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IPCC's Rajendra K Pachauri GUILTY in sexual harassment case

 Remember this? : IPCC Rajendra K. Pachauri accused of sexual harrasement- resigns

Resigned from the IPCC- Resigned from the Prime Ministers's council and on indefinite leave from The Energy and Resources Institute

The Energy & Resource Institute-  Brought to us all by TATA chemicals
Hmmm...conflicts of interest abound....
Here is the latest!

 TERI's internal panel finds RK Pachauri guilty in sexual harassment case

Psycho pervert

 An internal committee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) found its director general RK Pachauri guilty in a sexual harassment case.
Reportedly, the three-member panel of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) found that Pachauri made repeated attempts at establishing a personal bond with the young woman colleague, which caused her “harassment”.
The panel also noted that when the woman resisted, Pachauri retaliated by 'taking away her work'.
TERI committee recommended disciplinary action against the accused.
Last week, the Delhi High Court refused to cancel immediately the anticipatory bail granted by a trial court to Pachauri.
The matter has been posted for July 16 after the counsel for Pachauri sought more time to file response to the application move by the 29-year-old woman, who has alleged that “free and fair investigation” cannot be carried out if Pachauri is “allowed to roam around freely.”
The complainant had moved the High Court seeking cancellation of the anticipatory bail granted to Pachauri by the trial court in the case. The complainant’s counsel alleged before the court that Pachauri was “dictating what needs to be said to witnesses” in the case.
He claimed there was “overwhelming evidence” against Pachauri that he misused the bail conditions. A criminal case on charges of sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation was registered against Pachauri on February 18 by the police.

Is Pachauri stalking the victim like a real flippin' psycho? Sure reads like it!

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Edu-Indoctrination: AGW Rebrand "Climate Change" meets Curriculum. Math Fail. Sex Edu-Indoctrination

Education. You think it’s about gaining life survival/advancement skills?  You’re wrong
You think it’s about strengthening humanity with an eye to the future? Also wrong
Education is little more then indoctrination of the masses,  starting at a very young age, to live as servile beings to elitist interests/agendas- Simply put
Of course I realize it’s more complex then that, but, for simplicity sake I will limit my critique to that.

A brief digression:

When my child was young the school was teaching the most absurd way of reading- You read what you thought might be on the page based on the pictures shown. I'm not kidding!
Utter garbage! So, I taught her to read by breaking words down phonetically. And of course reading to her and having her read to me. Wonderful times :)
Then there was math. Oh yes, the math. Let’s put it this way. Education at that time didn’t worry itself about multiplication- So, as a parent, I yet again took matters into my own hand, teaching our daughter to multiply. We memorized times tables together, though I knew them well using them my entire life . I showed her how easily division is when one understands multiplication- Because the relationship becomes quite obvious
Once you have the basic of multiplication and division down further mathematics becomes a whole lot easier. Hubby took care of measurements- figuring out volume etc

Digressing Again: Speaking of the dysfunctional math 'taught' to dumb children down- Guess what? Now it's bad and should be discarded- As I like to say- "No shit Sherlock"- Could have told you that almost 20 years ago - A news story making the rounds just today
Canada's kids aren't learning math and their math skills are worsening
The report from the C.D. Howe Institute says that Canadian students' math performance in international exams has been declining between 2003 and 2012.
From my own experience the children &, young people are now permanently damaged from this Edu-Indoctrination- Not only can they not comprehend simple math- they can't even begin to get through the process of understanding the most basic mathematics- I can tell you a multitude of stories about blank faces looking at me. An inability to add and subtract without the use of a calculator. And fractions- Again I could tell you stories, real life recounts that would cause you to have fear for the future.

Education, we are told, prepares children for the future. What we're never told is just what or whose future our children are being prepared for? Functioning as a servant to abusive psychopathic elites is not a future any aware parent would want for their child. What parents should be striving for is developing an independent, thoughtful, intelligent human that is able to survive, thrive and comprehend that which is in the best interest of that child’s future survival & well being.

Obviously indoctrination should be tossed out of the education system. Indoctrination should be avoided whole heartedly. Children should be taught critical thinking skills- The ability to think. To reason. To rationalize. To sort sense from non sense. Children should be taught about the real living world. Plants. Animals. Children should garden. Gardening teaches so much to children it’s value is beyond real comprehension. Children should cook. Yes, they should!

None of these aformentioned life skills are taught.  Rather, what passes for education is whole sale indoctrination- The sex education curriculum in Ontario- the one that pays homage to a convicted pedophile is a perfect example of state sponsored Edu- Indoctrination.
 Should public schools really be teaching a "sex indoctrination"program created by a convicted pedophile?  This man & his social "standing" serve as a perfect example of the elite psychopathy leadership that should be tossed to the curb by all of us! Ignored. Scattered to the winds.
Instead of exercising some moral cautiousness, Edu-Indoctrination marches on in it's goal of teaching our children to be servile to elite psycho leaders - The curriculum lives on.

The Holocaust tm is yet another state taught indoctrination example. Taught to imbibe a ‘victim’ ideology as it relates to ONLY one group of people, while ignoring the atrocities committed against many other peoples, including but not limited to the Native populations in both Canada and the US. The carpet bombings and mass killing of Japanese and Germans during WW2 by the allies (US, UK and Canada) The twin nuclear bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Carpet bombing and mass civilian casualties in Korea. Chemical warfare waged in Vietnam. I could go on, but, hoping you get the point? There have been many holocausts but only one is used as a matter of indoctrination.

The dumbing down of the future generations is appalling and too many parents are silent.
Considering what is understood about the Edu-Indoctrination system and it’s real function- Servitude to elites- It comes as no surprise that schools in the US, undoubtedly coming to Canada soon, are teaching  the AGW rebrand: Climate Change Indoctrination Coming To a School Near YOU! - 

Serving Wall St, Banks, Big Oil, Big Toxic Agriculture & the Petrochemical cartels- Beneficiaries of the AGW LIE

Carbon is Bad = Humanity/Bad

While many American parents are angry about the Common Core educational standards and related student assessments in math and English, less attention is being paid to the federally driven green Common Core that is now being rolled out across the country. Under the guise of the first new K-12 science curriculum to be introduced in 15 years, the real goal seems to be to expose students to politically correct climate-change orthodoxy during their formative learning years.

