Thursday, June 11, 2015

Erdogan blasts West for destabilizing Syria by Empowering Kurdish(is) Militants


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the West of destabilizing Syria by supporting Kurdish “terrorist groups,” while bombing Arabs and Turkmens.

The impassioned remarks were made in Erdogan’s first appearance since the general election. He called on all political parties to act “responsibly” in forming a coalition government, after his Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost its parliamentary majority at the polls on June 7.
"The West, which has shot Arabs and Turkmens, is unfortunately placing the PYD (the political wing of the YPG) and PKK in lieu of them," Erdogan said in a speech at the Ankara chamber of commerce.
The Kurds have a strong presence in Syria, Iraq and Turkey and have proved a formidable enemy to Islamic State (IS) earning international backing for standing up to extremists
Formidable enemy? I don't think so! Not at all.

The Turkish leader is uncomfortable with the military gains made by the Kurds in Syria, alleging their links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), whom he’s called “terrorists” on multiple occasions, and who have been fighting the Turkish government in an insurgency lasting more than 37 years.
While delivering the remark, Erdogan has used the opportunity to again strike at the perceived ineffectiveness of the US-led air-strike campaign against IS terrorists.

Of course the US is not going to strike effectively at KurdIShIS?
 Over the last week, 7,000 refugees had fled to Turkey and another 6,600 had joined them since Wednesday, a Turkish official told AFP.
As the Kurds burn multiple villages after allegedly 'ousting' ISIS.

 Flashback Time!

As the lines between KurdIShIS blur- Who burned 1,000's of Arab homes in Syria? 

  Kurdish fighters have been "burning Arab villages" in areas they control

 The Kurds also bulldozed homes. How very Israeli.

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  1. WOW he must have had change off heart. LOL I do hope he goes away but sadly will be replaced another Amerika clown. I'm surprised the military has taken him out.

    1. Hey jo
      I don't know that he had a change of heart?
      He's more worried about the kurds being empowered then anything else..
      Which makes me wonder, was the US and Israel making promises they had no intent to keep?

  2. Which makes me wonder, was the US and Israel making promises they had no intent to keep?

    Do they make any other kinds of promises? :)

    Interesting interview of Sibel Edmonds by James Corbett re Erdogan-

    1. Hi james
      sorry for not responding quicker,
      the US and Israel only make insincere promises, like britain!

      thanks for the link, I've had no chance to listen, but intend to today
      should be interesting

    2. Hi Pen, the interview is from a year ago but is still very topical. Here's another one this time from Voltaire-
      Nearing the end of the Erdoğan system

    3. Hey james
      Don't know if you noticed but I did catch wind of the tossing of Erdogan to the curb, the Gezi park protests made that look quite obvious
      but then, perhaps you read them, I did a series of posts regarding the impending destabilization of Turkey- I believe the next step is coming soon
      The imposition of a no fly zone in Northern Syria that will be used to fly over Turkey ostensibly to chase "ISIS" but really to back the Kurds as they displace Turks and do what they are doing now- steal land for their mythical Kurdistan
      I shall check out the interview from voltaire ! :)
      thanks again

    4. Hi Pen, yes I know you have been covering the Turkey/Erdogan situation (and covering it well) for a long time,

      Both the Sibel Edmonds interview and the Voltaire article point out the age old problem of appointing psychopaths as political puppets - sooner or later they get ideas of their own and have to be dispensed with.

      Something that is not getting much airplay is that Iran has moved 20,000 troops into Syria and if they move to the Turkish border area to cut off supplies and materiel from Turkey to ISIS, we may see a whole different ballgame.

    5. Hey James
      stay tuned I've been working on a piece since last week about what I see the next moves as being, but, first I have a post for my detractors at Syper who don't like the truth about the Kurds being told
      Oh well!

  3. Good luck with it. Here's a link I shoiuld have included in the last comment-
    Did the War in Syria Just Become a Regional War?

    (I usually do not like linking to Counter Punch but for Eric Draitser I'm happy to make an exception :) )

    1. I am not a fan of counter punch for the most part either, so I understand your hesitation.
      I shall check it out
      Merci james