Saturday, August 15, 2015

Iraq and Syria: How many foreigners fight alongside ISIS?

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Where do the estimated 20,000 foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria come from, and how many of them are still out there?

Top 10 countries by foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria

Country     Number of fighters
Tunisia          5000
Saudi Arabia  2275
Jordan            2000
Russia            1700
France          1550
Turkey         1400 ?
Morocco      1200
Lebanon      900
Germany     700
United Kingdom 700
It can be assumed that the majority of the people who have travelled are with the Islamic State, according to the Soufan Group that collates the figures.

The group said that the figures may include women and children, who usually do not fight in the conflict. There are also unreported numbers of people who have died in or returned from the conflict zone.
Tunisia-  high numbers- A very successful Arab Spring according to the US. Does that explain those numbers?

Turkey- check the pdf?  Pg. 12; Official Stats are 400. The map shows 400 to 800.  Tunisia's officials stat is at 3,000. How did the number of Turk's allegedly quadruple in the two media articles vs the figures from the pdf ? Tunisia's figure didn't quadruple to 12,000. Where did the news reports get the stats for Turkey? Are the Kurds counted amongst the Turkish citizens fighting alongside ISIS?

Because we know Kurds from Turkey fight with ISIS

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