Monday, November 10, 2014

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi: The Myth Grows. Dead, Injured or Completely Unscathed

Does it matter? Does it really matter?
His legend will live on and his super villain status will explode into your consciousness!
His omnipotence will cause you to shake with fear. 
He must be caught!!! For you to feel safe at night! 
Or some garbage like that?! 
Yup, al Baghdadi is going to be alive. For now, at this time, he is worth more alive then dead. So, it's going to be announced in rather short order he is alive and has gone deeper underground, requiring an expanded war effort. More boots on the ground. More of your tax dollars being expropriated to prop up the military/security/ banking complex.
Sorry, I meant more of your tax dollars, being wisely used, to keep you safe....................

Earliest reports regarding the death of Baghdadi began to circulate late Saturday/Early Sunday morning
“US-led air strikes have targeted a gathering of Islamic State leaders in Iraq in a town near the Syrian border, possibly including the group's top commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Al-Hadath TV channel said on Saturday”
“Some reports claimed the strikes critically wounded or possibly killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, however U.S. officials could not confirm if he was hit in the attacks”
 Can't confirm? Won't confirm.

Recall July7th, of this year, I put this post up at the blog? Mythopoeia- Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

al Baghdadi

"My stance on this is there is NO Abu Bakr al BaghdadiNot a living human being. Not one individual. He is a composite. . He moves like the wind through the branches.  You hear the branches, but, not al Baghdadi. He is everywhere. He is nowhere.  He is whoever he is needed to be"

 First thing this morning I see the Washington Post pushing the man and his myth!
Original headline in the url- Why is is it so hard to kill Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi
Changed to-Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: Wounded, dead or missed entirely by U.S. airstrikes?

In my opinion, the headline was changed for the reasons I have already suggested to readers here months ago! Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is a myth, and cannot be killed in the physical sense. His death will require some sort of epic drama equaling the built up "life" of this so called man.

Quoting WP
 “No one knows exactly where he came from. No one knows why he was chosen to lead the Islamic State. And now, in the past 24 hours, reports have arrived saying Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is “believed dead,” or merely wounded, or “critically wounded,” or unscathed — or possibly not even at the scene of the attack.”

 WP continues-
”The drama and ensuing confusion is fitting for Baghdadi, a shadowy figure whose myth may only be enhanced by the mystery surrounding his purported demise” 
“But while the leader’s aversion to the public eye has protected Baghdadi, it has also allowed facts to melt into Islamic State propaganda, forging an identity that has become one of the most potent recruiting devices at the Islamic State’s disposal”
The Washington Post fails to mention that the myth of al Baghdadi is largely created in western mainstream media. It is, after all, the Washington Post that is making the case for his omnipotence & claiming this aids in recruitment potential?

What WaPo fails to mention is that this hyperbole allows the NATO nations, lead by the US, to continue on with their war making. Which is entirely and wholly desired by aformentioned US/NATO warmongers.

Washington Post quotes the Soufan Group in their article

 “So if Baghdadi survived the American bombardment, he may retreat further into darkness. That’s where he’s most comfortable operating”
  If Baghdadi retreats further into the darkness, what action will be required to flush him out?
 Quite obviously the required action is more war. More boots on the ground. More bombing runs.
An expansion of war. Exactly that which is desired by the US led NATO nations. Symbiosis.

An aside: Who/What is Soufan?
Check it out for yourself? It appears to me that  Soufan is a private intelligence group!!
 Which means they are getting fat, on tax payer contracts, providing ‘intelligence’ to the NATO nations to fit the agenda- Part of the typical gov/private revolving door scenario, we see and read about way, way, way too often.
 Abu al Baghdadi- A new chapter has just been written in his mythological biography
- Able to evade the superior military airstrikes of the global superpower, the US. 
WOW, wow, wow.... the suspense is simply overwhelming. I mean what will happen next?!
Where will Baghdadi surface?

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  1. Could it be that this entity is just another "drill" for the media? If the media outlets don't print whatever lies they're told to about this entity...then they're considered suspect. That's my take. They're always "drilling" the media for confirmation of loyalty.

    1. Hi greencrow-
      I guess it could be something like that?
      The al Baghdadi storyline likely has many angles and agendas
      However, to me, it seems that he is just another bad guy that we are supposed to feel threatened by, inciting fear, which makes us want to be protected and the western tyrannies are always there to "protects" us
      when we are always being exploited with them and many of us, but not all of us, have some sick case of Stockholm syndrome going on

    2. that is exploited by them, always exploited by the elites that shouldn't be in charge- And I don't suffer from Stockholm syndrome myself- but plenty do!

  2. People seem to forget that given the blatant and continued lies regarding even the most obvious physics/common sense defying events - e.g., 9/11, MH17, etc etc etc - there exists obvious ZERO NADA ZILCH reason for taking ANYTHING that the Zionist propaganda battery assails our minds with ESPECIALLY concerning - a la OBL - the existence - continued or otherwise - of ANY of their shady "jihadist" masterminds.

    Well, TPTB did lie about some of the largest events in US/World history but they're prolly to be trusted on the breathless accounts of the mysterious Baghdadi and his minions, right? Please.

    As concerning all things bullshit that is the Soufan Group I scanned the first 100 or so of their commentaries - it only goes back to early March 2014 so they've been REALLLY BUSY as of late - and in their amazingly less than insightful pieces there seems to not be ONE MENTION of the word "Israel" in any titles. They seem to be the go to guys for the Zionist mouthpieces Fox, WaPo and Frontline etc etc. as most of the "commentaries" are links to crap they've pushed at those outlets. Great work, guys!!! Pathetic.

    1. Dam you're good! As much as we should all look at what is present, we should also look at what is missing
      did you check out the roster of members? some interesting names just jumped out at me when I scanned through there

  3. It appears that Zionists have murdered some more nuclear engineers this time in Syria.

    1. I saw that news also

      4 nuclear scientists gunned down in otherwise peaceful part of Syria

      But it was 5 nuclear scientists- 4 syrian- 1 Iranian

      Four Syrian nuclear scientists were killed near Damascus after gunmen opened fire on their bus in an area where there was no fighting,

      Al-Watan said the men were on a bus heading to the Scientific Research Center near the Syrian capital when they were attacked Sunday, and suggested the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front was behind the assault.

      talk about a specific,planned, targeted killing?
      My first thought was Israel also- Cause Israel loves AQ