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Beware Media Spin Concerning Russian strikes in Syria- Claims VS Facts

In case you are unaware of the latest developments?

Breaking: Russia carries out Syria strike- Confirmation

Now let's talk coverage via NATO media

I admit these perception managed media reports are a cause for concern- They're extremely irrational.
And malicious. The situation is tense enough. Why does the US/NATO media have to inflame the situation- When I think about the competing interests in that area!! I shudder.
Let's keep our wits about us when following this news

Two news stories as examples- Let’s read them with a critical and logical eye to the facts

Mirror UK    &

Claims vs Facts

Claim- “Russian commanders are ignoring their own requests for military-to-military "de-confliction" with the U.S. as their warplanes attack Syrian resistance fighters Wednesday, a defense official told POLITICO.

"It completely bypasses every bit of legitimate discussion we've had with them so far," the official complained”

Fact- Was there an agreement on the part of the US to cooperate with Russia?
It does not seem so. It’s not mentioned anywhere in this Politico article.
Since it’s not mentioned we have to conclude that the US did NOT agree to deconflict.
The only statements of fact are Russia requested military to military deconfliction and there was  “legitimate discussion” regarding that request.  No mention of agreement-
Discussion does not equal agreement.
Agreement = Agreement

Claim- Politico spins a further fabrication that Russia did not use any lines of communication to let their actions be known while contradicting themselves in this sentence

Fact- “a Russian general appeared at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad this morning and announced that the first Russian air operations would begin shortly, the defense official said.”

Clearly the Russian’s communicated their intent, up close and in person! Who on earth is fooled by the Politico fabrication that Russia did not use any lines of communication!
 UPDATE!- U.S. brushes off Russian request to avoid Syrian airspace
 Which tells me that the US did not agree to deconflict, as I had stated above.
 "The United States on Wednesday said it had conducted air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria within the last hour or so, brushing aside a Russian request to avoid Syrian airspace"
Back to claims vs facts:


Insinuated claim- Russia endangered others.
Fact: “The general warned American units to keep away, but U.S. warplanes continued to fly in Syria as normal” Logic tells me it was the US that endangered others!
 Politico reports  the General went to the embassy, (earlier news indicates an hour beforehand)  minimally an hour before the strikes were launched and the US warplanes kept flying.
Therefore the US endangered their own. Russia did not.
Claim; “A French diplomat has accused Russia of lying about the target of air strikes carried out in Syria on Wednesday”

Fact- Russia made it abundantly clear that they were targeting those that were striking Syria- Period. Therefore, Russia did not lie.
Claim: “The Russian Defence Ministry claims it has started a bombing campaign against "Islamic State terrorist dens" in cooperation with the Syrian air force.

Facts: Russia is cooperating with the Syrian airforce, which makes Russian presence vastly more legitimate then US. And since the US has been supporting ISIS all along........It’s a given that Russia will strike those terrorists propped up by the US not limited to brand ISIS
Claim: "a French diplomatic source claims the Russians have attacked Syrian opposition targets rather than IS strongholds"

Fact: Striking US/NATO/Israeli backed opposition is targeting ISIS- So at least there the diplomat was correct since there is no difference between US backed opposition and NATO backed ISIS.

Use discernment and don't get caught up in the hype- Stay cool headed friends :)

Breaking: Russia carries out Syria strike- Confirmation

 This news still needs more validation- I will be looking for that information- Everything originates from a US official- If anyone can find any additional info, let me know? Please and thanks in advance!- There are multiple updates read below
BBC- Russia appears to have carried out its first air strikes in Syria against opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, US officials say.

They say the strikes reportedly came in the area of the city of Homs, and that Washington was informed in advance that they were about to take place.
 US 'Has Indications' Russia Began Airstrikes in Syria-Sputnik

 The United States has indications that Russia has started carrying out airstrikes in the vicinity of Homs in Syria, a US official said.
According to the official, Russia gave the United States advanced notice it intended to carry out the airstrikes.
Senior US military official: The Russians notified US one hour prior to their flights over Syria, asked the US to stay out of the airspace

US officials told Reuters that Russian airstrikes appeared to have taken place in the vicinity of Homs. Earlier on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin received permission from parliament for Russian forces to take place in bombing raids in Syria. The federation council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, held a swift, closed session on Wednesday morning in which it unanimously approved Putin’s request.
 Update # 1:

Contradictory claims appear: 

Unconfirmed reports claimed that the airstrikes on al-Rastan, Talbisah, and Zaafranah, all north of Homs, were among a series of strikes carried out by Syrian government warplanes.
Other reports claimed the strikes on Zaafranah and Talbisah were carried out by Russian warplanes following Moscow’s approval for military action in Syria.

Still looking for validation from Russia or Syria itself..

*It's possible Russian supplied jets were used, flown by Syrian pilots, which would make this whole situation much ado about nothing.

Keeping an eye on the story

Update #2:


The Russian Air Force has begun carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said.
"In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, warplanes of the Russian Air Space Forces today [Wednesday] have started an aerial operation, involving  pinpoint strikes on ground targets of Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] terrorists in Syria,” spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said.
The Russia airstrikes are targeting military equipment, communication centers, vehicles, arms and fuel depots, belonging to IS terrorists, Konashenkov added.

Update #3: 

 Russian air forces target seven districts in Syria

Russian air forces have targeted positions of the Islamic State in seven districts, Syrian state television reported.
As reported earlier, Russian Defense Ministry said it air forces began air strikes on ISIL positions on the territory of Syria.


Russia building an A2/AD Bubble over Syria/Levant

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Russia building an A2/AD Bubble over Syria/Levant

Please read this entirely:

I've been trying to sort fact from fiction regarding Russian involvement in Syria. Without relying on disinfo from Ruslan Liviev and Bellingcat!  The most egregious propaganda contains a mere grain of truth surrounded by a mass of lies. That, in my opinion, fit most of the reports concerning Russian involvement in Syria.  I seem to be nearly alone, except for Saker, in trying to be rational and not disseminate propaganda.  Finally and it pleases me to no end, I've found something that makes sense to me!


First time I had heard of this concept. Not sure if other readers are aware of  the A2/AD strategy, but, when I read about it, let's say, the light bulb went on! Below is a very brief explanation to the question, just what is A2/AD?

"Anti-access and area denial are modern terms referring to war-fighting strategies focused on preventing an opponent from operating military forces near, into or within a contested region. 
Along with the obvious military aspects, anti-access strategies include political, diplomatic and economic tactics.

