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Ebola Today: WHO adopted a Global Vaccine Plan 2012

Ebola : WHO Adopts Global Vaccine Plan

I saved this from 2012- And, yes, it is relevant today. Why? Because it's a plan. And the elites love when a plan comes together!  This long term global vaccine plan appears related to the hard sell campaign ,being pushed via the media, regarding the situation in Africa. All the hype around Ebola is looking more and more to be a blatant push for to promote a vaccine as "SAVIOUR" in a classic, problem reaction, solution type scenario.

The article linked above is  heavy on spin. The WHO can tell us whatever they want about why they adopted this Global Vaccine Plan- Bottom line this is a way to generate profits for big pharma!
I am going to link a pdf that should make this pretty dam clear.

First the article:
“A global vaccine action plan (perception management omitted) was adopted last month (26 May) by 194 countries at the World Health Assembly (the decision-making body of the WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland” 

“The plan was drawn up by the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration — a group comprising stakeholders from the global health community”
Bill and Melinda Gates are firmly behind the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration

The article discusses details related to the delivery of the Decade of Vaccines project in the period 2011–2020:
Goal #1- “By 2015, the goal is for at least 80 low or middle income countries to have introduced one or more new or underutilised vaccines”

"Underutilised vaccines"? So, vaccines for diseases or disorders that aren’t very common or threatening? In recent years, the poor western nations of Canada and the US, have seen the introduction of a number of vaccines that were previously “underutilized”
Four such vaccines that come to mind and fit the "underutilized"label are the Chicken Pox vaccine which has led to an epidemic of Shingles which of course simply had to lead to a Shingles vaccine.
Then there was the HPV vaccine and the rotavirus vaccine (Contaminated with Pig DNA in Canada and the US)

Goal # 2- “ To have licensed and launched new vaccines against one or more of the major diseases — such as dengue, malaria or leishmaniasis — by 2020.”

Could the latest Ebola outbreak be just what the doctor ordered to promote a new underutilised vaccine? It fits the bill.

Berman from Rockefeller’s “Doctors without Borders”-
“The plan gave more focus and support to immunisation, and it was therefore a positive move to adopt it”  But the plan had many limitations, he said.
According to Berman, there was too much emphasis on new vaccines, (expensive and highly profitable new vaccines) when what was needed was a greater focus on improving routine vaccination programmes
No mention of clean water. Better nutrition. Cleanliness. No common sense approach to disease prevention. Healthy bodies. Healthy minds. Strong immune systems. Naturally.
Not even discussed. Of course, why would it be? This is about making money!
So, is this truly about caring for the health of humanity? I don’t think so.
This appears to be an action plan for maximizing pharmaceutical profits, at the expense of human health and well being,  for many years to come.

Very informative pdf- you really should take a read through it. Including a way to promote- ie create a demand, for vaccination

Venture capital funding- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
"Public private mechanisms to support the biotech industry"- that's what we see now, taxpayer money buying vaccines that many of us don't want
"All countries committing to vaccination"- dam your clean water and sewage systems- your going to commit to immunization as a priority
 4.2 is a most interesting read!
This section makes very clear that heavy handed, appeal to authority, indoctrination will be used to get you to demand vaccination Or in other words, vaccines must be marketed with more hard selling tactics.
We witnessed this first hand with the swine flu a few years back, it was fear, fear and more fear People lining up for vaccines- Intentional shortages at clinics  ( there were no real shortages, recall all the excess swine flu vaccines that were gotten rid of afterwards?) Increased fear daily coming from all media outlets, people were manipulated, massively!
Advocates should pair up with leaders, parent groups and MEDIA EXPERTS?

"Leverage the full spectrum of modern communication methods to which the younger generation of parents is amenable"
Massive public manipulation so governments colluding/propping up big pharma can justify their profit taking at the expense of real, true human health and well being.

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Also: Africa- Past and Present: AIDS, Banksters, CIA, CULTS, EBOLA & Hollywood
"Broke the chain of transmission by running a clean operation. That's doesn't seem like rocket science! So, what is going on present day? Instead of a common sense, tried and true approach, that will save lives, all we hear &  read of is the pushing of vaccines. The necessity of vaccines. Highly suggestive of an entirely different agenda being in play 2014"


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  3. Sorry Penny, you called this wrong about Ebola. Cuba has been in the forefront of fighting Ebola in West Africa, you are saying basically that the leadership and medical establishment of Cuba are bought? No way.

    1. Sorry Hans- What have I called "wrong"?
      I am not saying anything about Cuba. Could you clarify what you mean?
      I am not saying there is no Ebola, though that is open for debate.
      I am suggesting that Ebola outbreaks have been dealt with previously, without vaccine saviours.. But not this time