Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pt-3: Destabilizing Turkey. Pre- Election Bombing/Explosion at Kurdish Rally

Explosion at a large Kurdish rally, immediately before election day.
Divide and Conquer:  Cui Bono? Certainly not Erdogan or the party he leads.
So, who might have planted the explosive devices?
 I don't rule out the power grabbing Kurds , on their own, or partnered with Israeli allies! This works in  their favour, of course. Garnering sympathy for the 'people without a country'
It could also be any associated NATO special operative? Kurds included here again. Also operatives from the  US, Germany, Britain, Canada etc., Then you have your useful idiots....

Economic Times India
DIYARBAKIR: Turkey today prepared for its tightest elections in over a decade, with tensions riding high after a bomb attack killed two and wounded dozens at a rally of the main pro-Kurdish party.
Judicial sources said the explosion at a rally of the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) in southeastern city of Diyarbakir was caused by a cylinder bomb packed with hundreds of ball bearings.
The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) wants to take a large majority in tomorrow's legislative elections and change the constitution to give Turkey's charismatic but divisive President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more power.
But polls have indicated that its vote could be well down on the almost 50 percent score the AKP reaped in the last elections in 2011 and may even need to form a coalition.
The government has not yet confirmed that the Diyarbakir blast was the result of a bomb attack and initial reports had suggested it was due to a faulty electricity transformer.
But judicial sources in Diyarbakir told AFP that investigators had confirmed that the explosion was caused by a bomb.
"The experts collected hundreds of ball bearings and pieces of the metal cylinder," said a source, who asked not to be named.
CTV-  A dirty hand involved...........
ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in comments published Saturday that two explosions at a Kurdish party rally which killed two people just days before key parliamentary elections, were acts of sabotage and provocation.

"A dirty hand is involved, this dirty hand has to be exposed," Davutoglu said.

Turkey holds parliamentary elections on Sunday in which the Kurdish votes will be crucial in determining whether the ruling party gets the super majority it seeks.
If the Kurdish vote is crucial, as it appears to be, AKP is not going to risk this support.
 Officials have not confirmed whether the blasts at the People's Democratic Party rally Friday in the mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir was caused by bombs. But the private Dogan news agency, without citing sources, said Saturday that one of the explosions was caused by explosives placed in a gas cylinder and fortified with pieces of metal.

"The investigation is continuing but it is clear that it is sabotage, a provocation and an incident of violence," Davutoglu said in a late-night interview on NTV television. His words were carried by the state-run Anadolu Agency Saturday.

Davutoglu did not point to anyone as responsible for the incident but said the ruling AKP should not be blamed.

"If accusations are made even implicitly, I will react to them in a clear and open way," Davutoglu said.

Daily Sabah
A third person caught in a bomb attack on a pro-Kurdish party's election rally has died, Anadolu Agency reported on Saturday.

Two people have died, while over 100 people have been injured on Friday in two explosions at the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) rally in Turkey's southeastern province of Diyarbakır. Many people were treated at hospitals and twenty people were still in critical condition, Doğan news agency reported on Saturday. Two blasts several minutes apart rocked the rally. It was the second blast which caused the casualties.
 The footage aired on a local Kurdish TV channel showed that the rally organizers first announced on loudspeakers that the explosion had been caused by a fault in an electric transformer and urged people to stay calm. However, Energy Minister Taner Yıldız Yıldız clarified that after initial investigations the blast was clearly not caused by the transformer itself.

The explosion took place just before HDP Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş was set to address the crowd. The HDP leader later issued a call for calm. Demirtaş urged supporters not to take to the streets and show moderation, tweeting that "peace will win".
Several thousand people Saturday held a sit-in protest at the scene in Diyarbakır, waving HDP flags.
 "No matter why, whoever has done this attack, the perpetrators target Turkey and Turkish democracy," Davutoğlu said in a late night interview on private KonTV.

He added that the bombings were carried out by "dirty hands" or "circles" that were aware of the "heavy consequences of such manipulations".

After the blast, some groups of people pelted stones on the police in Diyarbakir's Ofis district. A police vehicle was also set on fire. Police responded with tear gas and water cannon in an attempt to disperse the protesters.

Davutoğlu urged the people of Diyarbakır to not succumb to any provocation attempt.
 "As the prime minister, I always condemn any attack against any of the opposition parties just as I react harshly to the one against [the ruling] AK Party," he said, adding that all necessary precautions were being taken.

The blast came just two days before Turkey goes to the polls Sunday.
  •  Don't ever forget the embedded Deep State apparatus, alive and well, in Turkey.
  • Nor Operation Gladio and the Stay Behind Armies!


  1. I never unstood why Erdogan took part in destabilizing Syria. It was clear that this would empower the Kurds which would surely be a bigger problem for Turkey than any problem with Syria as a whole?

    1. Yah, I don't understand why he did either?
      But then maybe he didn't take his part as much as we think he did?
      Or maybe he received a whole bunch of assurances?
      Or maybe everything was conducted by NATO right under his nose?
      Who really knows?

    2. The whole process has to be understood in the context of a united move into Russia soon. All internal forces that would minimise/disperse that drive need to be taken care of first. So releasing the Kurd "problem" is part of the training program for a united Arabic Army, directed from RCE/TA, just like all the missions flown by Arab air forces over the corpses of Libya/Syria/Iraq/Yemen etc.

      Think of this whole process just like USofA's salad days in Japan/Korea/Philppines/Cuba over a century ago.

      It does not matter who wins here just so long as the old "Slav" problem is finally liquidated. Communism and Germany and Stalinism didn't do it so tactical Arab nukes might.

    3. Hey Incoming
      "RCE/TA"- what does that stand for?
      And thanks for that comment, interesting
      I'll keep that in mind

    4. RCE=Rothschild Corporate Entity or Rothschild Criminal Enterprise
      TA=Tel Aviv
      LC=London City
      NY=New York
      BS=Beijing Shanghai or Brussels Strasbourg

      There are minor entities which currently run quietly OP=Osaka Pyongyang, MK=Mumbai Kolkata and SY=Singapore Yoghyakarta. That last one will kick off when the ChiComms move through Burma and/or Mulloca, triggering MK and OP.