The National Research Council framework for K-12 science education recommends that by the end of Grade 5, students should appreciate that rising average global temperatures will affect the lives of all humans and other organisms on the planet. By Grade 8, students should understand that the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels is a major factor in global warming
 Problems: AGW is a theory. Unproven and demonstrably wrong. Particularly since there has been no rise in global temps for years- And every overblown dire claim has been shown to be false.
By Grade 12, students should know that global climate models are very effective in modeling, predicting and managing the current and future impact of climate change.
More Indoctrination and a claim that is completely false. Climate models have shown themselves to be completely ineffective in modelling or predicting much of anything real.
Relying on a climate-change curriculum and teaching materials largely sourced from federal agencies-raises a number of issues. Along with the undue authoritative weight that such government-produced documents carry in the classroom, most of the work is one-sided and presented in categorical terms, leaving no room for a balanced discussion. Moreover, too much blind trust is placed in the predictive power of long-range computer simulations, despite the weak forecasting track record of most climate models to date.

I can't disagree on the problematic points raised
The topic of man-made global warming, properly taught, would present many teachable moments and provide an example of the scientific method in action. Precisely because the science of climate change is still just a theory, discussion would help to build student skills in critical thinking, argumentation and reasoning, which is the stated objective of the new K-12 science standards.
Can't teach that! Critical thinking? Reasoning? That's bad. That's not servile.
"For instance: Why has the planet inconveniently stopped warming since the late 1990s even as carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise? 
How reliable are historical measurements of average global temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels when, before the 1950s, much of the data are interpolated from such diverse sources as weather balloons, kites, cloud observations, primordial tree rings and Antarctic ice bubbles?

How statistically significant is a 1.4-degree Fahrenheit increase in average global surface temperatures since 1880 for a 4.6 billion-year-old planet with multiple ecosystems and a surface area of some 200 million square miles?
How dangerous is the current level of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere, when 400 parts per million expressed as a percentage of the volume of the atmosphere would equate to only 0.04% or approximately zero?"
Good Questions!
Employing such a Socratic approach to teaching climate change would likely lead to a rational and thought-provoking classroom debate on the merits of the case. However, that is not the point of this academic exercise—which seems to be to indoctrinate young people by using K-12 educators to establish the same positive political feedback loop around global warming that has existed between the federal government and the nation’s colleges and universities for the past two decades.

Recall at the beginning of my post I mentioned one reason for the very existence of Edu-Indoctrination? Servitude through Edu-Indoctrination.

Wouldn't it be more sensible to teach facts about carbon that are known to be true?
And scientific.
Like carbon is an element. And it is the sixth most abundant element in the entire universe.What children should be taught is that all life consists of carbon
Shine on you crazy diamond: why humans are carbon-based lifeforms
Instead? Indoctrination rules! And that is sad, dangerous and deadly for us.

The past 24 hours have been busy! I've left lots to read and comment about so please do!


The US Uses FIFA to Ostracize Russia: Updated!

Come one! Did anyone seriously think the US is concerned with corruption? If they really were, they would have addressed the fact there are a bunch of big banks that are rampantly corrupt!

Quoting  excerpts from the "Daily Beast" a site that should be used judiciously
It's always heavy on perception management. I mean look at the image used!
Blatant enough?
perception management imagery

I'll just post relevant information.
On a strange issue uniting foreign affairs and sports, Republicans and Democrats have come together to attempt a major league task: Persuading the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) to deprive Russia of its hosting duties vis-a-vis the next World Cup.
Repubs and Democrats are never really oppositional when it truly matters- And war making/profiteering is always a unifier!
In a letter earlier last month, Senators Menendez, Johnson, Durbin, Perdue, Shaheen, Cornyn, McCaskill, McCain, Graham, Risch, Toomey, Rubio and Kirk urged FIFA President Josef “Sepp” Blatter to “convene an Extraordinary Congress of FIFA to consider stripping Russia of the privilege of hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.”
 The letter highlights Russian action in relation to Ukraine as the reason to strip Russia of its role. “Allowing Russia to host the FIFA World Cup inappropriately bolsters the prestige of the Putin regime at a time when it should be condemned and provides economic relief at a time when much of the international community is imposing economic sanctions,” it argues.
blah, blah, blah- It's appalling to me that the American Senators, who must be so disconnected from reality, can seriously write such a letter, considering the US's aggressive global death/war machine.
 Long-time FIFA observers are, to put it mildly, skeptical about the ability of anyone outside FIFA—other than World Cup sponsors—to really influence Blatter or his organization’s decision-making
 Ironically, getting the 2018 World Cup out of Russia could be easier. It’s doubtful that pressure from American politicians will provoke a change of view from Blatter—indeed, on April 20th, he tweeted “Just met President Putin. I believe the 2018 #WorldCup will help to build bridges”
 So, if a letter wasn't going to get it done. Corruption charges might just encourage FIFA to see it the US way.
Putin suggests US meddling: 
 Putin said in televised comments Thursday that he found it "odd" that the FIFA probe was launched at the request of U.S. officials for crimes which do not involve its citizens and did not happen in the United States.
 Corruption charges in the U.S. were announced Wednesday against 14 people
“It looks very strange, the arrests are carried out on the request of the USA side,” he said. “They are accused of corruption – who is? International officials. I suppose that someone broke some rules, I don’t know. But definitely, it’s got nothing to do with the USA. Those officials are not US citizens. If something happened it was not in the US and it’s nothing to do with them.
“It’s another clear attempt by the USA to spread its jurisdiction to other states. And I have no doubt – it’s a clear attempt not to allow Mr Blatter to be re-elected as president of Fifa, which is a great violation of the operating principles of international organisations. The US prosecutor, as our media report, has already said that those Fifa officials have committed a crime. As if the prosecutor didn’t know about the principle of the presumption of innocence.”
“Unfortunately, our American partners use such methods to achieve their selfish aims and illegally persecute people. I do not rule out that in the case of Fifa, it’s exactly the same,” Putin said.
Russia won the rights to stage the 2018 World Cup under Blatter’s auspices. That 2010 decision, along with the award to Qatar of the 2022 tournament, is the subject of a Swiss criminal investigation running parallel to the US action.

There's also an Israeli connection via: SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS


GreenCrow talks Russia and Israel too:  UPDATED: 2018 World Soccer Cup in Russia?
Killing more then one bird with a single stone

UPDATE Begins!
Blatter must go for good of FIFA

 UEFA president Michel Platini delivered one of his most emotional and animated performances since his playing days when he said it was time for Sepp Blatter to quit as president of FIFA with world soccer's body facing yet another corruption crisis.
He said that he hoped that 45 or 46 of Europe's eligible 53 voting nations would vote for Jordan's Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein in Friday's presidential election against Blatter who is standing for a fifth term as president.
Those votes would not be enough to topple Blatter but would send a strong signal of disapproval.

