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ISIS: Online Campaigns/Slick Productions and Western Connections!

ISIS: A Social network or Terrorist network? 
Haaretz-By Zvi Bar'el :
"Long before it started making inroads into Iraq and Syria, Islamic State recognized the importance of a strong online campaign and slick presentation. Indeed, its Web presence may be its lasting legacy"
How about ISIS as a global NATO media campaign

Before we get into this article, I ask that readers keep in mind the massive spying done on social media, globally. Then ask yourself how it is possible that ISIS - the terror that is allegedly threatening the entire world-  can maintain this huge global presence with no fear of being shut down. No criminal charges ? No fear of repercussion. Doesn’t that indicate friends in very high places? The right connections?  After all haven't we all read of the numerous cases of individuals making statements on social media that bring law enforcement straight to their door?
I could literally find hundreds of these types of cases. And I do realize there have been some useful idiots arrested based on their alleged ties to ISIS. BUT, how is it that ISIS can function so widely on this massive scale,  globally, without repercussion?  With near total impunity? 
I find that thought/concept very hard to reconcile.

"But the recent ISIS publication was more detailed and, it seems, more accurate.(reference to some US soldier information that was allegedly published by ISIS)
This publication is just part of a broad network – the organization’s “media and public relations branch” – that was hard at work long before ISIS racked up any significant military achievements. The propaganda arm is run mostly by the Al-Hayat Media Center (not to be confused with the Saudi newspaper)"..
 Digression alert- Al Hayat, as Haaretz implies, is not just a Saudi newspaper, though it does operate in Saudi Arabia having three regional offices, which is in and of itself very interesting!
So, is Haaretz intentionally trying to throw the reader off track?

 Al Hayat which produces the Saudi newspaper is a global operation:
Al Hayat stinks of a global intel war mongering/banker backed operation:
“Although Al Hayat is headquartered in London—the principal location for its editorial, administrative, distribution, and subscriptions offices—the paper also maintains offices in Paris, Washington, New York, Moscow, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Beirut, Cairo, Baghdad, and Damascus.[4] The three offices in Saudi Arabia reflect the paper's focus on the country as well as the regional division into central (Riyadh), west (Jeddah), and eastern (Dammam) editions"
Again, why would Haaretz diminish the signifigance of the media conglomerate that is Al Hayat/ Al Monitor? 
Al Hayat/Al Monitor- from the horses mouth
Published: London, Pan Arab
Language: Arabic
Established: 1946
Published: daily

Al-Hayat, which means “Life”, is a leading pan-Arab daily newspapers. It is based in the UK, printed in London, Beirut, New York, and Riyadh, and is popular among Arab diaspora communities. Al-Hayat has a number of regional offices across the Middle East. Its main competitor is the other big pan-Arab newspaper published in London, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.
 Necessary background out of the way, let us get back to the Al Hayat Media Center, the propaganda arm of ISIS. Which in my opinion should absolutely be ‘confused’ with the London based Al Hayat. Not only should the two be confused, it would seem the two should be considered the same- Propaganda arms of NATO global/terror/banker army.

Haaretz continues “..... (ISIS Al Hayat) which was established in 2014 and is headed by Ahmad Abousamra, a French-born Muslim who grew up in Boston and received a technology degree from Northeastern University. In 2012, the FBI published an arrest warrant for Abousamra, 34, and even offered a $50,000 reward for anyone providing information leading to his arrest. Today, it seems he lives in Syria and runs his network from there, with the aid of Islamic State supporters from all over the globe”

ISIS al Hayat established in 2014!

Isn't that interesting? So, let me repeat that- ISIS Al Hayat which was established in 2014. Then connect that to the fact that right around that same time London's Al Hayat was given a prestigious media award for the launch of their"edgy news and commentary" site

Al-Monitor/ Al Hayat named Free Media Pioneer Award winner 

You should read the entire page linked.

 VIENNA, Feb 26, 2014 - Opens external link in new windowAl-Monitor, an edgy news and commentary site launched in the aftermath of the Arab Spring that brands itself as “the pulse of the Middle East”, is the recipient of this year’s International Press Institute (IPI) Opens external link in new windowFree Media Pioneer Award, IPI announced today.

