Monday, January 12, 2015

Paris' white widow' crosses into Syria? Hayat Boumeddiene

Hayat Boumeddiene, the so called ‘white widow’ crosses into Syria ?
I spent a pile of time reading up on this Hayat person &  the story of her entering Syria...
My conclusion? Not a bit of this narrative is credible. Not one little bit of it!

Let's start with the images being provided to us by the war mongering media? 

Look below at the alleged image of Hayat?

I cannot tell what this woman in the pic really looks like! The image is just terrible!
If this is actually Hayat? Who ever Hayat may be? Is the man at her side, the same man involved in the Paris incident?  I can't tell. It’s simply impossible. The pictures are the worst images imaginable!  Why?

Look at image # 2, below, making the rounds via the war mongering, perception managing media-

Yes, this is supposed to be Hayat! Can you identify the individual behind this get up as Hayat? Can you even identify the burka wearing individual as a woman? I can't! 
Could this be a man? Hell Ya! And that my friends is exactly as it is supposed to be!  
We are simply supposed to believe what we are told. And that's it!
 Forget that nonsense! Don't believe this garbage.

Conclusion?  The images of Hayat,  let me correct myself, the images being presented as representing Hayat don't represent any one identifiable person! 

If this French citizen, allegedly named Hayat, traveled as we are being told, one would assume she should have a passport and other photo ID that enabled her to get that passport.
So, why are we not getting an image from that passport and the additional forms of ID this alleged French citizen should have? Wouldn't those images and the accompanying documents be much more useful in being able to accurately identify this woman?
The obvious answer to those questions is YES, of course!  But, since, we aren’t supposed to be able to identify this woman accurately.   We don't have to be presented with any clear imagery  or ID.  Therefore, we are being mislead..

Perception management imagery tossed to the side- Let's check out the so called intelligence that allegedly places Hayat in Syria?

Intel sans images inc timelines etc.,
Mevlut Cavusoglu told the Anadolu state-run news agency that Hayat Boumeddiene flew to Turkey from Madrid on Jan. 2, then crossed into Syria on Thursday after a stay at an Istanbul hotel, according to NBC News.

French authorities named Boumeddiene along with Amedy Coulibaly, identified as her boyfriend, as suspects in the fatal shooting of a female police officer Thursday in a Paris suburb.

It had been unclear whether Boumeddiene was present Friday when Coulibaly stormed the kosher market and was later killed in a police raid. A police union spokesman told CNN at the time that Boumeddiene was seen escaping from the shop as some hostages fled.

But Cavosoglu's intelligence, which he told the state news agency came from phone recordings, suggests Boumeddiene was not in France when the Paris terror attacks took place.

Cavosoglu's intelligence came from phone recordings

Timeline of Hayat's movements
  •     January 2: Boumeddiene uses passport at Madrid airport to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. According to reports, she was accompanied by Mehdi Sabri Belhoucine, a 23-year-old Frenchman who is on the intelligence services' watch list
  •     January 2: Turkish intelligence follow the pair from Sabiha Gokcen airport to a hotel in tourist-friendly Kadikoy, on the Asian side of the city, where Boumeddiene buys a mobile phone and a SIM card
  •     January 2-4: The pair wander around Istanbul posing as tourists
  •     January 4: They take a domestic flight to Sanliurfa, a city near the Syrian border in southeast Turkey, where Isis is known to have an active presence
  •     January 8: Boumeddiene crosses into Syria on Thursday, the same day her partner Amedy Coulibaly shoots dead a policewoman and uses Boumeddiene's car in the attack. Before entering Syria she makes the last of 18 calls from inside Turkey to France.
  •     January 10: The last recorded call from her Turkish phone comes from Tel Abyad, an Isis-controlled town next to the Akcakale crossing on Saturday - the day after Coulibaly was killed by police in the Paris supermarket he took hostage

The phone call places Hayat in Syria! - Note the language on the timeline concerning the call from her phone- That’s right the call from ‘her phone’. That does not tell us she made the call!
This intelligence tells us that a call came from a phone, that is alleged to have been purchased by this woman. This does not tell us that Hayat was the caller! Or that Hayat was actually present in Syria when this call was made!

