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US Considers "safe zone" aka Kurdistan expansion in Syria

Expanding the war on Syria works out so well for the Israeli/Kurdish tag team.
Just ignore the spin from Washington Post about creating a  "safe zone", anyone who has been reading here would or should know, this is about creating Kurdistan.  A nation born of political expediency, same as Israel.

U.S. considers opening new front against Islamic State to create a safe zone in Syria

Creating a "safe zone"- Gives one the warm fuzzies, no?
So let's read all about it!

The Obama administration is weighing the opening of a new front in the air war against the Islamic State in Syria, part of an offensive to push back militants along the western part of Syria’s border with Turkey and create a relatively safe zone for U.S.-backed Syrian rebel forces to move in.

"An offensive to push back militants"?
 How about displacing residents? You know the ones living there present day?
Clearing the land for the new chosenites?

"Along the western part of Syria's border with Turkey"

If you recall the US initiated the clearing of this area to create a "safe zone" when they bombed Khorosan? Along the western border of Turkey/Syria?  Recall that incident?

US strikes Khorasan, again, in Syria
The US hit five targets related to the group, including several vehicles and buildings, near the border with Turkey.
Thursday's strikes near the town of Sarmada had hit vehicles and buildings used for training and to produce bombs.
Recall this map from another post, I will be relinking shortly?
See the airstrikes in Sarmada? Western Syria on the border with Turkey?

So, the Obama administration has already opened up that new war front. They did it a month ago and since then they have, undoubtedly,  prepped for expansion or territory stealing if you like? Redrawing borders? Order out of chaos? Pick the descriptor that suits you the best?

Recall this map from a soon to be linked previous post?

Compare this with the  map above showing the strike on Sarmada, Syria.  Kurdish YPG terrorist fighters occupy that corner of Syria and Sarmada is right in the neighbourhood
That is not a coincidence

How is the US going to expand Kurdish territory for their terrorist army- YPG/PKK?
WP continues:

Under the plan, U.S. aircraft flying from Turkey’s Incirlik air base would target positions the militants currently hold along the border north of Aleppo, eastward toward the besieged town of Kobane. Turkish special forces would move into the area to assist the targeting and help Syrian opposition fighters consolidate their hold on the territory.

Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase? 

 Turkey’s airbase? The base may be located in Turkey but that doesn't make it a “Turkish airbase”

Incirlik Airbase  or  Incirlik Airbase- US Military airforce base profiles

The Major Command at Incirlik Air Base is USAFE. The mission of the host 39th Air Base Wing is to help protect U.S. and NATO interests in the Southern Region by providing a responsive staging and operational air base ready to project integrated, forward-based air power.
Incirlik Airbase is America's airbase conveniently located in Turkey!

Turkish Special Forces?

Not regular army? So Turkish Special Forces = Intimately linked to US and NATO

Syrian Opposition Fighters?

Kurds. PKK. YPG. IDF. That Canadian woman, IDF, dual Israeli national.
How about Dillon Hillier?
These people aren't 'heros' and they aren't their to help in the way most of the gullible masses believe they are- These people are there to terrorize Syrians. And remake the ME for some multinational's political gain. Bankers. Big Oil.
The plan which was developed over the past several weeks during extensive meetings between U.S. and Turkish diplomatic and military officials, also was a subject of discussion between Vice President Biden and Turkey’s top political leaders during Biden’s visit to Istanbul 10 days ago.
Turkish diplomatic and military officials? Unnamed.

