Thursday, November 13, 2014

He's Back! Abu Bakr al Baghdadi- We didn't even have time to miss ya!

I am chucklin'! Could see this comin' a mile away. Baghdadi is all fire and brimstone.....
Good to scare the gullible or those who want to be scared. Me? I yawn at the predictability of it all. But do wonder if the Canadian media is prepping for yet another Gladio/Stay behind Op?
Pay attention as you read

"Erupt Volcanoes of Jihad"- Seriously? Is this some phallic obsession?  Or have I had too much celebratory wine?  hehehe...
Baghdadi. Allegedly?

Days after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly injured ( Or killed?) in an air strike, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham leader resurfaced Thursday in an audio recording urging followers to “erupt volcanoes of jihad everywhere.”
Erupt volcanoes of  jihad... ya sure!

Monday-Abu Bakr al Baghdadi: The Myth Grows. Dead, Injured or Completely Unscathed

 Yup, al Baghdadi is going to be alive. For now, at this time, he is worth more alive then dead. So, it's going to be announced in rather short order he is alive and has gone deeper underground, requiring an expanded war effort.

Soooo predictable-

One thought that crossed my mind. Is the Canadian media prepping for yet another stay behind/ Gladio operation?

 The 17-minute tirade attributed to Baghdadi raged against the American-led military coalition that includes Canada.....
  “We see America and its allies stumbling between fear, weakness, inability, and failure. America, Europe, Australia, Canada, their apostate tails and slaves from amongst the rulers of the Muslims’ lands were terrified by the Islamic State,” he said.

 Mentioning Canada? Specifically? Hard to believe. And then, the planted idea! The possible prep for another 'attack' that can be spun, immediately, as terror.

 The last major address from ISIS, in September, was made by Baghdadi’s spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani and encouraged acts of global violence, including against Canadians. A month later, two Canadian Forces members were murdered in Quebec and Ottawa by men espousing Islamist extremist views.

Oh and the whole speech is brought to us by Rita Katz and SITE intelligence. A group you can trust..... NOT EVER

Rita Katz

“This indicates that he is still alive,” said Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence Group in Washington, D.C., which analyzed the speech after ISIS released it on Twitter along with Arabic, English and Russian transcripts.
Rita Katz and SITE are somehow always in the know and absolutely certain about everything related to terrorism. Which is highly suggestive that she is connected to some/any/every western terrorizing project. You know the ones that keep laying those golden eggs I mentioned yesterday

"When “terrorism” provides such a convenient pretext for the fascist states of both Canada & Israel to justify rampant militarism at home and abroad. Why would Canada and Israel actually wish to eliminate that opportunity? Terrorism is the golden goose for Israel, Canada, US, UK, NATO etc and it just keeps laying golden egg after golden egg for the war profiteers and banksters..........."
From this post- Kevin Vickers feted at International Security Conference in Israel- Parliament Hill "Hero"

 If so many people didn't believe this garbage it would or should be freakin' hilarious!!!

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