Saturday, December 27, 2014

"The Interview" It is America and Americans that should be offended !

Seth Rogen and James Franco star in the controversial, banned comedy, 'The Interview.'
Two very unfunny actors

It is mind boggling to consider the fact this movie had a score of nearly 10 on the IMDB-
So the 'activists' had to be out in full force-  Also interesting is that the movie appeared on line in China.
"The New York Times found that the film had mostly favorable reviews in China. "Perfect, the greatest film in history, all hail Sony," read one online comment"
 (Hence my comment about the activists (NED etc) being out in full force!)

The movie was a total piece of trash. I expected that and was not the least bit disappointed.
Not funny. At all. Actually, just plain stupid. I will admit to not giving it my undivided attention as conversations were ongoing during viewing.

How can I not fail to mention all the homosexual innuendo/allusions/references?
Through the entire movie. A major theme running from beginning to end.  An obsession with rectums... for obvious reasons.  The need to 'see rectums' to 'check rectums'- Seth Rogen had to insert some phallic like object into his rectum to hide it from the authorites.  The James Franco charcter was some sort of in the closet gay guy. Vapid. Shallow. Vain. Stupid. A dullard.  He seemed to know the ins and outs (pun intended) of gay pornography. Causing the Seth Rogen character to ask him what kind of porn he is viewing.

The Franco character 'bonds" with the Korean leader ( Kim Jong Un). He loves Katy Perry? As does the Franco character.  (For what it's worth- I know of just one of her so called songs, sadly it is the song that is used in this move & it is extremely irritating ) Clearly we are supposed to come away with the idea that Kim Jong is a homosexual, still in the closet, as is the Franco character, hence the bonding and perhaps the shortcomings in both the characters?

The heterosexual aspect was a brief and almost felt as if the film makers were throwing us straight folk "a bone"

The movie felt as if it was a sales pitch for the weaponized LGBT agenda pushed by the psychopathic elites. A topic that has been mentioned before at the blog.

I highly doubt anyone in North Korea was the least bit offended by this piece of garbage. Why would they be? 
The whole movie made America and Americans look depraved. Shallow. Duplicitous. Obsessed with gay porn, sodomy, phallic imagery. And generally coming off as very stupid, bordering on moronic. It seems to me the only people that should be offended are Americans. The way the film makers chose to portray them and their society was nothing short of completely insulting

Unless you are a complete idiot? This movie is in no way appropriate for children.
I myself regret the even partial attention I gave to this movie- fortunately no monetary costs were incurred-


  1. Thanks for this review, Penny. Now I don't have to see it...not that I had the slightest inclination to see it : ). Perhaps I can add this movie onto the list of "Ten signs that the 'End of Times' is here...topic I am trying to compile for my Blog. It sounds like a totally desperate act of very desperate people....and to think that Obama got involved in the controversy...but why not? He's a closet gay married to a trans. (This is what Joan Rivers alleged shortly before she died).

    1. greencrow it was truly awful- And yes, I would say you could add this move to your list of ten signs that the end times is here
      (end of empire and the usual depravity that that accompanies it)
      You are exactly right when you say it is a desperate act by desperate people
      I don't know much about Obama and his personal life, but, have heard that kind of stuff one more then one occasion

      The movie was really, at it's heart, an insult to American people and also as mentioned really promoting that weaponized homosexual agenda where the LGBT are used like a club to bash all the rest of us down (hetero) and make us feel as if we are the abnormal ones.

      I wonder how the blindly patriotic felt upon exiting the theatre?

    2. i heard many make it a point to watch the film to show their *patriotism* , to *stick it to nk*, what pathetic brainwashed sheeples !

      the zwo is promoting these as the new norm...

    3. sorry these are the correct links..

    4. denkDecember 28, 2014 at 7:09 AM

      i heard many make it a point to watch the film to show their *patriotism* , to *stick it to nk*, what pathetic brainwashed sheeples !

      Hubby said the same thing- some some 'sheeple' on the msm, BUT, he pointed out to me the same msm didn't talk to these dupes on the way out

      shall check out the links- thanks

  2. Penny, did you see this? It's on topic. gc

    1. no, I have not gc, thanks I will have a look

  3. Sounds like all the imagery you'd expect from a Sacha Baron-Cohen vehicle.



    1. Yup, very lame stuff!

      Obama in a tiara- queen for day- lol ;)

  4. A movie made by idiots and enjoyed by morons, so many Americans will probably think it's a piece of classy entertainment.

    Comedy can be funny w/o using the F-word repeatedly or making sick jokes about body functions, but that seems to be lost on Hollywood.

    Can you imagine the uproar if a comedy about killing Israeli PM Netenyahu was made?

    I weep for the USA, not the adults, who should know better, but for their kids, who are trapped in this toxic environment.