Denying access to an enemy is a natural objective for any defender and should be considered an integral component of any military campaign. However, the terms anti-access and area denial—as currently used—are specifically meant to denote a strategic approach intended to defend against an opponent that is judged to be of superior strength or skill in overall combat operations.
 If the opponent is allowed to use this superior strength or skill, it is feared that the defender would likely be defeated at the point of contact. Therefore, the objective of an anti-access or area denial strategy is to prevent the attacker from bringing its operationally superior force into the contested region, or to prevent the attacker from freely operating within the region and maximizing its combat power. The uniqueness of the anti-access approach is that it is specifically designed to prevent regional access against an out-of-area global power that the defender cannot otherwise defeat"
Hoping that explains A2/AD in a succinct manner?

A2/AD Bubble over Syria and the Levant-

Keeping in mind that the A2/AD strategy is a  DEFENDER/DEFENCE strategy to prevent/block/deny regional access, to an attacker, the defender cannot otherwise engage succesfully.

This certainly fits the scenario unfolding in Syria. Despite the blathering idiot talk on line and elsewhere Russia cannot take on/defeat NATO. Except in a nuclear war? Which none of us want.
So the A2/AD strategy makes very good sense for the Syrian/Russian partnership. It enables them work together to jointly DEFEND  from an outside attacker- NATO

General Breedlove, German Marshal Fund meeting, September 28/2015

Hyperbole omitted-

“Anti-access/area denial, or A2/AD, is a growing problem,” Gen. Breedlove told the German Marshall Fund this afternoon

The northernmost danger zone or “bubble” is the oldest, based out of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad between Poland and Lithuania. “Kaliningrad is a large platform for A2/AD capability,” Breedlove said

Breedlove “[Since] their occupation of Crimea, Russia has developed a very strong A2/AD capability in the Black Sea,” Breedlove said. “Essentially, their [anti-ship] cruise missiles range the entire Black Sea, and their air defense missiles range about 40 to 50 percent of the Black Sea.”
Occupation of Crimea? Breedlove is selling the lie- but those are his actual words so we have to tolerate the baloney for the sake of accuracy

Breedlove regarding Syria: . “As we see these very capable air defense [systems] beginning to show up in Syria, we’re a little worried about another A2/AD bubble being created in the Eastern Mediterranean, Breedlove said. “We see some very sophisticated air defenses going into these airfields. We see some very sophisticated air-to-air [fighter] aircraft going into these airfields.”

How much of this next paragraph is directly attributable to Breedlove is unknown? Only one statement is a direct quote-
Based on the military forces Russia is actually putting in place, Breedlove said, he believes Putin’s top priority is to protect Russian access to airfields and warm water seaports in the Eastern Mediterranean. The second priority, in service to the first, is to prop up Russia’s host, the Assad regime. Then third, he said, “After all of that, I think that they will do some counter-ISIL work to legitimize their approach to Syria.”

Then Breedlove really goes into full on psychopathy!

So what can NATO do about these expanding bubbles of no-go zones? First of all, in the Baltic and the Black Seas today, the alliance’s force can just go there, Breedlove said “to contest that they are not forbidden spaces” but international airspace and waters. Second, in case the shooting starts, it needs to invest in forces that can break the bubble.
Breedlove: just go in guns a blazing... Yikes

“As an alliance, we need to step back and take a look at our capability in a military sense to address an A2/AD challenge,” Breedlove said. “This is about investment. This is about training.”

Additional Information on A2/AD and Russia:               

US Air Force: Russia Has Closed Air Power Gap With NATO

NATO’s air superiority vis-à-vis Russia is waning, Air Force (USAF) General Frank Gorenc, the commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa told an audience at this year’s Air and Space Conference held near Washington DC.
According to the general, Russia accelerated the development of A2/AD capabilities during the 2008 war with Georgia and has heavily invested in fielding modern long-range surface-to-air missile systems (.e.g., the S-400) and other land-based A2/AD weapon systems based on their experience during the war. “They learned a lot along the way, and they made moves to close the asymmetric advantage posed by the quality of our air force; they’ve done it”

“It’s one thing to address a aircraft threat that has increased significantly — which by the way it has — but clearly, surface to air missile systems are much cheaper, they’re much more available and that is a concern,” he added.

Gorenc was adamant that the proliferation of A2/AD capabilities poses a challenge to U.S. air power worldwide. “Up to this point, we have talked about anti-access/area denial with respect to the Pacific problem, but what I’m telling you is this is not just a Pacific problem. It’s as significant in Europe as it is anywhere else on the planet.”

Indeed, A2/AD capabilities are fundamentally undermining the essence of the American way of war (See: “The End of the American Way of War?”). ”The American way of war requires a robust air reconnaissance … because we believe with air superiority, everything is possible and without it, nothing is possible.

You can, of course, read more for yourself at all the embedded links!

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UN General Asembly Speeches- Obama & Putin

Each video is approximately 3 minutes. As usual Obama lies through his teeth. It's incredible, to me, to listen to him speak after all the coverage I have given the Syrian situation.



Don't take this as an endorsement by myself of the UN. It's a detestable organization. And should be abolished. The UN's stated purpose and all it's claimed lofty goals have merely been the lipstick on a pig. The cover for numerous ugly agendas.

Don't Miss:

Israel launches airstrikes against Syrian army in Golan

IDF artillery forces struck two targets belonging to the Syrian military on Sunday night in response to earlier projectile fallout from the embattled country exploding in Israeli territory in the Golan Heights.

"The IDF holds the Syria military responsible for all actions stemming from its territory and will not allow any attempt to harm  Israel's sovereignty and the safety of its residents," the IDF said in a statement. 

Israel struck Syrian army targets on the Golan Heights on Sunday, sources on both sides said, and Israel said it was retaliating for cross-border rocket fire from the Syrian war next door.
The sources are 'rebel' sources which means Israel's Islamists who are undoubtedly the perps of that rocket fire that struck Syrian territory occupied illegally by Israel 
Rebel sources in southern Syria and a British-based monitoring group said at least three Israeli air strikes had hit army sites near the frontier with the Israeli-occupied part of the strategic plateau. 
Israel's army confirmed it had targeted two Syrian army posts, but said it used artillery fire, not air strikes, in response to "errant" rockets from inside Syria landing on its territory.
 Airstrikes or artillery fire?  Israel appears to be acknowledging the strikes but disputing the delivery

Putin on 60 Minutes- Video

A clip that runs just over 11 minutes. Putin addressed the questions put forth by Charlie Rose very well. An aside some of the questions Rose asked were laughable. Putin rose above them.