“ Cavosoglu's intelligence, which he told the state news agency came from phone recordings” His intelligence comes from these recordings and that doesn’t mean a thing!

Wanna make fake phone calls? There is an app for that

There is likely more then one app for that, but, I have linked one below for your perusal
Fake call
Description- Fake call is a fantastic app which allow you to trick your friends and your family in many ways :
  •  Want to get out of awkward situations ?
  • - Want to trick your friends ?
  • - Want to get a serious alibi for a specific moment 
  • ☆ Features :
  • Choose your call screen
  • - Choose the type of contact/message ( Incoming, outgoing, missed )
  • - Choose your contact or use the unknown contact ( name, phone number, image )
  • - Add your own conversations ( record a conversation and it will be played during the call )
  • - Choose the right moment ( specific time in future, specific date in future, manual activation )
  • - Choose the type of activation ( Proximity sensor, turn the phone, shake the phone
  • - Choose your ringtone
  • - Insert the call in the call history
  • - Insert the message in the inbox (prior to Android 4.4)
  • - Help screen
Etc, etc, etc.... Give yourself an alibi for a specific moment. Insert the call into call history. Intelligence from a cellphone call? Isn't worth a thing! Nothing! I laugh at this garbage. And so should you! If I was a bettin’ person? - This woman, if she exists at all, is an intelligence asset. If I had to choose a state? I would go with Israel. Israel has much to gain from scaring the Jewish population in France. 


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  2. If I had to choose a state? I would go with Israel

    Do bears crap in the woods?

    The implication of Israel in this "Reichstag fire" is so obvious and in your face that I'm completely flabergasted at how stupid my accointances are and extremely pessimistic for the near future.
    If anybody needed to see on which behalf the thing was done, look only to this video
    Here you can see how France's state apparatus shows its sub-serviance to Bibi Nuttyahoo.

    Other points:
    - the name of the Charlie killers were published first by jSS news and i24 (Israel 24 info channel) long before anyone else. jssnews is that dreck site that was implicated in the whole Dieudo affaire and other shit. the Sellem guy is obviously linked with mossad.
    - the killers changed car by stopping in front of a kosher bakery. The strange hostage taking in the kosher deli, to really rub it in that it's all about jews.
    - Charlie had been hijacked by the zionist establishement during Philippe Val's regency.

    1. Of course, I didn't mean you with stupid. My formulation is a bit ambiguous. I meant the people in meat-space (and also on Facebook) I have to deal with.

    2. plus, I noticed that France was putting out like 10,000 troops/security forces and half were going to protect Jewish sites in France

      'France ordered 10,000 troops into the streets Monday to protect sensitive sites — half of them to guard Jewish schools"

      Why Jewish schools, other then to ramp up the fear in the perpetual victims?

      Reinforcing so many implanted memes
      I saw Netanyahu welcomes french jews to Israel- he needs them to steal land

      "Benjamin Netanyahu urged the Jewish population of Europe to emigrate but his remarks were met with hostility from Jewish rights groups"

      which annoyed someone

      read this

      "Margolin added: "Every such Israeli campaign severely weakens and damages the Jewish communities that have the right to live securely wherever they are."

      every such Israeli campaign weakens and damages the Jewish communities......

      Cui bono? Israel

      I didn't think you were referencing me with that comment :)

  3. Hi Penny:

    Yes, as I said right off on my blog....this is a very transparent false flag by the usual suspects. Lasha Darkmoon has a contact:

    I believe this was yet another "Drill" not only of the main$tream media...but of the international see whether or not they were on message. Those who didn't show up for the big demonstration, or send a suitable rep....would be targeted next by the Zionists.

    Re Netanyahu being in France....cowinkadinykaly, he was in New York too at the time of the 9/11 attacks...if memory serves.


    1. One aim of the attacks appears to be hastening the exodus of French Jews to Israel.

      The question is why?

      Because more mayhem is planned for France?

      Or to fufil prophecy and gather more Jews in Israel for an apocalyptic confrontation with islam a la Albert Pike?

      The Charlie Hebdo cartoons reminded me of the following "We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil."


    2. Anthony- where is that saying or quotation from?

      As to why more Jews to Israel, more land grabbing comes to my mind
      And Kurdistan, too. - which may not be for the Kurds? The Kurds may learn to love their servitude via Israeli dominance.

