Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Attack. France Broke. Olive branch extended to Russia, chopped?

Regarding today's attack in Paris?
I had noticed over the past couple of weeks, give or take, Francois Hollande was making conciliatory overtures towards Russia

January 07/2015: Francois Hollande suggests sanctions on Russia should be lifted and says Putin 'does not want to annex eastern Ukraine – he has told me that'

The French president today called for the lifting of the West's economic sanctions on Russia, saying: 'Mr Putin does not want to annex eastern Ukraine. He has told me that.'

Saying the sanctions 'must stop now', Francois Hollande said he was expecting progress on a resolution to the Ukraine crisis at international talks in Kazakhstan in 10 days.
The crisis in Ukraine has prevented cash-strapped France from completing the delivery of two Mistral-class warships to Russia, a deal left in limbo since accusations Russia has interfered in Ukraine's civil war.

January 05/2014:  France seeks end to Russia sanctions over Ukraine
 French President Francois Hollande says he wants Western sanctions on Russia to be lifted if progress is made in talks on the Ukraine conflict this month.
December 19/2014:  Hollande risks EU split with debate on Russian sanctions relief

  Europe has stumbled into a debate over the end of sanctions on the economically distressed Russia after French President Francois Hollande became the first major leader to dangle the prospect of easing the curbs

December 19/2014:  EU open to possible easing of sanctions against Russia: Hollande

November 16/2014 French Workers outraged over warship job losses- 2500 jobs at stake 
 One of the French biggest union federations, Workers’ Force, has urged Paris to fulfill the Mistral deal and deliver the two warships to Russia, otherwise 2,500 shipyard employees may lose their jobs.
Non delivery of the Carriers to Russia- 3 BILLION DOLLARS

Experts estimate the value of forfeit and penalties for the non-delivery of the Mistral-class helicopter carrier at up to 3 billion euro.

Just curious if the Paris attack was a message to France's government to get back in line?!
Down and on it's knees- without knee pads!

It's absolutely amazing that the 3 shooters escaped! I mean, seriously, that's amazing.
The were not gunned down. And they did not kill themselves! ????? And even more curious? One of the shooters presented the meme for the media to run with!!
That's really unbelievable!!
"You can tell the media that it's al Qaeda in Yemen."
 Giving the media it's talking point? Does that make sense to you? It sounds planned. Really. 

Shouting "Allahu akbar!" as they fired, the men also spoke fluent, unaccented French in the military-style noon-time attack on Charlie Hebdo, located near Paris' Bastille monument.
Fluent, unaccented French, military style attack. Very, very interesting.

From earlier today:

Glyphosate Herbicides & Transgenic Food Partners are both Toxic & Endocrine Disrupting in humans

Syria: SNC “opposition” leader? Khaled Khoja & Turkey's curious suicide bombing


  1. Bonjour Gallier:

    Any input would be greatly appreciated?


    1. Hi Penny,

      didn't you get my comment yesterday evening? Fortunately I still had a copy of it in the copy/paste buffer so that I can repeat it here.

      Hi Penny, false flag in France today. The satirical paper Charlie Hebdo was attacked by masked men (so they are obviously islamist radicals, aren't they?). 12 deads including several famous cartoonists (Charb, Wolinski, Cabu).
      So France has now its own 9/11 (on the cheap of course). There are already several strange things appearing, like the car of the fleeing killers that has been found bumped into the windows of a Kosher bakery.
      There's also a picture in the papers of the car supposed to have been taken during the thing and an amateur video of the same scene showing the commando killing a cop, but the 2 are obviously in different streets.
      The zionist press is already in overdrive pointing fingers. The low-life Frédéric Haziza has of course tweeted that it's tha fault of Dieudonné and Soral. Something sensible would have completely out of character.
      We should also remember that NuttyYahoo had promised terrorist attacks if France didn't behave and they didn't behave lately with the recognition of the Palestinian State.
      Listen to the last 10 seconds of this video (also around the 1 minute mark)
      Sorry the french overdub masks the english original, I will try to find a better video (may be they used separate stereo channels for the dubbing).

    2. Merci Gallier and no I did not get a copy of your comment

      This is becoming more and more problematic at the blog, ESPECIALLY, when I post on the Kurds/Israel/Kurdistan/ISIS

      It's as if the blog disappears hits drop right off and again no comments

      apologies and thanks for the update, will check out the links!!!!