The full 60 minutes is available on line, but, not for viewing outside of the US. Maybe tomorrow?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Preview: Putin Interview w Charlie Rose Airing Tonight

If you are interested?  Watch the full interview with Putin tonight on 60 minutes
I've rounded up some excerpts that have been reported on prior to air time
There are also brief video clips available at CBS
 CBS- Reuters & Russia beyond the headlines

Image from Russia Beyond the Headlines

Charlie Rose spent time with Putin while on assignment for "60 Minutes," and asked him about Russia's intentions in Syria.

Charlie Rose: So you would like to join the United States in the fight against ISIS? That's part of why you're there. Others think that while that may be part of your goal, you're trying to save the Assad administration because they've been losing ground and the war has not been going well for them. And you're there to rescue them.

Vladimir Putin (through translator): Well, you're right. And it's my deep belief that any actions to the contrary in order to destroy the legitimate government will create a situation which you can witness now in the other countries of the region or in other regions, for instance in Libya, where all the state institutions are disintegrated. We see a similar situation in Iraq.

And there is no other solution to the Syrian crisis than strengthening the effective government structures and rendering them help in fighting terrorism. But at the same time, urging them to engage in positive dialogue with the rational opposition and conduct reform.

Rose: As you know, some of the coalition partners want to see President Assad go first before they will support.

Putin: I'd like to recommend to them the following: They should send this message to the Syrian people. It's only the Syrian people who are entitled to decide who should govern their country and how.

Putin "There is only one regular legitimate army there. It is the army of Syrian President Al-Assad. And it is confronted by what some of our international partners interpret as the opposition. In fact, in real life al-Assad's army is fighting against terrorist organizations,"
Putin said to the U.S. journalist: "You know better than me about the hearings that have just taken place in the U.S. Senate, if I am not mistaken, where the military, representatives of the Pentagon reported to Senators on what was done by the United States to train the fighting part of opposition forces."

"The objective was to train 5,000-6,000 fighters first and then 12,000. As a result it turned out that only 60 were trained and only four or five people are waging an armed struggle while all the rest simply defected to ISIS with American armaments"
Putin "In my opinion, provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations Charter," he said

President Vladimir Putin has said that Russian presence in Syria is based on fundamental principles of present-day international law and is exercised at the request of the Syrian government.

Putin "We proceed from the UN Charter, i.e. fundamental principles of present-day international law according to which some one or other type of assistance, including military assistance, can and should be rendered solely to the lawful governments of countries with their consent or at their request or under a resolution of the UN Security Council,"

"In this case we have a request of the Syrian government for rendering them military-technical assistance which we are doing in the framework of absolutely legal international contracts," the Russian president added. Asked about the purpose of Russian presence in Syria Putin said: "Today it amounts to arms deliveries to the Syrian government, personnel training and rendering humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people."

Russia's sudden military build-up this month (Sudden build up? Puhleez! Russia's presence  in Syria has been known for decades) in support of Assad and a refugee crisis that has spilled over from the region into Europe have lent new urgency to attempts to resolve the Syria conflict.

Putin said "We have been providing assistance to legitimate government entities only," he said. "As of today it has taken the form of weapons supplies to the Syrian government, personnel training and humanitarian aid to the Syrian people."

Related post from the past two days-


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Despite Global Efforts Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS!!!???

Despite global efforts thousands more enter Syria to join ISIS?
Or because of global efforts thousands more enter Syria to join ISIS?

Smart money is on the thanks to and because of NATO/Israeli effort, thousands more have entered Syria to join ISIS! Suddenly the reason for that recent massive delivery of weapons to AQ, logistical supply that is, becomes much clear. US trained Syrian "rebels" GAVE weapons to Al Qaeda 
Notice the earlier news did not specify the size of the weapons cache the US trained rebels entered Syria with before delivering "at least a third of them" but likely more and maybe all of them to AQ??


 WASHINGTON — Nearly 30,000 foreign recruits have now poured into Syria, many to join the Islamic State, a doubling of volunteers in just the past 12 months and stark evidence that an international effort to tighten borders, share intelligence and enforce antiterrorism laws is not diminishing the ranks of new militant fighters.

Among those who have entered or tried to enter the conflict in Iraq or Syria are more than 250 Americans, up from about 100 a year ago, according to intelligence and law enforcement officials.
More then double the Americans are then just a year ago? How is that even possible? Unless it's being allowed? There is no other realistic or credible explanation.
Tina S. Kaidanow, the State Department’s top counterterrorism official, offered a sobering summation of the foreign fighter problem. “The trend is still upward,” Ms. Kaidanow said. “We’re going to see that for the whole gamut of reasons.” Mainly, she added, because of the Islamic State’s unprecedented ability to recruit and to radicalize followers over the Internet and on social media.
I quite frankly do not believe this!  This online recruiting should make it easier for so called counter terrorism officers to prevent persons from entering Syria.
Under stiff international pressure, Turkey has increased detentions, arrests, and prosecution of suspected foreign fighters, increased its information sharing with allied partners, and is taking steps to improve the security of its border, Western officials said.

“Turkey has turned a corner, having recognized the impact of this problem on its own society,” said Thomas Krajeski, a former United States ambassador to Yemen who last week completed a yearlong tour as the State Department’s senior adviser on foreign terrorist fighters.
If Turkey has increased detentions and arrest of foreign fighters how the heck are they getting in?
Well one way we know of is with US help at Turkish border crossings!
Relinked in earlier post today
  "Seventy-five Syrian rebels trained to fight jihadists under a beleaguered US programme have crossed from Turkey into northern Syria
75 more rebels. 75 more US trained rebels.
Hassan Mustafa, spokesman for the US-backed Division 30 unit to which some of the rebels were deployed, confirmed that the group had entered Syria.
"Their training in Turkey lasted two months and they went directly to the front lines with Daesh.
 He said the rebels crossed through the Bab al-Salama border point, the main gateway for fighters and supplies heading into Aleppo province.
 Bab al Salama also happens to be the first border crossing taken by ISIS/Daesh
Bab al Salama border crossing? Wow, that rings a bell! Hold on to your hats boys and girls!!! Bab al Salama was the VERY FIRST border crossing taken by ISIS! You know to form the caliphate and all that rubbish!
 Bab al-Salam is the first border crossing between Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Islamic emirate and Turkey
 The Islamic State captured the town of Soran Azaz and two nearby villages, giving it the ability to move along a road leading north to the Bab al-Salam crossing between the Syrian province of Aleppo and the Turkish province of Kilis"

Of course you can read the latest spin from NYT's- The hand wringing- The woe is us type language.
 Expect the psycho elite class to use this to restrict our natural rights-  Because our rights do not come from man's law or common law. They come from nature. Natural law. 

