Tuesday, April 7, 2015

(Lie) Kidnapped Kurds set free by Islamists. (Fact) Kurds transported to Idlib, to fight!

 One of my fave topics- sure to be ignored. Which doesn't bother me, or  I wouldn't keep on it, right?
How many posts are on the blog pertaining to that special relationship between the Kurds, who are sunni muslims and their best buddies in any one of the brand name Islamist fighting groups? More then a few!  Most of the Islamist fighters being sunni muslims just like the Kurds.

 How many times do the Islamist irregulars have to 'kidnap' Kurds and then set them free before people understand there is no real fight between these two alleged separate entities?

 I have taken the info for this post from several links,condensing it down for ease of reading and brevity in writing this up- The multiple news items can't even agree on which Islamist group did the alleged kidnapping- Not a surprise, really. For the simple and obvious reason there was no kidnapping, just claims of one.

Here's the story:
BBC- Reports say the men were seized from buses travelling from the town of Afrin to the city of Aleppo.
First map below shows us where Afrin is in relation to the city of Aleppo- check it out!
Officials from the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) have blamed Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) for the kidnapping but this has not been confirmed
Fox news- Al Qaeda militants kidnapped 300 Kurdish men in northern Syria Monday, a Kurdish official said.

Extremists from al Qaeda’s Syrian wing-- called the Nusra front—took the men Sunday evening as they were headed to Aleppo and the capital, Damascus from the town of Afrin, which is under Kurdish control.

The Nusra Front has not claimed responsibility for the mass kidnapping.
Fox News has these Kurds travelling from Afrin to Aleppo & Damascus- allegedly
Fox News also reports that Afrin is under Kurdish control- At this point in time it may just be.
But that begs the question of where have the non Kurdish residents gone? Because they surely have fled. Recall Afrin is where the US dropped a bunch of bombs on 'Khorasan'?

It's time for MAPS!

These are two maps that have been used here previously- Use them as reference

Continuing on with the report of Kurds, clearly being transported to fight under the guise of kidnapping, a scenario that has happened on more then one occasion, as mentioned here.

Fox News continues...: "They captured them in Tuqad village, (12 miles) west of Aleppo and then they moved them to al-Dana town in Idlib province,'' Nassan added"

The Telegraph

This entire narrative of Kurds being kidnapped by Islamists is a Kurdish one, bolstered by the SOHR.
Idris Nassan, an official in the Kobani canton, said they were kidnapped by al-Qaeda's official Syrian wing, the Nusra Front, as they were travelling from the town of Afrin, which is under Kurdish control, to the cities of Aleppo and the capital Damascus.
Recall the necessity to connect the three Kurdish territories, into one cohesive area under Kurdish control... Now look at the map directly above and notice how the Islamists have been taking the necessary territory to connect the the three sections. This is a practice that has been ongoing for sometime now and has been reported here, on multiple occasions.
"They captured them in Tuqad village, 12 miles west of Aleppo and then they moved them to al-Dana town in Idlib province," he said. The Nusra Front was part of an alliance of militant groups that captured Idlib city last month.
The Nusra Front has not claimed the kidnapping. Syrian state media did not report the incident.
 The Nusra Front won't claim the kidnapping, because there was no kidnapping. They merely transported Kurdish fighters into an area nearer to Idlib (the city) in the province of Idlib.

Yahoo News
Newaf Khalil, a spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), said the group had been detained by Jaysh al-Islam, a powerful Islamist group allied to Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate.

Khalil said the Kurds were released in exchange for three Islamist fighters who had been detained in Afrin by Kurdish forces. He gave no other details.

"A group of 300 people on five coaches and a mini-bus coming from Afrin were kidnapped at a checkpoint as they went to Aleppo to collect their salaries," Khalil had said after their abduction.
The Kurdish fighters were on their way to Aleppo city to collect their salaries? Salaries for what?
From who? Who could or would be paying the Kurds in Aleppo city?

Bottom line- The PYD fabricated a cover story for their Kurdish fighters. A narrative necessary to obfuscate the fact that the Kurdish fighters joined their Islamist brethren near Idlib city, in Idlib province, as they collude to build a cohesive Kurdish territory.

It's obvious. It's in your face. And it's being done in plain sight. The NATO bombing is to assist in the goal and prevent Syria from impeding the process.


  1. Here comes the Ukraine coup?

    And on Yemen, the Russian and Chinese are weighing in:
    Houthis Capable of Attacking Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah Leader

    Weapons lost check
    Houthis defend cancel attack Saudi on Southern flank with said weapons?
    Saudi Raids Eastern province yesterday and recovers cache of weapons (same province as US defense contractor kills - who were working for the National Guard, the last outpost of the Abdullah legacy]


    ""An exchange of fire led to the injury of Corporal Majid bin Turki al-Qahtani, and his death after being taken to hospital - may God have mercy on him and accept him as a martyrs - and wounded three security men, a citizen, and a (foreign) resident," with moderate wounds, SPA said."

