Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fort Carson Troops Will Deploy to Ukraine?

Surely looks to me that the US/NATO war machine is looking for war. Not peace. WAR.
How else to explain more American soldiers going to the Ukraine? 
 Fort Carson is located near Colorado Springs ( I had to look that up) It appears to be a long term move, or at the very least, there appears to be no end date for this deployment. Will more soldiers be sent at a later date? What’s going on?
"This is not going to be a three-week or a month deployment," said a source at the post familiar with the new mission.
The Army hasn't said how long the division troops will be overseas, leaving the deployment indefinite.
U.S. European Command said that a 100-soldier team from the 16,000-soldier division will head to Europe in early 2015 to lead ground forces in "Operation Atlantic Resolve."

"Operation Atlantic Resolve is a continued demonstration of the United States' commitment to the collective security of our NATO allies and support for our partners in Europe, in light of the ongoing ? (what ongoing intervention?)Russian intervention in Ukraine," European Command said in a news release. "The operation will remain in place as long as required to reassure our allies."

Russia's eight-month intervention (what intervention?) in Eastern Ukraine has heated up this month with reports of increased Russian military activity including more heavy tanks.
"The U.S. is committed to supporting Ukraine through this difficult challenge," Breedlove wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. "The international community is imposing ever-tightening economic sanctions on Russia in response to its illegal annexation of Crimea and their destructive military actions and support to forces in Eastern Ukraine."
The Fort Carson soldiers will play a role in deterring Russia by building U.S. ties to allies in the region including former Soviet republics in the Baltic.

Leaders from the division will run a series of training exercises to ensure American forces are ready to fight alongside partners.

Leaders at the post are still developing plans for how they will support the open-ended troop commitment in Europe. Exact dates of when soldiers will leave haven't been announced.
This next paragraph made me go hmmmmm.... Curious?
Pulling the 4th Infantry Division to rotate into Europe has long precedent. The division spent much of the Cold War training to deploy to Europe for battle. Starting in 1977, the division was periodically flown to Europe so its soldiers could train to fight with prepositioned gear they retrieved from storage depots.
Flown to Europe to train to fight? with prepositioned gear, first hidden and then retrieved from storage depots . Sounds like Gladio style ops,  no?
The division has been redesigned in recent years and has fewer heavy tanks and artillery pieces.

The changes, though, left the division well-suited to European war, with infantry troops to tackle tough terrain, tanks to fight on open plains and eight-wheeled Stryker vehicles for urban battles.
Urban battles?


  1. Analogous to the idea that you are either a witting or unwitting propagandist for the war criminal PTB if you are still at this point in time spouting non-sense about ISIS, Russia, etc etc is the undeniable fact that if you are in the military and are still carrying out orders for the Zionist war criminal elite then you have abdicated your claim to NOT being charged as a war criminal.

    I know it's long past the time for people to be thinking this way but with the absurdity of the Zionist West's latest fairy tales reaching levels only a 5 year old couldn't see through it's good to remind people that there really is no justification for anyone's participation in these crimes.

    1. There is really no justification for anyone's participation in these heinous crimes