    3. gc:

      thanks. I still think Hollande wanting to break sanctions was one of the reasons- but for sure there are always multiple reasons for any one attack
      So jews to Israel? Benefits Israel
      Attack on France get's france back in line- wrt Russian sanctions dropping
      Hollande ain't going to say a word about that again

    4. I googled Anthonys quote. It's Albert Pike's prophecy for WWIII

    5. thanks gallier2- my back is killing me today, so I am trying to keep the time down, I am sitting at the computer
      (grumpy day)

    6. Hi Penny,

      Here is the full quote. It was the atheist / nihilist part that occured to me today, but of course the main course of a war between the Arab world and political Zionism (The Israeli led west) is right on course, although Jerusalem has to survive somehow. I could imagine the Israeli leadership calling Jews to Israel and then heading off to South America when the real action starts.

      The luciferian end game reference in the quote fits in with what I believe was a luciferian / satanic anti-Christian false flag in Paris. I believe the time and the place are chosen well ahead of time so that only the ingredients need to be prepared and the fitting numerology provided. Therefore, any supposed dissent between France and Israel would have been theatre necessary to make the event plausible. Just as the flooding of France with millions of muslims in the past decades was another necessary ingredient.

      "The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."


    7. Ah, yes to Patagonia...
      Believe it or not Anthony, I covered that one some years back
      Man I have blogged tooo long!

    8. Patagonia it never was, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk Chabad and Kolomoyski. It is all about the new Khazar empire, the defeat of the Rus and Persia. Most of the current Sunni Islam are subservient to the Talmudist, so are most of the Christians, except for the Shia's and Rus Orthodox. Some interesting facts coming out from Hezboallah and their arrest of a senior spy within their ranks. Let's wait and see, march 20 round the corner.

  4. Having lived battling slave drivers, usurers, kidnappers, liars, and the ignorant wretches they feed off, I whole heartedly endorse the practice of studying ones adversaries and I mean to the death. The human mind is now the subject of expanded alchemical manipulation as we slip further down the rings of Hell. Some agents of chaos have reason to believe they can escape and by not being investigated for their previous crimes have grown impudent. Geometry and rigorous mathematics is a strong bromide to understanding what is going down and should you be young, they will try to buy you and you should pretend to be bought. This moves you up the tree of life.

  5. To avoid this comment going unnoticed, I've posted it again.

    The bravado and chutzpah of Israel is so crass that they are unafraid to broadcast to the whole world that France is their bitch, and so are the rest of the western nations. Netanyahus prominence in the Paris march underlined this. I wondered also if the token African leader in the front line of the march was a racist dig at Obama who should have been leading the western nations.

    "Apparently the hebrew for Israel is an anagram of the hebrew for Charlie.

    A group of people holding up hebrew signs (anagrams) Israel is Charlie.

    The anagram of the day: Israel is Charlie.

    Israel in hebrew:

    Another side by side comparison:

    If Charlie is Israel, then Charlie Hebdo is Israel Hebrews Do."


    1. I did see both your and gallier's comment regarding the anagram
      but, glad you reposted it here because Ziad at Syper linked this piece so it will get an even bigger read then usual

    2. Hi Penny,

      Just to clarify. My comment refers to hebrew anagrams. I think Galliers was a reference to an English anagram.

      It seems that the perfect fit of the hebrew Charlie to Israel anagram was the reason why the English Charlie to Ichrael anagram is not.


    3. No it was the Hebrew anagram that was shown in the link. What I added were approximate transcripts in english showing how the anagram works. I'm not a Hebrew specialist but I know that vowels are not written inside words, I also know that s and sh (aswell as v/b f/p) are allophones i.e. that they are not linguistically distinctive even even they sound different.
      So Charlie => CH+R+L+I
      Israel => I+CH+R+L

    4. Here is gallier's info- so everyone can check it out too

      gallier2January 11, 2015 at 10:22 PM

      There is even a better double meaning, uncanny coincidence. It's even one of the ultra-zionist (jssnews, the one that broke also the names of the 3 shooters first) sites that published it: check out
      If that is not a wtf? moment, I don't know what is.
      I am Charlie and I am an Israeli are anagrams

    5. Thank you Gallier, Penny.

      I assume that the hebrew anagram of Israel to Charlie was thought up a long time in advance of the recent events.


