Thursday, January 8, 2015

As the Messiah was killed in France- AQ brought hell to Yemen

To understand my Messiah reference - Je Suis Charlie = JeSus, Jesus or JC = Messianic Archetype

 To comprehend the non archetypal manipulation-  Paris Attack. France Broke. Olive branch extended to Russia, chopped?

 A ton of great comments in both posts- 

 While the gullible masses were weeping over the nonsensical freedom of speech meme & other assorted perception management, Yemen and Yemenis were being terrorized. 50 young men dead.
On January 7th- The same day as the Gladio style attack took place in Paris
50 young men, all at once.  Do they matter at all? 50 men, lined up for jobs. For work. To support families and themselves-  They are all as dead as the 12 in France. - The total of dead, killed, murdered was 50.
But no attention is paid to this horrendous attack. No placards with mind control memes wave for the easily deceived western audiences. No ID plants. No balaclava wearing perps immediately identified. Just mass death.  Car bomb kills 37 at Yemen police academy
 A car bomb tore through dozens of Yemenis lined up at a police academy in Sanaa Wednesday, leaving 37 dead in the latest attack to highlight the country's growing instability. 
Police said another 66 people were wounded in what it described as a "terrorist bombing" targeting potential police recruits, in a statement cited by the official Saba news agency.
 Witness Khaled Ajlan said the early morning blast targeted dozens of "new students who were registering at the police academy".

The charred remains of the dead, mostly young men, were piled on the sidewalk outside the academy alongside blood-soaked documents they had been carrying.

The wreckage of a car sat nearby, with little remaining but mangled metal and the steering wheel, one of several cars that were still burning at midday.

A security official told AFP the bomb was in a minibus, of which only scraps of metal remained.

Rescue workers loaded bodies into ambulances, as the health ministry urged Sanaa residents to "donate blood at government hospitals to help the wounded".

It was not immediately clear who was behind the blast but al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the jihadist network's powerful affiliate in Yemen, has claimed responsibility for previous attacks on security forces.

Ah, yes, AQ in Yemen, as conveniently mentioned in France yesterday- Hmmmm...
Now AQ in Yemen is a Sunni Muslim outfit, as as everywhere else. Same as the Kurds.
And Sunni Muslim terror is intimately linked with NATO and Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Yemen is a neighbour  with Saudi Arabia.

Many of the potential recruits had traveled from other parts of the country to the academy. The ministry said that, in future, it would register them locally to avoid another such gathering being targeted.
Good plan- too late for all the dead and their families, but, better to prevent such a tragedy in the future
A European Union statement spoke of the "latest in a series of terrorist attacks aimed at destabilizing Yemen's transition."

It added that "restoring security and completing the transition process are paramount to achieving the objectives of stability and prosperity."

And the United States condemned the "senseless murder and injury of Yemeni civilians", offering condolences to all the victims and their families.

"We honour the Yemeni men and women who work each day, often at great personal risk, to build a better, more peaceful future for themselves, their families, and all Yemenis," said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.
 Apparently the  Huthis Shiite's share power with a strongman that the US would almost certainly want to be running the show entirely
 Unrest grew after the Huthis, also known as Ansarullah, overran Sanaa unopposed on September 21.
So the Huthis power share in an unopposed fashion- Highly suggestive that they are supported in Yemen
The militia, who already controlled northern parts of the country, have since expanded their presence in central and western Yemen, meeting fierce resistance from Sunni tribes and Al-Qaeda militants.

The increasing violence has raised fears that Yemen, which shares a long border with oil-rich Saudi Arabia, might become a failed state.
AQAP, considered by the United States to be al-Qaida's most dangerous branch, has pledged to fight the Huthis.

So, AQ in Yemen has just so happened to have pledged to fight the Shiite militias that seemed to be supported in Yemen.- Wow, this is so familiar. And the US 'considers' AQ in Yemen to be dangerous?
I'm sure they do, but, not in the way the masses think. I am sure the US considers AQ in Yemen dangerous and are pleased about that prospect.

Last week in Yemen, there was a bomb attack that killed 49 Huthi supporters-
AQ in Yemen. Sunni Muslims. Attacked and killed 49 Huthi supporters- Shiite
Does that situation ring a bell of familiarity with readers ?

A suicide bomb attack on Huthi supporters in central Yemen last week killed 49 people.