US trained Syrian "rebels" GAVE weapons to Al Qaeda

In other words- Brand A US trained & supplied rebels delivered weapons to Brand B US/Israeli trained rebels  who were in need of weapons.

It's not incompetence. It's a simple and obvious fact that the US and Israel support terrorism.

Syrian rebels trained and armed by the United States gave at least a quarter of their weapons cache to al Qaeda affiliates in Syria earlier this week, U.S. Central Command acknowledged Friday.
Gave at least "a quarter of their weapons cache to AQ"  At least a quarter?  So maybe even half of it!
Centcom said Syrian fighters voluntarily “gave” equipment, including six pickup trucks and ammunition, to al Qaeda’s Syria arm, Jabhat al Nursa, according to a report from the Washington Post.
The US and company chose this route to arm their terrorists because it gives them plausible deniability Nothing more and nothing less. 

Forget the spin about safe passage and the rebel training program being in question.
It's obvious the rebel training program is successful in getting done that which needs doing or it would have ended long ago. Hence this most recent delivery of weapons to AQ!

Flashback: Al-Moallem: Russia's participation in fighting terrorism will turn table on conspirators

To this section cause it's related
Update # 3: Back that train up on the claim of  4 or 5 US trained fighters..  US has trained only 'four or five' Syrian fighters against Isis, top general testifies I had my very big suspicions about this claim being made public, while all the Russia hysteria continues! Today we have  many more  US trained fighters entering to "fight ISIS" via the Turkish conduit  Dozens of US-trained fighters enter Syria from Turkey

 Seventy-five Syrian rebels trained to fight jihadists under a beleaguered US programme have crossed from Turkey into northern Syria
75 more rebels. 75 more US trained rebels.
Hassan Mustafa, spokesman for the US-backed Division 30 unit to which some of the rebels were deployed, confirmed that the group had entered Syria.
"Their training in Turkey lasted two months and they went directly to the front lines with Daesh.
They went to the frontlines with Daesh/ISIS? With Daesh? As in together. Alongside?
 Mustafa didn't say they went to confront / fight/ destroy/crush or conquer Daesh.  He said "with Daesh"
According to Abdel Rahman, the group had entered in a convoy of a dozen cars with light weapons and ammunition, under air cover from the US-led coalition that has been carrying out strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.
He said the rebels crossed through the Bab al-Salama border point, the main gateway for fighters and supplies heading into Aleppo province.
Bab al Salama border crossing? Wow, that rings a bell! Hold on to your hats boys and girls!!! Bab al Salama was the VERY FIRST border crossing taken by ISIS! You know to form the caliphate and all that rubbish!

 Bab al-Salam is the first border crossing between Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Islamic emirate and Turkey
 The Islamic State captured the town of Soran Azaz and two nearby villages, giving it the ability to move along a road leading north to the Bab al-Salam crossing between the Syrian province of Aleppo and the Turkish province of Kilis
It's also the border crossing for US trained Daesh fighters!
 Before the fresh batch of fighters, the US-led train-and-equip programme had only managed to vet and train some 60 rebels to fight ISIS jihadists on the ground.
Gee, I thought it was 4 or 5 US trained rebels- but the early number was 60 and now we have another 75.

It appears the US and company are bolstering KurdIShIS with the additional fighters. Also: the claim of 4 or 5 fighter being trained, which I never believed, was promoted to push the incompetence meme- Someone, somewhere always has to be 'incompetent'
Flashback done!

The one question I have is why this information is being leaked? Is it to push the incompetence meme, so this episode can be spun further down the road? Is this related to Putin's appearance at the UN? What is the deal?!  Keeping in mind our perception of reality has to be managed constantly.

Friday, September 25, 2015

NDP Candidate Stefan Jonasson Ousted for Stating Opinion- Je Suis Charlie?

Stefan Jonasson is no longer running in the Manitoba riding of Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley after comments surfaced in which he compared the beliefs of one set of Orthodox Jews to the Taliban.
Jonasson said he was asked by the NDP to step down and agreed to do so.
“I wish that the party had had the courage and the foresight to believe that my candidacy was worth defending, but they did not,he said Thursday night.
Jonasson, a minister, posted an article three years ago in which he accused the Haredim — an Orthodox branch of Judaism — of mistreating women by segregating the sexes, enforcing strict dress codes and more. He wrote “much like the Taliban and other extremists, the Haredim offer a toxic caricature of faith at odds with the spirit of the religious tradition they profess to represent.”
I can't even hold my nose and vote for the NDP- 

Ultra-Orthodox Jews cause '11-hour long nightmare' on board flight to Israel

 A flight from New York to Tel-Aviv descended into an “11-hour long nightmare” after ultra-orthodox Jewish passengers on board refused to sit next to women, delaying take-off and causing further disruption during the flight.

 But the flight did not take off on time, according to Shalom Life, after a group of Haredi Jewish passengers refused to sit next to women, believing that men and women should be segregated.
 The Haredi passengers agreed to sit in their assigned seats for take-off, but one passenger described the overall experience as an “11-hour long nightmare,” referring to the difficulty before take-off and the ensuing disturbances on board, caused by the Haredi passengers “jumping out” of their seats when the fasten-seatbelt sign was switched off.
  Woman wants apology after Haredi man demands seat change on plane
Christine Flynn, 31, said she was waiting for her flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Toronto to take off early Monday morning when a Haredi man approached, CBC News reported Wednesday.
“He came down the aisle, he didn’t actually look at me … or make eye contact. He turned to the gentleman across the aisle and said, ‘change,’” Flynn told the broadcaster.
After the passenger refused to switch seats, the man asked a passenger in the row behind to switch with her, Flynn said, adding that the Jewish man never spoke directly to her or made eye contact. A flight attendant finally found a place for the man to sit, next to another man.
  Flynn said. “If people are going to get on flights and demand that they sit next to someone of the same sex, there should be an area where they can go. I should not have to move because someone has a problem with my uterus.”
 Stefan Jonasson should not have been pushed out for stating an honest opinion in a truthful manner- Canada doesn't love free speech or freedom- period.

Charlie Hebdo Strikes Again- Who Is The Target?

Charlie Hebdo Strikes Again- Who Is The Target?

Hebdo Satire- Shaming and Blaming European Christian Society for Israel's Refugees?!