The proposal would at least partly address Turkey’s long-standing desire for a protected buffer zone inside Syria along the entire 511-mile border, while providing the faltering rebel fighters with a much-needed boost.
A buffer zone such as this is not what Turkey had in mind-
In exchange, U.S. access to -Incirlik for the use of manned warplanes and armed drones throughout Syria would add as much as six hours to the time that individual strike aircraft could spend “on station,” locating and reaching targets. Aircraft currently striking Islamic State positions in northern and eastern Syria fly from bases in the Persian Gulf, a distance of about 1,000 miles.
Access to Incirlik was never an issue for the American, that above paragraph is a load of bullshit!
Reading below it is clear the US was already using Incirlik
Right now, the official said, targets are pinpointed with surveillance by unarmed aircraft flying from Incirlik and other bases in the region, as well as friendly Syrian “dudes with cellphones” on the ground
Dudes with cellphones- aka special ops as you read, or can read today, in that yet to be linked repost -
If implemented, the plan would require significantly more U.S. resources than are now devoted to the fight against the Islamic State in Syria, including more planes and more money
Although officials said the proposal is not intended to establish a traditional no-fly zone, requiring constant patrols against other aircraft entering the area — potentially up to 100 miles long and 20 miles deep inside Syria — its proponents recognize the potential for a “slippery slope” into a far more major operation.
It's a no fly zone- by stealth- by misleading- by not naming it as such. But it's still a no fly zone
This is Iraq all over again.

Part of the administration’s risk assessment is whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will continue to allow overflights of his territory without activating Syrian air defenses, as he has with U.S. aircraft now striking the Islamic State in areas largely to the east of the proposed new front
U.S. attacks in the proposed new corridor northeast of Aleppo would bring American aircraft into far more consistent proximity to Syrian aircraft, which regularly strike U.S.-backed rebel forces in that city. Top Pentagon officials have said that any attempt by Assad to interfere with U.S. aircraft would bring a broad attack on Syria’s air force and air defense system.
It's a no fly zone. We have seen this before. 
Beyond the threat of direct conflict with Assad, the concept is fraught with additional risks and unknowns.
Turkish officials (what officials?) and retired Gen. John Allen, the administration’s chief envoy to the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State, have assessed that the Free Syrian Army can marshal sufficient trained forces to gradually move eastward into the zone. But the opposition’s track record is far from encouraging. In recent weeks, rebel fighters, including those who had received aid and training from the CIA, were pushed from their strongholds in Idlib province, west of Aleppo, by Jabhat al-Nusra militants allied with al-Qaeda.
Many officials, particularly in the White House and within the military, also remain distrustful of Turkey’s desire to draw the United States into a direct confrontation with Assad.
Turkey's desire to draw the US into a direct confrontation with Assad?  Turkey's desire?
I don't think so.

Finally, the relinked post- Kurd/ISIS symbiosis
“After similar battles, the YPG and its political affiliates this year declared three self-rule administrations, or cantons as they call them, in northern Syria: Afreen, in the northwest, near the city of Aleppo; Kobani; and Jazeera in the northeast, which encompasses Ras al-Ain and the city of Qamishli. Their goal is to connect all three.

Look at that map of Kurdish 'held' Syrian territory above. Connecting all three Kurdish held areas.. This is the new front the US is talking about opening. This is the safe zone being discussed. This is the creation of Kurdistan.

Regarding those "Dudes with cellphones"?

 Mr. Kocher and other YPG/PKK commanders said in interviews during a recent visit that U.S. operatives inside Syria are exchanging intelligence and helping coordinate airstrikes
 "Dudes with cellphones" aka US operatives

Let's quickly go back to the deal between Turkey and Russia.

Oil at $40 a barrel- Russia and Turkey make an energy deal ???

Why would Erdogan have done this? At this time? Clearly Kurdish oil isn't going to be flowing Turkey's way. So I get the necessity for the Turkish people. Turkey gets quite a lot of their oil from Russia already- believe it's around 60 percent? ( correct me if I am mistaken?)

Once the Kurds are entrenched in Syria, along Turkey's southern border and aligned with the Kurds in Iraq along Turkey's eastern border- The real 'fun' for Turkey will begin.
As Turkey get's the Syrian/Iraq treatment. A destabilization campaign. Unlike Syria- Turkey doesn't have the benefit of a real national Army. So possibly a replay of Egypt?
Time will tell, of course. It always does. 

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