Friday, November 21, 2014

Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

Double Cross -to betray or swindle, esp. by an action contrary to an agreed upon course.

I suspect Turkey is in the process of being double crossed- And, I believe Erdogan is aware of this.
We have seen this type of double cross on more then one occasion. Libya had attempted to cooperate with the US only to be betrayed and Gaddafi brutally killed. Syria had also attempted to appease the US, again, only to find itself caught in the crosshairs of the NATO global tyranny nexus dominated by US/Israeli/UK interests.

Turkey is being prepped for that same treatment. It's been a plan in the making for at least 12 plus years, but, likely much longer. So let's step back in time.............

 It's been 12 years since Paul Wolfowitz (NEOCON- Dual National) went to Turkey looking to form an earlier coalition of the killing.  Yes, that is the Paul Wolfowitz author of the notorious Wolfowitz doctrine. A doctrine we can see very much at play presently. 1992 Wolfowitz US strategy for a One Superpower World

Wolfowitz's visit to Turkey

 So influential, or threatening, was his visit, it altered the course of the Turkish election!
One clue (to the invasion of Iraq) is that Turkey’s crumbling government coalition partners ­ Ecevit, and Deputy Prime Ministers Devlet Bahcheli and Mesut Yilmaz ­ decided to hold early elections by November.
Their meeting followed the Ecevit-Wolfowitz meeting that had taken place only an hour earlier.
Ecevit had no intention of holding elections at that date and his rejection of which had been announced once again only a few hours before his meeting with Wolfowitz and Yilmaz.
 Just one hour after the Wolfowitz meeting early elections are to be held. Influence? Threats?

The conditions for Turkey's involvement in the immoral destruction of Iraq
The Turkish position toward the United States was listed under four main headings to Wolfowitz:
First, meet our economic losses from such an operation; second, any new Iraqi regime should be accepted by the Iraqi people; third, Turkey opposes any independent Kurdish entity in northern Iraq; fourth, the rights of Turcomans should be guaranteed, and Kirkuk and Mosul cannot be left to the hands of the Kurds.
Wolfowitz had earlier predicted Turkish officials to make these demands, clearly disclosing the aim of his visit to Turkey and trying to demonstrate to the Turks the incentives of removing Saddam regime in Baghdad.
“During my meetings with Turkish officials, I look forward to hearing what they have to say concerning the future of Iraq. We value Turkey’s views highly, and my colleagues in Washington will be interested in what I have to report,” he said.
“Turkey has large and legitimate interests in Iraq, and it has suffered economically from Iraq’s international isolation since the Gulf War.
“Turkey is interested in the fate of Iraq’s Turkoman minority which, like the rest of the Iraqi population, has suffered under tyrannical rule.
“And Turkey wants assurances that events in Iraq won’t have a negative impact on its own unity.
If we look at the situation in Iraq present day, we see Paul Wolfowitz is as big a liar as he is a war criminal.  He reassured the Turkish leadership on all their concerns. He claimed the Kurd brand of Sunni Muslim understood this also
“A separate Kurdish state in the north would be destabilizing to Turkey and unacceptable to the United States. Fortunately, the Kurds of north Iraq increasingly seem to understand this fact and understand the importance of thinking themselves as Iraqis who will participate fully in the political life of a future democratic Iraq.
Wolfowitz and the US/Israel/UK Zionists knew full well a Kurdish state would be destabilizing for Turkey. We see today that Kirkuk  (allegedly taken as troops fled ISIS, so taken from ISIS)
 and Mosul (taken from ISIS) are in the hands of the Kurd brand Sunni Muslim. Kirkuk and Mosul "won" from the alleged omnipotent ISIS brand Sunni Muslim. As was Sinjar. As is Kobane/i
As mentioned yesterday, it's a pattern!

Kurdistan, like Israel and Kosovo, is being created for purely political, geopolitical and resource advantages. In Iraq an independent Kurdish state is present in all but official recognition.
Yes, Turkey has assisted the Kurds in nothern Iraq. Worked with them. Transports their oil. Has been a good neighbour etc., Likely because Turkey is keeping it's enemies closer.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

But there is a world of difference for Turkey between the Kurds in Iraq and an entire, internationally recognized, nation of Kurdistan. Suddenly the Turkish dream of being a power player in the Middle East is just wishful thinking. Usurped by a Greater Israel and  it's more favoured Sunni Muslims in Kurdistan.

"Dr. Alon Ben-Meir is a Senior Fellow of International Relations and Middle Eastern studies at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. Dr. Ben Meir has taught courses in International Negotiation, Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution, Terrorism and Ethnic Conflict, International Relations in the Post-World War II Era, American Hegemony in the Balance, Ethic in International Affairs, and Middle Eastern studies. Additionally, until 2007, Dr. Ben-Meir taught courses at New School University in International Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, History of the Middle East, History and the Struggle of the Middle East from Early 1900 to the Present, Forces Shaping the New World Order, the Middle East in the 21st Century, and American Hegemony in the Balance"

Mr Meir writes:

President Erdogan has recently come under intense criticism for his unwillingness to come to the aid of the beleaguered Syrian Kurds in the city of Kobani just across the Turkish border. Sadly, Erdogan’s behavior is not surprising as he has always pursued policies consistent with the image of himself as a great leader and his country as a regional hegemon and a global power.

