Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis: ISIS takes Syrian border towns

So typical. So unsurprising. Not going out on a limb here at all to predict that which has happened many times, in many different locales along the Syrian/Turkish border.

ISIS has now taken Syrian territory which the Kurds will ‘fight’ them for in a manner that is ‘so fierce’, that of course,  ISIS resistance will melt away. It will simply evaporate.

Why does ISIS always take territory that is so beneficial for the creation of Kurdistan?  Particularly this last little bit along the Syrian/ Turkey border. With it's inevitable fall to the Kurdish militias. So much for NATO cooperation to "fight" terror.

Five villages close to the Turkish border with Syria have been taken over by ISIL militants according to sources from the NTV channel in Turkey
The channel noted that the militants are in the zone that Turkey and the US hope to establish as a militant free zone.

The US had never intended this to be a militant free zone. Nice spin, but, not much else.
ISIL seizes area near Turkish border
Will  Turkey take some kind of definitive action?  
In which case the US will condemn Turkey, hell, maybe even bomb Turkey?!

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