Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beware of carbon tax ‘love fest’- Big Oil and the UN partner up- Be careful what you wish for...

You may just get it! - Unpleasant consequences and all.

"When Big Oil joins campaigns for a carbon tax it’s a sure sign the rest of us are going to pay"
Just how we are going to 'pay' is yet to be seen. I agree with the warning issued by, Terence Corcoran, though he too is playing his fake oppositional role.

He begins by quoting Linda McQuaig- a woman whose books I own and have read-  Though I now realize she is just another part of the gatekeeper left- Like Rabble here in Canada, also. An ism/schism group, promoters of the phony right/ left dialectic. It’s odd how the ‘left’ has turned into an intolerant divisive reactionary bunch of people- Same as the ‘right’ They just have their own special brand of divisive & reactionary intolerance- So glad I have washed my hands of this phony divide and conquer routine. My rant out of the way- let’s get back to our ‘big oil’ carbon tax love fest

"Linda McQuaig hailed the arrival of Canadian oil executives aboard the carbon tax bandwagon. Except for that ‘luddite’ Stephen Harper-
 Promotion of that fake left vs right meme.
Stephen Harper is not opposed to carbon taxes. Despite the left’s nonsensical claims.,
That includes many other fake left progressive blogs/bloggers who make the same false claims about Stephen Harper- I've covered that, here, previously

The object of McQuaig’s Twitter affection is Steve Williams, CEO of Suncor Energy, the Alberta oil sands developer. Williams has endeared himself to activists and green think tanks with his endorsement of a carbon tax.
From last week: Big Oil: Bring on the Carbon Tax- Poseurs Pembina & Desmog blog
Williams is also on the advisory board Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, a self-appointed “commission” of economic interventionists dedicated to imposing a carbon tax on all Canadians. ( Considering his position on Ecofiscal was there ever any doubt he was committed to imposing a carbon tax?) Ecofiscal is headed by McGill University’s Chris Ragan, who is quoted as having said that a recent industry/political/academic/environmental meeting on carbon taxes in Alberta was a “love fest.”
I yawn. Yaaaawwwwwn... Because I’ve said for years and years, right in this very space, that “big oil’ was always on board with the carbon tax, cap and trade etc

Apparently it’s now also an international group fest. The top executives of six major EU oil giants –BP, BG Group, Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil and Total — this week distributed a joint letter calling for a global carbon tax.
As mentioned the other day, here at the blog, in this post:Europes Top Oil Producers Call for Carbon Pricing- Completely Unsurprising
Quoting just a bit from that pos:
The oil companies have NOT had an epiphany of any sort. This is a sales/PR  campaign. We're all supposed to sing Kumbaya now with big oil because they have seen the light. That's not what happened!Big Oil always saw the light on the Carbon agenda. They saw the money light. The cash called them.Your cash. Your money. The big oil vacuum is getting ready to suck up your money, your choice and your freedoms- With their partners in crime, of course!
Terence Corcoran mentions a partner in crime (Yes, it's the UN) I'll highlight it, of course!

 Back to TC:
 The words “big fat price” do not appear in the European CEO letter. Instead, the heads of BP and Royal Dutch Shell et al seem more preoccupied with supporting natural gas as a source of electricity and dumping on coal, although they generously claim to be interested only in the equal treatment of all carbon sources. Their request, as stated in their letter to the media, is “to ensure…widespread carbon pricing in all countries.”
This is where the Big Oil carbon pricing love-in gets messy, politically and for consumers. The CEOs formal letter to the UN is significantly more direct. “If governments act to price carbon, this discourages high carbon options and encourages the most efficient ways of reducing emissions widely, including reduced demand for the most carbon intensive fossil fuels, greater energy efficiency, the use of natural gas in place of coal, increased investment in carbon capture and storage, renewable energy, smart buildings and grids, off-grid access to energy, cleaner cars and new mobility business models and behaviours.”
That's right- the UN!