Al-Monitor’s unrivaled reporting and analysis exemplify the invaluable role that innovative and vigorously independent media can play in times of change and upheaval,”
 Recent recipients of the Free Media Pioneer Award, established by IPI in 1996, were Malaysia’s Radio Free Sarawak (2013), 35 Multimedia Magazine in Belarus (2012), Tunisia’s Radio Kalima (2011), Radio Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2010) and Novaya Gazeta in Russia (2009).
Certainly an interesting roster of previous award recipients?

What about Ahmad Abousamra? - Abousamra, despite having a warrant issued for his arrest by the FBI manages to just keep on, keepin’on? Even though the US has special ops on the ground in Syria. CIA operatives at the border with Turkey.  And Abousamra doesn't get arrested?
 - Good thing it was the FBI that issued the warrant because you all know that the FBI and the CIA haven’t cooperated well in the past- wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
 Curious that  not one soul needs that $50,000.00 reward for information leading to his arrest?
My oh my, he is either surrounded by the loyal accomplices or the well to do, because who doesn't need $50,000 dollars in a war torn part of the world?

Denis Cuspert “Former German rapper  (aka Deso Dogg), who now goes by the name Abu Talha al-Almani, works alongside Abousamra and writes and produces many of the jihadist songs on Islamic State's website”
 So, we have a French national (NATO nation) born Muslim, who grew up and was educated in the US (NATO nation) in Boston (interesting) and his friend a German (NATO nation) born “rapper” working alongside one another in Syria.

 "Al-Hayat (please do confuse the two entities because for all intents and purposes they seem to be exactly the same!) is a sort of umbrella organization, under which various media and propaganda arms operate, including the online magazine Dabiq (in English); two production companies; the Islamic State news website; and an Arabic radio station, which also recently started broadcasting in English. It is not clear how many people are involved in these projects, which rely primarily on English, French, Russian and Urdu-speaking workers"
 Regional propaganda networks also operate in the areas under ISIS’ control.(Other then ISIS controlled areas, where else do they operate? You know also? )  There are “media offices” in cities such as Aleppo and Rakka in Syria; and Anbar province, Diali and Baraka in Iraq. The branches in Sinai and North Africa also have their own media operations.
Every branch works independently, (from London's Al Hayat: innovative and vigorously independent media but coordinates and consults with professionals in Syria or in Western countries. (which ones?) Some of the websites publish in numerous languages, ( Just like Al Hayat in London) though others make do with only Arabic. Dozens of these sites have been recruited to spread the message, alongside tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts, which work constantly to disseminate information and recruit people for the cause.
The content the Islamic group publishes online is carefully edited – for language, visuals and graphics – say ISIS activists. Editors check the grammar and style, and make sure the texts are persuasive. Sometimes, Al-Hayat and its daughter organizations (Whose the mom?) use focus groups of foreign-language speakers in an attempt to guarantee that the content is free of embarrassing mistakes and unacceptable slang – and that it comes across professionally
 Doesn’t that sound just like the Al Hayat in London? Professional editing. Foreign language speakers for content creation? So, please confuse the two.

The visuals are usually shot from small television cameras or cell phones, but sometimes two or even three cameras are used in order to provide video depth.(Beheading videos) The videos often include scenes from Hollywood war films; (how do they get around Hollywood’s copyright laws) stills that are sometimes unrelated to ISIS’ activities; and audio files meant to enhance the dramatic effect. It is even possible that some of the mixing and editing takes place in companies in the West and not in ISIS’ Mideast media centers.
Companies in the West? Perhaps, movie studios in the US? Which western companies, mentioned twice by Haaretz, are mixing and editing for ISIS? And why isn't law enforcement, particularly western law enforcement,  stopping that from happening? How is it that Haaretz couldn't come up with the name of one of these Western affiliates, despite mentioning the western affiliation in their report? Let me throw another name out there! London, perhaps? Yes, how about London! Then of course, Israel. After all it is Haaretz reporting all this.

Of course there was more at the Haaretz link- Read it if you can get past the paywall
I did save the entire article, but, thought just these few paragraphs amply demonstrate that the ISIS al Hayat & London based al Hayat are surely one and the same. It also seems clear to me that Haaretz is obfuscating reality via it's murky article.

Because, there is no where better to hide then in plain sight!