Four people, including a reporter, were killed Sunday in another blast targeting a gathering of Huthis in southwestern Yemen, while six militiamen were wounded in a blast in Sanaa on Monday.
 50 killed in bomb attack at Yemen police academy
  At least 50 people were killed and dozens of others wounded early Wednesday when a car bomb went off outside the police academy in Yemen's capital Sanaa, security officials and medics said.
Hundreds of soldiers from the interior ministry were lining up in a long queue, waiting to be enlisted in the academy, around 7 a.m. when the explosion took place, security officials said, adding that at least 50 people were killed at the scene.
Witnesses told Xinhua that a mini-bus was being driven very fast on the street along the wall of the police academy in central Sanaa before it exploded at the academy's main gate. The explosion could be heard across the city. Gunshots were also heard in the area after the explosion.
"The explosion occurred around 7 in the morning. A bus came to the gate of the academy and a man blew it up here. More than 50 people were killed in attack," a cadet of the police academy, Nabil Ali, said.
 The Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), known locally as Ansar al-Sharia, has conducted several bomb attacks against the Houthi group, the government and the army, killing scores of people since 2009.
Al Qaeda in Yemen is dangerous indeed. But to who exactly? The Shiite population. Which of course plays right into the Anglo/Zionist Western/NATO global terror machine

Absolutely don't miss!

Jay Dyer: Esoteric Agenda- Perception Management- Hiding in Plain Sight

Je Suis Charlie = JeSus, Jesus or JC = Messianic Archetype

Paris Attack. France Broke. Olive branch extended to Russia, chopped?




  1. I think readers here will find the Jay Dyer interview timely, this is the second time I have featured him here
    If you enjoy this one and missed the December interview, certainly go back and look for it
    As for what happened in Yemen? Tragic- and imo completely planned to coincide with the France attack- yes people died but those being blamed are in all likelihood total patsies and the whole incident has absolutely nothing to do with free speech- don't buy that bull!

  2. Penny, I'm not sure there really is 12 dead in Paris. The video thats shows the policeman getting shot looks very fake. So maybe others died but I doubt it, this whole thing seems fake as f$$k

    1. I understand that about the video and there may not really be 12 dead.
      You could be absolutely correct.
      However on a different level of this psyop the 12 dead are what is being sold, or promoted, and it ties in very nicely with the jesus archetype meme that is being played

  3. yemen is about control of another oil supply *chokepoint*, its about china ?

    1. controlling an oil choke point would naturally be about China
      Control of chokepoints can block or allow the shipment of oil and resources and that includes to china

    2. all fingers pointing to yemen....

    3. glad I am not the only one that thinks anonymous stinks to high heaven, I wrote about it sooooo long ago here on the blog and....
      It sure looks as if I have been vindicated on that prediction

      Yawn anonymous hacks Israel- as is typical with anonymous
      much ado about nothing!- just like I said in 2012

  4. I have left two days worth of posts unmoderated, so you should be able to leave thoughts, links and information in the last 4 posts

  5. Sri lanka looks to have just undergone a template spring. Croatia?

    Recent arrests in Balkans to flare tensions...

    1. Thanks anonymous- I have a bunch of catching up to do- but got to have a break some of the time :)

  6. moderation is back on, I will let comments through tomorrow
    good night!

  7. And the missing widow traveled to......malaysia

    1. I also see news that she may have gone to Syria- that's a big non surprise

      "French authorities, though, may be too late in their hunt for the missing widow. Turkish authorities told The Associated Press that she may be in Syria, after landing in their country days ago and vanishing near the Turkish-Syrian border"

    2. Another black widow

    3. Widow slips into Syria
      Syria opposition blanks Moscow talks
      Gorby warning of nuke conflict on Ukraine spillover. Merkel mystified
      UK requests us help to search a Russian nuclear sub offshore the latest Russian warship offshore
      Intelligence leaks on an assad underground nuke facility as the french turkey safe zone push fails to gather momentum
      April of this year french foreign minister said he regretted us pulled out of the September 11 planned strikes around the alleged chemical affair
      mi5 says major attack coming.
      Syria attack too?

    4. I strongly suspect that US/NATO etc will up the ante in Syria this year
      And I notice the widow is allegedly in Syria and has been since before her 'boyfriend' was sacrificed
      A curious destination of this latest 'white widow'

  8. if someone has the cheek to tell U, as the media likes to tell Edward Snowden, life in russia is colourless boring and depressing and you need to drink to stay alive, show them this video

    1. thanks brian
      trying not to miss anyone...

  9. Here a video showing that the guy (Coulybaly) in the cosher deli is handcuffed when he is shot by the police.

  10. Was the patsy handcuffed when executed in the kosher deli?

    Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack in wake of kosher store siege in Paris

    1. Hey Gallier and Gimlet Eye, I looked at the video and I can't tell for sure- What I wonder is why he would have run straight out into the police fire?
      Why didn't he try to evade the police? I dunno, seems odd

  11. 17 victims on the 1.7 attack.

    3.3 million (read 33) march through Paris on 1.11 (111).

    On January 11th 2015 Paris is the capital of the world.

    Netanyahu takes centre stage in the march (read Chutzpah).


