Thursday, May 28, 2015

Edu-Indoctrination: AGW Rebrand "Climate Change" meets Curriculum. Math Fail. Sex Edu-Indoctrination

Education. You think it’s about gaining life survival/advancement skills?  You’re wrong
You think it’s about strengthening humanity with an eye to the future? Also wrong
Education is little more then indoctrination of the masses,  starting at a very young age, to live as servile beings to elitist interests/agendas- Simply put
Of course I realize it’s more complex then that, but, for simplicity sake I will limit my critique to that.

A brief digression:

When my child was young the school was teaching the most absurd way of reading- You read what you thought might be on the page based on the pictures shown. I'm not kidding!
Utter garbage! So, I taught her to read by breaking words down phonetically. And of course reading to her and having her read to me. Wonderful times :)
Then there was math. Oh yes, the math. Let’s put it this way. Education at that time didn’t worry itself about multiplication- So, as a parent, I yet again took matters into my own hand, teaching our daughter to multiply. We memorized times tables together, though I knew them well using them my entire life . I showed her how easily division is when one understands multiplication- Because the relationship becomes quite obvious
Once you have the basic of multiplication and division down further mathematics becomes a whole lot easier. Hubby took care of measurements- figuring out volume etc

Digressing Again: Speaking of the dysfunctional math 'taught' to dumb children down- Guess what? Now it's bad and should be discarded- As I like to say- "No shit Sherlock"- Could have told you that almost 20 years ago - A news story making the rounds just today
Canada's kids aren't learning math and their math skills are worsening
The report from the C.D. Howe Institute says that Canadian students' math performance in international exams has been declining between 2003 and 2012.
From my own experience the children &, young people are now permanently damaged from this Edu-Indoctrination- Not only can they not comprehend simple math- they can't even begin to get through the process of understanding the most basic mathematics- I can tell you a multitude of stories about blank faces looking at me. An inability to add and subtract without the use of a calculator. And fractions- Again I could tell you stories, real life recounts that would cause you to have fear for the future.

Education, we are told, prepares children for the future. What we're never told is just what or whose future our children are being prepared for? Functioning as a servant to abusive psychopathic elites is not a future any aware parent would want for their child. What parents should be striving for is developing an independent, thoughtful, intelligent human that is able to survive, thrive and comprehend that which is in the best interest of that child’s future survival & well being.

Obviously indoctrination should be tossed out of the education system. Indoctrination should be avoided whole heartedly. Children should be taught critical thinking skills- The ability to think. To reason. To rationalize. To sort sense from non sense. Children should be taught about the real living world. Plants. Animals. Children should garden. Gardening teaches so much to children it’s value is beyond real comprehension. Children should cook. Yes, they should!

None of these aformentioned life skills are taught.  Rather, what passes for education is whole sale indoctrination- The sex education curriculum in Ontario- the one that pays homage to a convicted pedophile is a perfect example of state sponsored Edu- Indoctrination.
 Should public schools really be teaching a "sex indoctrination"program created by a convicted pedophile?  This man & his social "standing" serve as a perfect example of the elite psychopathy leadership that should be tossed to the curb by all of us! Ignored. Scattered to the winds.
Instead of exercising some moral cautiousness, Edu-Indoctrination marches on in it's goal of teaching our children to be servile to elite psycho leaders - The curriculum lives on.

The Holocaust tm is yet another state taught indoctrination example. Taught to imbibe a ‘victim’ ideology as it relates to ONLY one group of people, while ignoring the atrocities committed against many other peoples, including but not limited to the Native populations in both Canada and the US. The carpet bombings and mass killing of Japanese and Germans during WW2 by the allies (US, UK and Canada) The twin nuclear bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Carpet bombing and mass civilian casualties in Korea. Chemical warfare waged in Vietnam. I could go on, but, hoping you get the point? There have been many holocausts but only one is used as a matter of indoctrination.