"Welcome to Migrants" reads the headline and under that 'so close to the finish …'. Right next to the drowned toddler is a McDonald's hoarding: Two Children's-Menu for the price of one.
And for one long uncomfortable moment, the cartoon grabs you by the collar and spits in your civilised eye. But it doesn't stop there; a second cartoon holds you by your scruff and rubs your face in the very abrasive sands of Juvenalian Satire.
"The Proof that Europe is Christian" it proclaims. The cartoon this time is a Christ-like figure standing on water and next to him a drowned child. Arrow labels point to the former with the text, 'Christians walk on water' and the latter with, 'Muslim children drown'.
The proof of Europe's Christianity (decadence and selfishness) is demonstrated by the death of the boy on a beach. See, satire? Hahaha.

Flashback! “Boy on a Beach” Narrative Riddled with Inconsistencies & Agenda Pushing
 The purpose of satire is to invoke deep moral repugnance at what we, as a society, have become. And to that extent, with this image, Charlie Hebdo serves the purpose with an efficacy that is hard to ignore or deny. The juxtapositioning of Alan, the welcome banner for 'migrants' and the obscenity of McDonalds as an aspirational symbol for people fleeing their homes, grabs us by neck and forces us to deal with the hypocrisy of our 'Christian' kindness and charity.

"We as a society have become"? I beg to differ a great deal here!  What this is about is serving the interests of Israel in it's expansionist agenda.

"forces us to deal with the hypocrisy of our 'Christian' kindness and charity"

 What it should force us to deal with is the many problems Israel's presence in the middle east has created. Not just for the Palestinians- But for all the surrounding nations. Perhaps it's time for the Western Christian nations to stop being so dam kind &charitable when it comes to Israel's destructive ways. Enough turning the other cheek, so to speak.  Let the exploitation and guilt end now. No more tax payer dollars to Israel. And would the christian zionist wackos please come to their senses?

 If this cartoon doesn't reinforce the very theme I was referencing yesterday, then, I throw up my hands in disgust at the fact that people can't see that which is right in front of them.

Barbara's Spectre: Israel's Refugee's Materialize in Europe

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Barbara's Spectre: Israel's Refugee's Materialize in Europe

Have you noticed the myriad of stories regarding Jewish helpfulness towards the people they usually heap disdain on? Jewish groups & organizations from all over the globe helping the very people these same groups and organizations always imply are dangerous to the "lone democracy in the middle east" Wouldn't the action of assisting these "hostile to Israel" persons by saving their very lives seem an oddity? The media wants their audience to 'believe' this is empathy in action. Humanitarian feelings towards these persons. Kindness and caring. If the media is pushing this meme, we need to wonder just why it is this specific perception management is being promoted? Particularly when it is so contradictory to the normal narrative. Israel/Jews under attack etc., Obviously there is  much more to this largess that has nothing to do with caring, concern or love of fellow man. Especially concerning the drive to push these persons into Europe! Definitely some other agenda is at play. You'll understand what I'm getting at once you read through the post. You can say I had an Aha moment recently that took me back a few years. We will get to that!

Let's start first of all with some of these great humanitarian stories as they are spun:

I'll start with my favourite theatre of the absurd news story-
"theater in which standard or naturalistic conventions of plot, characterization, and thematic structure are ignored or distorted in order to convey the irrational or fictive nature of reality"
Top Prize goes to...   Jewish Sheep Farmer Shepherds Migrants in Austria
A shepherd rounding up a wayward flock... Filmed by a "fellow activist" shepherding passengers while singing Yiddish songs for social media- Can you say contrived?
 Even at his remote sheep pasture in the Austrian countryside, Hans Breuer was too disturbed by the plight of the Syrian refugees streaming into his country to go about his daily routine.
Especially troubling to Breuer, a 61-year-old Jewish shepherd and singer of Yiddish songs, were the overcrowded conditions at Traiskirchen — a government-run refugee camp near Vienna that was featured on the local news last month because its 4,500 residents were double the intended capacity.
“I was sick of this crime, I asked my wife whether we should do something, and that’s how it began”
During one of his trips this month with migrants, Breuer was filmed by a fellow activist driving five passengers who said they were Syrian Palestinians while singing a Yiddish song: “Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym” (“A tree stands off a road”) by Itsik Manger. Breuer, an athletic-looking man with a thin beard, delivered the lyrics in a moving rendition. The giggling migrants joined in for a bit of the refrain.
 The video, uploaded to YouTube and disseminated on social networks, went viral.
 It’s been watched tens of thousands of times and also appeared in the online edition of The Jerusalem Post, where readers offered praise for Breuer’s “contribution to coexistence,” as one user phrased it in the comment section — as well as condemnations for his assistance to “the Muslim invasion of Europe,” as another put it.
“My connection to refugees is as strong as it is instinctive,” he said. “It is a political issue for me, but it’s also a question of human rights and humanity.”
"It's a political issue for me"I'm sure it is. But just whose politics?
"a question of human rights and humanity.” Doubtful

But still there is more!
2nd prize -How Israeli volunteers on the ground in Europe are helping Syrian refugees

Israeli physicians on the ground in Greece! Complete with heart warming image
Tali Shaltiel, an Israeli physician, taking a Syrian child from a dinghy that arrived at a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos

Notice in the image the doctor is wet? But the child looks dry? Makes me wonder if she waded into the water for the photo then when she emerged someone handed her a child? 

Multiple honourable mentions

Jewish Groups Lead Push To Crack Open Doors to Syria Refugees

Jewish Groups Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees

How we can help Syrian refugees...

Yet another baby featured
“One such is being espoused by Finchley Progressive Synagogue”
“Many of my members owe the survival of relatives to the kindness of people in offering them shelter”- reinforcing common believe memes
“Our synagogue is trying to remove the responsibility of Barnet to find the housing — it isn’t going to be a burden on their resources,”
“ The first 12 months will be paid for by the European Union under a scheme for placing vulnerable refugees. “We’re not asking for charitable homes, we are asking that people who would be renting out a property anyway will consider this scheme, and take a year out of their private rentals and be paid by the EU instead.”

So the resident EU taxpayer will foot the bill, for a year, paying no doubt exorbitant rental rates to private landlords for a full year for thousands of families throughout the EU, while the poor resident/citizens of the EU nations queue for affordable housing? Jobs? Benefits already paid for by themselves and their kith and kin.

This outpouring of Israeli/Jewish concern for the "Syrian refugees" struck me as strange. Particularly since I had already blogged multiple times on the fact that Israel had played an absolute pivotal part in creating all of these refugees. Expansionist Israel. Land grabbing, resource stealing Israel. 

Israel and it's messianic followers abroad have played major roles in the destruction and destabilization of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Palestine. Lebanon. To name just a few of the nations Israel has actively conspired to ruin. There are numerous posts on that topic here- Think Bernard Henri Levy as just one example of Israel's most ardent devotee.