Clearly the US charges have had an effect

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Industry delayed EU regulation of toxic chemicals- Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

The petrochemical industry - big oil - lobbied for the delay of the regulation of EDC's, the toxins that are chemical manipulating humanity and the entire planet.
A report out on Wednesday (20 May) shows how industry lobbied EU institutions to kill regulation on possible toxic chemicals used in everyday products.

Drafted by Brussels-based Corporate Europe Observatory and by French journalist Stephane Horel, it shows how big chemical trade associations and firms managed to prevent restrictions from being imposed on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

EDCs, which can interfere with hormonal systems, are often found in pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, computers, and construction materials.

The EU banned an EDC known as bisphenol A (BPA) from being used in baby bottles in 2011 because of the risks.

Nina Holland, CEO campaigner and co-author of the report, said they obtained hundreds of documents released by the European Commission following freedom of information requests.

“[It] show unambiguously how science is being manipulated to defend vested interests, manufacture doubt and delay a pioneering regulation”, she said.

The affair kicked off in 2009 when the DG Environment at the European Commission launched an independent study to probe EDC toxicology on humans.

The resulting report, which took a critical view on EDCs, prompted the DG to start laying the groundwork for future EU-wide rules.

The conclusions of the report and the DG’s moves provoked attacks in 2012 from the US-based chemical corporations, British and German authorities, and from inside the commission itself.

The director-general of DG Sanco, the commission’s health and safety department, headed at the time by Paola Testori Coggi, is said to have sidelined DG Environment and initiated another study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which came out with different conclusions.

One EFSA scientist, in an email, describes his embarrassment over the new report on EDCs because it contradicted another report by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

“It is almost embarrassing to compare our current draft report with the WHO-UNEP report. The issues the WHO-UNEP report highlight and takes out as being specific for [endocrine disruptors], we in our report are trying to down-play or even avoid,” notes the email.

The WHO-UNEP report, published in early 2013, concluded that EDCs were a “global threat that needs to be resolved”.

For its part, the European Parliament had by then issued its own report, which backed the conclusions originally obtained by DG Environment.

The industry, including chemical giant Bayer, initiated delay tactics in late 2013 by requesting the European Commission to conduct a 12-month impact assessment.

They lobbied DG Sanco, Enterprise and Trade, and also the commission’s secretary general.

Next they targeted the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

On the US side, the American Chemistry Council (ACC), CropLife America (CLA), the American Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, lobbied against imposing any further regulatory restrictions on the chemicals in TTIP.

A German toxicologist along with around 50 scientists also opposed the DG Environment survey on EDCs in a letter written to the commission’s chief scientific adviser Anne Glover in June 2013.

Around 30 of the signatories had ties to the industry. Three of them – also with industry ties – worked at EFSA.

A rebuttal published in Endocrine Society journal and signed by over 100 scientists described the German letter as “a profound disservice” to public health.

But around a month after receiving the German letter, Catherine Day, the EU commission’s secretary general, decided an impact assessment study was needed.

“With this decision to launch an impact assessment, the secretary general had single-handedly thrown a monkey wrench in DG Environment’s work on EDCs,” notes the CEO paper.

The report notes that, as a result, the scientific criteria to define EDCs will not be ready before 2017.

“That is four years after the legal deadline set by the [EU] parliament.”

Don't Miss:

Ramadi to Palmyra: KurdISHIS/Israeli collusion- Stealing Assyrian history

Going Long! - Palmyra, Ramadi , KurdISHIS, Israel and the theft of human history.
Talked a bit about Ramadi yesterday as it related back to Mosul. Pointing out the fact that Mosul and Ramadi fell in the same manner. The Fall of Ramadi Mirrors the Fall of Mosul: ISIS "bigger threat then ever" Almost immediately after Ramadi fell, Palmyra was taken by KurdISHIS.
Coincidence or a plan?

Looks to be a plan
"The simultaneous fall of Palmyra (also known in Arabic as Tadmor) in Syria with that of Ramadi in Iraq in the presence of the anti-ISIL coalition shows that the US and the ISIL are on the same side," Abdel Fattah Mohammad (Egyptian analyst) told FNA on Wednesday.
He underlined that anyone who looks at the developments of Syria and Iraq from outside surely sees a relationship between the simultaneous collapse of Palmyra and Ramadi.

"After nine months since the beginning of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition's airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraq and Syria, the coalition is still incapable of preventing the ISIL advances in both countries because the US is cooperating with the ISIL,"
True enough and I discussed that abject “failure” of the coalition yesterday. But Palmyra is interesting for a couple of reasons:

1 st reason: According to the Egyptian analyst Palmyra is strategically located

 “at the crossroads of key highways leading West to Damascus and Homs, and East to Iraq”

Look for yourself? Palmyra is definitely strategically located.

Strategic local aside, what else makes Palmyra an interesting target is it's history!

 Palmyra has a very interesting, very long history.  Palmyra was part of the Assyrian Kingdom.

 For about one millennium it was an Assyrian caravan town
 The Kurds, and I have covered this previously, covet Assyrian history. To the point that they are attempting to make it their own. Stealing Assyrian history in order to make a history for themselves, pushing the meme of a people that deserve a country, though, they have always been nomadic and have from all my reading never had a country. Or a nation for that matter? Or even a constant territory? They have from all my reading lived within the borders of other nations. Since they never lost a country or nation how could they have anything to take back? This is but one connection that the Kurds and Israelis have. Stealing the history of others, including the land, and rewriting known human  history to suit their own political agenda.

What does the Jewish Virtual Library say about Assyria?

Not much when one considers the extremely long history of the Assyrians in the region.
In fact if  one was to take the Jewish Virtual Library’s word as fact, which it does not appear to be, the Assyrians were small players in the area. Perpetrators of violence, mostly except for one little bit of interest at the bottom of the page linked
The odd paradox of Assyrian culture was the dramatic growth in science and mathematics.  Among the great mathematical inventions of the Assyrians were the division of the circle into 360 degrees and were among the first to invent longitude and latitude in geographical navigation. They also developed a sophisticated medical science which greatly influenced medical science as far away as Greece.
A dramatic growth of science, mathematics & sophisticated medical science which greatly influenced medical science as far away as Greece should indicate to us all that the Assyrians were vastly more important/influential in human history than the JVL would have us believe.
Can’t imagine why Jewish Virtual Library would go to such lengths to downplay the importance and influence of these people? Me being facetious.

