Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Competing Ideologies? Steve Paiken on the Agenda

 Personally, I detest this program.  The pretentious Paiken, always nauseating. But, considering the guests.... I am trying to listen. But right off the hop, the title of the show? "Competing"? Why?
And Francis Fukuyama? Admittedly, I'm not a fan. Loads of deceptive language and word manipulation on the part of Paiken, as usual. Still listening. Share some thoughts


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    1. At about 39 minutes FF starts discussing the change in human culture necessary to serve the market economy

      I don't like that, myself, because I firmly believe humans are here to have a human experience within the environmental context of the planet we live on

      I actually don't believe human nature is universal - like some giant monoculture farm- I believe, like every other living thing on this planet there is diversity and their has to be diversity.

      FF says at one time Western society less individualist
      Individualism evolved out of the necessity of running a modern capitalist society
      A market economy requires people to be mobile and to not be tied by kinship etc

      Hmmmmm..... so humans serve the market economy unfettered by ties to kin, families etc-

      Where does that leave the human species when the market economy no longer requires our services

      Makes me think of something I read not to long ago...

      Paiken is very baiting and manipulative- Listening again to him,reinforces exactly why I don't like him or his show

    2. I had to grab my barf bag again when FF started yapping along this line..

      1 hr10 min
      Ukraine- the issue in ukraine and russia- the issue is corruption
      the entire ukrainian elite was a kleptocracy (under Yanukovych) as is the entire russian government...
      a regime in place to extract resources for private benefit as does Russia
      Maidan- don't want to live in that country that is corrupt want to associate with EU
      and then he goes on about a values clash

      what in the hell does FF think is going on right now in Ukraine?
      Different oligarchs and a ton of corruption- just like the US and Canada
      Banksters, big oil, plunder of insiders

      Grrrr....... FF can f off- Sorry, but, I really forced myself to listen hoping I would get more from Dugin, what his thoughts are? etc
      His philosophy ?

      Maintaining the illusion of western superiority as something it absolutely is not? I get that every day

  2. Sorry I couldn't take more than 2 mins of that crap.

    Rowan of Niqnaq is a strange cove but he often goes much deeper than other commentators. This piece has much of interest-

    Also - Aleksandr Dugin - On Israel

    Good in parts, like the curate's egg, but either muddled or disingenuous regarding Israel. Alarmingly he seems rather in awe of Israel as an example of a state that is impervious to liberal NGOs and liberal do-gooders in general.

    He mentions that Jews are often in agreement with the liberals but doesn't point out that these liberal Jews are the diaspora and in fact it is the diaspora Jews who are the driving force of western liberalism. He ignores the conundrum of liberal diaspora Jews and likudnik Israeli Jews, neither does he mention that this is an obvious dialectic - organised Jewry takes Deuteronomy to heart - attack the enemy (goyim) openly from without (Israel) and subvert it secretly from within (diaspora liberals).

    Intellectuals - meh!

    1. Hi OTP

      It was tough to listen to, but, I made myself do it- but before the ending, I shut it off- I had enough
      thanks for the links I will check them out