The dumbing down of the future generations is appalling and too many parents are silent.
Considering what is understood about the Edu-Indoctrination system and it’s real function- Servitude to elites- It comes as no surprise that schools in the US, undoubtedly coming to Canada soon, are teaching  the AGW rebrand: Climate Change Indoctrination Coming To a School Near YOU! - 

Serving Wall St, Banks, Big Oil, Big Toxic Agriculture & the Petrochemical cartels- Beneficiaries of the AGW LIE

Carbon is Bad = Humanity/Bad

While many American parents are angry about the Common Core educational standards and related student assessments in math and English, less attention is being paid to the federally driven green Common Core that is now being rolled out across the country. Under the guise of the first new K-12 science curriculum to be introduced in 15 years, the real goal seems to be to expose students to politically correct climate-change orthodoxy during their formative learning years.

The National Research Council framework for K-12 science education recommends that by the end of Grade 5, students should appreciate that rising average global temperatures will affect the lives of all humans and other organisms on the planet. By Grade 8, students should understand that the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels is a major factor in global warming
 Problems: AGW is a theory. Unproven and demonstrably wrong. Particularly since there has been no rise in global temps for years- And every overblown dire claim has been shown to be false.
By Grade 12, students should know that global climate models are very effective in modeling, predicting and managing the current and future impact of climate change.
More Indoctrination and a claim that is completely false. Climate models have shown themselves to be completely ineffective in modelling or predicting much of anything real.
Relying on a climate-change curriculum and teaching materials largely sourced from federal agencies-raises a number of issues. Along with the undue authoritative weight that such government-produced documents carry in the classroom, most of the work is one-sided and presented in categorical terms, leaving no room for a balanced discussion. Moreover, too much blind trust is placed in the predictive power of long-range computer simulations, despite the weak forecasting track record of most climate models to date.

I can't disagree on the problematic points raised
The topic of man-made global warming, properly taught, would present many teachable moments and provide an example of the scientific method in action. Precisely because the science of climate change is still just a theory, discussion would help to build student skills in critical thinking, argumentation and reasoning, which is the stated objective of the new K-12 science standards.
Can't teach that! Critical thinking? Reasoning? That's bad. That's not servile.
"For instance: Why has the planet inconveniently stopped warming since the late 1990s even as carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise? 
How reliable are historical measurements of average global temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels when, before the 1950s, much of the data are interpolated from such diverse sources as weather balloons, kites, cloud observations, primordial tree rings and Antarctic ice bubbles?

How statistically significant is a 1.4-degree Fahrenheit increase in average global surface temperatures since 1880 for a 4.6 billion-year-old planet with multiple ecosystems and a surface area of some 200 million square miles?
How dangerous is the current level of carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere, when 400 parts per million expressed as a percentage of the volume of the atmosphere would equate to only 0.04% or approximately zero?"
Good Questions!
Employing such a Socratic approach to teaching climate change would likely lead to a rational and thought-provoking classroom debate on the merits of the case. However, that is not the point of this academic exercise—which seems to be to indoctrinate young people by using K-12 educators to establish the same positive political feedback loop around global warming that has existed between the federal government and the nation’s colleges and universities for the past two decades.

Recall at the beginning of my post I mentioned one reason for the very existence of Edu-Indoctrination? Servitude through Edu-Indoctrination.

Wouldn't it be more sensible to teach facts about carbon that are known to be true?
And scientific.
Like carbon is an element. And it is the sixth most abundant element in the entire universe.What children should be taught is that all life consists of carbon
Shine on you crazy diamond: why humans are carbon-based lifeforms
Instead? Indoctrination rules! And that is sad, dangerous and deadly for us.

The past 24 hours have been busy! I've left lots to read and comment about so please do!



  1. You really lost me at the climate change thing. What background and expertise do you possess that permits you to be so conclusive? Of course it's a theory, a hypothesis. But there's surely sufficient evidence supporting it that we should invoke the precautionary principle?
    (if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is not harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking an action.