Three recent posts at the blog pointing out the obvious benefit accruing to expansionist Israel inherent in the current ‘refugee crisis’ we’ve been hearing so much about.

Previous posts:
Rehousing refugees in Europe is an Israeli plan!

Suddenly the reasoning behind Barbara Spectre’s comments from a few years back are abundantly clear. Finally her statements make perfect sense. I admit when I first saw this video years back, it had me perplexed, but not anymore!

Doctors on the ground. NGO’s. The ADL.  The media. Etc., All working together to push victims of Israeli policies, war, attrocities, destabilization onto other nations.
All the while no mention of Israel's pivotal role in creating this refugee crisis. Israel's incredible foresight in being years ahead in  the planning for this refugee crisis. And the sheer "coincidence" of having a global network of Jewish persons/groups out to ‘help’ refugees.
I mean you just couldn’t have planned for the refugee crisis any better unless you were going to make it happen yourself.

Don't Miss:

IHS Janes Said: 2 New Russia Sites in Syria?

IHS Janes Said: 2 New Russia Sites in Syria?

The Nation, quoting CNN, quoting Janes :Russia preparing to station troops at 2 new sites in Syria
Russia may be preparing to station troops at two new sites in Syria as it continues its rapid military buildup in the conflict-ravaged nation, a research firm says.

IHS Jane's said Tuesday that it had spotted two previously unreported sites in satellite imagery of western Syria where steps appear to be being taken to receive Russian forces.

The two new sites where IHS Jane's analysts (no name analysts) say Russian troops could go are the the Istamo weapons storage complex and the Al-Sanobar military complex, both north of the Latakia base.

"Military personnel would likely arrive at these two bases as part of the rapid expeditionary force buildup currently centered around Latakia," the (no name) analysts said.

Asked about the Jane's report at a regular news briefing Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook declined to comment on "intelligence matters."
 “Intelligence matters”? Or pure baloney, given an aura of authority, coming from Janes?

Let’s read Janes for ourselves:

Russia Deploys Powerful Strike Group to Syria

Any questions about that information?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jay's Analysis: Brave New World- How far along are we?

 For those that are interested in understanding the way society is manipulated and ordered to benefit an elite class, this is your analysis. Loved it. Listened twice. Do you see parallels to our so called modern progressive society? I sure did!

Thanks to Jay @ Jay's Analysis for providing half of this lecture for our enjoyment.
Jay's Analysis is always linked and accessible via the side bar of the blog.
 "In this analysis, I cover Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World from a historical, philosophical and esoteric perspective. What is Huxley saying? Was he involved in erecting the scientistic state we now live in? Did he leave clues in his famous Berkeley lecture that suggest this? How does this relate to Bacon, Shakespeare and esoterism? Why are there curious references to Marx, Ford and Rothschild in the novel? How did Huxley know about cloning in 1932 and does this future-historical fiction work prove “Hidden Metaphysics"?"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Russian build-up in Syria puts Israel on the back foot

Asia Times: M.K. Bhadrakumar

Definitely a thought provoking read. I personally take issue with some points made, nonetheless, worth reading entirely, at least twice. Since this is posted for the purpose of discussing the issues raised feel free to share a thought or two on what Bhadrakumar has written.

This piece is the obvious follow up to yesterday's post : Israel & Russia "agreed on a mechanism to prevent misunderstandings"- Netanyahu
"There is a saying, ‘misfortunes never come singly’. That must have been the thought on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu’s mind as he headed for Moscow Monday on what the Russians described as a 3-hour “short working visit” – a call on President Vladimir Putin at his residence in city suburbs for what a top Kremlin official forecast would be “a business and frank conversation” (read plain-speaking), and back to the airport on the return journey. We don’t know whether Putin hosted a lunch for ‘Bibi’.

The Russian military build-up in Syria comes as a big setback to Netanyahu’s regional policies. And it comes immediately after the spectacular defeat he suffered in the campaign to kill the Iran nuclear deal.

In the normal course, the Syrian developments should have prompted Netanyahu to huddle together with the American president, but the White House has earmarked a slot for the Israeli leader in November. The Israel-US relations are in visible difficulty, and on top of it now, a cloud of uncertainty has appeared over Israel-Russia ties as well. It is a moment of reckoning for Israeli diplomacy.

Netanyahu’s office had said he would discuss with Putin “the stationing of Russian forces in Syria… (and) will present the threats posed to Israel as a result of the increased flow of advanced war material to the Syrian arena and the transfer of deadly weapons to Hezbollah and other terror organizations”.

But the Kremlin had entirely different ideas. A statement in Moscow said, “Urgent issues of bilateral cooperation and the international agenda are scheduled to be discussed. In particular, the sides are expected to exchange opinions on the issue of the Middle East peace process and the fight against the global terrorist threat.”

Surely, Russians knew Palestine issue was last thing on Netanyahu’s order of priority, but they gently let it be known to the Israeli side beforehand that Moscow’s military intervention in Syria to help the government fight the terrorist groups no matter what it takes is a well-thought out policy decision that was not open to negotiation.

Curiously, on the eve of Netanyahu’s departure for Moscow, Russian news agency carried a curtain raiser entitled What Does Netanyahu’s Blitz Visit to Moscow Aim to Accomplish? And it said among other things that Moscow does not regard the Hezbollah as a terrorist organization but that the Lebanese militant group is “assisting the Syrian military in its war against terror groups… including Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIL”.

The commentary speculated that Netanyahu’s real purpose would be: to fathom the Russian intentions in Syria; to find out additional details about the Russian deployment; to dissuade Russia from giving advanced weaponry such as S-300 and S-400 missiles to Syria; and, to “coordinate” with Moscow so that no military clashes took place between the two countries on Syrian soil. (Israeli chief of staff Gen. Gadi Eizenkot accompanied Netanyahu to Moscow).

The Russian accounts of the conversation between Putin and Netanyahu on Monday freely acknowledged that the two countries disagreed on Syria. Netanyahu was quoted as saying to Putin that he had come to Moscow “to explain our position and do everything so there are no misunderstandings of our region or yours”. It was a subtle reference to Israel’s activities in Ukraine directed against Russian interests.

But it is unlikely that Moscow is even remotely contemplating a trade-off with Israel over Ukraine, where tensions are easing, thanks to growing proximity between Russia and the West. Looking back, was it really necessary for Israel to have jumped into the Ukrainian cauldron and caused annoyance to Moscow, without due consideration of consequences?