Yes, Erdogan has pursued policies more consistent with a regional hegemon and big player on the global stage. Because he was allowed to do so by others of greater global influence then himself. He believed he was a team player..... But, not anymore.

Since coming to power in 2002, however, his achievements have been eclipsed by three themes which have dominated his political career: a) his distorted account of the Ottoman Empire and his vision of Turkey’s future “greatness’, b) his religious fervor and support of Islamists, and c) his insatiable hunger for power domestically, regionally, and globally.
Erdogan never missed an opportunity to show off how much the ‘new’ Turkish Republic, as the successor of the Ottoman Empire, has achieved and how its importance has grown because of its geostrategic location, economic development, status as an energy hub, and unrivaled military prowess in the region.
 Erdogan’s domestic policy has diminished Turkey’s prospect of becoming a member of the EU because many in the EU do not want to integrate an Islamic state with a large population, which would give it a leading role in a “Christian club.”
That statement "an Islamic state with a large population into the "Christian club" is very suggestive of an ulterior agenda. Very telling, indeed. Coming from one of the followers of Judaism. A cheerleader for Israel. The one nation that benefits, always, by fomenting the division between Christians and Muslims.

The EU has raised concerns about the Turkish government’s interference with the judiciary, the restrictions it has imposed on the press, and the “excessive use of force [which] continues to be a matter of concern.”
That's a load of bullbiscuits from the EU. Concerned with justice and a free press? I laugh.
Concerned about excessive force? Again, I laugh.
Window dressing. Mere window dressing.

Erdogan’s follies have severely strained Turkey’s relations with the United States, going back to the Iraq war in 2003.- Read above regarding the Kurd brand Sunni Muslim
 Presently, there is intense discussion in the Obama administration about Turkey’s worthiness as an ally, its importance as a NATO member, and the extent to which the US should cooperate strategically and share intelligence with Turkey.
 The Obama administration doesn't need Turkey as an ally, or important NATO member. As I suggested to my readers last week

Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank

In the post from yesterday, that I hope you read, it was made abundantly clear that the US has been sharing intelligence with their Kurdish terror group the PKK in the north of Syria & Iraq. The Kurds are so tight with Israel, why the hell does the US/Israel/UK/ NATO alliance need Turkey as it's Southern flank, it strategic partner or it's energy hub? It doesn't.

Many suspect that he in fact supports the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which could explain why he refused to join the American coalition against ISIS, albeit under the pretense that the PKK and the Syrian Kurds are one and the same.
Many suspect that Erdogan supports ISIS? But does he? 
I mean, yes, support of ISIS could explain why he refused to join the coalition against ISIS? 
But, I don't think it does.  With all the new information I have come across lately it seems vastly more plausible that Erdogan would not join the fight against ISIS because he knows, as I have written, that the fight against ISIS is a fight to create Kurdistan. And that ISIS is a pretext created by the West specifically for that reason. In other words Turkey is not going to participate in it's own downfall.

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.

Sadly, Erdogan does not understand that times have changed. He squandered a historic opportunity to make Turkey a model of Islamic democracy with impressive economic and political acheivments.
Turkey has the potential of becoming a significant global power, but to realize that, Erdogan must change course or leave.
Or be overthrown? 
 "The siege of Kobani is far from being just an ordinary siege," Ă–calan said in a message relayed by supporters from his prison on the island of Imrali. "It does not only target the democratic gains of the Kurdish people, but would lead Turkey to a new era of coups"
 In January of this year I put up a post titled- Turkey, IHH, Terror and Tables being Turned
It appears the suspicions I had almost a year ago were correct. Quoting from the end of that post
Now let's finish this twisted tale up!
The most recent raid on the IHH offices? The removal of documents and computers. It would seem to me that we are looking at house cleaning and/ or evidence planting.
Certain incriminating info will be removed and other incriminating info will be left behind or planted, who knows?
If Erdogan is being turned on? And that does appear to be the case. Information will remain that can enable  those under the sway of the preacher in self exile to build a doozy of a corruption, or worse, case against PM Erdogan.

A last word/thought,  I had, from a previous post concerning Erdogan and Turkey.
I am going to use it yet again. Still seems fitting.
"And just think for a moment about all those bought and paid for killers sitting right at Turkey's border. It does not seem that  Erdogan saw this one coming"
Perhaps a little too late Erdogan came to understand the times have changed. Perhaps he still believes he can turn the tide on Turkey's destabilization? It seems, for Turkey, the die is cast.
None of this will change a thing for Syria.


