Saturday, July 25, 2015

Turkish Jets Strike Kurds in Iraq, Complicating Anti-ISIS Fight

Interesting headline:Turkish Jets Strike Kurds in Iraq, Complicating Anti-ISIS Fight

 Turkish jets struck camps belonging to Kurdish militants in northern Iraq, authorities said Saturday, the first strike since a 2013 peace deal as Ankara also bombed ISIS positions in Syria.
The strikes in Iraq targeted the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, whose affiliates have been effective in battling ISIS. The strikes further complicate the U.S.-led war against the extremists, which has relied on Kurdish forces making gains in both Iraq and Syria.
  PKK, which has been fighting Turkey for autonomy since 1984 and is considered a terrorist organization by Ankara and its allies
PKK is considered a terrorist organization by the US as well as Turkey. And yet the article is telling us EXPLICITLY that the US is using designated terrorists PKK (Kurdish forces) to "make gains in both Iraq & Syria"-  As we know the Kurds are the ones making the gains- So what is this sentence really telling us?

 The jets hit PKK shelters, bunkers, caves, storages facilities and other "logistical points," a statement from the Turkish prime minister's office said. It said areas targeted included the Qandil mountains, where the PKK's command is based.

I read through literally dozens and dozens of articles this morning and will post more later, however, there appears to have been NO additional strikes in Syrian territory- cross border or otherwise save for the one mentioned the other day.  I can't find any information other then rehashing the previous day attack in retaliation of the provocative strike on the Turkish outpost.
As covered in this post:  Turkey: Jets Target "ISIS", Mass Arrests inc. PKK. Kurds Continue Their Ethnic Cleansing

I checked SANA and there is no news on any attack

CSM is also reporting that the Syrian government has said nothing about the Turkish airstrike:
 "The Syrian government has so far refrained from commenting on Turkish strikes inside Syrian territory"

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