnesMari 14m14 minutes ago
    Kobane chairman warns:“If IS enters Kobane and commits a massacre of thousands of people all international powers will be held responsible.”