The Kurds and the followers of Judaism- birds of a feather flock together

 A brief history of the Assyrians
Assyria is located in north Mesopotamia and spans four countries: In Syria it extends west to the Euphrates river; in Turkey it extends north to Harran, Edessa, Diyarbakir, and Lake Van; in Iran it extends east to Lake Urmi, and in Iraq it extends to about 100 miles south of Kirkuk. This is the Assyrian heartland, from which so much of the ancient Near East came to be controlled.
Kurdistan, which your supposed to believe previously existed seems to be ancient Assyria. How is that possible?

Kurdistan from wiki- note the obfuscation!

If you read critically, you immediately realize that the Kurds never had a nation
“is a roughly defined geo-cultural region wherein the Kurdish people form a prominent majority population”
  • A roughly defined geo cultural region
  • Where the kurds formed a prominent majority
No defined borders, no defined territory and of course no definition of prominent majority.
 No country to regain. Sound familiar? It should. Think "Israel" 
 Reading further, from wiki, we get to  the description of the desired Kurdistan:
“Contemporary use of the term refers to four parts of a greater Kurdistan, which include parts of southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), northern Syria (Western Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan), and western Iran (Eastern Kurdistan)”
By now it should be very obvious to you that what is being claimed as Kurdistan is the heartland of the Assyrian empire! Unless you are too deep into your main stream media mind control, victim pushing program? Then you won't notice a thing!

History is being rewritten to suit a political agenda- The taking of Palmyra by ISIS, so called, benefits both Israel, the Kurds and the NATO remake the ME agenda.

As long time readers here know I have long theorized that the sunni muslim Kurds & sunni muslim ISIS are one and the same. I’ve seen nothing in the way of information that has changed my mind. In fact the attack on Palmyra gives more support to my theory

What else aroused my suspicion regarding Kurdish involvement in Palmyra?

A news report out of Erbil, Iraq. I saved it because it seemed so prophetic. May 14/2015- Nearly two weeks ago By far the earliest reporting I had seen regarding a move on Palmyra. Straight from the Kurds in Erbil, Iraq.

 Historically, Assyrian:  Palmyra in Syria
Civil rights activist Bassam al-Dairi said that fierce battles broke out Wednesday (May 13/2015) between the IS group and the pro-regime forces, during which the group controlled al-Thinayya checkpoint at the northern entrance of the Sikhna city.

The source pointed out that the IS group was able to advance into major parts of the city and clashed with Assad army near Sikhna’s police station, headquarters of the Baath Party and the National Hospital.

“Dozens of the regime’s army and the allied militia forces (mainly the National Defense) were reportedly killed and dozens others wounded,” he added, pointing out that a state of panic spread among civilians in the historic city of Palmyra.
“The IS hardline group announced Wednesday evening taking a full control of Sikhna city and advanced in the suburbs of Palmyra,” al-Dairi told ARA News, quoting military sources.
Pro-IS sources confirmed that the battles reached the outskirts of Palmyra city, saying that fierce clashes broke out in the vicinity of Amiriya area, north of Palmyra, and ended with the militants control. This coincided with a mass displacement among civilians for fear of shelling by the pro-Assad forces and possible atrocities by the IS group.

How is it that the Kurds were able to access and report on this incident so early in the attack? A full week before Palmyra was taken? Also days before Ramadi fell to “ISIS” aka the Sunni Muslim Kurds and their compatriots bolstered by Israel and NATO.  Who is this 'activist'?
Such early access to information reeks, to me,  of inside  or connected to, knowledge.


Today the Kurds are reporting success in liberating Assyrian Christian villages- No news on the Christian Assyrians that had inhabited the villages. Apparently they had fled from ISIS earlier and now ISIS has fled from the Kurds, leaving behind the Assyrian villages they had controlled to the Kurds, who are busily erasing the Assyrians from history.

Still can't see the symbiosis? KURDISHIS? IS KURDISH?
Following a 10-day offensive, Kurdish fighters took control early this week of 14 Assyrian villages that IS had controlled since February,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Assyrian Christians, who are from one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, have been under increasing threat since IS seized control of large parts of Syria. Thousands of Christians fled an assault by the jihadists in the northeastern province of Hasakeh in February after a spate of kidnappings by IS, which is still holding 210 Assyrians hostage
The Observatory also reported that Kurdish militia took control of the strategic village of Al-Mabrukah, southwest of the flashpoint Kurdish town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border.
According to Abdel Rahman, the Kurdish advance could also open the road towards Tal Abyad, a border town used by IS as a gateway from Turkey.
Over the course of 20 days, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) seized control of 4,000 square kilometres of territory from IS in Hasakeh province, Abdel Rahman said.


Elon Musk's SpaceX: Now we help do SURVEILLANCE for the SPOOKS

Oh Goody- more spying, control & surveillance
After an extended spat between Elon Musk and the US Air Force, SpaceX has finally been certified for military space missions, muscling into what had been a cosy monopoly held by a Lockheed-Boeing joint venture.
An Air Force press release notes that the first opportunity for SpaceX to compete to provide launch services will probably be in June, for the GPS III satellite launch.
“This is a very important milestone for the Air Force and the Department of Defense," said the Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah Lee James, who added:
SpaceX’s emergence as a viable commercial launch provider gives the opportunity to compete for launch services for the first time in almost a decade.
Ultimately, leveraging of the commercial space market drives down cost to the American taxpayer and improves our military’s resiliency.
SpaceX will now be able to compete against the former monopoly holder, United Launch Alliance (ULA), a coalition between US aerospace-defence behemoths Lockheed and Boeing. It will be in the market to launch not only friendly GPS spacecraft, but also spy satellites which can be used to carry out surveillance against nations and persons of interest. It has been suggested in the past that this could include the USA and US citizens.

US Airforce 


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Fall of Ramadi Mirrors the Fall of Mosul: ISIS "bigger threat then ever"

Mirror: : Something that shows what another thing is like in a very clear and accurate way

 The fall of Ramadi is an almost EXACT REPLAY of the Fall of Mosul. It appears to be the same tactic replayed in another city. That is way beyond coincidental or happenstance. 


 U.S. officials, including Carter, have said Iraqi forces fled the ISIS advance on Ramadi without fighting back, leaving behind weapons and vehicles for the extremists.