    1. Netanyahu takes centre stage in the march (read Chutzpah).

      He is of course offering sanctuary in Israel. Which might coincide with some news I saw about Israel's impending military moves on the West Bank?

      "The Israeli army is conducting drills in the West Bank in anticipation for a possible deterioration in security conditions this year, Israeli military sources said.

      Israeli military exercises of this level have not been conducted in ten years, Israeli newspaper Maariv quoted unnamed Israeli military sources as saying"

  12. There is though an ambiguity for the French in the "Je suis Charlie" slogan that probably most people will have missed. suis can be the verb "to be" as it can be the verb "to follow" and there is no difference in prononciation. So Je suis Charlie can mean "I am Charlie" or it can mean "I follow Charlie" (like a sheep).

    1. that's interesting gallier, thanks- so the sign could have a hidden or double meaning? Also interesting because it seems to send like a multi layered message

    2. There is even a better double meaning, uncanny coincidence. It's even one of the ultra-zionist (jssnews, the one that broke also the names of the 3 shooters first) sites that published it: check out
      If that is not a wtf? moment, I don't know what is.
      I am Charlie and I am an Israeli are anagrams

    3. well, well well..isn't that curious?

      could that be a coincidence? I think not.

      fyi for anyone else

      "An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly "

      and as gallier has shown us we have an anagram happening!
      Now, what I wonder also is if this is a clue as to who was behind this act?
      This magazine was a big money loser and I actually suspect it was an intelligence front- goodness knows there is sufficient historical documentation of intelligence agencies setting up front companies for all sorts of things- and sometimes when your done, your done!
      A house cleaning of sorts-

    4. Apparently the hebrew for Israel is an anagram of the hebrew for Charlie.

      A group of people holding up hebrew signs (anagrams) Israel is Charlie.

      The anagram of the day: Israel is Charlie.

      Israel in hebrew:

      Another side by side comparison:

      If Charlie is Israel, then Charlie Hebdo is Israel Hebrews Do.


  13. Here an excellent video explaining everything about Dieudonné for English speakers. It's not directly related to the current events but a little bit of background information is never a bad thing.

    1. you forgot the link gallier and I agree completely back ground info is always good!

    2. Sorry, here's the link.

      But BREAKING NEWS!!!

      Dieudo is being indicted for apology of terrorism by that low-life of Estrosi (Mayor of Nice) because he proclaimed, yesterday after the sheeple parade that he feels now like "Charlie Coulibaly" (Coulibaly is the name of the handcuffed guy that was shot in front of the kosher deli). Making one of his trade mark provocative statement. He also published follow up letter to his peace offer statement he made in december.

  14. Hey Gallier, what's your take on the Hollande speach of 9 Jan where at 3:35 or so he refers to 'ces illumines' ?

    Who was he referring to?

    Also is this getting any attention in France-
    "Paris march: President Hollande asked Israel's Netanyahu not to attend Paris march "

    1. In the traditional media it was not mentioned. I knew about it because of my alternative sites, but anyway, Bibi showed who's the boss.
      Sorry, I will not listen to the video. When I hear this larvae it is not good for my hypertension and I wouldn't like to trigger another stroke.

    2. Fair enough, I understand how you feel but perhaps you could translate this small segment of the transcript without ill effects-

      "ceux qui ont commis ces sacs ces terroristes
      ces illuminés ces fanatiques n'ont rien à voir
      avec la religion musulmane

      Btw your link is still missing from the previous comment.
      I think Dieudo is in for a rough time.

    3. First, correction of the transcript as the youtube automatic transcript is unreliable.

      "ceux qui ont commis ces ACTES, ces terroristes,
      ces illuminés, ces fanatiques n'ont rien à voir
      avec la religion musulmane

      The translation:
      I don't find the right word in English to translate the term illuminés. The dictionary says visionary, but that one doesn't really apply in this context. It's in fact quite close to fanatic, but with a religious undertone. fanatic loonies. There is no direct link with illuminati or light-bearer reference imo, in common French vocabulary for that word, but I would not completely rule it out, as Hollande is much more devious and sneaky as people generally assume him to be (he is generally seen as a good hearted, incapable dullard, but he is definitivly not).

    4. Thanks for that Gallier. Some are reporting it as a reference to the illuminati which to me seems unlikely for a career polititian; but who knows, if a French native like yourself isn't sure what he's driving at then...

  15. Obamas been criticised for not taking part in the march of the terror... March against terrorism in Paris. In the crowd of main rally can be seen FSA and USrael flags : side by side

  16. France and most states have laws against inciting violence. The Charlie Hebdo saga has blunted these: and 3 million people foolishly rallied for the right to both offend and insult others, and to incite violence . Think about it : ESP with Charlie Hebdo celebrating. With a full frontal insult on Mohammed ! Zionists can only celebrate the war they've tweaked the masses to support their cult