    The principle is used by policy makers to justify discretionary decisions in situations where there is the possibility of harm from making a certain decision )

    1. I don't do appeal to authority-
      "What background and expertise do you possess that permits you to be so conclusive? "

      Authority can and has been corrupted in many incidents
      AGW promotion is one of those many instances
      According to the IPCC an entity that finally had to reluctantly admit there has been no warming for almost two decades yet they pursue their rubbish agenda because they 'believe' their theory is correct despite abundant real world data that says it's wrong

      And yes, there is plenty of information and real world fact that contradicts AGW theory

      Those multiple or multitude of contradictions demonstrate the falsity of the theory

      As for the policy of causing no harm- utter rubbish- there is plenty of harm done to us and the planet via the big mutinationals and they don't restrain themselves- I am talking war, GMO's, EDC's etc
      There is no concern then about avoiding harm- only making profit
      so that is a bogus argument
      We have far bigger, pressing problems with real pollution on this planet then the unproven, failed theory of AGW

      I dont' get money from big oil, wall street, big toxic agriculture or petrochemicals companies to push their profit taking agenda

      Where is the "discretion" to prevent harm demonstrated here?

      The petrochemical industry - big oil - lobbied for the delay of the regulation of EDC's, the toxins that are chemical manipulating humanity and the entire planet.

      Also, I am a carbon based life form, presumably you are too. I am a naturally occurring element in this universe
      I am not a pollutant.

    2. You apparently do not consider it harmful to children to brainwash them through the education system by feeding them dubious facts as truth. I consider that to be child abuse, personally,

      It is not necessary to indoctrinate children with dubious theories presented as facts in order to encourage them to respect the planet which sustains them and us and the other life forms with which t is shared. Nor should we being doing so or allowing others to do so, especially through what purports to be an education system.

      I agree with Penny that we might do better by providing them with the facts about the proven dangers of EDCs and GMOs rather than unproven and, indeed hotly contested, hypotheses.

      Interesting name....God free. Just saying.

    3. Hi Anonymous :)
      Thanks for your comment!
      I agree wholeheartedly with you,regarding indoctrinating children being abusive!
      I would add that teaching these young minds in such a horrendous fashion is an abuse also!
      The what and how of the teaching!

      It was quite interesting that "God free" came here spouting the precautionary principal meme- I've come across that one often
      however it is only applied to AGW
      How many additional inter sexed fish need be created?
      How many baby boys with damaged urethras need be born because of the EDC?
      How much more cancer?
      How many girls entering puberty too early-setting them up for diseases later on?
      How much more diabetes?
      How many more gender bending humans have to be born?
      How many more gmo crops have to be planted, unleashing a tsunami of EDC's into the environment via glysophate use before bankers, big oil, petrochemical, toxic agriculture, and big pharma will allow the invocation the precautionary principle?
      When the supply of humans, they abuse in order to profit from becomes to scarce? Then, maybe then they might care? Maybe?
      Sickening, all of it! And God free invokes precaution?

      Of course I could say more about wars etc
      but, I think you understand that which I am speaking of
      Thanks again :)

  2. I found an article with a sample question of this nonsensical math being taught to intentionally dumb down children

    A sample question in the revised Grade 3 curriculum asks students to “Give a real-life example of when you might need to know that 3 groups of 2 is 3 x 2.”

    Notice that is not a question about the math? That is a question asking students when in real life would they need to know that 3 groups of 2 is the same as 3 x 2?

    The required answer is not 3 x 2 = 6
    It's some other nonsense perhaps related to a bunch of friends playing games or some such rubbish

    This 'discovery' math is taught in the US and Canada
    It was identified as early as 2009 in Seattle as being a huge problem
    Parents marched in Alberta last year to get his changed
    Ontario rather then address the dumbing down agenda is giving money to teachers to shore up their teaching skills for this trash
    And here is where I am angry with teachers- you of all people should be speaking against this trash- and your not!

    1. An excellent post, Penny, For further confirmation that the education systems are not designed to equip our children to be independent, rational thinkers and learners see John Taylor Gatto's stuff.