 The fall of Mosul: Who benefits? And who does not? Updated!  From 2014

Troops allegedly fled as ISIS advanced in Mosul too. Same as in Ramadi.  Some stripped off their uniforms and changed into other clothing (I'll bet that occurred in Ramadi)   As I had stated back in 2014, once fighters were 'uncostumed' free of their military uniforms, wearing ordinary street clothing or even an alternative form of camoflauge the so called ‘cowardly military men’ could blend right in with the advancing ISIS brand fighters leaving Ramadi to fall. Same as Mosul

And just like in Mosul, the convenient fall of Ramadi allowed for the capture of all kinds of weapons and vehicles! 

This is an almost exact replay! And that is beyond coincidental. It reads like a tactic that was employed successfully previously so it was used again- Hey, if it ain't broke, it don't need fixin!

Also interesting the coalition did nothing. Where Mosul was concerned the Americans were stationed very near by. In the case of Ramadi, I'll let this Iranian fellow make the point:

In Iran, the daily newspaper Javan, which is seen as close to the Revolutionary Guard, quoted Soleimani as saying the U.S. didn't do a "damn thing" to stop the extremists' advance on Ramadi.
Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds forces in Iran's Revolutionary Guard, accused the U.S. of having 'no will' in fighting ISIS.
"Does it mean anything else than being an accomplice in the plot?" he reportedly asked, later saying the U.S. showed "no will" in fighting ISIS.
 An exactly replay- How much more obvious does this have to get?

Considering the collusion between ISIS & the NATO nations, including but not limited to choosing to stand down while ISIS advanced on Ramadi... How should we really interpret this news from today?

 ISIS poses bigger threat after nearly a year of coalition bombing
To date, we in the West have been given a regular tally of the airstrikes that coalition aircraft are undertaking, the targets they attack. And we have been told repeatedly that the airstrikes are having "considerable effect" on ISIS's movement.
I interpret the success of ISIS as the success of the NATO coalition. Hand in Hand.

Don't Miss:  Update: Dave McGowan

Twice Updated: Dave McGowan

Heard through the grapevine that Dave is still fighting. There is some talk of going out of country for alternative treatment.

I removed the address it seems Dave is feeling a tad paranoid about his circumstances
It's being reported he had a complete check up just 4 months ago and he got a clean bill of health- Until very recently

If you wish to send a card or something to cheer him, conditional on the fact that I know you, email me and I will forward the address.

Update: Donations are being accepted for Dave's health care costs- You can go to his site and just use the donate button at the top of the page

If you are unaware of Dave McGowan's condition?

Dave McGowan- Say a little prayer..

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Greece to Question Syrian over Turkey Bound Bullet Haul

Call this news story- Curious
Thessaloniki, Greece--Greek investigators were to question Monday a Syrian (Kurdish??) caught trying to sneak tens of thousands of bullets into Turkey, a police source said.
How many tens of thousands of bullets? 10? 20? I don't know? 
The 28-year-old man was detained over the weekend at the Kipi customs post in Evros, the northernmost part of Greece, after police found parcels of bullets concealed in special caches in his car.

The authorities said they were not ruling out the possibility that the ammunition was destined to rebels of the Free Syrian Army.

The suspect's vehicle had Austrian registration plates but he was carrying a fake British driving license, police said.

Evros is a central hub on the route connecting Europe and Asia, where smugglers routinely attempt to pass guns, drugs and migrants, from or into Turkey, which shares 1,300 kilometres (800 miles) of border with Iraq and Syria.

Don't Miss:

100 US/EU fighter jets join Arctic Exercise near Russia

How very peace inducing......Reuters

About 100 fighter jets from the United States and eight European nations began an Arctic training exercise in the Nordic nations on Monday, a region worried by increased Russian military activity. The exercise, based in the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland with 4,000 personnel, is meant to test cooperation among Arctic nations near Russia.

The aim is to exercise and train units in the orchestration and conduct of complex air operations, in close relations to NATO partners,” Norwegian brigadier general Jan Ove Rygg, heading the exercise, said in a statement. The exercise, lasting from May 25 to June 5, is one of the biggest fighter jet exercises in Europe this year and the second of its type after one in 2013. Plans are for exercises every second year, testing everything from shooting down airborne targets to mid-air refuelling. NATO members involved were the United States, Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as non-members Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, which are linked to the alliance via NATO’s partnership for peace
NATO's partnership for peace... suuure.

Don't Miss:   Big Oil: Bring on the Carbon Tax- Poseurs Pembina & Desmog blog

Big Oil: Bring on the Carbon Tax- Poseurs Pembina & Desmog blog

 Saw this coming a mile away. All the talk of ‘big oil’ being against carbon taxes from the likes of Greenpeace and other environmental pretenders- Big Oil, Big Banks & Wall street walk hand in hand, side by side. As for Greenpeace, keeping you believing, keeps them in the 'green' money! Simple as that! They provide a business service that you believe in- you support it and the business of Greenpeace, keeps on going. It's that straightforward.

Initially I too believed the AGW hype but then I became aware of facts, not spin, that enabled me to see past the lies & bullshit.

So Big Oil: Bring on the Carbon Tax
“"We think climate change is happening," Williams, Suncor's chief executive, told reporters. "We think a broad-based carbon price is the right answer."
Of course climate change is happening. It’s always happened and always will happen
BUT AGW is not happening. Not in the way it’s been sold to justify this tax grab, impoverishment and total control via carbon. When AGW didn't pan out as sold, then the rebrand 'climate change' took it's place. But what is climate change really, but something that occurs, has always occurred and will continue to occur- with or without us.

In backing the idea of a carbon tax, Suncor's Williams repeatedly noted that since 80 per cent of emissions come at the point of combustion, any strategy trying to take on climate change must include end users people turning ignition switches and flipping on lights at home.

Suncor is pushing the greatly expanded carbon tax onto the back of the little people- you and I. The always intended mark (target) of the banks, wall street and government.
It's a message that puts the oilsands giant on the same page as green groups such as the Pembina Institute.

BTW: Pembina has been receiving money from agenda pushing governments, Rockefeller foundation money etc., globally-

Alberta: Funding both sides of the illusory debate
“This is now two departments in the Government of Alberta that we have found shovelling money to anti-pipeline political activists,” said CTF Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt. “It’s absolutely ludicrous for the government to be out fighting tooth and nail for the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipeline, and than to be giving questionable contracts and grants to the very people who are opposing these pipelines.

US Foundation Money funding Pembina
“ For example, the Rockefeller Brothers paid US$425,000 (2001-2003) to the David Suzuki Foundation to “organize” First Nations on the north coast of B.C. In 2004, the fund also made a small grant to the Suzuki Foundation “to campaign to support a moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration” on the B.C. coast.
Rockefeller (oil and banking)  money funneled through David Suzuki , manipulating First Nations people

Pembina: Environmental Faker- Playing offense and defense- which is oxymoronic!
Or is just plain moronic!