  6. btw; am i the only one who thinks the widow to Syria story is nonsense?
    A lie. Bullshit. You know, stuff like that? ;)

    1. It is, as all the stories about the designated patsies are bullshitt. aangirfan has assembled some background info of the 2 brothers, who btw lived in the Limoges region where that investigating cop suiceded. We should not forget that when jssnews and i24 broke the names, there were 3 guys implicated. The third guy had a bullet proof (pun intended) alibi. This means 1 name of the "list" was bullshit. Nothing came out to ascertain that the 2 other names wern't bullshit either. But once such a name is out in the media, there's no coming back.
      Anyhow, the designated patsies (who all have the same kind of strange connections as Mohamed Merah (Toulouse) and Nemmouche (Brussels gunning of Mossad agents).
      The patsy designation follow the same modus operandi as the one used in 9/11. Booze drinkking, womanizing, porc eating devout Muslims.

  7. Sorry, it's really sloppily written. I have apparently really lost some skill in english writing.
    I would like to wish a good recovery for your back. Bye, I have to go to bed now, it's 11pm now here.

    1. hey gallier2- you have been doing double time on this topic anyway
      and I really don't want you to get to stressed out and suffer any health repercussions- I get your english just fine and if anyone else wants clarification they will ask- everyone here is quite civil, thankfully!

      just andfyi for newer readers - gallier has been a friend of the blog since I began here in 08- so a long time

  8. This is from September 2014.

    The statistics show France has now overtaken the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe as the world's main source of Jewish emigration, and highlight growing insecurity among France's 500,000-strong Jewish population – the biggest in Europe – after a wave of anti-Semitic attacks since June.

    1. after a wave of anti-Semitic attacks

      "one as phony as the next", should be appended to that proclamation. The jewish rags and so called representatives (CRIF, LICRA etc) were, of course, the ones instilling this psychosis.

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  10. FYI
    According to #CharlieHebdo Journalist, one of the attackers had BLUE EYES:

    1. No, he had not. This comes from the deliriums of that evil dyke Caroline Fourest (conspiracy chaser, LGBT activist and full time liar). She had the same narrative during the Toulouse shooting with Merah. That video was up within hours of the shooting, the patsies weren't even killed yet.
      It's easy with her in fact, when the lips move you're sure that she's lying.
      Here is the refutation of a real witness Sigolène Vinson, who works at Charlie Hebdo and was present during the shooting.
      In that (mainstream) article, she says that the things that have been repeated in the mainstream media are wrong.
      Following claims of Fourest, who had interviewed her, are untrue:
      the killer didn't ask her to convert, he didn't ask her to recite the Quran, he didn't say she should wear the veil and the witness never mentioned the colour of the eyes. These are fabrications of Fourest.

    2. En passant par la Lorraine,

      La garce Fourest n'est pas "alone". There are a lot of fabrications. The main one: Coulibaly said that he intended to kill Jews because of what they did to Palestine.
      A quick overview (almost outdated):

      What Amedy Coulibaly said and when?

      “During a conversation with local French media during the hostage crisis, Coulibaly claimed to choose the supermarket because it was Jewish and said he was part of ISIS, according to CNN” .
      @ – By JPOST.COM STAFF, REUTERS \ 01/09/2015 22:26

      “Amedy Coulibaly, the hostage taker who killed four people and wounded four others in a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris on Friday, called BFM-TV before he died to claim allegiance to Islamic State, saying he wanted to defend Palestinians and target Jews”.
      @ – REUTERS, JPOST.COM STAFF \ 01/10/2015 01:48

      “At one point, Coulibaly – who killed four Jewish hostages and was later shot and killed by police – quoted Osama Bin Laden: “Like he said: You will never taste peace. We are the ones who will make peace in Palestine.”
      @ – Sunday, January 11, 2015 Tevet 20, 5775

      The Australian TV transmitted images from the stand-off at the kosher joint and the words of Coulibaly. Not a word about Palestine! Nor in the purported video!

