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Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey.

What about this relationship between ISIS and the Kurds? (not brand Yazidi specific) 

It's seems to be a real working relationship. I have remarked on that symbiosis, more then once here at the blog. And elsewhere too! 

FWIW: I believe the Kurdish Pashmerga and ISIS to be joined at the hip to the American/Israeli evil twins.
 It seems much more likely that there is cooperation and coordination between the Kurds and ISIS. It’s a thought that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. When one takes a look at the land grabbed by ISIS and the desired Kurdistan one can’t help but see something taking shape. Something like a new nation.

Back in August 2014- ISIS took Mosul and then the Kurds took it back, including that all important dam!

The Kurds also kicked ISIS to the curb in Sinjar. Allegedly.

I wrote about the whole Sinjar situation at the time it occurred ---The Yazidi genocide narrative strains credulity- No fly zone by stealth
 I’m going to be straight up- The Yazidi narrative? I don’t find it credible. I find it convenient. But, not credible. 
*Why on earth would the Yazidi’s who are Kurds, however that is defined, head up to some mountain top on the border of Syria, when Kurdish territory is heavily guarded and virtually untouched?
And prior to that post- "Refugee camps" in Kurdish/Iraq- Kurds request No-fly Buffer Zone & Armed US Assist

"The camp will be ready in one week’s time and will be operated by Iraqi Turkmens, state-run Anadolu Agency reported. Turkey had earlier set up another camp for Iraqi Turkmen in Sinjar."
Sinjar where "ISIS" chased Kurds into a mountain.

It was the whole Yazidi saga that really solidified in my mind the collusion between the two largely SUNNI Muslim groups (we will get to that!) ISIS and the Kurds. I actually hold the opinion that the covert NATO army, that is labelled ISIS,  has Kurds within it’s ranks.
Thinking of the entire Sinjar narrative. On the Iraq side of the mountain you have Kurds and ISIS going in and on the Syrian side you have lots of Kurdish fighters and ISIS, coming out?

“To the east of Kobani, just across the Syrian border with Iraq, is the town of Sinjar. “
Writes Scott Ritter for Huffington Post. That can’t be a coincidence.

The desired state of Kurdistan-
Kurdistan and the borders as they exist today

We can see that ISIS is allegedly holding desired Kurdish territory. As it has on more then one occasion. Mosul. Sinjar. Kobane.  But the Kurds always emerge victorious. How can ISIS be portrayed as so threatening when the Kurds can beat them so handily?  By the way Kobane/Kobani is looking  about to be taken by the Kurds. As the Kurds make new gains, supposedly. As if there was any doubt this territory was going to be end up being held by the Kurds. Syria's Kurds advance in the heart of Kobane/i

Israel, Kurds and that special relationship....

Notice how the Kurds rely on the Israeli creation myth to justify  their own nation?
Though historically.... same as Israel. Their claim to the land is questionable.

America Must Recognize Kurdistan
Just as they recognized Israel?
“Thus, just as Israel was re-established as a Jewish state in 1948, the Kurds have yearned for self-rule”
Israel was re-established? I had no idea there ever was a nation of Israel prior to it’s creation in 1948.
I thought Israel was a man, originally named Jacob? How is it Israel was "re-established"
“Perhaps a parallel history explains the longstanding friendship between Kurds and Jews, for the Kurdish experience (citing Sèvres) recapitulates Israel"s (citing Balfour)”
Related: September 24/2014 The Kurds: Israel's not so improbable ally

It’s interesting, that nation destruction/re-creation precedent that was set when Israel was created. The fact that the two groups bolster one anothers narrative is obviously self serving for both groups and their interests. Both groups can choose to bolster the other, but that circular reasoning/begging the question doesn’t make Kurdish or Israeli claims true, correct or factual. It just makes them their claims.
So a parallel history? Perhaps? But of what type?

Who are the Kurds?

“Kurds are now largely Sunni Muslims” (From CNNKurd)
Say, what? "Kurds are now largely Sunni Muslims"

(Which means they can very easily live amongst their Sunni Muslim brethren in any nation)
Kurds are now largely Sunni Muslims?  So is ISIS. Wow!!!

How about another sync?
We know Israel is very chummy with many a Sunni Muslim-  We know Israel is chummy with NATO mercs, who are Sunni Muslim. We know that Israel is chummy with the Kurds who are mostly Sunni Muslim.  Six of one/half a dozen of the other?

Last week there was an article in WSJ One of many in the WSJ, but this one really caught my attention.   