Anti-oil sands think-tank being funded by U.K.

Pembina and that other faker ‘DeSmog blog’ walk hand in hand?
A couple of examples: Here or Here
I have a way back post on the sham  that is “DeSmog blog”- Dirt I dug up myself

From Al Gore's Investment Management to DeSmogBlog :Helping to make bankers richer and you and I poorer, in every way, every day.

Finally: Stephen Harper was NEVER opposed to carbon taxes or carbon markets. Never. Ever

August 30/2010 and yes that's nearly 5 years ago...Canada can forge ahead with green house gas emmissions trading, without the US
 The carbon/cap and trade market has, for now, been stalled in the US.
How to circumvent that problem?
Might one way be to have Canada start their Carbon market up?
Rather then Canada following suit as usual, Canada will set the tone and the US will just have to 'sing along". In NAFTA Harmonization, of course!
Of course PM Harper led then as he does now!

Stephen Harper says Alberta's carbon pricing could 'go broader'
In a 2014 interview with CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge, the prime minister has indicated for the first time a willingness to accept a price on greenhouse gas emissions.

Speaking favourably about the merits of Alberta's carbon-pricing system, Harper said it's a model that could be implemented on a "broader" scale.
Same as the guy from Suncor is saying in 2015. Harper spoke in 2014 of implementing carbon taxes on a broader scale
"It's not a levy, it's a price. And there's a tech fund in which… [the] private sector makes investments.
"So look, that's what Alberta has done. That's a model that's available. But you know, as I say, we're very open to see progress on this on a continental basis."
Stephen Harper has been pro banker, oil, wall street, wealth extraction, pick pocketing all along
Cause I have other posts here on that too!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dave McGowan- Say a little prayer...

From the day I began this blog Dave McGowan (uberfave)  has been a constant in the sidebar of the blog. He became known to me via his appearances on Meria- the mouth that roars
I can't say with any certainty how many years ago I first heard him talking up his  writings?
It likely had to be around the time he published his first book -Derailing Democracy  So that was  at least 13 years ago???
I own and have read all of his books.  Yes, there are more books then the more recently published "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon" A book, I actually have two copies of. One purchased from Dave with a very lovely autograph. And the other copy bought to read and lend. The other books are  Understanding the F-word and of course Programmed to Kill- and the already mentioned Derailing Democracy. Dave is no 'Johnny come lately' to  what I characterize as the questioning authority and everything else scene.
Hell, yours truly is even responsible for the 'send in the clowns' title of the regular show that Meria and Dave did every month! It described the tomfoolery (playful or silly behaviour) of the two hosts, but especially of Dave, while delivering some of the most difficult or challenging information. Like a spoon full of sugar...

Sigh.. I don't know how to say this, but, I'm going to just get it out there. Dave McGowan is facing the toughest life challenge imaginable. I'm going to quote from his last facebook posting:
So I guess I’ll just cut right to the chase and say that the prognosis is not good. I’ve been in the oncology ward of Glendale Adventist Hospital for several days now subjecting myself to various tests (X-Rays, a C-T Scan, an MRI, blood panels, a bone scan, and a biopsy). And the news has gotten progressively worse. As it stands now, I have small-cell cancer aggressively attacking my lungs, liver and bones, and the doctors fear it could soon invade my brain. The survival rate for this form of lung cancer is very low and beating the odds is a daunting challenge. I’m a fighter by nature, but this is going to require a hell of a fight. On the plus side, the staff here has been wonderfully supportive and they have done everything possible to keep me comfortable and to take the edge off the intense pain. Start my first round of chemotherapy this morning, which hopefully will go well.
I don't have 'facebook' so can't comment there- I, like Dave, detest that giant information sucking, manipulating, anti-social, anti human space.
Therefore what I have to say about this sad new is going to be right here:

I'm dam sorry to read this news Dave.. Truly.  Your FB mesage is pure Dave- the fighter in you is apparent in the words. My husband and I send nothing but the best thoughts imaginable to you and your family at this very difficult time.

If anyone wants to comment here, please do, well wishes would be appreciated.

"ISIS of Saudi Arabia" claims responsibility for suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia

Yup, that's an alleged new group of ISIS affiliates if your keeping track.
Here is the latest: CBC
A group purporting to be a newly-established Saudi affiliate of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria group says it is behind Friday's attack on Shia worshippers in the kingdom.

In a statement distributed on ISIS-linked Twitter feeds, a group purporting to be the ISIS branch in Saudi Arabia issued the claim. It could not be independently confirmed if the new group has operational links to ISIS
The group's statement carried a logo in Arabic referring to itself as the "Najd Province" — a reference to the historic region that is home to the capital Riyadh and the ruling Al Saud family, as well as the ultraconservative Wahhabi branch of Islam.

A suicide bomber killed at least 19 people Friday in a blast inside a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia as worshippers commemorated the 7th century birth of a revered figure, residents and officials said.
Loyalists of the extremist Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack — the second against Shiites in the kingdom in six months. In November, the extremist Islamic State group was accused of being behind the shooting and killing of eight worshippers in the eastern Saudi Arabian village of al-Ahsa.
Despite a string of IS-related attacks over the past several months that have also targeted police, Friday's suicide bombing appears to be the deadliest in the country in nearly a decade.
 Some ultraconservative Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, known as Wahhabis, have used Friday sermons to rally support for the war and simultaneously criticize Shiites and their practice of praying at the tombs of religious figures, which they view as akin to polytheism.
That is such a familiar occurrence. Exactly as it was done in Syria. Who would think?

The country's top cleric, Grand Mufti Abdel-Aziz al-Sheikh, told Saudi state television that the attack in Qatif aims at "driving a wedge among the sons of the nation" and described it as "a crime, shame and great sin." The country's top council of clerics issued a statement blaming the attack on "terrorist criminals with foreign agendas."
Reuters is reporting 21 deaths at the mosque
More than 150 people were praying when the huge explosion ripped through the Imam Ali mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh, witnesses said.