The impression conveyed by the Russian accounts is that Putin patiently heard out Netanyahu and showed “understanding” for Israel’s security concerns, but did not make any promises – except of course that Russian actions in Syria will be “very responsible” (as they have always been) and that the Israeli fears of a “second front” in the Golan Heights are far-fetched, because the Syrian government forces have their hands full and have no intentions to start a war with Israel.

Without doubt, Israel’s dealings with the al-Qaeda affiliates operating in Syria are known to Moscow. In a series of reports to the UN Security Council, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force documented numerous instances of Israeli military’s dealings with the radical Islamist groups on the Israeli-Syrian border of the Golan Heights.

Putin said last week, “We must put aside geopolitical ambitions, abandon the so-called double standards, the policy of direct or indirect use of certain terrorist groups for opportunistic purposes, including changes of government and regimes disliked by someone.”

The description fits Israel’s role in Syria rather aptly, and it stands to reason that Israel’s nexus with the radical Islamist groups in Syria will become – if it hasn’t already – a major element in the Russian policy calculus in the coming period.

No doubt, the Russian-Israeli relations are set to enter a complicated period. Russia, especially Putin, tried hard to keep the relations on an even keel, but the contradictions over Syria cannot be pushed under the carpet. In the final analysis, it all depends on what the scope of the Russian build-up in Syria is going to be in the coming weeks and months.

Conceivably, Israel will have to take certain difficult decisions. Syria’s open skies may not remain defenceless for much longer and the country may not present itself as a hunting ground for Israeli jets attacking targets with impunity. This is one thing.

Second, if Russia puts ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria at some stage – something that cannot entirely be ruled out – Israel faces a power dynamic in its neighborhood that has no precedents in all of its history. Simply put, a far superior power has arrived in the immediate neighborhood and life cannot go on as before.

Third, it cannot be ruled out that the Syrian government forces in coordination with the Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militia will make attempts at some point to reclaim the areas adjacent to the Golan Heights which have been under the control of the Israel-friendly al-Qaeda groups. If that happens, the security implications are going to be profound for Israel.

But then, it all depends on the peace process in Syria that is set to begin and the sort of transition that may take place. Russia is neither likely to intervene with Iran or the Hezbollah as regards their activities in the Golan Heights area nor is going to boost the Hezbollah’s capabilities.

But it stands to reason, though, that neither Iran nor Hezbollah is spoiling for a fight with Israel. On the other hand, Russia and Iran have coordinated their moves in Syria so far and Russia also has a line open to the Hezbollah. Therefore, taking into account the totality of the emergent Russian approach on Syria – and its dominant political and diplomatic thrust – Moscow can be expected to restrain the protagonists from exacerbating tensions with Israel.

Fourth, the Russian presence in Syria and the Russian-Iranian axis virtually put a full stop to any Israeli dreams of having a voice at the high table as regards the future of Syria. A fragmentation of Syria might be in the Israeli interests but the Russian intervention aims at preserving Syria’s unity and territorial integrity – and there is also an international consensus on that score. Put differently, Israel needs to learn to live with the Syrian neighbor it gets. Geography and politics cannot be wished away.

Israel would have hoped that there will be a stand-off between the West and Russia over the latter’s military build-up in Syria. But on the contrary, the West is pondering over the terms under which a constructive engagement with Russia becomes possible so as to bring about a transition in Syria very soon.

Quite obviously, the West is no longer insisting on President Bashar a-Assad stepping down later today as a precondition for the transition. Equally, the West has welcomed the Russian intention to join the war against the Islamic State.

What Israel probably overlooked in all this is that the Russian build-up in Syria has taken place against the backdrop of the massive refugee crisis that is threatening European security. Moscow correctly judged the shift in Europe’s priorities today and in diplomacy timing is always the essence of the matter. In sum, Moscow resorted to coercive diplomacy and its military dimension should not be exaggerated out of proportions.

Thus, Europe is nudging the US and Russia to strengthen the fight against the IS and on a parallel track to work together to kick-start a peace process in Syria. Clearly, the centrality of Russia (and Iran) has been conceded by the West – and openly acknowledged even by the US – in the search for a Syrian settlement.

Over and above, Israel should expect that a US-Iranian dialogue on Syria will commence next week in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session as part of the intensifying efforts to bring about a transition in Syria"

Monday, September 21, 2015

Israel & Russia "agreed on a mechanism to prevent misunderstandings"- Netanyahu

 Peninsula Qatar

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia, September 21, 2015.
JERUSALEM: Israel and Russia will coordinate their military actions over Syria to avoid accidentally trading fire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

"My objective was to prevent misunderstandings between IDF (Israel Defense Force) units and Russian forces," Netanyahu told Israeli reporters, adding that he and Putin "agreed on a mechanism to prevent such misunderstandings".
Related to update # 2 in the post from yesterday

Al-Moallem: Russia's participation in fighting terrorism will turn table on conspirators 


Update #2: Russia and US Chiefs of Defence in Talks

Russia and the United States launched military talks on the Syrian conflict on Friday as Moscow stepped up its buildup of forces in the war-torn country.
The phone conversation between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter ended an 18-month freeze in military relations triggered by NATO anger over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Al-Moallem: Russia's participation in fighting terrorism will turn table on conspirators

UPDATING as I find info- scroll down!

1st- Short on details, but, interesting:

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said Russia’s participation in fighting Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS terrorist organizations will turn the tables on those who plotted conspiracies against Syria.
“There is something new beyond (Russia) providing Syria with weapons, which is Russia engaging in fighting ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra,” said al-Moallem in an interview with the Russian RT channel that was aired on Saturday.
“This is a major issue. It is something that will turn the tables on those who conspired against Syria and will show that the US and its coalition have had no strategy for combating ISIS, and the evidence is that they have grasped the Russian message and now want to coordinate and cooperate with Russia,” al-Moallem added.
He made it clear that what Syria is doing along with its friends in Russia is open and that there is nothing going on under the table, pointing out that Russia does not hide its will to participate in fighting terrorism.
“We in Syria,” he said, “trust the Russian Federation’s leadership and its intention to participate. What we are doing is open and known to all.”
Al-Moallem explained that Russia is acting under the international law and in coordination with Syria, criticizing the US for acting otherwise as far as the international coalition it leads against ISIS is concerned.
He said the US is busy counting the number of airstrikes carried out by the coalition and not the results “because they are ineffective,” stressing that the only force fighting Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS is the Syrian Army.
The Minister renewed Syria’s welcoming of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initiative for establishing a wide front of countries to cooperate with the Syrian government in facing terrorism, stressing that Syria welcomes any country that is really willing and sincere to fight terrorism.
As fas as the political solution is concerned, al-Moallem stressed that the Syrian government does not mind starting political dialogue in parallel with the efforts of fighting terrorism.
“We don’t want to walk in a dark tunnel. We want to walk in an open path,” said al-Moallem, stressing that it has become today clear that fighting terrorism is the priority, “but this doesn’t mean that we are not pursuing political dialogue.”
“What the Syrian citizen wants above everything else is security,” he added.
Asked about the situation in al-Zabadani and the ceasefire there, al-Moallem explained that there had been four attempts at establishing ceasefire and there were results, but in each time the terrorists received instructions to break it, noting that there is now a fifth attempt at a time when the Syrian army and the Lebanese Resistance are only meters from resolving the battle in al-Zabadani.
“We care for the people’s lives and we are open for considering the ceasefire,” he added