Headline: Kurds Fight Islamic State to Claim a Piece of Syria  

Sub-heading: A Kurdish paramilitary group will help the U.S. expel Islamic militants in exchange for a stretch of northern Syria to build its vision of utopia

All the way to the Mediterranean
That Kurdish paramilitary group is the YPG /PKK group. I am going to call them the PKK from here on in.The PKK have been mentioned here on more then one ocassion-
Pretty sure the last time was in this post?
Written before the no fly zone expanded from Iraq to Syria- you know the no fly by stealth zone? Boots on the ground pour into Syria- PKK appeals to Kurds to fight with ISIS

Oh, does anyone find it odd that the US can just give another nations territory away?  
Anyone think that strange? Of course Israel sees this as perfectly acceptable because they were given land inhabited by other people. Northern Syria is not just occupied by Sunni Muslim Kurds. There are others resident in those areas. Do they want to live in this Utopia? Is anyone considering them?
The answer to that would seem to be NO, particularly when one thinks of Palestine.
That all said, it seems this is going to be an easy land grab for the sunni muslim brand kurds. Because it is a repeating pattern. Mosul, Sinjar and Kobane/i. And all that US/Israeli/NATO assistance.

So let's read that WSJ article
RAS AL-AIN, Syria—A billboard of a 19-year-old Kurdish fighter brandishing a machine gun covers part of a bullet-marked building that once housed Syrian government offices. The building is abandoned and its officials long gone.

Hussein Kocher, the 40-year-old local commander of the People's Protection Units, or YPG, in his makeshift command center in Ras al-Ain, Syria. His group wants to assist the U.S. in battling Islamic State in exchange for recognition of their control of towns and village in largely Kurdish areas of northern Syria.
Control of this town now belongs to a Kurdish paramilitary force that boasts of having more than 30,000 fighters ready to help the U.S. and its allies drive Islamic State and other militants from a broad stretch of northern Syria. The force belongs to the same Kurdish group defending embattled Kobani with the assistance of U.S. airstrikes.
This is the PKK and it's 30,000 fighters. Ras al Ain seems to be the district that either houses Kobani or is near by? Seems to be some contradictory information around, just for clarification

One of the many political complications facing the U.S. in the arrangement is that these Kurdish fighters—an offshoot of a group designated by the U.S. and Turkey as a terror organization—want to keep control of the territory they have seized to create their own vision of a utopian society.
So the Kurd brand of Sunni Muslim seized territory and is protected but the ISIS brand of Sunni Muslim seizes territory and must be thwarted?? Am I the only one who sees this as perception management or hiding in plain sight?
“We are ready to cooperate with anyone who respects the will of our people and accepts us as we are,” said Hussein Kocher, a 40-year-old local commander of the People’s Protection Units, or YPG. The Syrian Kurd has spent nearly half his life fighting for Kurdish independence, mostly against Turkey”
The YPG/PKK have committed acts of terrorism on many occasion in Turkey. Hence the designation.
In reality the PKK appears to have always functioned as a stay behind army. 
A NATO Stay Behind army.  Always at the ready to keep Turkey in check.

 PKK as Stay Behind Army Checklist

1-Keeping Turkish leadership in check- Yup

2-Involved in bombings etc., to terrorize the population and leadership into compliance- Yup
The PKK continued to demonstrate its nationwide reach with typical tactics and techniques that included ambushes of military patrols in the countryside, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along known military or police routes and bombings of both security and civilian targets in urban areas.
It seems terrorism does have it's rewards. At least for the PKK. So, what does that suggest to us about the backers of the PKK?

3- The leader of the PKK stinks to high heaven of a CIA/NATO asset. The man at the forefront of the PKK stay behind has always been Ocalan- He has been ensconced safely in the embrace of the Turkish deep state and the CIA- Imprisoned but influential still.

The PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan was captured by the Central Intelligence Agency and Turkish security forces in 1999. He remains in prison but his influence over followers, including YPG fighters, is unbroken.
The slogan of YPG fighters translates to “there’s no life without the leader,” referring to Mr. Ocalan. A large poster of him hangs at the command center here, next to a photo of Kurdish fighters at a military parade”
 So influential that he actually threatened Turkish leaders regarding Kobane/i
Link and quote - Ocalan- "Should this massacre attempt succeed (in Kobane), it will both bring an end to the ongoing process of resolution and lay the foundations for a new coup that will last long,” 

How is it that Ocalan can threaten an overthrow of the Turkish government while being held allegedly like a criminal, and get away with it? Clearly he is protected as he visits with influential Kurdish politicians from his 'prison cell" So, connected to 'all the right people'? YUP!
Like I said PKK/YPG = Left behind army or Gladio if you please?