      They don't put the foundations in place when it comes to maths teaching. So children find it difficult and become afraid of it. I have had to remove the fear before I could teach the maths to children who then had no difficulty in mastering the subject and came to enjoy it when they had hated it previously. The Scandinavian and Eastern European countries appear to have a more successful approach to maths teaching than we do here in the UK (and from what you write, there in Canada)

      My own experience was of teachers who were talented mathematicians but awful teachers. But at least I learned the relationships between the mathematical functions and so could see some of the logic early on. I learned more about maths after I left school than I was ever taught in it, necessity being the master of more than just invention!

      We teachers are wimps really. What would you expect of individuals who want to stay in school permanently instead of going out into the real world?

      Keep on keeping on.

    2. John Taylor Gatto's stuff is great!
      I'm familiar with it- He did a series of interviews that i have listened too plus I did read two of his books- and I think I have one more to go that I also purchases

      "They don't put the foundations in place when it comes to maths teaching"

      Sad and true

      I too learned more about math after I left school but, I at least had the basics down
      "we teachers" I worried someone might be insulted? But it wasn't intended to be an insult just a wish out loud that teachers would be more proactive- but, here the government ties their hands and the teachers union is IMO in bed with the government-

      I will keep on keeping on, thanks so much :)

  3. Totally with you Pen . . . the trick to circumventing the retarded ideologies and brain-dead teachings is to parent properly. It doesn't have to mean homeschooling . . . one can be an active participant in your kids' learning, and that might have to mean teaching "extra" lessons on top of what they get a school. My dad did it with me, teaching and helping me with my grade 6 math, with his european schoolbook for grade . . . wait for it . . . 3. From the 1930's-40s. So if that was the gap then . . . what is it now?

    Let me tell you as a parent of two young kids, the oldest now in grade 1 - that gap is WAY BIGGER now, between pre-war europe levels of education and current education now in Canada. It's utterly ridiculous.

    But it's up to us, for sure (parents).

    1. Hey Slozo

      It was you I thought of the entire time I wrote this, my daughter, is through this and at the time she went to school hubby and I did everything we could to ensure her learning was not affected by the stupidity of state indoctrination. Thankfully the holocaust tm wasn't in the curriculum at that time!

      Though I recall, one incident that infuriated me because she was taking 'citizenship' and you know what was being taught?
      "To be a good citizen was to work and pay taxes"

      I hit the roof! Not at her, but, at the idea that she was being taught garbage. And I told her that was not what it meant to be a good citizen
      To be a good citizen was to be a decent, honest person. And to do what is needed to make a good community. Raise a decent family. We're real greens, so there was gardening, no littering, hikes, fishing, bird, animal. plant identification etc
      We cooked together, we baked together etc- she helped process food from the garden etc

      Funny story- Our daughter loved strategy games, and that's what we bought her- we still have many of them here- including chess
      Brother in law was here- University Chess club player and our like 10/11 year old daughter is beating him at all these strategy games and he was incensed, "how did she do that" he kept asking
      He would challenge her to another game and she'd beat him over and over- And he wasn't letting her win, either!

      On my kitchen wall, for years, I had this saying up: Until we did the reno

      " To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. "

      I always thought it made some valid points

      Speaking of the gap? I can see it Slozo and it frightens me. The deer in the head lights look on too many young peoples faces- They haven't a clue.
      Hubby at work had a coop student who could not read a tape measure!
      What in the hell! How can you work in the trades not being able to do that?!
      Had he never measured anything? Unheard of.
      Oh and he graduated from Gr 12- go figure!
      And yes it is up to the parents, but, many don't seem to want to do anything- There attitude is like, well that's what school is for, but, they are wrong- School is not for learning, it's for indoctrination

      You know what else is a HUGE problem- the reverence to perceived authority- OMG!
      The teacher, the school, the state as the AUTHORITY.
      So much garbage goes unchallenged and then parents get themselves in snit over really silly stuff- Unimportant stuff
      Meanwhile there children's heads are being filled with fluff

      That math question i quoted is like a disinfo question- intentionally misleading- that terrible to do to a young inquisitive mind

    2. lol, ignore my little typos- posting in haste, it always happens
      my problem is I don't use my preview enough LOL :))

    3. Another great post in your comment. Thank you for sharing the words of wisdom there. I like them enough to copy, share and put them up somewhere I can read them often.