    3. "The low-life Frédéric Haziza has of course tweeted that it's tha fault of Dieudonné and Soral. Something sensible would have completely out of character."

      Interesting that you mention that because I was thinking just this morning- can they fit those two into this incident?
      Never let a good opportunity to score political points go to waste right?
      Thanks for confirming exactly that which I had suspected Gallier!!

  2. Update:
    Apparently, the attackers left their ID cards in their getaway car as well.

    Probably one of those lucky breaks . . . like when on Sept 11th 2001, the suspected plane hijackers' passports survived a fiery airliner crash (a crash that incinerated the black box, and the entire metal body of the airplane in the blink of an eye) and floated down gently to the ground, unharmed.

    It's tough to swallow even for the mildly gullible, but just like an enema, or an unfair taxation levied upon them . . . once you get past the initial pain of cognitive dissonance . . . you'll just accept it.

    I don't think it has anything to do with Russia, per se. It's just the red carpet for a pre-war warm-up. It's one of many such incidents in the past years that have been utterly suspicious if not unbelievable, and have then become politicised talking points to work up a good lather of revenge/hatefulness. You have to work up humans into a good hate-on before they can feel good about killing others, and a myriad of events such as this is pure psy-ops to get everyone "warmed up".

    Syria is about to get shit on, and I guess Yemen may need a new dictator to approve some mining rights or whatever is going on there for some US multinationals (can't remember what it was in Yemen, but something like that).

    1. Hey Slozo, yah just one of those lucky brakes ;)

      Pretty sure I have some posts on Yemen, here
      Think there is oil and possibly a strategic location?
      Hang on????

      Last time I posted on Yemen, there was this

      " The Houthis, a radical Shiite group, has just co-opted power with President Abed Mansour Hadi in neighboring Yemen"

      So it appears that Yemen has a power sharing government with the Houthis, who are Shiites. So we have that Sunni/Shiite divide at play

      Yemen, strategic locale!

      "Yemen, already a hotbed of insurgency, as well Somalia, its neighbor across the Red Sea, have effectively closed off trade in this region, making the Suez Canal ineffective as a transport route"

      from a 2010 post discussing chokepoints

      which reminds me of why suddenly Haiti and Cuba are back in the news!

      ,"You have to work up humans into a good hate-on before they can feel good about killing others, and a myriad of events such as this is pure psy-ops to get everyone "warmed up".

      The people can always be brought to war because they never stop to think for themselves-- sadly

  3. Hello Penny... calm cool and collected..professional killers with an agenda!

    1. Sure seems so. And meme bombing while they are at it!? Planting evidence along the way?
      Perfect planning and execution

  4. Some other strange things.
    - The guys were identified because they left their ID card in the car, really ? Atta's passport all over again.
    - In the video where the policeman is shot you can here this conversation:
    Terrist: "Tu as voulu me tuer?". (you wanted to kill me ?)
    Policeman: "Non, c'est bon chef". (No, it's ok boss) Boss? wtf?
    - The car has white mirrors in that video, but black ones on the other pictures. How is that possible?

    So, the story stinks.

    1. thanks Gallier
      car has white mirrors in video but black ones in pics?
      The story does stink.

  5. I have unmoderated this post, so, hopefully Gallier and anyone else won't have their comments go missing? Hopefully. That is just so annoying!

    1. My message disappeared probably because I had to logout "real name profile" and login "gallier2" profile after I had written it, and my wife was also nagging at the same time. So it's not excluded that I missed the captcha or made another error.

    2. Wife? Nagging? Gallier?
      That's just loving concern.. Let me ask my husband and see what he says about that ;)

      thanks so much for all the info Gallier, and let me know anything else that may arise- please and thanks in advance

      btw: this is going to be used to divide the populace- something France's government is all to happy to go along with

    3. wtf
      the number 2 cop in the investigation of the shooting committed suicide yesterday
      This stinks of course. People who are suicidal don't commit them when they are in intense work time. Generally they do it in quiet moments.

    4. Just a small other idea. The guy in the killing video is definitly not a devout muslim. He mentions the prophet (we have revenged the prophet) but forgets the mandatory eulology (peace be upon him). Listen to any muslim and he will always add it when mentioning any of the prophets (jesus, moses etc).