“YPG/PKK commanders and senior political leaders affiliated with the group said they were eager to join the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State in return for recognition and support from Washington and its allies for the Kurdish-dominated self-rule administrations they have established in northern Syria. The ruling groups have already set up courts, passed laws and tapped oil revenues in the region, which is also populated by Syrian Arabs and Christians.
Mr. Kocher and other YPG/PKK commanders said in interviews during a recent visit that U.S. operatives inside Syria are exchanging intelligence and helping coordinate airstrikes against Islamic State—in northeast Syria near the Iraq border, as well as in nearby towns and villages by the Syria-Turkey border”
US operatives inside Syria- Exchanging intelligence and coordinating airstrikes-
Since we KNOW that the US is not sharing intelligence or coordinating airstrikes with the elected Syrian government, we can be dam sure that the US is colluding with a designated terror group.

“A senior State Department official praised the Kurdish force and said Wednesday it was in the best interests of the U.S. to expand its joint effort with the YPG against Islamic State. The official said cooperation wouldn’t, however, be tied to political recognition of the self-rule areas now run by the YPG and its political affiliates. “We hope that everyone in Syria works together on a national unified project,” he said”
That’s just another  lie! We know that a ‘unified project’ means a weak, destabilized Syria. Same as a 'unified Iraq' means a destroyed Iraq

“Forging closer ties with the YPG and its affiliates would spare the U.S. and its coalition partners from deploying troops against Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL. But the arrangement brings challenges and risk”
Did I not mention this exact scenario to you some months ago? Yes, I did! Have you forgotten? Did you miss it? August 28/14( linked above also) The US forging ties with a designated terror group aka left behind NATO army will spare the US and it’s coalition partners from deploying troops

Kurdistan being created right under our noses
“After similar battles, the YPG and its political affiliates this year declared three self-rule administrations, or cantons as they call them, in northern Syria: Afreen, in the northwest, near the city of Aleppo; Kobani; and Jazeera in the northeast, which encompasses Ras al-Ain and the city of Qamishli. Their goal is to connect all three.
To unify Kurdistan

Recall that latest attack on Khorasan? Where did it take place? Were you paying attention?
See where Afrin is? Right at the border with Turkey. That is roughly where the US struck
US strikes Khorosan in Syria near the town of Samarda. Samarda appears to be very near Afrin, going in a southern direction Is the US softening targets in advance of a PKK onslaught?
Sarmada. Location, Location, Location? In fact look at the airstrikes along the Northern border of Syria?
The fight against ISIS looks very much like assistance for a terror groups land grab.
Kosovo?  The KLA?  Hashim Thaci? Ringing any bells? Noting any similarities?

Not everyone is impressed
Some residents worry about YPG control. “Their goal is to hold the ground at any cost and by any means,” said Asem Hasan, a 39-year-old schoolteacher from Qamishli.
Well, lets face it- the YPG/PKK is at it's heart a terrorist organization created as a destabilizing force/Stay Behind style.  So they are not going to be nice fellows.

Interestingly the Kurds have been meeting with US officials in Berlin and Baghdad.  

Yes, you read correctly- BERLIN and BAGHDAD

 "Mr. Omar said he and other YPG officials carried that message to U.S. diplomats during meetings in Berlin this summer and in Baghdad in September.
Mr. Omar said he pressed U.S. officials during these meetings to support the Kurds’ self-rule administrations, which employ executive, legislative and judiciary councils that include seats for Arabs, local minorities and women.
“We basically told them ‘We are ready to work with you if you want to root out ISIS in Syria and you must coordinate with someone on the ground,’ ” Mr. Omar said.
U.S. officials declined to comment on the meetings in Baghdad and Berlin. The State Department confirmed an Oct. 12 meeting between the special envoy to Syria, Daniel Rubinstein, and Saleh Muslim, leader of the main political party affiliated with the YPG.
Meetings in September and October- That tells us all that there has been planning or conspiring!!