Flashback:  Sy Hersh’s Limited Hangout: Framing Saudi Arabia for Destruction/Destabilization

An interesting hour of conversation from Jay Dyer and company

 This is the half audio interview with Mark Hackard & Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East.
 Mark and Daniel joined me for a 2 hour discussion of their recent articles and translations of Soviet history, secret operations, black markets, fronts and shells, blackmail and intrigue and Middle Eastern trickery combined with American foreign policy ventures. Topics covered include The Cambridge Five and Philby, Golitsin and defections, ISIS, media manipulation, the history of Islamic sects, and much more.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cold Weather is Much Deadlier Then Extreme Heat

One would never know that from all the AGW hype and computer models that simply haven't panned out- This information was come by the hard way- Real world data was gathered over a period of time. Considering how dam cold the past few years have been in most of the North American continent alongside many other areas of the globe this seems a timely article

Digression begins: It’s late May here and guess what? Other then a few warm days in a row, our temperatures have been mostly below normal for this time of year.  To date we’ve planted our cool weather plants, but, nothing that requires warmer temps. That would be tomatoes, peppers & eggplants. Worst of all the furnace has been on, intermittently and this Friday coming is going to be quite cold for this time of year.

*Ottawa area: Birds still delayed by cooler than normal weather
* Natural Gas Futures gain..."The weather may be cooler than normal in most of the lower 48 states through May 24, according to Commodity Weather Group LLC in Bethesda, Maryland"

 Digression over, let’s get back to deadly Cold Weather:

Heat waves get more attention, but cold weather claims more lives, according to a new study analyzing deaths in 13 countries
I simply can’t imagine why ‘heat’ gets more attention then cold? Really, I can’t ;)

“After examining more than 74 million deaths that occurred in 13 countries from 1985 to 2012, researchers calculated that 7.3% of them could be attributed to cold weather and 0.4% to hot weather.”

The researchers collected daily data on weather conditions, air pollution and deaths from 384 cities around the world. For each city, they calculated the temperature at which deaths were least likely to occur. All other days were compared to days with this “optimum” temperature.

In all countries, the optimum temperature was close to the upper end of all temperatures recorded there. In the United States, for instance, 84% of days were colder than the optimum temperature and 16% were warmer. At one end of the spectrum, 93% of days in Sweden were below the optimum temperature and 7% were above it. At the other end, Brazil had 60% of days below and 40% of days above its optimum temperature.

The 2.5% of days that were the very coldest in each location were considered extremely cold, and the 2.5% of days that were hottest were examples of extreme heat.

With the bulk of the days in all areas being below the ideal temperature, days rated cold but not extremely cold were blamed for the most deaths — 6.7% during the study period
From earlier today:

Kosher Seal of Approval for PM Stephen Harper?

Kosher Seal of Approval for PM Stephen Harper?

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper returns today to Quebec, a province where his party hopes to make major gains in this fall's election.
And he's being honoured by a community which holds considerable sway over whether those gains will include a seat in Montreal.
The riding of Mount Royal is up for grabs this fall with Liberal MP Irwin Cotler stepping down.
About 30 per cent of the riding identified as Jewish in the last census — making the electoral district one of only a handful in the country where that community can swing an election if it votes en masse.
The Liberals have held the seat since 1940, but Montreal's influential Jewish Community Council appears set to give its stamp of approval to Harper.
The council is a religious organization, primarily concerned with certifying whether products are kosher and on Thursday's evening it will give the prime minister its King David Award.
"The King David Award is presented to an individual who is a light unto the world," reads a description of the honour on the event's Facebook page. "One whose courage, strength, intelligence and faithfulness are examples and inspirations for us all.
Should have read blight. A blight unto the world
"This year’s honouree has gone over and above the call of duty in every one of those attributes."
Suuure. If we're talkin' blight then yes Stephen Harper has gone over and above the call of duty
Harper's vocal support for Israel has drawn consistent praise from many segments of the Jewish community, who traditionally voted for the Liberals.

Identity politics in action- Too bad for ordinary run of the mill Canadians. 
See:Gilad Atzmon: From A to Zion and the despicable Identity Politics

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gilad Atzmon: From A to Zion and the despicable Identity Politics

With thanks to Henrik @ Red Ice Radio!!

Atzmon has written three books, and he returns to speak with us about his new publication, “A to Zion – The Definitive Israeli Lexicon,” a fictitious satire co-authored with cartoonist Enzo Apicella. Gilad gives a synopsis of the book and tells about his impetus for engaging the issues of Jewish ideology in Israel politics using aphorisms and humor.
  Gilad emphasizes the bamboozling effects of identity politics among various discourses, and we relate this cultural tactic to the notion of the oppressed vs. the oppressor as a trick to lead victims into the hands of more oppression
 Identity Politics just more divide and conquer:

- Win by getting one's opponents to fight among themselves.
- A way of keeping yourself in a position of power by making the people under you disagree with each other so that they are unable to join together and remove you from your position
Identity politics is a political style that focuses on the issues relevant to various groups defined by a wide variety of shared characteristics, including, but not limited to, race, social class, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, culture, currency, shared ...

Busy 24 hours: Don't Miss...


Obama OK's Arctic Drilling! Greenpeace can see their coffers grow

Obama OK’s Drilling for Oil in the Arctic-

Big non surprise- Really. This should not be a surprise. All manner of environmental destruction is wrought to benefit the oil/banking cartel. War being a huge destructive force for profit. Those facts are the very reason I have  repeatedly stated- if you believed that the AGW scam was ever going to impede or harm the oil/banking/pharma/chemical/war cartel in any way shape or form, you have been duped.
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Monday gave conditional approval to allow Shell to start drilling for oil off the Alaskan coast this summer, a major victory for the petroleum industry and a devastating blow to environmentalists.

This is not a blow to ‘environmentalists’ like Greenpeace. Though it is appalling to someone like myself and many others who actually care for and tend to this earth. This will be a $$$$ cow for Greenpeace and other coopted ‘Big Green” organizations They can send more emails out, pleading for your hard earned dollars to fight this decision and continue to accomplish absolutely nothing. Same as they have done so far.
Shell has sought for years to drill in the icy waters of the Chukchi Sea. Federal scientists believe the region could hold up to 15 billion barrels of oil.