    5. Correction about the suicided cop. He was not in charge of the shooting investigation. His investigation was about the arson affair of Charlie Hebdo that happened in november 2011 when a Molotov cocktail was thrown in their office. The rumours at that time were that it was the LDJ behind that (it was imo the first try at inflaming the clash of civilisation, as the LDJ amateurs failed, the mothership sent the kidon team to finish the job).

    6. Interesting gallier, thanks

    7. And now for completely different.
      I found one of Dieudonné's show complete with english subtitles, which are not bad.
      Here the link of the first part

      If you have an hour to spend, you can follow his 2011 show Mahmoud. Enjoy.

    8. Thanks Gallier, much appreciated and the subtitles will make that much more enjoyable

  6. Gosh, it's just miraculous! Either these 'Muzzies' are leaving their Koran in a tittie bar, or the FBI finds a passport on top of a pile of rubble, after a huge explosion and fire that melted steel, but didn't burn paper or they leave an ID in a car after a well-planned and launched attack pulled off by pro's who 'accidentally' leave their ID in a car!

    Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting: Three prime suspects 'identified after one leaves ID card in abandoned getaway car'

    Then the 'killer' heard police were looking for him and turns himself in?

    WTF is that.

    Does not compute with the cold-blooded killers shown on the videos.

    As for the cop getting shot, I've got an AK47 that fires the 7.62x39 round and that mother kicks, yet no recoil in the video.
    And its got enough power to shoot thru a head and impact the sidewalk enough to make some concrete puff up and that was not seen.

    Until the privately owned Central Banks are busted up, this BS will go on and on.

    1. Hi Greg

      The Killer got the "word" and turned himself in?
      Agree on that WTF- why would he turn himself in after such a heinous crime, being such a 'cold blooded killer' and all

      Agree on the banks, completely- money power to the people out of the hands of private banking scum

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Mourad Hamyd, the third guy who turned himself in has a alibi and the police can only accept it. He was in school at the moment and his classmates made big buzz to tell it.
      The other 2 guys have been on TV in 2005 for reporting of Djihadist.
      They are obviously patsies and the real culprits (secret service, CIA, mossad, etc.) were sloppy in their selection (btw the first medium to report the names was i24 an Israeli news channel)

    4. An English article on the falsely accused patsy.

      He has plenty of witnesses to back him up so that as gallier says, the plotters were sloppy in their choice of victim.

      I wonder whether the accused brothers will be so fortunate.


    5. well I am wondering how the heck they could ID these men, with any certainty at all given they were wearing balaclavas?

      That's just stupid. And the third guy was in school and has a great alibi, so that makes sense why he just turned himself in- why not?

  7. Hi Penny,

    The Paris shootings created their own viral message "Je Suis Charlie" almost immediately following the attack. Apparently this was the message on the official Charlie Hebdo website when it came back online after the attack.

    Now when I first scrolled down the page of the website linked below, my English speaking brain initially read the message as Jesus Charlie. The lined up JC initials are another indicator that Jesus Christ was meant. Later I looked again and noted that you can also get Jesu IS Charlie out of this. The Latin for Jesus plus IS plus Charlie. Jesus (Christians) and IS (muslims) are both Charlies = fools.


    1. Hey Anthony

      I went and looked for the images and you are right- Holy Archetype ?!
      I am putting an image into the post so that others can see you are spot on
      Jesus- Jesus was killed, OMG!
      Which explains why this meme was chosen, and the posters were immediately printed up

    2. Hey all, I actually went with an entirely new post, check it out!
      Thanks anthony and yes the mind control is definitely there!

  8. Oh Penny - you are saying what very few have ( I count myself as one of the very few). This is a GLADIO type operation! France is being punished for Hollande's Moscow diplomacy. NSA apparently can't hear what Hollande has to say when he's in Moscow, and Uncle scam really hates being cold-shouldered by his underlings, especially when flirting with Uncle's nemesis!
    Keep hammering your point. It's the only stable plank when factoring in all of the recent geo-political goings on.


      This guy has picked up on the France/Russian connectivity and a bit more
      Including the US attempting to keep the EU in the NATO fold by hook or crook

      Spinworthy; I hammer away. I think. I question. I have been attacked, derided, ridiculed, threatened and still I am here
      brave or crazy? neither, just sick of lies and liars

      btw- MOA- that was some of the worst commentary and analysis I have ever laid eyes on- it was shocking, truly, I couldn't believe it

    2. Penny, thanks for the tip on the Joseph Farrell vid.
      I'm not familiar w/ his work. I'd be curious to hear any of your take on it.