And of course, there is oil

YPG military bases dot the oil fields around Rumailan, about 60 miles east of Qamishli, where about 40,000 barrels a day are produced—the group’s chief source of revenue. Some of the output goes to traders affiliated with the Syrian regime, said Suleiman Khalaf, who holds a post equivalent to that of oil minister in the local administration.
Oil Wells in Northern Syria controlled by the Kurdish paramilitary
 Oil wells dot a stretch of northern Syria under the control of a Kurdish paramilitary force that says it is ready to help the U.S. and its allies defeat Islamic State and other Islamic militants in exchange for U.S. support of a plan to keep control of towns and villages. Sam Dagher/The Wall Street Journal

Ah yes, oil. Kurdistan will be oil rich and very strategically located

Stay tuned for more. Next up! The impending destruction destabilization of Turkey


  1. Hi Penny:

    This report seems to support your contention:

    In the early 2000's when I was posting on the NYT Afghanistan forum...there were some Israeli shills who posted regularly as well. They always promoted the "dividing Iraq into three parts" with Kurdistan being an independent country in the north. I didn't understand why until later when the pipeline issue became clear. Israel and the Kurds are in the oil bidness together and want a pipeline through Kurdistan to Israel...don't ask me the details of this as I never followed it that closely. All I can say is that this was Plan A from the very beginning...even pre 9/11.

    1. Hi Greencrow- This has been a plan for sometime, but, more then that it is a plan in the midst of being carried out until it is accomplished. It's a long term plan that transcends the nations and their respective leaderships involved

      It certainly appears to have been begun on 9/11- as the kick off

      And it's definitely about pipelines which is really about total control of a resource- so it can be used or denied, controlled in a false manner to set an agenda etc

    2. Hi Penny,
      The war on terror was never about terrorism, but terrorism was the primary mode of combat used by all was a planned global aggression to block development of hydrocarbons by anyone else but us or our friends. Terrorism was the primary combat strategy used by US-trained proxy forces in battles and locations intended control all oil and gas pipelines and transit routes.
      We trained terrorists...we used terrorists...we pretended to fight terrorists, when we were using them to wage war against civilian and financial targets.


    4. Hi Peter!
      Thanks for the comments and apologies for my tardiness in publishing them and replying.

      "The war on terror was never about terrorism, but terrorism was the primary mode of combat used by all was a planned global aggression to block development of hydrocarbons by anyone else but us or our friends."

      I would agree with that statement while adding in that while, yes, terrorism is employed to block/control/deny hydrocarbon development to all but the most connected "right" players- It seems to me and I've made a series of posts about this topic.. as the control/block/deny allow development for friendlies they also remake the region/redraw borders so the friendlies are in place to further enable the hydro carbon distribution to be in the rights hands

      and thanks for the additional link as well Peter :)

    5. It is obvious that no government or agency will ever acknowledge facts which seem apparent to us, the truth about the shenanigans going on in the Persian Gulf and WWIII. Most of recent history has consisted of manufactured events, managed to conduct "limited world war" for the purpose of total resource control. Compared to legitimate world news, people like us on the Internet serve as a private intelligence agency, reporting directly to the people truth about the big war which big news doesn't see. Someday, if this war of aggression is ever prosecuted, the hidden nuggets which we refuse to ignore might inspire lines of prosecution for war crimes.
      POST from NoSunglasses
      [Hi Penny, this latest “tanker war” resembles the M.O. primarily used in the land-based fake terror war. Most of the attacks we have seen in Pakistan and many other war scenarios have been “false flag” wars, where the terror attacks we do hear about are manufactured events, misreported events, false flag attacks by US guerilla forces, attributed to targeted army or terrorist groups.
      As far as we know, very little of the terror war narrative given by the Nightly News even happens.
      Usually, we train and arm the terrorists, move them to the production sites, usually with US/Western troops leading the action, then use the Western media to falsely report the manufactured narrative to the gullible sheep. How many of the tanker attacks are by US/Israeli/British forces? For that matter, is there coordination between US/Iranian forces to ensure that staged apparent provocations do not careen out of control? This latest push to create the appearance of WWIII is just another staged series of events, just like everything else in the phony “terror war.”–Peter]

    6. peter chamberlain said "It is obvious that no government or agency will ever acknowledge facts which seem apparent to us, the truth about the shenanigans going on in the Persian Gulf and WWIII. Most of recent history has consisted of manufactured events, managed to conduct "limited world war" for the purpose of total resource control. Compared to legitimate world news, people like us on the Internet serve as a private intelligence agency, reporting directly to the people truth about the big war which big news doesn't see. Someday, if this war of aggression is ever prosecuted, the hidden nuggets which we refuse to ignore might inspire lines of prosecution for war crimes"

      I would agree with your statement, entirely and in fact thought it was a terrific description of what us little lone individuals are doing on line

      "people like us on the Internet serve as a private intelligence agency, reporting directly to the people"

      That is so succinct. :)
      It also explains why google works so hard to obscure us from reaching the people.

