Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dieudonne- A Skit with English subtitles & The Cusp of Year 8

 The video is from gallier!

gallier and many others may not realize this tidbit, but, on Tuesday I began my 8th year of PFYT.
It's been a huge learning curve, for sure. And gallier has been commenting here for almost the entire time :) Some others who have been here from the beginning are slozo, buffy and james @ winter patriot and John, yes, John too.Paintings Art Etc. Wait a minute Aferrismoon ! Hope I am not leaving anyone out? Thanks for sticking with me all these, more then I had ever expected, years :-)

Not to exclude newer reader/contributors of course!  Nothing I love more then insightful comments, so thanks to everyone who comments, leaves me links and participates- Thanks for following the blog, too! I do love open minded thinkers. I really appreciate all of you being here. I feel as if you travel along side me as we tread the learning path. Is that to hokey? Hope not? That's really how I feel.

Anyway.... onto Dieudonne!
  1. Hi Penny,
    here a new link to one of the Dieudonné skits of his "Le Mur"/"Asu zoa" show, with english subtitles.
    This one is particularly interesting because some people think that it is this one that was the real reason for the censorship attempts. That skits links with the pedophocracy, masonry, gay marriage and Africas exploitation.
    In french it's hilarious because of the Cameroonian accent of the character talking.

    France? Censorship? Je Suis Charlie and all that trash, had nothing to do with free speech- Why I am shocked, I tell you- shocked!


  1. Hi Penny, bad news concerning Dieudonné. He was sentenced 2 days ago for his "I feel like Charlie Coulibaly" tweet to 2 months suspended prison. He also has today been sentenced to a 22500€ fine for one of his remark within the "Le mur" show against a TV presenter (I do not use the word journalist lightly) Patrick Cohen.
    The DVD of "Le Mur" had been banned last week, of course the press relayed that info thoroughly. The ban was lifted yesterday, because it is illegal, but of course the official media didn't relay that information at all.

    1. Hi Gallier

      wow! so much for that freedom of speech crap, eh?

  2. Why the urgency to take Anbar - which is already hosting US advisors?

    Obeidi told reporters Wednesday that before Iraqi forces can undertake the battle for Mosul, they must “secure” Anbar so that it cannot serve as a staging ground for militant counterattacks.

    Now the US says will send troops into Syria?

    Some U.S. allies in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria may be willing to send troops to accompany and support the Syrian opposition force the coalition is planning to train and send back to Syria, Army General Ray Odierno said on March 18

    1. Fars helicopter shot down ferrying supplies to ISIS...

      A group of Iraqi popular forces known as Al-Hashad Al-Shabi shot down the US Army helicopter that was carrying weapons for the ISIL in the western parts of Al-Baqdadi region in Al-Anbar province on Thursday.

  3. Drone and links back to the alleged hit on Russian missiles circa 2013 in Latakia

  4. just want to say... the re election of bibi- was bad news all around
    for the globe and for Syria- I have no doubt that the US and Canada will shore up the hired killers in an onslaught on Syria- It breaks my heart, but, there it is

  5. 8 years! Happy Birthday, Pen :)

    1. from one of my old timers :)
      thanks James and thank you for stickin' with me :)

  6. Hi Penny and fellow blog readers. New Dieudonné news video (with english subtitles)
    I haven't even watched it yet so fresh it is.

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    2. Concerning Dieudo's video I think I will have to explain something that hasn't been mentioned often in english media. It is one of his most controversial (even among his fans) aspects. His accointances with real serial killers. Germain Geffe Cohen, Alfredo Stranieri and now Patrick Alegre (look it up, we're in real Dave McGowan territory here). These people are in jail sentenced to perpetuity.
      When the gay mariage law came out 2 years ago, Dieudo used the opportunity to illustrate the absurdity and utter uselesness of this kind of laws. He organized the mariage between Germain Cohen and Alfredo Stranieri in jail. It was quite funny to see the PC-do-gooders chew on their own "mariage pour tous" (marriage for everyone) slogans.
      Another benefit Dieudonné and his friend Joe LeCorbeau reap from the "friendship" with these serial killers is concerning their web site. Germain Geffe Cohen is officially the publishing editor of these blogs. This means that he is liable for the content of these blogs. An effective way of protecting the content from the sue happy scavengers from the lobby (that does not exist).
      That's why Dieudo often refers to him in his videos and repeats the "fuck off" (allez vous faire enculer) slogan as a citation of the publihing editor.

  7. This one is too good to not pass it up.

    Some Italian jokers have requested for information at Yad Vashem concerning their grand-ma allegedly killed by gasing at Maifdanek. For that they filled out the official formulary and sent them there. After a time, the site presented that lady as a real victim of the holocaust with all the infos provided. Only problem, it's an invented person with following identity:
    Name: Edith Frolla (anagram of Adolf Hitler)
    Date of Birth: April 20th 1889 (the same day as AH)
    Profession: painter
    Lived in Rome at 29 via della Lungara, which is the address of the Regina Coeli prison.
    The picture: it's one of the most common picture of Magda Goebbels.

    Conclusion: no verification whatsoever of the data entering Yad Vashem. Nice, isn't it.

    1. according to google, there is no english speaking site that has relayed this information yet.

    2. And here the original source of that info, for those who understand italian (or who know google translate).

    3. And here the link in yed vashem (at least at the moment I posted it, it still worked).

    4. Thanks for the info Gallier- busy day today!
      Got a quick post to put up and will read all your stuff tomorrow

    5. thanks gallier- makes one wonder just how much of that data base is completely made up?

      If these sly dogs could get that one through?

  8. Cheers Penny. Eight years! It's gone so fast in some ways but so much has happened as well. Just looking at your front page today, and I don't know how you keep up with it all, but glad that you do. Hoping for daffodils or other flowers to grow your way soon.

    1. I am still hoping for daffodils- but, nothing yet. And it's nearly the end of March with Easter looming- Not even a crocus or snowdrop to encourage
      Just frozen ground still. We are well below normal temps, still.
      And the east coast of Canada just got hammered with more snow.
      Many more birds died this year- Lake birds again
      But hey AGW, bad humans, ignore the increasing cold temps- pretend they don't count

    2. oh and thanks john, yes, it has gone so fast and way too much has gone on
      One thing's for sure I have gotten very adept at effective searching and deciphering-