  1. It might look a bit jumbled, but there are interesting pieces of info which add some color to the story of Al-Hayat.

    "The original Al-Hayat was founded by Kamel Mrowa, a Lebanese Shi'a Muslim, in Beirut on 28 January 1946 (issue no.1). (He named his daughter, Hayat Mrowa (now Hayat Palumbo, Lady Palumbo [+]), after the newspaper. In 1966 (16 May), as Mrowa checked final proofs for the next day's edition, an assassin walked into the Beirut office and shot him to death. Although the assassin's motive was never conclusively determined, investigators linked the shooting to the newspaper's criticism of the Arab nationalist movement[*]. The publication survived 13 bombing attempts before the Lebanese Civil War finally forced it to shut down in 1976." Al-Hayat was refounded in 1988 by Jamil Mrowa and Adel Bishtawi. In fact, it was bought in 1988 by the Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sultan... Its ownership by Prince Khalid has meant that the paper treads softly when it comes to disquieting news about Saudi Arabia, a notable exception to its independent stand," according to a 1997 New York Times article.

    [*]The Arab Nationalist Movement had its origins in a student group led by George Habash[**] at the American University of Beirut which emerged in the late 1940s. In the mid-1950s Habash and his followers joined a larger student group led by Constantin Zureiq [***]. The group's ideology owed much to Zureiq's thinking: it was revolutionary and pan-Arabist. It placed emphasis on the formation of a nationally conscious intellectual elite which would play a vanguard role in a revolution of Arab consciousness, leading to Arab unity and social progress. Ideologically, it was committed to socialism and secularism, but initially not Marxism. Its Arab nationalist approach meant an uncompromising hostility to Western imperialism in general, and Israel in particular, as the movement took a lead in the formation of anti-Zionist doctrine.

    [**] George Habash (Arabic: جورج حبش‎) also known by his laqab "al-Hakim" (Arabic: الحكيم‎ — the wise one or the doctor) (2 August 1926 – 26 January 2008) was a Marxist and Palestinian Christian who founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
    [***] Constantin Zureiq (Arabic: قسطنطين زريق‎) (born Damascus 1909 – August 11, 2000 in Beirut[1]) was a prominent and influential Syrian Arab intellectual who was one of the first to pioneer and express the importance of Arab nationalism....Constantin Zureiq was born in Damascus, Syria Vilayet on April 18, 1909 during the waning years of the ruling Ottoman Empire, to a Greek Orthodox Christian family. He received his primary and secondary education in the Orthodox school systems and had an obsession with acquiring knowledge.

    [+] Hayat Morowa (daughter of the Lebanese newspaper publisher Kamel Morowa, and ex-wife of businessman Ely Calil, married in 1986 Peter Garth Palumbo, Baron Palumbo (born 20 July 1935) is a property developer, art collector, former chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, architecture connoisseur and life peer....Palumbo was a polo teammate of Prince Charles and the two were close until 1984 when the Prince publicly criticised Palumbo's plans by Mies van der Rohe near St Paul's Cathedral that Charles described as "a glass stump" which faced with opposition were not realised. In 1988, Palumbo became godfather to Princess Beatrice of York, the eldest daughter of the Duke of York.

    Remember that the Baath Party was founded by Christians and Alawites.

    1. WizOz, quick spin through, but, need to read that a bit more thoroughly
      question? I have an idea why the Baath party being founded by Christian and Alawites might be significant but, could you expand on your thought for me?

  2. Penny,

    I think that things are pretty much clear. If they look like conspiracy theories it is because that is the case. I am confident that the arson of the Islamic movement towards the Caliphate (Muslim brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir, ISIS) has been ignited and fanned by the eternal conspirators, in order to create a desert zone around Israel (as well as a pool for the recruitment of mujahiddeens in Russia's and China's "underbelly" - part of the Great Game that the Brits and the Zios play for centuries for the control of the NWO). A major hurdle was the presence of Christians and Arab Nationalists and socialists in the zone. They must be eradicated. Muslims offered themselves to do the wet job for Israel. Of course they had to maintain "plausible deniability" at all times. Sustained at all times by a false narrative peddled by the MSM.

  3. Hi Penny,
    Apologies for being off topic but wanted to pass along this link to you, is case you hadn't seen it. Hope all is going well for you.