Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Steven Poloz- Canada's Central Bankster should work for free!

After all he should walk his talk? But he won't. Cause he is an elitist power that shouldn't be.
I had seen this news yesterday and had intended to post it- So here it is
Unlike the paid mouthpiece from the National Post- I DO NOT believe his comments were well intentioned. He is one of the 'entitled' leeches on society. After all Banksters transfer wealth from the bottom to the top by exploiting the masses through manipulative money policies.
He understands completely the youth unemployment crisis in Canada- His 14 years at Canada's Central Bank prior to appointment helped to plant the bad seeds for this disastrous harvest-
Prior to his bank time he worked for the Feds in 'economic development'
Stephen Poloz - Career Bankster: Career Leech
“Mr. Poloz has this experience along with a good understanding of the bank’s work given that he spent 14 years within the bank.
"In remarks Monday and Tuesday – in a speech, in a House of Commons appearance and in responding to reporters – Mr. Poloz suggested aspiring employees work for free if they can’t find paid employment.
At a press conference, he noted: “When I bump into youths, they ask me, you know, ‘What am I supposed to do in a situation?’  I say, look, having something unpaid on your CV is very worth it because that’s the one thing you can do to counteract this scarring effect.  Get some real life experience even though you’re discouraged, even if it’s for free.  If your parents are letting you live in the basement, you might as well go out and do something for free to put the experience on your CV.’ ”
In remarks to a Toronto business audience he dwelt on the same issue: “I bet almost everyone in this room knows at least one family with adult children living in the basement. I’m pretty sure these kids have not taken early retirement"
 “He’s got a common-sense approach. He’s an everyday guy,” Mr. Williamson said.
Oh, really?! 
Working for free does nothing for the economy.
Working for free doesn't pay student loans off.
Working for free does not enable these people to have a future
Working for free does not enable these adult children to move out of their parent's basements
Working for free doesn't give the parents a break after years of supporting their children
Working for free does not allow them to begin to build their future.
Working for free does not allow these adult children to start their own lives journey.
Working for free is exploitation
Working for free is worse then slavery
Working for free will start a cycle of more employer abuse.
Why pay anyone when you can just get all the free labour you want....

Canada's Central bankster is just another elitist drag on the well being of society
"Employers would be quick to exploit any opportunity to avoid paying for services rendered. Internships introduced as an incentive would quickly become mandatory. Employers who might have been planning a new salaried hire would recognize it was foolish to do so if they could get the same person for free. The term of internships would lengthen – from three months to six months to the first year of employment. And with no guarantee of a permanent position in the end. What would stop employers from simply rotating interns through a job, creating a permanent unpaid position dangled regularly
 "Youth unemployment is a serious issue. Mr. Poloz estimated there are 200,000 young Canadians who are jobless, underemployed or studying for new credentials to boost their chances. It’s a situation that needs to be addressed, but in more creative ways than proposing a pool of free labourers, armed with an expensive education, possibly facing significant loan repayments, yet confronted by a workplace that expects them to offer themselves for free"
 Mr. Poloz is in a position to help, but he has to think this through further before he addresses it again. That’s one of the things he’s paid for after all.
Mr Poloz is no "every day guy" and isn't displaying anything close common sense. He's talkin' like an out of touch, out of time, out of place with anything close to reality pretentious bankster.

The words of Jaime Dimon and Lloyd Blanfein "Doing God's work"  come to mind

Out of touch with reality. Why do Canadian keep taking this crap?

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  1. Another Economic Elite who wants to take advantage of the hard working people to his own benefit? Sheesh, im sure glad there arent many like him around....

    1. Sadly, there are way too many of them around
      And Poloz is very much part of the problem. As is issuing debt as money
      And that is what is done here in Canada- burying us all in debt
      Not too long ago it was not like this in Canada and at that time Canada was economically stronger