Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Japan's smartphone zombies wreak havoc on the streets? Not unique to Japan

It isn't just in Japan. I see this here in a medium size Canadian city, almost daily.
I have had these dullards almost walk into me on the sidewalk- have witnessed as these fools walk into things (tree and post) and had one texting idiot riding her bicycle straight towards my vehicle, while I was driving, in a parking lot!!!
Recently in BC a young gal lost her life, walking on the train tracks, texting and listening to music
Who the hell even does that??!! It's tragic. Completely preventable. Her parents are heartbroken.
Darrell Phillips, Tiffany's father, had a message for other kids, according to CBC News.
"Take your headphones out of your ears. Don't walk the tracks. Put [only] one headphone in," he said. "My daughter died because of this. So please... you do not want to do this to your parents."
What I have to say on the subject may be unkind. But, here it is.  Straight up!
If you are so foolish, so stupid, to actually be unaware of your surroundings..... anything that happens to you it is completely your own fault.  
* You will be predator for prey.  
*Victims for criminals. 
*You won't even have provided yourself the second or two utterly necessary for survival
* In the survival of the fittest category...... You're a fail
*You are the ultimate in idiocracy. 

Put your phone away. Stop texting.  Get those buds out of your ears. Pay Attention. The life you save can be your own. If you can't make that choice for yourself, one that is actually in your own best interest- Seek help. Help, that is desperately needed.

"Hey, watch it!" barks a middle-aged salaryman as a hipster typing on his smartphone slams into him during one recent Friday evening crush hour.
"Incidents involving people walking or on bicycles account for 41 percent of phone-related accidents," Tetsuya Yamamoto, a senior official at Tokyo Fire Department's disaster prevention and safety section, told AFP.
"If people continue walking around looking at their phones, I think we could see more accidents happening."
It goes beyond being an innocuous inconvenience where both people apologise before continuing on their merry way.
Tokyo Fire Department, which runs the ambulance service in the megalopolis, says that in the four years to 2013, 122 people had to be rushed to hospital after accidents caused by pedestrians using cellphones.
As well as the vaguely comedic incidents of businessmen smacking into lamp-posts or tripping over dogs, this total also included a middle-aged man who died after straying onto a railway crossing while looking at his phone.
 - Tunnel vision -
More than half of Japanese now own a smartphone and the proportion is rising fast, including children who customarily walk to and from school.
Research by Japanese mobile giant NTT Docomo estimates a pedestrian's average field of vision while staring down at a smartphone is just five percent of what our eyes take in normally.
95 percent of your field of vision- reduced. Does that make sense to you? 
"Children wouldn't be safe in that situation," said Hiroshi Suzuki, manager of corporate social responsibility at the company. "It's dangerous and it's our job to make sure it doesn't actually happen."
The company ran a computer simulation of what could occur in Shibuya if everyone crossing the intersection was looking at their smartphones.
The results, based on a fairly average 1,500 people swarming over the road at any one time, were alarming: 446 collisions, 103 knockdowns and 21 dropped phones. Only around a third get to the other side without incident.
Japanese media reported that around half of the 56 bodies recovered from the peak of a volcano after a recent eruption were found clutching mobile phones with photos of the deadly lava and ash on them.
Apparently, they had thought it important to be able to show their social media friends what was happening than to try to save themselves.
Hey cool, look it's lava and ash- Let's get an image and post it on facebook- Duh! Unbelievable!
Phone fidgeters dawdling along at snail's pace, forcing cyclists and pram-pushing mums to swerve out of the way have become such an irritant in Tokyo that public notices have started to appear warning offenders to expect "icy stares", appealing to the Japanese sense of social harmony -- assuming people look up from their phones in the first place.
In China, an amusement park in the southwestern megacity of Chongqing has divided a pavement within its grounds into two lanes -- one signposted "No mobile phones" and the other "Mobile phone use permitted but all consequences are your responsibility."
Recorded announcements on Hong Kong's subway network warn passengers in Cantonese, Mandarin and English that they are about to step onto an escalator.
 WTF? Shouldn't you know your about to step onto an escalator?


  1. Yep, dodge them in the grocery store. I use to live on cell phone when I was working but when ever I see someone talking and driving I'd watch them very closely, they have no idea were their at.

    Thanks Penny for the great post;)

    1. Hi jo

      Isn't it tragic? Really tragic. I mean if that was my child on the train tracks I would have been just crushed. The girl who was heading straight for my car, i hit the horn to get her attention,but a parking lot? no hands and texting?
      most accidents happen in parking lots, what are these people thinking
      oh wait, they aren't
      and half the people in japan- phones loaded with images of lava and ash?
      I would have run as fast as I could- to hell with the pics
      what happened to their fight of flight to save there life instinct- I don't get it

  2. Here in the States, it's not unusual to come upon a car ahead that is weaving erratically and slowing down, then speeding up.

    At first you think the fool is probably drunk, high or both. The best thing to do is to pass the moron before they cause a wreck.

    Upon passing, a quick glance will show the person using both hands to text, and looking down at the screen, oblivious to the road.

    Guess that algae-based stupid virus has struck many Americans, who look for salvation on their smart phone.

    1. Hey Greg- we have witnessed that same driver here in Canada
      and yup, their texting!
      Saw the story about the algae bases stupid virus
      And there is no salvation in a smart phone- there is only subjugation

  3. Penny,
    You may have already read this piece by Vltchek concerning the same situation and his conclusion - which I can get behind - is that Southeast Asia was chosen as the deliberate testing ground vis a vis turning a population into techno-zombies so that after having perfected the "zombification" the methods could then be exported to the rest of the world. Nice, huh?


    Remember a while back when we were lamenting about what had happened to MOA and the decided turn the site had taken especially as concerns Zionism and some of its former posters myself included?

    Well, yesterday after reading at aanirfan how Google's new search logarithms were shit-canning alternative news-sites I decided to put in some sites I visit and look at the analytics for kicks.

    Guess what? If you type in you'll see that the 2nd highest nationality of visitors to the site is ISRAEL at a WHOPPING disproportional 12%!!!

    Go ahead and type in some other sites for comparison and you'll see that this is an anomaly.

    Kind of puts bernhard's recent cleaning house and anti-anti-Zionism in a bit more perspective, huh?

    You might want to mention this to b if you happen to drop by there some time.

    However, I have a sneaking suspicion that b is already well aware of this situation. ;)

    1. Israel?
      Wow, I know by my analytics that is not he case here
      Mine are American, then British, then Canadians
      I rank low on the Israeli visitors
      I haven't been over there for a bit- not as much good reading as there used to be

    2. oh and ty for the link, I haven't read that

  4. J Sorrentine
    that was an excellent article- Gadgets turning me into an idiot

    I repeat: the gadgets are turning me into an idiot! They are killing my creativity and taking me away from the essential issues. I am resisting, but it is hard.

    There is nothing wrong with computers, phones or cameras. But the way capitalism uses them; they are being converted into extremely dangerous psychological weapons of destruction – weapons that are slowing our thinking, diverting us from real issues, making us as busy as possible as we try to figure out an irrelevant multitude of digits and commands on confusing menus.

    Busy doing nothing of any substance or meaning or importance- What a beautiful elite concept- Leaving them free to do as they will

    1. Thought you might enjoy that! Yup, how much time - creative and otherwise - do we waste effing around with our "time-saving" devices and glimmerboxes meant to entrance us? Sad really especially when resisting really is as simple as turning them off and putting them away. Funny how it's hard to remember the not-so-distant past when all of the glimmerboxes didn't exist, huh? Yikes.