Thursday, March 12, 2015

Operative linked to Canadian Intelligence Service involved in ISIS recruitment

I am linking a number of reports. Can't be sure if this individual is an actual Canadian citizen. It doesn't seem to be the case. That said, the individual arrested in Turkey most definitely looks to be an employee/ affiliate  of  Canadian Intelligence Services.

Info obtained from 4 sources-
h/t anonymous commenter! Daily Sabah
A Turkish government official told The Associated Press that the suspect has been detained for more than a week. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of rules that bar officials from speaking to journalists without prior authorization.
Suspect has been held for over a week, already
 Several Turkish media, citing government sources, have said the detained spy was working for Canadian intelligence
 Detained spy working for Canadian intelligence

- The arrest of an alleged spy also illustrates how Turkey hasn’t only become a way station for foreign fighters, but also for intelligence operatives. One Turkish official at the Turkish-Syrian border said it is natural that in times of war, foreign intelligence services would boost their activity in the regions bordering the fighting.

Lots of foreign intelligence services at the Turkish border-  A point that has been raised many, many times on the blog- So foreign fighters and intelligence operatives at the border together- Convenient.
The Turkish Prime Ministry's Office of Public Diplomacy also released a statement on the matter, saying the capture of the intelligence officer "showcased a complex problem involving intelligence wars."
"This incident should be a message to those always blaming Turkey on the debate on the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, and shows it is a problem more complicated than a mere border security issue," said the office. "Turkey will continue its call for stronger intelligence sharing, and is worried about the lack of intelligence sharing in a matter involving the lives of three young girls."
Turkey. Outing foreign intelligence operative activity on it's border- This is gettin' interesting.
Speaking on Turkey's A Haber channel on Thursday about the flow of foreign fighters to Syria through Turkey when he said: "We were informed by Britain about three girls who left to join ISIS a few days after they departed for Turkey. It turned out someone helped them and [that person] was captured. This person was working for the intelligence service of a country participating in the coalition against ISIS. This country is not the United States or a member of the European Union. I told this to the British foreign secretary (Philip Hammond) and he replied 'as usual.'"
 So, what's the message Turkey is sending here? No more whipping boy?

Aaron Stein, a fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London, called the developments unusual. “It’s incredibly strange for a foreign minister to out an ostensible partner in a coalition on a pro-government news channel rather than in an official statement. It comes as Turkey is getting crushed again internationally for their border policy,” Mr. Stein said.

Seems so.

Spies, Spooks and Canada

Canada. Oh Canada. What an ugly nation you have become.
The Canadian embassy in Ankara couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.
Daily Sabah stated that the suspect might not be a Canadian citizen but confirmed that he or she was working for the Canadian intelligence agency.
The office of Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, the federal minister responsible for CSIS, issued a brief statement. "We are aware of these reports," said Blaney's office. "We do not comment on operational matters of national security." 
A source in the Canadian government told QMI Agency that the individual held in Turkey was not a Canadian citizen.
The Canadian government is currently proposing a law that would formally authorize CSIS to conduct foreign operations "without regard to any other law, including that of any foreign state."

Blaney told senators just this week that the proposed law would be aimed at tackling the threat posed by Canadians who become foreign fighters in unstable countries.
More likely assisting in recruiting. As we read for ourselves today
CSIS has already engaged in several foreign operations, including in Afghanistan, and once even had a secret station somewhere inside Turkey. It is unclear if that station is still open.
It sure looks to me that the 'secret station' is still open for business

From all appearances, this recruiter was working on behalf of Canadian Intelligence.
Likely on a contract type position. No matter really, that just gives Canada a bit of deniability. 
Simple fact is the man was working for Canada's intelligence service, recruiting for ISIS and Turkey outed him & Canada's dirty dealing simultaneously.

What happens next?

A video of the suspect has been released by Turkish authorities Allegedly a Syrian, recruited by Canadian Intelligence Services, to transport persons into Syria - British, in this case. But, how many others and from where else? France? Sweden? Austria? Norway? Finland? Canada? US?

Makes a liar of these western/NATO governments complaints, in their domestic media, about persons going to fight in Syria.  In this case here is Canada actually aiding and abetting the travel of foreigners into Syria. Totally disregarding the borders of Syria. Flouting international law.
Enabling terrorism against the Syrian populace

Check the map: Islamic State (no such thing) fraying from within? Recruiting shortfalls?

 Updated Video

Canadian media is doing damage control- too late the damage is done!


  1. What kind of life was promised to Canada's Syrian recruiters
    How much money was paid
    Was citizenship offered
    Because this guy didn't recruit out of the goodness of his heart
    Let's think about Canadian taxpayer dollars being used in this manner while everything is cut for Canadians

  2. Turkish authorities say 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene arrived in Istanbul from Madrid on January 2 and crossed into Syria six days later.

  3. Some more thoughts about it here:


  4. I saw this and the only thought I had is that I'm sure we are doing the same thing. It's what the powers to be need is for some of them to return and raise hell. In fact some retired general and full time lobbies is on the tube saying they're coming back soon. Scare the sheeple with more false flag events.