Thursday, August 20, 2015

Israel says Rockets from Syria Hit. Long Range Attack? Updated!

This is certainly not the first time that projectiles of on sort or another have crossed the Syrian border with Israel- You know on the illegally occupied territory.. But, Israel has made a claim that makes this latest news a bit more of a concern then usual. Of course, I will  highlight the pertinent tidbit. Israel says rockets that hit northern village fired from Syria
      Rockets that struck an northern Israeli village near the Lebanese border on Thursday, causing no casualties, were launched from the Syrian Golan Heights, the Israeli army said. The statement described an unusually long-range attack: Previous launches from within Syria, whether deliberate or stray fire from the civil war there, hit the Israeli-held Golan without reaching the Israeli interior.

    Giora Zaltz, head of the upper Galilee regional council, told Israel Radio that two projectiles landed near a village in his region, which is on the border with Lebanon. The impact set off brush fires but caused no casualties, he said. In its statement, the army said a salvo of four rockets had been fired, striking the upper Galilee and Israeli-held Golan
Israeli officials recently held a large-scale drill in Israel’s north to prepare for the possibility of a large scale attack from either Syria or Lebanon, including the possibility of an Israeli offensive into Syria.
 Claims of an "unusually long range attack" would certainly provide the excuse Israel needs to launch their desired offensive in Syria


Israel plans a Provocation to Justify Invading Syria- Ground Invasion, that is!

Keeping an eye on the situation- and h/t anonymous comment in above post for letting me know

UPDATE # 1: 
 Breaking Jerusalem Post :
"The IDF responded with artillery fire on Syria after rockets were fired from on the northern Israel earlier Thursday"
How much artillery fire? Not mentioned. At the time of this update is it almost 8:30 pm in Syria &Israel.

 Jerusalem Post:
"Security source says that the Islamic Jihad organization with the financial backing and the direction of Iran was responsible for the rocket fire"
 After rockets were fired onto northern Israel earlier in day, the IDF responded with artillery fire on Syria
 A security source said that the Islamic Jihad organization with the financial backing and the direction of Iran was responsible for the rocket fire.

"The IDF sees Syria responsible for the rocket fire and it will bear the consequences of the action," the source said. 


Initial reports of Israeli strikes IN Syria

Inital and unconfirmed reports of an Israeli strikes in Syria
 IDF confirms it is currently conducting air strikes in Syria
Yoav Zitun
Published: 08.20.15, 20:16 / Israel News
IDF confirms it is currently conducting air strikes in Syria

Islamic Jihad denies involvement in Syrian Rocket Attack
"The Gaza based Islamic Jihad organization denied that they were behind Thursday's rocket attack against Israel which originated from Syria"
Not that it really matters- Israel has their desired pretext


Syrian soldier(s) killed in IDF response attack

"London-based Syrian human rights group al-Marsad reported Thursday evening that multiple Syrian Army soldiers were killed in an IDF attack in response to an earlier rocket salvo fired at Israel from Syria."

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  1. I've updated 3 times
    we've gone from reports of shots fired
    IDF responding with artillery fire
    IDF conducting airstrikes - this sounds uglier by the minute!