  1. Hi Penny: This morning, Canada's mainstream media (CBC and The Province) are both running reports about "Canadians" joining the "Kurds" in the fight against ISIS.

    I had to smile...thinking about your POV. They are being amazingly transparent in their efforts to get Canadian jews to go and fight for a new "homeland" in Kurdistan. IMO...since the Zionists were unable to get the Crimea plum...they need to find another Plan B homeland...for when Israel falls. Israel falling (and relatively soon) has always been in the cards...It was set up to fail and its combustion will be the fireworks setting off WWIII. In the meantime...all the important jews will have left for their Plan B homeland.

    1. Hi Greencrow

      I saw your comment and did respond to you at CBC. Thinking of how far back the Kurds and Khazars go.....
      I don't think Israel is going to fall, not now anyway.
      But Israel wants the Kurds to succeed two little criminal states working together is better then one alone

  2. Hey Greencrow- it's amazing how difficult some people find it that the Kurds are not the victims they have been manipulated into believing- Despite the fact that all the evidence points towards the sunni muslim kurds being highly connected to the NATO war machine and benefiting greatly from that relationship
    goes to show how "belief' can really suck people in

  3. btw: I believe this is the news mentioned by anon in the previous post
    Israel's muslim compatriots penetrated in Syria for a brief period no doubt with plenty of assistance from the "only democracy in the ME" LOL

    The battle is part of a campaign launched by the insurgents this week to take control of the entire Quneitra province. Only Baath City and neighboring Khan Arnaba town remain under President Bashar al-Assad's forces.

    "If they fall the rebels will have secured the second province after Raqqa," said Abu Said Jolani, an activist in the area.

    About 2,000 fighters were taking part in the southern offensive. Their advances, which expand insurgent control close to the Golan Heights and Jordan....

    "The rebels are using all kinds of weapons from tank fire to mortars, as well as raiding groups," said Abdullah Saif Allah, a Nusra Front field commander in Hamidiya town near the frontier with Israel.

    Syrian state media and pro-government newspapers have said the army, backed by loyalist militias, had repelled the rebel push in Baath City

  4. Yup and as we witness - ONCE AGAIN - the Zionist neocon/Israeli plans coming to fruition we likewise witness how effectively the murderous war criminals utilize their propaganda battery to sow confusion and the "benefit of the doubt" amongst otherwise intelligent observers of world events so that they are all left scratching their heads and uselessly conjecturing - "Why, what could be going on?" - just long enough for the chaos - part and parcel of the Zionist goal - to be too far gone to be prevented or turned back.

    THIS is the reason why I get incensed about how seemingly sanguine/neglectful the analytic blogosphere has been in looking at what are OBVIOUSLY the continuation of Zionist machinations since at LEAST 2001.

    Do we have to witness the slaughter of ANOTHER million people?

    The creation of MILLIONS and MILLIONS of more refugees before these (purposefully?) slothful rubes wake up and state that - surprise surprise - it's the Zionists once again?

    The sowing of confusion in society vis a vis their actions is an inherent feature of Zionist success in gaining their ends and until people realize that the world CANNOT afford to give - for ONE SECOND - these murderers the benefit of the doubt will we see any change.

    The first, second and third culprits to ANY crimes - but ESPECIALLY those in the ME must NECESSARILY be the neocons/Zionists because - surprise - they haven't been stopped or even slowed down as of yet.

    Good work, Penny.

    1. thanks j sorrentine

      I was surprised, truly at some of the response part 1 of this post got over at Syper ????

      The Kurds are fighting for their own nation and they have their own 'language' etc. They have their own 'institutions' so what?
      A city anywhere has it's own institutions, as in a local city hall..
      A local court. This does not a 'unique' people make?
      It may tell us some group has organized but it does not indicate an ethnicity or a necessity for a nation state
      I also inquired why the "kurds" deserve a state when so many Syrians have been made stateless- what about them?
      What about Palestinians?
      What about the Catalans?

      Why can't these people realize the only reason "kurds' have been "chosen' is because they are allies of Israel and allies of the global elites/NATO war machine
      In other words it's politically expedient for the psychos to push the Kurdish agenda?

      As long as people refuse to see that which is staring them right in the face- we can't correct all the wrongs

  5. You would think Turkey has the military power needed to crush any attempt from kurds or IS to partition Turkey, would not such a thing mobilize most of Turkey behind ErdoGoon or whoever?

    1. Turkey does not have as much military power as one would initially suppose
      Much of Turkey's military is integrated with NATO... So if the Kurds wish to partition Turkey, it will be in conjunction with NATO and all those NATO weapons will not be available for Turkey to use

  6. And the army is weakened as many officers have been jailed or removed for opposing Erdogan.

    1. Perhaps, but then if Erdogan jailed them they were likely in cahoots with NATO and other deep state parties- can't be sure, but, that's how it seems