Saturday, August 22, 2015

Syria Responds With Anti-Aircraft Fire As Israeli Jet Violates Syrian Airspace- Shootdown?

Unsurprisingly, I can find only two reports via msm news:

i24- from about 8 hours ago

 We know Israel has been making incursions into Syria over the past 48 plus hours, in the very area mentioned! - I will relink that news at the bottom
 The Syrian army fired an anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli fighter jet that had crossed into Syrian airspace near Quneitra, a Syrian city near to the Israel-Syria border, the Lebanese news network Al Mayadeen reported late Friday. Israeli sources confirmed the report to i24news.

 Syrian Army Shoots Down Israeli Fighter Jet over Quneitra

 The Israeli fighter jet was targeted over the city of Al-Quneitra on Friday.

But dug this up too!:

Via Al Mayadeen & Google Translate 

"Fields correspondent reported that the Syrian anti-aircraft fired on an Israeli warplane penetrated the atmosphere of Quneitra. This breach comes after an air assault on a civilian vehicle in the town of Kom what led to the death of three Palestinians and a Syrian according to sources in the field of the fields."
UPDATE # 1: Israeli War Jet Shot Down Over Syria

Things must be getting hot and heavy because I also came across these interesting reports. Which seem to indicate the UN is protecting Israel, as usual.

1-Ban calls for restraint as violations jeopardize ceasefire between Israel and Syria

 Deeply concerned over the serious violations of the Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria, United Nations Secretary-General ban Ki-moon has called on all involved to exercise maximum restraint to prevent any further escalation in an already tense regional environment. 

2-UN Calls for Restraint 

3-Ban Ki-moon asks Israel, Syria to de-escalate tensions

Vital background info, from the beginning!


  1. things at really heating up globally
    Another chemical plant explosion in china- breaking news

    "An explosion hit a chemical plant on Saturday night in eastern China, the official Xinhua state news agency said, citing local authorities.

    No casualties have been reported yet, Xinhua said.

    The blast, which triggered a fire, happened around 8.50pm local time in Huantai county in Shandong province.

    The explosion comes after two huge blasts ripped through a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals in Tianjin on Aug. 12 killing at least 121 people.

    And the staged attack on a train in France with the American heros- lol
    Gladio style op

  2. Ziad has more

    1. hanks jo- I was wondering if Ziad had anything up- going to check it out now!

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    u might be interested in these,

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    1. Hey jo-right up my alley! Thanks!

      scanned through but will go back for a better read- good to see someone mention inoculating the forest with fungus. I've eaten many foraged mushrooms and they are delicious
      morels, oysters, maitake and more
      There are books written specifically on this subject
      Two that could be interesting for you or anyone else, perhaps at naked capitalism?
      Farming the Woods: Ken Mudge/Steve Gabriel
      Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation: Tradd Cotter
      Integrated Forest Gardening: Multiple Authors

      Other books:
      Native American Food Plants
      Native American Medicinal Plants> Daniel E Moerman

      btw jo: I live in a Carolinian Forest Region

      sometimes called Deciduous- Large Tulip Trees with unique flowers that drop to the ground- Sadly most people round these parts don't even realize what a great forest we have in our backyard (not mine,but, in my neck of the woods)

      Here's just one of my favourite places to hangout- with an old growth forest and tulip trees

    2. Pt2:

      come to think of it, there is a blog post here somewhere full of pictures taken in that park

      back to 2010

      click on the pictures and have a look- it's very beautiful around these parts - this area is really much more then Niagara Falls