Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Private Central Banks Working Together to assist US Federal Reserve

 Gazing into my crystal ball................

As you read this article below it should be quite clear that the ECB stimulus, Canada’s Central Bank rate cut and the Swiss decoupling from the Euro were ALL moves undertaken to enable the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates down and the US dollar high! 

Swiss shocker!? Swiss National Bank moves to Ditch Euro Cap- Sending Shockwaves?
Swiss Business Leaders & Politicos at White House PROMISING US Job Creation??!

In plain words, through the cooperative/conniving acts of global central banksters, working together, the US will not have to raise interest rates. And the stock market should get a nice boost too!

* The ECB massively increased stimulus, pushing the EURO down against the US dollar
+ The Swiss decoupling increased the US dollar
+ Canada’s interest rate cut, caused the Canadian dollar to decrease against the US dollar
+ Standard and Poors downgrades Ruble to junk (ht Anthony for reminding me of that!)
= The Fed will not raise interest rates, because there is simply no need to do so, thanks to the Swiss, Canadian & Europeans central banks working together along with the S&P Credit Ratings- Ruble downgrade

Of course, I could be mistaken, but as of today, right now, based on the info at hand. Global collusion to prop up the US dollar is exactly as I see it!

Highlighting the interesting bits

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve could be key for Wall Street next week as investors get to hear from the U.S. central bank for the first time since a series of moves by its global peers, including the European Central Bank's massive stimulus plan.

Thursday's larger-than-expected stimulus package from the ECB lifted U.S. stocks, helping indexes post gains for the week after three straight weeks of losses.

But the increased stimulus measures from the ECB and elsewhere globally, including the Bank of Canada, may make it tougher for the Fed to move ahead with its own plan to start raising interest rates by mid-year, lest U.S. economic policy move out of sync with the rest of the world.

"Global central policy is not one of their mandates, but I think they have to acknowledge it, because this is not just global economic headwinds, this is actually the moves of other central banks. They've got to take that into account," said Erik Davidson, chief investment officer for Well Fargo Private Bank in San Francisco.
Should the United States raise rates when other major developed economies are being more expansive, that could boost the dollar, putting further pressure on commodity prices - which because they are denominated in dollars become more expensive for non-U.S. investors - and adding to the threat of deflation.
The only way the US will raise is if they are attempting to increase commodity prices, which I just don't see at this time- So I am still sticking with my prognostication- no interest rate increase in the US.
The Fed is expected to reiterate that those global risks have not yet put the U.S. recovery or the Fed's rate plans off track when it issues its policy statement at the close of its two-day meeting on Wednesday.
The timing of the Fed's eventual rate move has been a top concern for investors. Stocks rallied when the Fed said after its December meeting that it would take a patient approach toward raising interest rates and gave an upbeat assessment of the U.S. economy.

The sharp decline in oil prices that began last June and worries about deflation could keep the Fed on hold for longer, analysts said.

"It bodes well for the Fed to be patient," said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Rockwell Global Capital in New York. "There's no inflation here; the problem is deflation. If oil prices were to go lower, that could create more of a problem."

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  1. Hi Penny,

    There was also the downgrading of the Russian economy which would fit neatly in your theory.

    "Russia’s foreign-currency credit rating was cut to junk by Standard & Poor’s, putting it below investment grade for the first time in a decade as policy makers struggle to keep economic growth alive amid sanctions and falling oil prices."


    1. Thanks Anthony! :))

      Indeed it would and how could I have forgotten that!
      Mass manipulation to prop up the US oil/war/terror/bankster dollar

  2. Hi Penny.
    Related to the above where the imf and other eu banks want eukrain like the new spelling:-) ) is the attached link. For a long time I have mentioned that Ukraine alnd is the prize for getting round the EU difficulty on GMO and GMF into the EU and ultimatly Russia, providing they win the war against Russia ... doubtful to extremely unlikely.
    Anyway here is the article substantiating my point.

    As always Cheers

    1. Hi KamNam
      eukrain- good one :)
      I like it

      "For a long time I have mentioned that Ukraine alnd is the prize for getting round the EU difficulty on GMO and GMF into the EU and ultimatly Russia, providing they win the war against Russia ... doubtful to extremely unlikely"

      thanks for the link, going to read it later
      But, that point, is not lost on me, somewhere here I have a post or two touching on that subject.
      Cheers back atcha KamNam!