Saturday, April 25, 2015

ISIS “We’ve Arrived” in Yemen & threaten the Houthis

I do wonder if the US and company can accidentally, more then once, drop them weapons?
Perhaps Israel can accidentally drop weapons also?

The Islamic State has declared its official presence in war-torn Yemen as the jihadists posted a video online, threating to “cut the throats” of Shiite Houthi rebels.
Like most Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) videos, the 9-minute-long clip was professionally shot and edited - with CGs and catchy background music.
Of course, it's professionally shot and edited! 

I feel a flashback coming on...ISIS: Online Campaigns/Slick Productions and Western Connections!

It showed around two dozen IS fighters in full military gear training in the desert area, which is claimed to be located near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.
The jihadist carried AK-47s, heavy machine guns and RPGs and then fired from some of their weapons.
After that, the apparent commander of the group stuck the black IS flag into the sand and pronounced that the “soldiers of the Caliphate" have arrived in Yemen to “cut the throats” of the Houthis.
"We have come to Yemen, with men hungry for your blood to avenge the Sunnis and take back the land they have occupied," the IS commander said in a video, the International Business Times reported.
 He then addressed all able-bodied Sunni men in Yemen to join him the battle against the Houthis.

 The video was posted online on Friday, a day after a newly-announced division of the IS, the Green Brigade, claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on the Shiite rebels.
The Green Brigade?

Not to be confused with NATO's Stay Behind group "The Red Brigades"  (facetious)
Red Brigades/Green Brigades- No matter the label- The Stay Behind/Islamist irregulars function in the same way- fulfilling the same agenda

Aldo Moro

A group that terrorized Italy and murdered Prime Minister Aldo Moro. A Prime Minister who had earned the displeasure of the NATO/Atlanticist elite psychos. Particularly one Henry Kissinger
Moro's widow, Eleonora, later said Henry Kissinger had warned her husband against his strategy. "You will pay dearly for it," he is alleged to have said.

From earlier today:

Syria-New Israeli Airstrikes? Syrian Opposition genuflects to Israel & Angelina Jolie Performs


  1. Another professionally shot and edited video!

    'I wish I'd come sooner': Blue-eyed Australian doctor revealed as the face of latest propaganda campaign for terror group Islamic State in Syria... and he urges others to join him:
    New video features an Australian doctor called Abu Yusuf al-Australi
    The doctor calls on foreigners with training to join the ISIS health service
    He is seen handling babies while dressed in western-style surgical scrubs
    The video appears to be mimicking Britain's National Health Service
    Nine British medical students recently travelled to Syria to join ISIS.
    An Australian doctor is the face of the latest Islamic State propaganda video in which the terrorist organisation announces the launch of its own health service in Syria.
    The propaganda video shows a man with an Australian accent who calls himself 'Abu Yusuf' and calls on foreign doctors to travel to the ISIS stronghold Raqqa to help launch the ISHS (the Islamic State Health Service), which appears to be mimicking Britain's National Health Service.
    The vision shows Yusuf handling babies in a maternity ward while wearing western-style blue surgical scrubs and a stethoscope."

    Australians politicos are really, really, shocked, but shocked, OMG! But they found immediately an explanation:

    "The former Adelaide University medical student was previously referred to as a “womaniser” and a drinker; however, according to The Australian, Kamleh was also a “sexually manipulative fraud” whose “immorality” led him to exploit patients and girlfriends in the name of sexual gratification....His Facebook site shows photos of him surfing and hunting but does not list his crude party trick — sneaking up behind seated women and placing his exposed penis on their shoulder."

  2. So he's a sicko- perfect for the recruiters in NATO-

    I'll be the politicos were ''really, really shocked'- NOT!

    What did you think of the name Green Brigade for the ISIS crowd in Yemen-
    so familiar- history repeats....

  3. Dear Penny,

    No doubt history repeats itself all the time. Mostly in the form described by Marx: "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce."

    A description that I liked (albeit I haven't read anything by him) is the one of ― Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor:

    “There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns.
    If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself.
    What we call chaos is just patterns we haven't recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can't decipher. what we can't understand we call nonsense. What we can't read we call gibberish.
    There is no free will. There are no variables.” That's a bit too pesimistic, but real nevertheless.

    Look at the history of Yemen and see whether you can see a pattern:
    (I use Wikipedia for convenience):

    The Ḥimyarite Kingdom or Ḥimyar (in Arabic مملكة حِمْيَر Mamlakat Ḥimyar) (Hebrew: ממלכת חִמְיָר‎) (Flourished 110 BC–520s), historically referred to as the Homerite Kingdom by the Greeks and the Romans, was a kingdom in ancient Yemen. Established in 110 BCE, it took as its capital the modern-day city of Sana'a after the ancient city of Zafar. The Kingdom conquered neighbouring Saba' (Sheba) in c.25 BC (for the first time), Qataban in c.200 CE, and Haḍramaut c.300 AD. Its political fortunes relative to Saba' changed frequently until it finally conquered the Sabaean Kingdom around 280 CE. Himyar then endured until it finally fell to Christian invaders in 525 AD....
    The Himyarite king appears to have abandoned polytheism and converted to Judaism around the year 380, some 15–20 years after the conversion of the Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum to Christianity (360-5), though no changes occurred in its script or calendar or language (unlike Aksum).[4] This date marks the end of an era in which numerous inscriptions...
    In the fifth century, several kings of Ḥimyar are known to have adhered to Judaism. The political context was the position of Arabia between the competing empires of Christian Byzantium and Zoroastrian Persia. Neutrality, and good trade relations with both empires, was essential to the prosperity of the Arabian trade routes. Scholars speculate that the choice of Judaism may have been an attempt at maintaining neutrality, or as a device to establish a symbolic difference from the Christian kingdom of Aksum....
    The first Aksumite invasion took place sometime in the 5th century and was triggered by the murder of some Byzantine merchants. Two Christian sources, including the Zuqnin Chronicle once attributed to Dionysius I Telmaharoyo, which was written over three centuries later, the Himyarite king motivated the killings by stating:
    This is because in the countries of the Romans the Christians wickedly harass the Jews who live in their countries and kill many of them. Therefore I am putting these men to death.
    In retaliation the Aksumites invaded the land and thereafter established a bishopric and built Christian churches in Zafar....
    The Jewish monarchy in Ḥimyar continued for several decades, with one interruption. It finally ended with the reign of Yṳsuf, known as Dhū Nuwās, who in 523 attacked the Christian population of Najrān. (These events, long attested to by Syriac, Greek, and Arabic sources, had until recently been largely dismissed by Western scholars as implausible, but recent discoveries of period inscriptions seem to leave little doubt regarding the historicity of the sources). Word of the slaughter eventually reached the negus of Axum, who invaded Ḥimyar in 525, conquering it and deposing Yūsuf.[citation needed] Ethiopian Jewish tradition describes a second Jewish kingdom that arose soon after, the Kingdom of Semien..." Stop here.

    1. Yes, I see a pattern :)
      And I'm not surprised by that at all
      I tell my husband all the time- that's what I look for -patterns
      That's what I see- patterns
      And there are so many of them....
      Good read. Thanks WizOz