To get there, the CEOs offered up their corporate services.Our companies would like to open direct dialogue with the UN and willing governments. (Hate to say I told you all so.... but I did!) 
We have important areas of interest in and contributions to make to creating and implementing a workable approach to carbon pricing.”
Big oil & the UN working together.... control, control control. Spy grid. Spy cities. Restrictions on your life.  Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies? Going to quote rubbell here on this one: 
 rubbellJune 2, 2015 at 6:57 AM
The oil industry is a cut throat gang of insiders run by social engineers.
Is the world, and Canada, ready to jump into bed with the oil industry to impose a global tax that would have to be borne by all consumers? At Alberta’s Suncor, Williams has said any carbon tax should target consumers, not just corporations.
So far the love fest has failed to tell us how big any such tax would have to be, perhaps because the number would have to approach $200 a tonne, adding 50 cents to the price of a litre of gasoline—although still not enough to rid the world of carbon emissions.
 Reducing carbon emissions was never the goal of carbon taxes and cap and trade- The goal is to control/impoverish you and I, while raking in our money! Why on earth would anyone want to reduce carbon emissions? That would equal a reduction in profits for banks, wall street and big oil. That would equal a reduction in taxes extorted by governments. This money is needed to build the infrastructure to support that 'internet of everything' that will be spying on/controlling us 24/7! Recall?  What happens to Humanity when the Internet is in Everything. Everywhere. Always??
"Note to Linda McQuaig: When at a love fest, always check on who the other partiers are"

I checked the other parties out, myself. Hence my total avoidance of partying with the big oil/banker/ chemical/agriculture/pharma life destroying/soul sucking/life hating beast. 



  1. Hi Penny,

    It sounds like the fighting is about to resume in earnest in the Donbass.

    There has been regular shelling during the ceasefire, but the fighting in Marinka to the east of Donetsk appears to be the heaviest in a long while.

    It's not clear to me yet who started the fighting at Marinka, either a militia local offensive or a Ukrainian local offensive and militia counter-attack.

    It was pretty much guaranteed that there would be a Summer campaign by the Ukrainians, but they may find it harder to get the element of surprise now that tensions have been heightened. It will be interesting to see if the western covert and overt support will lead to any new strategies or tactics.

    And of course, the civilians will be targetted whatever the new Ukrainian strategy turns out to be.


    1. thanks anthony
      I haven't forgotten about the many conflicts, so I appreciate you letting me know what's going on :)

    2. Just one correction to the post above.

      Marinka is to the west of Donetsk.

      Also: There were recent reports of e:mails revealing that George Soros is calling the shots in the Ukraine and influencing American policy. As you pointed out, there are links between the FIFA story and western policy towards Russia. I wonder if the timing of the renewed conflict in the Ukraine is also part of western strategy? I suppose the answer is obvious.


  2. Oh dear, touching a nerve... When stinking trolls appear you know your touching a nerve.
    Don't feed them. The garbage will be dealt with appropriately by myself

    Anthony: thanks for the comments. :)

  3. Just wondering if any Canadians checked out Ecofiscal?
    Hope some did? Cause you will be impressed by that fact that Preston Manning is involved
    Quoting "I joined the Commission because our future prosperity depends on our ability to grow in the context of a healthy environment. We need smarter fiscal policies to get there.

    Also notice how many times the word smart/smarter appears the participants testimonials?
    Keep in mind each time you read smart that means pain/ mental distress

    Because another definition for smart is

    . To cause a sharp, usually superficial, stinging pain: The slap delivered to my face smarted.
    b. To be the location of such a pain: The incision on my leg smarts.
    c. To feel such a pain.
    2. To suffer acutely, as from mental distress, wounded feelings, or remorse

    That's the accurate definition for "smart" technology- Don't assume it's clever.

    1. Astute observation, smart = sting. Take it a bit further

      Sting = a carefully planned operation, typically one involving deception.
      synonyms: swindle, fraud, piece of deception, trickery, cheat, bit of sharp practice

      Lots of deception associated with this particular sting.

    2. Indeed and thanks for expanding on my thought- I have to work that into a post, somehow!