“We have taken a thoughtful approach to carefully considering potential exploration in the Chukchi Sea,” Abigail Ross Hopper, director of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, said in a statement. She said that the administration recognized the need to establish high standards for the protection of the Arctic ecosystem as well as the cultural traditions of Alaska Natives and that the offshore exploration “will continue to be subject to rigorous safety standards.”
The Interior Department’s approval of the drilling was conditional on Shell’s receiving approval of remaining state and federal drilling permits for the project, including permits from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and authorizations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Curtis Smith, a spokesman for Shell, called the approval “an important milestone” for Shell and said it showed the administration’s confidence in Shell’s commitment to safety.
The Obama administration had initially granted Shell a permit to begin offshore Arctic drilling in the summer of 2012.
However, the company’s first forays into exploring the new waters were plagued with numerous safety and operational problems. One of its oil rigs, the Kulluk, ran aground and had to be towed to safety. In 2013, the Interior Department said the company could not resume drilling until all safety issues were addressed.
In a review of the company’s performance in the Arctic, the department concluded that Shell had failed in a wide range of basic operational tasks, like supervision of contractors that performed critical work.
The report was harshly critical of Shell management, which acknowledged that it was unprepared for the problems it encountered operating in the unforgiving Arctic environment.
But the administration said that since then, the Interior Department has significantly strengthened and updated drilling regulations. And outside experts said that while the challenges of Arctic drilling were steep, the new plan surmounted them to some extent by allowing drilling only in the summer months (when there is way less ice, due to the 24/7 sunshine)  and in shallow waters. (Where ice would melt the quickest and return the latest- so much for the Arctic being devoid of ice?)
“It recognizes both the economic and energy potential of the Arctic seas, but also the environmental sensitivity of the area and the challenges of responding to spills and other incidents in such a harsh climate,” said Thomas Lorenzen

Harsh climate!?!? What!?! According to AGW mythology- It's a beach up there.

A Typical email from GreenPeace

Here is a copy of the last email I received from Greenpeace- Cause like I told you all, I used to be a fool for their tripe-
What do you notice about their email?


We may have as little as 68 days before Shell begins to drill for oil in Arctic waters. The consequences of a spill in the Arctic would be devastating.

Help keep the pressure on Shell to halt Arctic drilling. Make a donation today.

Here in Canada, we have big plans to take on Shell all summer. I can’t go into much detail right now, but I promise that these plans are strategic, accessible to people all over Canada and creative!

We may not have Shell’s billions, but we know that there are people across Canada committed to protecting the Arctic. A donation from you can give us the security we need to make these ambitious plans happen.

In the past month, I've witnessed some amazing acts of courage from my colleagues, volunteers and the public.

Image with "Donate Now"

You've probably heard about the six volunteers on the Greenpeace ship Esperanza that climbed aboard Shell’s Arctic-bound Polar Pioneer drill rig as both vessels crossed the Pacific Ocean.1 For six days these courageous activists camped out on the rig, bringing international attention to our shared goal: No Arctic drilling!
I am so moved to see that the courage of the six is multiplying, daily. Seattle is the Polar Pioneer’s next stop before heading to the Arctic. Just over a week ago thousands of Seattle residents gathered outside the Port of Seattle to deliver a red kayak full of messages from protesters saying “Shell no to Arctic drilling”.2

In May, when the rig is expected to arrive in Seattle, members of the public are preparing to meet the Polar Pioneer with a wall of people-powered opposition. The movement against Arctic drilling is growing, but only with your help can we keep up the momentum.

Help us keep the pressure on Shell this summer, donate today.
Remember Shell’s last attempt at Arctic drilling? It was a fiasco from start to finish, with crashed oil rigs, damaged equipment, failed safety tests and even criminal convictions for its sub-contractors. Amazingly, Shell is eager to go back again this summer.

Let’s work together this summer. Let's build a movement of opposition to Arctic drilling that's just too big for Shell to ignore. Your donation today will fuel the movement and help preserve the Arctic from reckless oil drilling. Please give today.

Say it with me: “SHELL NO!”

Sarah & the team at Greenpeace Canada

 And in the fine print beneath the letter another mention to donate. In one letter Greenpeace asks for money 6 times. What solution is proposed for dealing with this issue of Arctic drilling? Publicity stunts to draw attention to Greenpeace. What have years of publicity stunts accomplished?
Judging by the Obama administration decision? Nothing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Macedonia and the "Lipstick Protestor" Yawn

Previously we had the 'umbrella' protests.. And other prop/ attention grabbers I've likely forgotten!
I'm bored.Seriously, this nonsense is getting tired. Old. Stale. Yawn.
Something eye catching that spreads like wildfire via anti social media-
I'm not impressed. This is a very typical manipulative psyop.

One thing that is clear the police in Macedonia were less animalistic then in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the G-20

Who can forget Officer Bubbles?
Threatening to arrest the bubble blowing protestor. And yes she was arrested.


No social media, twitter twaddle heads thought her arrest was over kill. None spread their NED, Freedom House bought & paid for messages. Nope, just silence. And media demonization in freedom loving Canada.........Running down those protestors!

Apparently Macedonia has more restrained police officers then so called democratic Canada?
Says much about Canada. And the vast majority of Canadians.
But, I've digressed let's get back to the 'lipstick protestor' and her staged photo shoot.
Bolstered by the bought and paid for 'human rights' promoters

Back to Macedonia and the "lipstick protestor"

On that first day of protests, a police cordon was guarding the main government building in downtown Skopje. As hundreds of people poured past, a Reuters photographer stood perched on a step next to the building for a better view of the crowd. Below him, a young woman approached the police cordon, and as the crowd of protesters shouted around her, she reapplied her red lipstick using one of the riot police officer's shields to view her reflection. As the photographer pointed his camera at her and snapped away, she left a bright red kiss print on the officer's shield.

Completely staged photo- The photographer prepositioned and the 'activist' approaches, but not protesting,  applies her lipstick, kissing the officers shield while the already in position photographer from Reuters snaps away...
Her name is Jasmina Golubovska and the image of her reapplying her lipstick in the midst of an anti-government protest has wrapped itself around the globe several times over, getting play on viral websites such as Daily Dot and BuzzFeed as well as major international news outlets. To some she is a “badass”, to others “an icon” of the protests in Macedonia.
But Golubovska was not just a random woman touching up her makeup on the front lines of civic resistance: she is a rights activist and a representative of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia.
In other words she is a bought and paid for 'activist'- Which is why this shot was set up to be taken the way it was.

I've seen the name Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in 'Wherever a Destabilization is Necessary'  This group comes up time and time again. They seem to be tied into the NATO stay behind organizational structure

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

Freedom House: Nations in Transit- Macedonia 2014

Unrest in Macedonia Follows ‘Regime Change’ Scenarios Used Worldwide

 "There could hardly be any doubt that current destabilization of Macedonia could happen without the will and even support of the same western factors. Statements from various western capitals, participation of some western ambassadors at the opposition rallies in Skopje, slogans and western propaganda, in general, is more than revealing."

Did Victoria Nuland hand out sandwiches in Macedonia?