    1. Hi greg, I understand your sorrow at the state of affairs all of humanity in,not just in the US, but here in Canada too and many other nations where people have learned to love their servitude

    2. Franco at least is intelligent and educated : as are many people in MSM . The problem is indoctrination

    3. Franco is intelligent and educated?
      I always find intelligence and education as contradictory
      As in they have nothing to do with one another
      education = indoctrination in any school system
      Intelligence is something else entirely and how do we know Franco really has any?

  5. Thanks for the excellent review. I hope to share this view, if possible, at my family Christmas gathering coming up January 10th.

    1. You are welcome Rick B
      I don't know if it's an excellent interview? However I thank you for saying that :) it's certainly how I saw that movie - garbage
      And you know that saying you are what you eat?
      Well you also are what you view? Garbage into your brain- garbage out of your brain- If one spends too much time watching trash like this inevitably one will turn into trash just like this-- and looking around at society it seems hollywood and the 'entertainment' industry has done it's worse

  6. One can only imagine the "America, love it or leave it" folks waddling in to theaters and watching this as they stuff their faces. Thoroughly disgusting.

  7. I had no intention, have no intention, and will not have an intention to see this ridiculous movie! LoL! People have forgotten that the original hacking of Sony was a huge embarrassment for them, especially with the e-mails about how Angelia Jolie is viewed as a spoiled brat and worse, and the executive salaries, and the up coming projects which they want to shelve instead of produce....I am supposed to believe that North Korea cared so much about all of this and then suddenly, the last straw, a movie about them pushed the hackers overboard into threatening violence? Pull the other one, it has jingle bells on it!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to reading more!


    1. Hi Marie

      Well I've done the dirty work for you- you're saved from this piece of trash- rofl

      Also forgotten in the SONY hacking is that the emails suggested this movie was a piece of sh*t- unfunny- no wonder they agreed to this pr campaign, it was their only hope

  8. Just as a point of interest I looked up the etymology of the word entertain
    It seems interesting containing 'enter' and 'tain' the enter to me speaks of entering your mind and the tain- searched that out

    latin 'teneo', I hold. so it seemed it would suggest holding your mind? and sure enough...

    late 15c., "to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind,

    so entertain- to keep you in a certain frame of mind goes hand in hand with that other word- tell-a-vision

  9. Not that I planned to see it ; now I know money well saved ! The LGBT crowd which had earned so much public sympathy may like to distance themselves from. It if they have any intelligence and integrity

  10. I don't need to SE the fi to know its one more eg of Hollywood Political, serving a dept of state agenda to really get the locals to kill their head of state and turn DPRK into an eastern version of Libya

    1. subversion yes, but, i believe in some ways this was aimed more at China then at NK

  11. Entertain = enter and control

  12. This movie does look extremely immature and not funny. I also can see why people would be offended. But it is in those places like NK, Syria & China where you wouldn't be able to produce a movie like this, much less even speak out about the regimes. That is something that most Americans (and i'm sure many others)take for granted. but when you start learning what it is they do in those other countries to people who speak out, you begin to start appreciating that right a lot more.

    1. "But it is in those places like NK, Syria & China where you wouldn't be able to produce a movie like this, much less even speak out about the regimes"

      That's an odd statement- Can you make a movie in Hollywood promoting the assassination of a serving American president? I don't think so. It would NEVER happen.
      People are getting shut down and roundedup for making provocative statements on facebook twitter etc in the US and the UK- the alleged free world- so clearly the right to express an opinion in the freedom loving west is not as clear cut as you would like to believe or have my readers believe?
      Fortunately my readers are way, way more savvy then that!

      Is that freedom of expression?

      In Canada we have the case of Arthur Topham dragged through the court system for years for a piece of satire

      Is that freedom of expression?

      Not to be rude but most of your comment is pretty nonsensical. Bordering on strongly perception managed.

    2. What is so odd about that statement? you and your readers know that statement to be true; regardless of inconsistencies in American law. someone being arrested over facebook posts is not freedom of expression but let's not compare that to what happened to protesters that came out in Aleppo or Homs. i'm not trying to change anyone's mind, I was simply stating my opinion. although, it is amusing to see you lash out when someone posts something you don't agree with lol. my point was yes, rogen and franco are lame and not funny and that people appreciate what we have here when you see how fucked up things are elsewhere. and yea, unarmed black kids are being gunned down and shits fucked here too but I would take this over any of those countries any day of the week, pace

    3. I didn't lash out at you, I simply expressed my own opinion with regard to what you posted.

      I am getting a very troll vibe from you... poor victim being 'lashed out' at

      You keep talking about how f'd up things are elsewhere and skirting the issue of exactly how f'd up things are in the alleged western democracies- why?
      I live in an alleged western democracy and the freedom bell ain't ringing

      facts are facts.
      Unless you can't face them? Perhaps you should just move along?