  2. Funny all of a sudden I start coming across these interesting links about Kurds. Here's a very interesting POV:

    1. Interesting read

      I have to agree with his premise regarding the Kurds- and I think this is how they connect in with Israel- the concept of them as a people seems contrived for a political agenda

      I spent enough time reading about them as I have done varying posts and just haven't come away with the idea of a people needing a nation- It just seems as if a bunch of Sunni Muslims banded together, or were placed together and branded as "kurds"

      The msm pushes them in a very sympathetic way, same as they did for the tribes that moved to Israel- But there has been no sympathy for the brutalities visited upon Syrians by NATO's mercs- we just keep getting the Assad bad spin

  3. Great post, Penny! Maybe will have more time to post/comment later but really informative. Yup, so with the creation of Kurdistan - either formally or informally (meaning without set borders but de facto boundaries a la Israel) both the Zionist West and the apartheid genocidal state of Israel realize long-sought goals - ie., Yinon, PNAC, Clean Break, etc etc.

    And all under the plausible deniability of "it's just for the Kurds" etc. How clever.

    But let's all keep talking about each "arena" - i.e., Syria, Iraq, etc - as completely separate and complex issues so that we aid and abet TPTB in hiding said over-arching goals from the general populace, shall we? (obviously, not meaning you, Penny)

    1. lol, I didn't think you meant me ;)

      You are correct when you say by only looking at this tree or that tree we miss all that is ongoing in the entire forest
      I mean certainly one has to look at each nation state, but, then if you don't step outside of that and look at how it all intermingles...... the entire point is missed and that is since 9/11 a massive remake of the ME is going on-

      the 'for the kurds' is a good meme and one people can relate to because they already have this concept of 'victim/worthy people needing saving and their own nation' but , so what? Really? That is just a sales pitch to expand on. A goal set and then everything revolves around it
      And you are correct- that don't need to set borders- not really
      Kurdistan can run itself as Israel has for an indefinite amount of time
      When one thinks about states such as Israel, Kosovo and Kurdistan what the war machine has set up and is setting up are not countries, they are terror states- involved in human, organ, drug trafficking much of it done under the nose of the UN- and the UN knows it
      So these countries are set up as fiefdoms or feudals states where one criminal group is really holding all the power
      Israel/Zionists who were terrorists
      Kosovo/KLA who were also terrorists
      Kurdistan/ PKK/YPG also terrorists
      It's a pattern and I find it so freakin' hard to believe I am the only one seeing this???!!!

      I haven't seen it written as such anywhere else?
      And btw it took me days and days to work on this- never mind just the thought processes!

  4. I haven't seen it written as such anywhere else?

    Don't be so sure about this, maybe in the English language. I .have been mentioning this since 3 yrs ago

    1. I know you have been mentioning the connection between Kurds and Israel, as have I , but, I don't recall anything you have left really making the connection in such an expanded way
      I saw the link you left for me over at Ziad's place- can you leave it here for others to read if they are interested?


  5. Haaretz reporting on the offensive along the buffer zone. Wink.

    Saudi fm to Russia tomorrow while kings son is in DC discussing his national guard, the latest isis threats, us troop deployments in Anbar and the Iran situation which oddly finds Iran courti ng the Saudis to broker a deal in exhale for Lebanon presidency per reports.

    With western media banging the Saudi and us collusion against Russia drum watch what comes out of that meeting. Seems once again that the right hand may be talking past the left .

    Days ago yemen former strong man Saleh called the spring a us and Israeli operation. Today as the new us ambassador to Russia presented himself Putin took to the Mike on color revolution and a coming crackdown not that the ongoi ng social and media changes aren't indication enough. Ditto Saudi arabia and the he and mufti calling twitter evil. Recall us refused Saleh request to travel to us for burn treatment. Them he " escaped" from Saudi imposed exile and returned home.

    Recap. American contractor killed in Saudi the reported pipeline explosion then sectarian attack. Days ago a g cc meeting that apparently smooth s over the Qatar differences while Bahrain is calling for enhance Russia ties. Egypt just got on board the g cc agreement as a major debt payment is coming due with qatar. Qatar just did a deal with china. So was the Qatar and China swap deal another manifestation of the ongoing fracturing of legacy ties (us and australia lng exports)or London calling on its reliable bailout fund to host an extension of the recent Boe and pic swap and cleari ng deals? Was that qatar power transition last year about setting up the next Gen.?