Monday, December 8, 2014

Canada offering Ukraine military aid outside of NATO?

Well that's what "Defence" Minister Rob Nicholson is claiming, from Kiev?
I don't believe the outside of NATO part- Ukraine has made no secret of their intention to join NATO.
And Canada? Over the moon (happy/delighted/pleased) with NATO deceit, lies, treachery and more!
In fact fully participating!

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson was in Kiev Monday for Canada’s announcement, which will include sending Canadian soldiers to Ukraine to train that country’s military police. It could also include training in battlefield medicine and security measures
A group of Canadian military police arrived in Ukraine Monday evening to begin training. The military would not provide exact numbers but said the contingent amounts to less than 10.
The Canadian government and Ukraine issued a declaration of intent Monday in Kiev which is not a legally binding treaty under national or international law but nevertheless a commitment to expand Canada’s military cooperation with Kiev.
 Interesting that Rob Nicholson was all cozy with.......??????

Images from National Post, but, the man is never mentioned in the article. Just under the images?
Curious? So Rob Nicholson met with Ukraine?
 "Canadian soldiers are arriving in Ukraine"
"The training is part of an agreement Nicholson signed with Ukraine"

Recognize the man? I hope readers here do?

He is Stephen Poltorak. A man who conspires with an oligarch. A man who has made very clear his intent to cooperate and participate and integrate into NATO. Could this be why the National Post didn't name him in the article?

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A couple of dozen fascists from Winnipeg rallied in support of global/oligarchal and NATO tyranny

Thankfully most Canadian aren't as filled with hatred. Harsh? No truthful. I don't support NATO's global military tyranny.

"Dozens of Ukrainian Winnipeggers gathered on the steps of the legislature Sunday night"

Just dozens. That's it. Most Canadians don't support Naziism and fascism. Sadly some do
I wonder if they will rally in support of a military dictatorship? They probably will.

Canada's very big on double, triple and quadruple standards. Playing fast and loose with Canadian lives and Canadian tax dollars



  2. Bad people make for bad government. And Harper had neonazi roots: so this is like going home.
    Meanwhile what are Canadians doing to reign on their 'representatives '?

    1. Hope you are not referring to the Canadian people the vast majority of whom did not vote for Harper, if an election meant anything anyway?

      That's the problem when it comes to reigning them in. They aren't our representatives. Harper got a majority government on something like less then 40 percent of the electoral vote- how is he my legitimate government?
      I am quite certain some Canadians are voicing their displeasure as in myself but there is a large Ukie population here and they seem well connected to the elite asses in power
      Think about it brian- Bandera's family resides here-