    3. thanks for the tip Penny, I checked out the link, not familiar w/ Joseph Farrell - recommended?

    4. Joseph Farrell is a very interesting fellow- And has written some extremely interesting books- But of unusual subject matter. non mainstream
      Would I recommend him? Yes. I find him interesting.

      But, perhaps someone else will not? I don't know?
      So, I would say my suggestion would be check out some of his work on line- his site- his videos and then go from there if you want to get into any of his books, go for it. btw they aren't easy reading

  9. Israeli media reported a few days ago that Israeli Foreign Minister Liberman and Mossad agents met mysterious Arabs in Paris on December 25th.

    No wonder the Israeli Government were quick to deny the story.

    "There has been a series of confusing reports and counter-reports according to which a senior Israeli minister – apparently Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman – met on December 25 with an Arab personage in Paris. Liberman is denying the reports and there are conflicting versions regarding the identity of the person he met. Initial reports named the person he met as Mohammed Dahlan, a Fatah terrorist leader and the chief rival of Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas, but these are now being denied.

    The report that the meeting was an unauthorized one are also being denied.

    According to Maariv Online, Liberman met an unnamed Arab personage – not Dahlan – at the prestigious Raphael Hotel in Paris on Christmas day. Officials from Mossad were also present at the meeting. The trip was authorized by the government but all the people who were aware of it signed confidentiality vows."


  10. ISIS and alqaeda in Yemen : 2 targets for the regime

  11. Also, month ago the French nuke plants were buzzed by anon drones (in view of recent reports out of Ukraine and Leningrad)

    The reports about the suspects being of Algerian background and former criminals mimic the developments around Toulouose and the last days of the Sarkozy campaign

    And this bizarre headline.."Former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman said that the US government's cover-up of Saudi Arabia's role in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks are associated with the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. "

    German Foreign minister weeks ago warned that pushing Russia into a corner was not advisable for Continental Europe (as US says today moving F35 to CONEUROPE from the UK to compliment the recent tank deployments)

    And Former Czech President back in the news today:
    Attempts to weaken Russia fraught with unforgivable risk - former Czech president. “I do not understand why some people are so blind regarding the root causes of the Ukrainian crisis,” Klaus told the Polish news agency in an interview. “I do not understand America, and part of Western Europe and Poland, who wish to see a weak Russia and its return ten years back. This is a major, unforgivable risk.”

    Czech, like Hungary, witnessing its own protest movements. Renzi in the Key Italian lilypad is also running into problems with labor protests (Italy Renzi also called for an end to Russia sanctions and not just becasue of South Stream). The Italian President who helped Italy "avert crisis" just announced he is stepping down. Italy Finmeccanica just did another JV with Russia on defense (being a partner in the Superjet 100 which mysteriously also crashed in Indonesia)

    From Wiki: In November 2011, when Berlusconi resigned as Prime Minister amid financial and economic problems, Napolitano in keeping with his constitutional role, asked former EU commissioner Mario Monti to form a a cabinet of unelected professionals, which became widely referred to as a "government of the president"

    Rosneft, Rostec and Finmeccanica Agreed on Production of AW189 Helicopters in Russia

    Italian President to Resign, Posing Challenge for Renzi

    All this leading up to the critical ECB money printing judgement day Jan 22. Goldman has just pulled forward their estimate for the printing regime.

    As an aside Sweden Foreign minister just canceled Israel trip which begs the question who was behind that leak about Russian chatter per the alleged sub incursion?


  13. June 2011

    Oct 2011 FT lampoons Berlusconi on Putin Bday visit
    Berlusconi seeks comfort at Putin’s party

    Berlusconi resigns in Nov 2011

    Also Nov 2011
    Putin defends Kremlin comeback, praises Berlusconi

    then in 2013
    Putin meets pope and Berlusconi in Italy

    Which comes full circle to the recent Lavrov speech about the post christian West and a conference on christianphobia

  14. Thanks, thanks and thanks so much
    Anonymous, I hope all the other readers take a look at some of the info posted
    brian, anthony et al
    I am out of response time and have more information I want to get up before it get's much later
    thanks for everything- you guys are great :)

  15. Sarkozy/Toulouose analog

    Yemen analog
    2010 Fedex Cargo plot also attributed to AQAP and said to target Israeli interests in the Midwest.