Sunday, June 14, 2015

US Considers Plan to Store Weapons in Eastern Europe- Gladio in Poland etc

Hmmmmmm... Shades of Stay Behind Armies or Operation Gladio

History repeats.
 "Secret soldiers were trained on remote islands in the Mediterranean and in unorthodox warfare centres in England and in the United States by the Green Berets and SAS Special Forces. The network was armed with explosives, machine guns and high-tech communication equipment hidden in underground bunkers and secret arms caches in forests and mountain meadows"
The US military is considering a plan to store heavy weapons and equipment in eastern Europe in response to fears over Russian aggression in the region, in what would be the first such deployment in the former Warsaw Pact nations since the end of the Cold War.

US military leaders have proposed that the heavy weapons be pre-positioned in the Baltic States and other eastern European countries as a way of demonstrating the commitment to defend the newer members of Nato, a US official said.
If the US is to go ahead with the pre-placement of heavy weapons, the proposal will still need to be approved by Ashton Carter, the new secretary of defence, and by the White House, which has been more reluctant than other parts of the US government during the Ukraine crisis to take steps that Russia might consider confrontational.
While senior officials at the Pentagon and the state department have pushed for the US to provide heavy weapons to Ukraine, the White House has so far rejected the idea.

Mr Carter will travel next week to a Nato meeting of defence ministers, where the situation in Ukraine will be the main focus of debate.
Poland said on Sunday that its defence ministry and the Pentagon were in talks over the permanent stationing of forward storage facilities for American equipment in the country and elsewhere in the region, and that Washington had promised that a decision “will be made soon”.
Any agreement would mark a huge victory for Warsaw and the Baltic capitals, which have been rebuffed in their previous attempts to convince Nato to establish permanent bases in their countries.

“For a long time we have strived for a greater American military presence in Poland and the entire eastern flank of Nato,” Polish defence minister Tomasz Siemoniak said in a statement released by his ministry.
“The United States is preparing a package of different activities, among which will be a very important deployment of heavy equipment in Poland and other countries … It would be good if the equipment was close to the area where there are potential threats,” Mr Siemoniak said. “Washington has given its assurance that a decision will be made soon.”
Any deployment of heavy weaponry to Poland would be in technical contravention of a promise made by Nato at the end of the Cold War not to place bases in former Soviet states. A decision by the US to increase its presence in the region is likely to raise concerns in other European capitals such as Berlin and Paris of antagonising Moscow and escalating the tension on Europe’s eastern border.
NATO justifying it's existence by making war
Plans being considered by the US could see equipment for as many as 5,000 troops, including 250 M1A2 tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, and armoured howitzers, deployed in bases across Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, the New York Times reported.
The negotiations between Warsaw and Washington come as a record number of Nato troops participate in a slew of military exercises and war games across Poland and the Baltics, in a show of strength designed to reassure the Alliance’s eastern members of its mutual defence commitment.
History repeats....

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  1. Amerika is #1 with over thousand in the world what the hell is a few more. We can't get money to rebuild Amerika but there 's plenty greenbacks for death.

    Thanks Penny and I also posted at Ziad the link you couldn't.

    1. Hey jo
      Yah, it's sad- how the US takes the money of it's people and spends it on this military adventurism to serve bankers and corporations
      Not sad- It's evil
      thanks for linking that at Ziad's also
      much appreciated :)

  2. A video of the Azov battalion on parade in Mariupol. The convoy of pickups with flags flying (30 secs in) reminds me of the ISIS convoy of Toyotas.

    1. "reminds me of the ISIS convoy of Toyotas"
      Yes it does, Yes it does!

  3. Which means more will have to be built to stock up the arsenal they came from.

    Are there no European leaders that have not been corrupted or do they like painting a large bulls eye on their nation for Russian missiles?

    1. "Are there no European leaders that have not been corrupted or do they like painting a large bulls eye on their nation for Russian missiles?"

      It appears Europe is corrupted

  4. History repeats...

    Not quite.

    Napoleon's Grande Armee was 680,000 strong and included elite French soldiers who were the best of their era.

    Hitlers forces in Operation Barbarossa numbered 3.8 million, plus thousands of tanks, planes and artillery pieces.

    The United States now wants to equip up to 5000 soldiers spread over 7 countries close to the Russian border. Was this planned by Miss South Carolina? Haven't the planners ever seen a map of Russia? It's pretty big.


    1. This won't be for that type of military campaign, this will be for terror/destabilization operations- that's what Gladio was about.

      The softening up work. It looks to me as if Poland is going to get these weapons

    2. Hi Penny,

      Yes, this will be more of the strategy of poking the Russian bear with sticks.

      I still feel that the United States is being set up to fail, as are the eastern european countries who played host to the khazars across the centuries. These people apparently have grudges against everyone and never forget them.


    3. "These people apparently have grudges against everyone and never forget them"

      It does seem that way, it really does