      The one thing I tried to pass on to my own kids was that 'things' don't matter; people matter and how you treat them matters, along with a basic respect for other living things and their surroundings, That seems to have stuck with them, for which I am very grateful.

    4. Hi anonymous

      I believe that quote was attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson?
      But others say no
      No matter I like it always, it spoke to me about life

      "The one thing I tried to pass on to my own kids was that 'things' don't matter; people matter and how you treat them matters, along with a basic respect for other living things and their surroundings, That seems to have stuck with them, for which I am very grateful."
      wise words!

    5. Thanks for your reply, Pen. Totally agree with your take on the whole bowing down to authority thing . . . it's something the wife and I are are totally in agreement on, and something we ensure our kids understand completely.

      Something I forgot to mention - interesting for me to also compare and contrast the math level of teaching between my wife's homeland (China) and Canada. It's literally three or four grades behind...can you believe that in China, they are teaching trigonometry in grade 7/8? Now, I think they really push their kids too far there, and the whole listening to authority thing is a bit over the top there for the kids, but . . . it just illustrates why those international students coming over have these incredible grades vs the Canadians born here and brought up in our system. There's definitely a happy medium in terms of socialising and communication skills (the weaknesses of the high-scoring Asian countries) and a much higher level of math, science and geography teaching.

      The problem with all this Pen, being a parent who genuinely needs to put in the hours of extra teaching, mentoring, guiding, etc, is that . . . it takes a LOT OF WORK. And most parents are lazy. It's a TV, video game teaching world . . . even in the classroom now. They start in kindergarten, where the use of a "smart board" (large screen monitor for showing youtube videos) is used for education purposes. If most parents had the time or MADE THE TIME to volunteer at their kids' classrooms, they would be absolutely shocked at how little time is actually spent by teachers doing actual teaching.

      And to top it off, my biggest pet peeve and discovery about what school life entails and endeavours to teach? The fucking fundraising treadmill. School Council is 100% about fundraising. Every week or month, the kids are 'bullied' into fundraising for whatever - every ailment known to man, give money to Nepal earthquake victims, save the polar bears (who are not endangered in any way), autism awareness (we're all pretty fucking aware, lol), all the different school events, etc. And I have to explain to my kids that I don't believe in being an unpaid beggar gathering money for what usually amounts to a waste of money for whatever corporation it's being funnelled to. Being asked for money every single week is just . . . ridiculous, and sapping. And they constantly use the peer pressure method to get their way.

      Anyway, rant over on that. teach on, Pen!

  4. There's 'global warming' in Yemen!

    Nuclear strike hits Yemen. Video

    Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map. Tactical strikes have hit the city. Shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb. Israel is reported to be the one to deploy such neutron bombs. Any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone. Forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest. Obama has recently promised to provide every assistance including US military force to any "external threat" the rich Arab states of the Gulf may face. Pravda.Ru Read more on the subject here

    1. thanks Greg, I saw the news story myself on Saturday morning??? recalling correctly?
      busy week end here-
      have there been any additional reports?

  5. Hi Penny

    Quite a good game for simple Maths is darts [ though not with an electronic board], It also teaches judging distances. It might be considered a terrorism-device training module promoting internecine conflict.

    Every child should have a computer and then it can do their thinking for them.

    " Well done iPad 7, go to the top of the class. You, child, without electronica, DETENTION! "



    1. darts?
      I never thought of that, but I could see it
      judging distance, aim, plus a chance to divide a circle and use fractions?

      LOL- yup, they could be considered a terrorism training device, better, shut down the dart leagues worldwide!

      "Every child should have a computer and then it can do their thinking for them"

      a nightmare thought, just a nightmare! shudder!