    Sectarian morphed to nationalism strategy in Germany (following Scandinavia) ?
    German anti-Islamist movement Pegida presented its candidate at the Dresden mayoral election

    With the FT reinforcing the theme via Robert Kaplan
    "Because of their anaemic sense of national purpose, European elites have in several countries ceded measurable ground to the far right or the far left, resulting in a lumpen and populist form of nationalism "

    Which makes the Russian and Chinese opposition to Historical revisionism on WWII all the more poignant...

    1. I've been waiting for the coup in Ukraine...
      shall check out the rest of the links, thanks

  2. Penny...back in the 80's (at least that far back) the M$M spent a LOT of time on the news reporting about the Kurds. Now...with 20/20 hindsight...I see that the Kurds are mercenaries for the Zionists...fighting in this country or that...or just stirring up trouble.

    As far as a Ukrainian regime change...remember Yatsenyuk "quit" a few months ago. He is reluctant to carry on and is just waiting until they find another stooge. As is shown in the recent "We are not Sheeple" demonstrations outside the US embassy in Kiev....there is growing opposition to the Junta and their American backers. Russia is just patiently biding its time till ordinary Ukrainians toss the foreign element out of Ukraine.


    1. Hey gc

      Yes, i recall there being much adieu about the kurds some years back, catapulting the propaganda I guess?

      It's amazing to me, to see even supposed questioning bloggers not questioning the narratives presented re: Kurds and their homeland

      wrt Ukraine- Sadly the coup I am expecting and waiting for will not be one in which the people overthrow the real troublemakers, rather I am expecting a coup, with much help from Mr Kolomoisky, whose hands are now free, and his neo nazi battalions, again
      But this time- the installation of a military dictatorship
      Actually going from bad to worse if that's possible, which it is
      Ethnic Russians will suffer horrifically

    2. "Ethnic Russians will suffer horrifically"

      As they have in the past at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks:


      Today's Jewish Trotskyist Neo-cons/Jewish Marxist-Leninist Neo-liberals (the two sides of the same coin) will assure more suffering for the ethnic Russians.

  3. The West will not quit until it has dragged Russia into Ukraine (to rescue the ethnic Russians)...it was always part of the plan.

  4. Expert: Syrian Kurds are Waiting for Israel
    Israel and Iraqi Kurds have kept their ties hidden, but both sides are eager to open up and Kurds in other countries are, too.
    By Gedalyah Reback

    "Most of Israel’s major allies in the Middle East keep their ties to the Jewish State a secret. This is standard operating procedure for countries like Saudi Arabia, or even Egypt and Jordan with whom Israel has signed treaties but whose citizens still harbor extreme anti-Semitic sentiment and anti-Israel politics.
    The same also goes to some extent for Iraqi Kurdistan (or the Kurdistan Regional Government – KRG), although anti-Semitism and extremism in general is far less present among Kurds than their Arab neighbors.
    In fact, Israel has had security ties with Iraqi Kurds for decades. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, the prospect of an independent Iraqi Kurdistan has enamored Israelis with the possibility of a new strategic ally. Most experts assume there are high-ranking communications between the two governments right now, but are Kurds as eager as Israelis to come out as linked?
    [Professor Ofra Bengio, head of the Kurdish Studies Program at the Moshe Dayan Center says]: "Links with Israel are, however, much more elusive with Kurds in Syria. “They don’t have too many links” explains Bengio, but she says “We (in Israel) should be very much interested in developing a relationship with them. Some Kurdish groups in Rojava are very much interested in developing relations with Israel”.
    When asked if last year’s Kurdish oil shipment to Israel was indicative that Kurdistan wanted to lay the ground work for a more open relationship or at the least strengthen economic ties ahead of such an announcement, Bengio said that the Kurds were also restricted about being public with economic connections, hence the strong denials from Erbil. However, she said that Israel gives Kurdistan a degree of reassurance while being pressured by Iraqi Arabs, Iran and the Turks.
    “They also want us to be very strong in regards to Iran. It gives them certain strategic depth.”

    When the invasion of Ayrak started not a few people said at once: the first objective is to reopen the Mosul-Haifa pipe-line, closed at the outbreak of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, when the Iraqi Government refused to pump any more oil through it.

    "U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan
    By Amiram Cohen | Aug. 25, 2003 :
    "The United States has asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a senior Pentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem.
    The Prime Minister's Office, which views the pipeline to Haifa as a "bonus" the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq, had asked the Americans for the official telegram"

    Followed a flurry of studies underscoring the genetical and historical relations between Kurds an Jews (going as back as to the Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene in the first century AD). It was in the Oded Yinon plan, anyway.