Friday, December 26, 2014

Trillion dollar war in Afghanistan- "Achieved it's goal"- Obama

Well, I made it!
 48 hours away from the blog except for responding to comments

Obama addressing troops spouting nonsense

US troops first arrived in Afghanistan *less than a month after the 9/11 attacks* on New York and Washington DC, unseating the Taliban before bedding in for a conflict, which has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 US military personnel.

Some 13 years later, and after *spending more than $1 trillion on the war, * the US is preparing to pull most of its combat troops out before the end of this year

More then 1 trillion dollars. A nation decimated. A country in chaos. Thousands dead- That's just on the US side of the equation!  And what goal was achieved?


  1. Guess the reinvigorated opium production and consequent increase in heroin supply might be one of the goals. Maybe they'll send some of it to Ferguson et al and quieten those people down.


    1. Well yes, aferrismoon- that was definitely an accomplishment for the American/NATO black ops terror structure- to reinvigorate the opium production and increase the heroin supply- at such a low cost- further destroying human kind- to the elite psychos that would be a success
      A huge one

  2. Don't know the numbers, but, the US still has contractors in country. Just met one going back, last week. I guerss proxy troops don't count. The US is NEVER leaving. It's Empire ya' know.

    1. Yep, the last I read it was around 140,000 but there just there to protect corp. interest;)

      I hate to imagine what a trillion $ would have done for the citizens of Amerika, Oh right the so-called govt gave that much to their friends on wall street and 0 for us on Main Street.

    2. anonymous dec 27

      Indeed that is empire. sadly- and it is very likely they aren't counting the private mercenaries- because it's better that the taxpayers don't realize how privatized and profitable the war machine is
      better to sell valour and honour... as opposed to reality

    3. Hi jo

      That trillion dollars spent in America on the citizens, the infrastructure could have done so much more for the masses then the money spent to wage war and that trillion is low-balling the real number ... it's way more then that

      It's no different here in Canada

  3. The higher resolution of an essentially, grotesque hierarchic world system is a godsend to those interested. The faith based know what was achieved.

    1. rubbell- i really never know quite what you are saying?

  4. uk,us.....they dont call them fukus for nuthin !

    1. good article denk, thanks!

    2. I like this quote at the end

      '‘If a journalist hides the truth they are not journalists; they are partners in the crime they are hiding."

      That's what the journalist all do, hide the truth
      I do the opposite. I try very hard to get at the truth
      wheat from the chaff type stuff

  5. Penny,
    On this topic.. I am driving by briefly to give you some information I have uncovered.. and say this blog post you put up which rang a bell for something I saw earlier today while hitting some Novorussia/Russia news spots.

    Afghanistan against American transportation equipment in Ukraine


    1. Karin

      I am so glad to see you and please don't be a stranger, girl!
      Oops, I got to put this through the translate- going to read it shortly!

    2. Hi Karin, not necessary when I went to look it was English- lol
      and yes very interesting

      "American military equipment placed in Afghanistan, should not get to Ukraine. Otherwise, Kabul threatens Washington rupture of strategic cooperation. Such a statement on Saturday, 27 December, a representative of the administration he Ahmadzai.

      In January 2015, the President of the Islamic Republic intends to visit the United States, where, during a conversation, tete-a-tete going to convince Barack Obama to comply with earlier agreement. The white House guaranteed Kabul that leave all American military forces weapons will go to equip the Afghan army. It had become unpaid help in the fight against factions of the Taliban, reports channel "Russia 24".

  6. Penny,
    Please say you got my second comment that took me what seemed like forever to put together w/ all the links etc.
    Let me know, heck that was the main purpose for dropping by last evening.
    I'm blown away by that info and really want you opinion on it
    Or to share it if you aren't aware of it.

    It's nothing of great merit- but presents a huge question to me of how so very much that I have found was known was completely vacated from sight.
    Exposure after Bolsheviks, causes of WWI and II - Given what I've found.. how in hell was it ALL ( there is a lot ) swept under the rug ?
    I just can't fathom how that happened !

    I'll check back later this evening if I can.. If it was lost in blog-comment-land. I will repost it again
    UGH :))

    1. Karin

      No comment came through, nothing
      It's not in spam or anywhere- why blogger is doing that is anyone guess and is very annoying because the exact thing happened to me today
      I was responding in the latest post the denk and i pushed publish and it was gone, the comment box opened afresh- empty
      Please repost it, but copy and paste it first- before publish and then send it again- I can always delete the duplicate- but to not get even one comment is beyond annoying
      and btw karin- glad your back :)

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