    3. Thanks Gallier and Wiz Oz for clarifying some of the baloney surrounding this incident- :)

  11. Very interesting read Penny...concerns tjhe sudden death of the French Police Commissioner :

    An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was “suicided” within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders.

    Kind regards, Dutchie

    1. Mean Mister MustardJanuary 13, 2015 at 1:58 PM

      Sorcha Faal garbage!

      Sadly 4thmedia cannot be trusted, they are just another player in the game.

  12. Moderation is off again, so keep on chatting everyone and I will be back later today
    One of those days!

  13. I have seen a clear portret of this Hayat some article was posted her picture along with this one that u posted.

    1. would the image match the two images posted?

  14. Hi Penny,

    My quick-silvery, non-stop chatting of a grand-daughter allowed me some moments of respite, when I was able to concentrate on the tragicomedy that took place in Paris. I pass over the shamelessly lying reports (from Israeli and American media) that Coulibaly ever said that he killed Jewwws because of what they did to Palestine.

    Because I am quicksilver minded myself (still!) I could not fail to notice that (besides the all to be expected speedy maximal demotion of the "culprits" that left indication of their identity all over the place - along with an arsenal able to bring down the République) the corpses of the alleged victims of the kosher market have been spirited away, without any coronial inquiry (in other words illegally) like the alleged corpses of the alleged bombing, blamed on Hezbollah, on the bus carrying Israeli tourists in Burgas (2012).

    Déjà vu? Of course, but "Je vous parle d'un temps
    Que les moins de vingt ans ne peuvent pas connaitre" (Aznavour, La Bohème).
    More precisely of the case of the Prague "Velvet Revolution". And even more precisely of the case of the fake identity Martin Šmíd ("Martin Šmíd was a fictitious Czechoslovak university student, who was supposedly killed in the police attack on the November 17, 1989 student demonstration in Prague that launched Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution. The rumour of Šmíd's death was spread by Drahomíra Dražská, a porter at a student dormitory in the city's Troja district. The dissident Charter 77 activist Petr Uhl believed her story and passed it along to Radio Free Europe, the BBC and Voice of America, who broadcast it. The news of a student's death shocked many, and the rumour is thought to have contributed to the fall of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia" - Wikipedia).

    What the same Wikipedia reluctantly conveyed to us is that: "According to journalist Victor Sebestyen, the StB "faked the 'death' of Martin Šmíd in order to create a groundswell of popular anger that would remove General Secretary Jakeš and other hardliners, and replace them with Gorbachev-type reformers. To this end, Ludvík Zifčák, a junior StB agent, had infiltrated the student movement and took part in the November 17 demonstrations at Wenceslas Square. When violence erupted there, he lay low, fell to the ground and played dead. Dražská, another agent, then passed on the story to Uhl that "Šmíd" had been killed".

    If it sounds familiar, it is because IT IS the same modus operandi! In December 1989, when the first probably "colored - red - Revolution" occurred on TV, (actually the anti-Ceausescu coup d'etat) there were reports on Radio Free Europe that heavy machine-gun fire were mopping down people on a location that happen to be close to my former house, where my mother was (and Thanks God is) still living. I grabbed immediately the phone and rang her. With an ear to Radio FE, with the other to the phone. RF: "they shoot from there and there, panic, etc". Mom (looking through the window): "Ah, there are the Municipality water sprinklers which clean the streets from yesterday's mess". Me (alarmed): "What about the shooting?". Mom: "What shooting?".
    I spare you the rest.

    And I don't think that the possible fake identity of Hayat Boumedienne is just coincidentally linked to the name of Houari Boumedienne, one of the outstanding Algerian commanders in the Algerian War, later President of Algeria. All "perception management" (subliminal).

    1. As I was reading your commentary I thought of the "mascot" and there is always one- Yes, it's a crappy term to use- but what is a mascot but a fictional character created to rally the audience or spectators, if I may?
      I have pointed out the use of mascots in many of the Arab springs-

      As for the fake white widow- I suspected wholeheartedly the name is baloney- don't know why but, just did and now I know why!

      Thanks WizOz and I am glad the little grand daughter talked your ear off :)
      Kids are adorable and I hope to have a grand child one day too- I hope!