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Greece: Coup? Political or Military? Will Syriza fall aka be pushed out? UPDATED!

Considering a previous Greek government tried to go the referendum route and the EU ousted him...Will history repeat?

Let's read this article, shall we?

No EU support for Greece may accelerate the fall of SYRIZA government

As the discussion in the Parliament continues and has taken a psychotherapist nature, the Greeks, have emptied all ATMs since early morning hours. It is characteristic enough of the confusion that one of the first ATMs which run out of cash was that of the …Parliament. Furthermore after the run of the ATMs, petrol stations run out of fuel around noon and then the run to the supermarkets started which now is coming to an end as most department stores are already out of pasta, milk and other edibles.
The second Act of the play has taken place in this afternoon in Brussels at the Eurogroup.
The Eurogroup was convoked to discuss the Greek request to extend the support program for a few days. The request was rejected around 06:00 pm CET and the Greek Economy minister Yianis Varoufakis was invited him to leave. After that, the Eurogroup continues its discussion on Greece without the Greeks, bringing as Plan A the Plan B, which provides for the Greek default.
So the Eurogroup invited the minister to leave and continued on the discussion without him?

Under the circumstances the political situation in Greece became highly volatile. It is highly probable that the Greek Parliament will approve the proposal of the Prime Minister for a Referendum by midnight (11:00 pm CET). It is however questionable whether the President of the Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos will validate the decision to make such decision law of the State. In this case there will be no referendum.
Technically, the president can do it, as the Greek Constitution does not allow any referendum on fiscal matters. The President was one of the closest associates of former Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis who proposed him for president. As this morning for the first time after a long time of absence, Kostas Karamanlis made a written statement criticizing the government for its attitude; it is likely that the President will not ratify the law of the Referendum.
 Kostas Karamanlis- Investigation of attempted assassination against Kostas Karamanlis
A criminal investigation against unknown perpetrators accused of organizing an assassination of former Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis has been started by the Athens regional prosecutor's office. It was the result of the months-long criminal investigation in connection with press publications in June 2012.
They cite as a source a document of the Russian secret services addressed to the Greek intelligence service. It mentioned the existence of an organized plan to murder Kostas Karamanlis for the energy policy pursued by his government.
As the deadline for the IMF payment is approaching (June 30), the Eurogroup decision to proceed with plan B and citizens rapidly loosing confidence on the SYRIZA government (ATM, gas station, supermarkets runs) the political situation may change suddenly and have a fall of the government very shortly.
 " the political situation may change suddenly and have a fall of the government very shortly"
Here is a collection of all analysis presented by New Europe Online on the Greek crisis. ( Same content is permanently exposed in the web site with a link in the top left side of the home page under the title THE GREEK CRISIS.

"The euro area authorities stand ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure financial stability of the euro area"

No matter how it affects the people of Greece?
No matter what the Greek people want?
 I smell tyranny! The stench of fascism is overbearing.  


Is this how the Greek government will fall?  

The Eurogroup is claiming that the Greek Government walked away? Not the claim in the above story? "Greek Economy minister Yianis Varoufakis was invited him to leave" Which version is truth?

‘I will always say that the door is open”, Dijsselbloem said, reminding that it was not the institutions, but Varoufakis who left on his own account before the meeting ended.
“It was not us who said the talks have come to an end in a negative way, it was the Greek government which said what’s on the table now deserves a no”.
“They broke off the talks while there were still going on, while there was still time, and then decided to give a negative advice to their electorate. The only caveat I see is that the Greek parliament has to take a wise position on that and I hope that may lead to a different political situation. But we will have to see,” he said.
Here's where we got to 'bringing Syriza down' via a no confidence vote.

But a high-level source in Athens told EurActiv that "the only way to delay the discussion and the approval of the referendum is the probability that the main opposition leader, Antonis Samaras, would ask for a non-confidence vote towards the government before the discussion on the referendum.”
In the event of a non-confidence vote the government will collapse.
If the confidence vote is not cleared then the discussion for the referendum will just be delayed for three days, the high-level source said.
I hope that Syriza didn't ask for the referendum to give themselves a face saving out?
Or even worse then that.... Did the bankster overlords of EU 'give' Syriza and Tsipras this out?
 And I'm not talking 'give' in a friendly gift giving sort of way either?

Keeping in mind this interesting fact- Greece. As a NATO participant spends 2.5 percent of it's GDP on the military. In the 2010 to 2014 time period
Greece   2.7  2.5  2.4   2.5

Canada 1.2   1.2  1.1   1.0

United States 4.7  4.6  4.2   3.8
Russian Federation 3.9  3.7   4.0  4.2

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  1. Twice Tsipras was offered a hand by Russia to get out of the EU shark-pool. Twice he dithered and decided to keep swimming with the sharks thinking he was in control. But if you are going to swim with the sharks, you had better be sure you are the biggest shark. Which Tsipras certainly is not.

    There is no need for a referendum as Syriza has a clear mandate from their election to tell the EU and their bankers to fuck off.

    Perhaps Tsipras is part of a whole pantomime designed to jerk everyone around and teach the Greeks and any one else watching that the Left will not rescue them and only lead to more pain after the sharks collapse the Greek economy entirely.

    Tsipras and Syriza will, no doubt, claim they did all they could. But that is clearly not true as Russia gave them the way out in the short term with an advance on gas transit royalties and the probable long term loans from the Brics Development Bank to keep them more permanently out of the shark-pool that is the EU.

    I think it has all been a piece of elaborate theatre. The establishment/bankers/EU will blame Syriza for the coming disaster while Syriza will blame them in return. And the argument will continue as people die.

    1. hi james

      "Syriza has a clear mandate from their election to tell the EU and their bankers to fuck off"

      from what I was reading Syriza doesn't have a majority or an absolute majority, much like the situation in Turkey- oddly enough
      So, he needs the rest of the parliament to go along with this idea of a referendum- It may just be a 'buying time' move? I don't know?

      My hope is Greece leaves the Euro and declares the debt odious.
      The US set the precedent in Iraq- It's doable.

      Then the government (as long as the people will have them) can get to business of building the country & it's populace back into a healty, good and beautiful place to live- as opposed to it being a shell, a nation without life-
      That's what the bankster scum do- suck the life blood out of a nation
      So, personally here is hoping the leave the Euro and the EU falls to pieces

  2. So it begins

    My only chant is Iceland did it and so must Greece

  3. In case you feel curious, I link the film of Syriza: