Friday, November 14, 2014

Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?

If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal

A bit of background
“For a long time, Turks have resented the “curse of strategic significance” related to its forming NATO’s southern flank. They felt it enabled the military to keep a watchful eye over their politicians”
The Military keeping a watchful eye over Turkey’s politicians. Makes one wonder who exactly is is in charge, doesn’t it? I don't wonder so much, but others may?

About a month back I had begun to work on a post about Turkey’s betrayal- but haven’t been able to get back to it. So at some point in time we are going to talk  the destabilization of Turkey

For now, I leave you this article to read.
BasNews, Erbil

In an exclusive interview with BasNews, well-known Kurdish politician Muhammad Amin Penjweni has said that the US has evidence that Islamic State (IS) militants are receiving help and support through Turkey and he believes that after the destruction of IS insurgents, a referendum addressing Kurdish independence will be carried out.
Muhammad Amin Penjweni

Penjweni said that the US wants to open a military air base in the Kurdistan Region; an vital in step in protecting Kurdistan in the future.
He pointed out that no Kurdish political party will be against the establishment of the US military air base, but Baghdad and Iran might have a different view. However, Baghdad may accept the establishment of a temporary base to tackle the ongoing threat posed by Islamic State, but is very unlikely to support plans for something permanent.
Commenting on the closure of Incirlik US Air Base in Turkey, Penjweni continued, “It was closed because of the silence of Turkey against IS insurgents. This shows that Washington can no longer trust Turkey. Turkey’s policies in this case don’t tally with US interests. US has clear evidence that Turkey is a major logistical center for fulfilling the needs of terrorists (IS insurgents).”
Out with Turkey and in with a new NATO friendly Kurdistan. But more then just NATO friendly?
Also oil rich. And very friendly with Israel
“Therefore, the US has asked the the Kurdistan Region to allow them to establish a military airport in the region, which is good for Kurdistan. If Kurdistan holds a referendum and declares independence in the future, this base will protect Kurdistan,” said Penjweni.
“Now, after the silence of Turkey about IS militants, Kurds in the Kurdistan Region understand that Turkey improved relations with the region only for oil and gas, and now Turkey has sold the Kurds and Kurdistan to IS. Kurds no longer trust Turkey,” added Penjweni.
Speaking more about the possibility of independence in the future, Penjweni said, “The referendum will be held, we have made preparations. The Kurdistan Parliament has already passed the law approving the referendum. Yet, the problems between Erbil and Baghdad are remaining unsolved. I believe after we have destroyed IS insurgents, the Kurdish referendum will be held in the Kurdistan Region and Kurdistan will declare independence.”In regards to hosting the Kurdish National Conference (KNC), Penjweni said that the preparations continue, but there are elements hindering progress – the ongoing disputes with Baghdad, and the war against Islamic State.
“Kurds have given Iraqi PM Haidar Abadi three months to address the issues between Erbil and Baghdad. Once that is resolved, the Kurdish referendum will be held, which will facilitate the meeting of the KNC,” Penjweni said.
On the subject of the relationship between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Kurdistan’s Workers’ Party (PKK) he said, “The PKK and Kurdish political parties views of the Kurdistan Region differ. Issues such as the Kurdish question in Turkey and Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), but I believe the difference of opinions has not reached an extent that will damage or risk Kurdish national interests. They have a different interpretation of some cases, which is something normal between political parties.”  

Penjweni also touched upon the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and Syrian Kurdistan, “Kurdish people of the Kurdistan Region and Rojava see themselves as one. As it was seen recently that after IS militants attacked the Kurdish town of Sinjar in Mosul, Kurdish fighters from Rojava played a big role in rescuing the Kurdish Yazidi people and opened the road for them to Rojava.”

“It proves that the Kurdish people of the Kurdistan Region and Rojava see themselves as one. I hope Kurdish leaders will get close to each other in the same way,” emphasized Penjweni.

Commenting on the unification of Kurdistan Region and Rojava, he stated that it is possible.

“Especially if the export of Kurdish oil and gas through Rojava and the Mediterranean Sea is implemented. In this situation, Kurds must be politically and economically independent. Now, Kurds have a good opportunity and they must play their political cards wisely,” added Penjweni.

“Kurds must be united in their national interests to protects Kurdistan and Kurdish people,” concluded Penjweni.

I have discussed the Kurds on several occasions here: One of the earlier posts though not the first on the topic seems relevant at this time

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  1. photo of plane shooting missule at MH17 surfaces true or fake?

    brown moses has been debunking it

    also FYI
    degrees of separation!
    1 Russian TV posts photo of alleged attack on MH17 by MIG jet...2 Brown_moses, best known for his efforts to blame Ghouta on syrias govt, wades in, claims fake...
    3.; Brown moses posts this :
    and guess what:
    (Note: The Interpreter is a project of Institute for Modern Russia, headed by Pavel Khodorkovsky, the son of Mikhail Khodorkovsky.)

    so tracing back...ho0w accurate is brown moses attack on the russia TV evidence? when in the mix is Khodorkovsky!?

  2. Us deploying into an bar. Is this a syria strategy in view of reported change in tactic to go after assad...
    US denies it is rethinking syria strategy reported to be an explicit mission to remove assad.
    Israel is threatening Lebanon
    US general says 80000 troops needed in Iraq
    days ago Bahrain says looking to up Russia relations
    Days ago yemen Saleh says spring was a us and Israeli op. You may recall us denied Saleh passage to the us in wake of attack for burn treatment.
    Days ago Obama denied us role in Hong Kong spring
    Week ago attack in eastern Saudi province aimed at stirring sectarianism
    Days ago is is once again threatened Saudi Arabia
    Week ago Iran deputy foreign minster said is is a us op
    Days ago Qatar signed a fx swap with China which comes on the heels of another China energy deal. Is the western mainstay sniffing a us long crush and betrayal? Or an extension of the cny London clearing agreement?
    Putin says Russia will not be held hostage to dollar
    Saudi and g cc countries holding a summit with Qatar this weekend alongside the g20 allegedly to reconcile difference s?
    Saudi peg has come under attack
    IEA out with another report pushing lower oil for longer oil thesis.
    Week ago us commander in Syria said it would be natural for coalition members to drop out.

    So, will Saudi drop out? When? And are the Saudis now that isis has once again threatened them listening with a more open mind to the "rumors"?

  3. Hey, Penny:

    Yup, things are looking on the up and up for Israel and the Zionist West vis a vis the Kurds, huh? Why, who could have possibly seen THAT coming? nudge wink.

    Harkening back to a reply I posted in your September thread on the Kurds and Israel, one only needed to take a gander at the DC Israeli front group WINEP to see that the Israelis had been building up/supporting the Kurds for years prior to all of the ISIS theater to see where this was heading.

    Really, if you're the leader of a sovereign nation and think that you are going to make a deal with the Zionist West/Israel and NOT get a dull knife in you back - or up your ass a la Qaddafy - at some point then maybe you need re-evaluate your mental capacities.

    BTW, it now appears WINEP has recently gone "all hands on deck" concerning the Iran talks after being the mouthpiece for all things ISIS for the last 6 months or so. Is someone worried?

  4. BTW, you might enjoy this LATEST episode in Israeli espionage against its "allies".

    An Israeli rocket scientist stole secrets from CalTech.

    Hey, what's a little espionage among bestest buds, huh? Imagine if this guy had been Iranian or - gasp - Palestinian.