Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ukrainian Woman Takes down War & Draft with Honesty, Heart and Love

H/T Anthony- These two women are awesome. Courage; Anger channeled for all the right reasons. They speak for humanity, not just for Ukraines- These women speak for all of humanity when saying things like: Paraphrasing- The state takes away our human rights!- because they do!
Why should we go and kill them because they want to live on their own land
We won't listen anymore. Our husbands are not going to fight
Our children are not going to fight
All of us together we will be strong- Quit ruining our families. Our human lives. That's enough.
Those words spoke to me- loudly and clearly

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  1. thanks anthony, that was great!

    1. It truly was, Penny. Heartwarming. Soul uplifting. Inspirational.

      I felt just the same way that she was speaking for all of the decent people in the world.

      I loved her emphasis on building, on creating, on nurturing. Her courageous and concise condemnation of the gangsters in Kiev and beyond.

      "Russia is our friend and neighbour. We grow tomatoes. Should we sell them to America?" Or words to that effect. Magnificent.

      Thank you Penny for giving this woman a platform that reflects the spirit of her speech.


    2. Hey Anthony- my eyes welled up with tears just listening to her

      She really strikes at the root of the problem- She is speaking for all decent people, absolutely! She is speaking of this anti-human agenda that has taken hold amongst the elites where they use us and toss us aside and far too many of us accept that abuse, but, not her!

      I noticed too, where she said we work the land or till the soil- we build and they destroy and I completely loved her shot at the scummy banksters when she said you build banks- Big Smile
      Awesome -

  2. Not a shot fired in Crimea, and no insurgency. The Dnieper does form a perfect boundary methinks.

  3. Agree with this woman. 100 per cent.

    Wish her well. And hope the authorities take heed.

  4. And what topped it of was the "Recruiter" who started. All he could do was stand in silence. How could anyone rebuttal her integrated heart and mind?

  5. If that were the phony baloney land of the free America she would have been beaten, arrested and sitting in jail right now.

  6. But if Zionists want this war, that makes her an "anti-Semite!!"

  7. If only North Americans weren't so brainwashed...then we could speak like she speaks!

  8. Telling it like it is : unlike the MSM , wher u pay to be told lies

  9. Transcript / Subtitles

    [Soulless Automated Robot (Soldier)] - At the moment, the soldiers of the Ukraine Armed Forces, are carrying out their duties in East Ukraine in the service of the integrity of our Ukrainian lands and our state

    [sarcastic shout] - "Yeah, right!"

    [Soulless Robot] - We want Ukraine to be one whole, from East to West, we have one Ukrainian nation But... In March... Illegally... The Autonomous Republic of Crimea was taken from us by force! For some reason, it is now part of the Russian Federation!

    [Crowd Shouting]: "Why didn't you do anything back then?" , "This is bullsh*t!"

    [Living Soul (Pure Emotional Energy) - Brave Woman] - You are saying Crimea was taken by force? It left without a single shot fired! It's Russian land and they took it back! Donetsk and Lugansk did not want to obey your junta which usurped power illegally!

    Now it turns out we're all "separatists", "criminals" and we have to go fight Donetsk?! You're the illegitimate junta! You're the separatists!

    We talk Russian, Donetsk talks Russian! You had no right to take our language from us! We don't make you talk in Russian!

    [Soulless Robot] - "What do you mean us?" -

    [Living Soul] - "You, Poroshenko and all!". You started it when you talked about banning Russian language, killing Muscovites, killing separatists!

    If we support Russian people then we are bad, then we are traitors! What right do you have to take our rights from us!? You call us separatists, and then you tell us we have to go kill people in Donetsk and Lugansk?!

    Because they want to live in their own land? If they want to - let them! Why should our men go and kill them?!

    [Soulless Robot] - [inaudible]

    [Living Soul] - That's what you keep saying! That we have to go kill them! Your Ukrainian junta - Poroshenko, Yatsenuk - keep spouting that drivel, we're sick of it!

    We won't listen to it anymore! Our children aren't going anywhere, our husbands aren't going anywhere! They have all served already! They don't own you anything! We won't believe you anymore, you speak nothing but lies!

    [Another Brave Woman] - "I can speak for the whole district, no one in the district will go to war, any volunteers that wanted have already gone."

    [Living Soul] - And we will stay here at home! We want to build Ukraine, quit destroying it, quit bringing it to its knees, Poroshenko should go to Minsk peace talks! Then there will be peace!

    Who needs this war? You need it? You go fight, we don't need it!

    We want to raise children and grandchildren and build Ukraine! We want to work here! Why did you come to take all our men?

    [Crowd] - "They won't bring [our men] back"

    [Living Soul] - You say there are enemies there? You go fight them, we have no enemies there! There are our people there, best friends and family!

    Why do you conscript people? If someone wants to volunteer - let them go fight, I don't know for what cause.

    We're tired of listening to poison on TV! How much longer should we endure those propaganda lies? Do you think we're all idiots here?!

    You think people are sheep, you can lie to us and scare us and we'll do what we're told? No! We're tired of it! We will also defend ourselves!

    [Crowd] - "Well said!"

    1. [Living Soul] - All of us together, then we'll be strong! Quit ruining our families, our human lives! That's enough!

      Look at Donetsk, what's going on there - poor people are hiding in cellars, hungry. And Russia sends them humanitarian aid! Did Kiev send them any food?! Did it send them anything at all?!

      They're sitting there without electricity, heating, food - why are they suffering? What for?! They lived there their whole lives, built the place! Have you built anything at all there, in the 23 years of "independence"?!

      You can only destroy! Show us something you've built! [You build] only banks!

      I build, I don't destroy anything, only build! We work, till the soil, grow crops!

      And you from [Kiev government] are always trying to cheat us and take our money! What right do you have to take our money for this war? We're against the war!

      [Crowd] - "Well said!"

      [Living Soul] - You have completely taken all our rights, we have no right to speak! And we are against [joining] EU, against NATO!

      We want to live as one nation! We want to be friends with Russia! And we were always friends with Russia!

      We grow tomatoes here - you think we gonna sell them to America?! We want to live [as neighbors] with Russia like we always did - in peace in friendship!

  10. thanks to all for the comments, thanks for the transcript
    thanks to all who shared this video, everywhere!

    I truly do believe we should all speak from our hearts, with the well being of our loved one in mind, always- she did just that and she did it beautifully