    4. Penny, you know they're scraping bottom when they start to say, as if somewhat self-critically, "sure it's not perfect here, but compared to other places like China and North Korea, it's way better!"
      What does it tell you when muricans have to compare themselves with what they consider to be the worst of the worst in order to claim some kind of superiority or benefits from living in the empire. Why not compare themselves to other so-called first world countries to assess the greatness of their system, or some of their less savoury allies like KSA and Ukraine.
      From an outsiders point of view, the American political discourse so completely lacks depth and diversity on so many issues that it's amazing to hear defense along the lines of 'freedom of expression', when the only form of expression correlates to a mind-numbing imbecile media echo chamber.

    5. well said spinworthy, very well said !!!!!!

    6. Try making a movie stating that less 6 million jews were gased during WWII !
      Of course I am required now to put a sentence saying that of course such a movie could only be outrageous hate mongering, as it is undeniable that 6 million jews where gased as it is forbidden by law ( , where I live, to state anything contradicting anything that was concluded during the Nuremberg trial.

    7. good example gallier of extreme censorship- where one can't even raise a question? why?

    8. smotherehope
      *what we have here when you see how fucked up things are elsewhere. and yea, unarmed black kids are being gunned down and shits fucked here too but I would take this over any of those countries any day of the week, pace*

      just the other day one of cif's resident moron , a yank, blathered that
      *china is worse than usa on its *pitch blackest dark day* [sic]

      so i asked the dumb kid,
      *i've a hard time figuring out which is murkka's *pitch blackest dark day* [sic], so pse help me out, which is it ?*

      nam 3m civies wiped out
      laos/cambodia, 3m civies vaporised,
      indonesia, 3m civies slaughtered,
      iraq, 3m collateral damages,
      etc etc

      while i have come across so many *my country right or wrong* rednecks, i'd give u the benefit of doubt that u dont know what your govn has been doing in your name.
      this just for starter !

      if u dont get mad at such babarity then u better check your pulse !

      otoh if u've already known all this but think that its no big deal , that the west, in particular murkka, is something to be *proud* of, then there's no point talking to you any more.

    9. spinworthy

      china the basket case ?
      im not so sure about that !
      china builds, murkka destroy !
      i've a hunch the chinese might feel insulted to be compared to murkka !

    10. damn, i checked the link before posting..

    11. hi denk- good morning etc
      re' the comment by spinworthy and china- pretty sure it's rhetorical
      and thanks for all the links!!

  13. Smothered Hope says "...But it is in those places like NK, Syria & China where you wouldn't be able to produce a movie like this..."


    Just like Russia outlaws Pussy Riot...why? Because they had simulated intercourse on stage between a male and one of the pregnant women band members. I think there should be a cap on indecency. If someone wants to put this stuff on the screen....let him/her put it on one of those porno channels that people expressly pay to view...not in the general release theatres.

    1. Hi Greencrow-

      But 'free speech' is all about the right to fornicate on stage and produce idiotic movies, enabling the total dumbing down of the masses, which of course serves the psychopathic elites.



  14. Sorry, I made an error in my earlier post....apparently it was not "simulated" was the real thing.


    1. Hi gc, I was aware the intercourse was not simulated- it was real
      (I was going to let you know at your place,but, you found out before I got there)
      And that is not all the pussy skanks did either?
      There was a buckets of urine stunt
      Then the church incident- which was pointless
      besides I am quite certain that Russian intelligence is aware that pussy skanks are tied to the western destabilization apparatus and their stunts have nothing to do with art or free expression

    2. The "stuffing a complete chicken in the vagina in a supermarkt" stunt was also neat. ;-) (for the sarcasm challenged, it was disgusting and if you don't believe me, google for the video, it's easily available).

    3. LOL- I forgot about that one- come on gallier2 , doncha know that is just 'free expression' ;)

      As opposed to the reality- Attention grabbing PR stunts, particularly aimed at the young male hooked on porn- or perhaps some lesbian porn- i don't know- whichever doesn't matter - all they are are PR stunts that can be sold to the gullible and dumbed down masses in the west as 'free expression' being impeded by whichever western targeted leader

      In the case of pussy skanks we are supposed to follow the indoctrination, react to the programming, and say oh putin is bad

      which is exactly what the commenter 'smotheringhope' did, react according to his or her embedded indoctrination

  15. **** One last item regarding this bullshit PR campaign surrounding the interview..

    The Whitehouse in cahoots with the entertainment industry created a conspiracy theory regarding the North Korean hacking of Sony.

    The Whitehouse aka Obama presented this theory of conspiracy- people conspiring- without one iota of proof, fact or evidence. And based on appeal to authority the entire bogus narrative was swallowed up hook line and sinker!

    Think about that!