Update #1: GulfNews: 

Russia is conducting a series of massive military exercises with live ammunition in the Mediterranean Sea between the Syrian port of Tartus and the island of Cyprus. Aircraft-carriers and missile units are involved in the exercise, thereby confirming Moscow’s commitment to support the Syrian regime led by President Bashar Al Assad.
Russia had announced, several days earlier, that it would supply arms and ammunition to Syria so as to enhance its military capabilities to take on Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) after it announced war against this organisation.
Readers here already know about the military exercises in the Mediterranean-

Covered here: Fear Reinforcement- Lavrov “unintended incidences’ Russian Naval Exercises & Circular Narratives- The arms and munitions supplies has been a constant
At the official level, Russia described its manoeuvres as routine, but it is difficult for any political analyst to be satisfied with the excuse that these are mere routine manoeuvres in isolation from the current tensions in Syria and in Iraq and in isolation from the general instability in the whole region.
The term “warfare manoeuvre” is commonly used in military parlance to describe the movement of the military on the ground, in sea or in the air along with logistics related to the administrative, technical and intelligence aspects of the armed forces.
However, on the other hand, manoeuvres are also a media and marketing display for the performance of weapons on the ground, in line with the combat doctrine, whereby, military experts and commanders take the front seats during such manoeuvres.

Update #2: Russia and US Chiefs of Defence in Talks

Russia and the United States launched military talks on the Syrian conflict on Friday as Moscow stepped up its buildup of forces in the war-torn country.
The phone conversation between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter ended an 18-month freeze in military relations triggered by NATO anger over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis.

Russia’s defense ministry said the talk marks a resumption of military-to-military cooperation between the countries and that the practise would continue, although Washington was a little more circumspect. Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the call lasted one hour and focused on "the necessity to coordinate bilateral and multilateral efforts to combat international terrorism." Washington has expressed concern over any Russian military buildup in Syria as a boost to President Bashar al-Assad, accusing Moscow of sending ships, artillery and tanks.
Named person, quoted statement
And on Friday, a US official told AFP that four Russian fighter jets had been seen on the Latakia airbase in Syria.
Anonymous US official- Jet's could be part of military exercises in Mediterranean?

Update # 3: Back that train up on the claim of  4 or 5 US trained fighters..  US has trained only 'four or five' Syrian fighters against Isis, top general testifies I had my very big suspicions about this claim being made public, while all the Russia hysteria continues!
Today we have  many more  US trained fighters entering to "fight ISIS" via the Turkish conduit  Dozens of US-trained fighters enter Syria from Turkey

 Seventy-five Syrian rebels trained to fight jihadists under a beleaguered US programme have crossed from Turkey into northern Syria
75 more rebels. 75 more US trained rebels.
Hassan Mustafa, spokesman for the US-backed Division 30 unit to which some of the rebels were deployed, confirmed that the group had entered Syria.
"Their training in Turkey lasted two months and they went directly to the front lines with Daesh.
They went to the frontlines with Daesh/ISIS? With Daesh? As in together. Alongside?
 Mustafa didn't say they went to confront / fight/ destroy/crush or conquer Daesh.  He said "with Daesh"

According to Abdel Rahman, the group had entered in a convoy of a dozen cars with light weapons and ammunition, under air cover from the US-led coalition that has been carrying out strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.
He said the rebels crossed through the Bab al-Salama border point, the main gateway for fighters and supplies heading into Aleppo province.
Bab al Salama border crossing? Wow, that rings a bell! Hold on to your hats boys and girls!!!
Bab al Salama was the VERY FIRST border crossing taken by ISIS! You know to form the caliphate and all that rubbish!

 Bab al-Salam is the first border crossing between Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Islamic emirate and Turkey
 The Islamic State captured the town of Soran Azaz and two nearby villages, giving it the ability to move along a road leading north to the Bab al-Salam crossing between the Syrian province of Aleppo and the Turkish province of Kilis
It's also the border crossing for US trained Daesh fighters!
 Before the fresh batch of fighters, the US-led train-and-equip programme had only managed to vet and train some 60 rebels to fight ISIS jihadists on the ground.
Gee, I thought it was 4 or 5 US trained rebels- but the early number was 60 and now we have another 75.

It appears the US and company are bolstering KurdIShIS with the additional fighters.
Also: the claim of 4 or 5 fighter being trained, which I never believed, was promoted to push the incompetence meme- Someone, somewhere always has to be 'incompetent'

Friday, September 18, 2015

Assad Interview- ISIS/Western Propaganda/Kurds and John Kerry- Egad!


 In a rare interview with Russian media, including RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad opened up about terrorism, the refugee crisis, and Western propaganda. He went back in history, saying the US invasion of Iraq had set the scene for Syria's unrest.

On the cause of the Syrian civil war:

Assad: “It was the Iraq war in 2003, when the United States invaded Iraq. We were strongly opposed to that invasion, because we knew that things were moving in the direction of dividing societies and creating unrest. And we are Iraq’s neighbors. At that time, we saw that the war would turn Iraq into a sectarian country; into a society divided against itself. To the west of Syria there is another sectarian country - Lebanon. We are in the middle. We knew well that we would be affected. Consequently, the beginning of the Syrian crisis, or what happened in the beginning, was the natural result of that war and the sectarian situation in Iraq, part of which moved to Syria, and it was easy for them to incite some Syrian groups on sectarian grounds.”
When the US invaded Iraq in 2003,  Turkey had a huge problem with that move also. They went to NATO at the time- As they have recently and NATO didn't care. Same now as then.

Persons who put forth the idea that ISIS came out of Syria are sorely mistaken. ISIS came out of Iraq, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the US/NATO/Israeli invasion. Just as Assad proposes

ISIS: The introductory flashbacks! 

If you didn’t read these when I dug the dirt and posted them here better then a year ago, you may be interested in doing so now?  Definitely a piece of the puzzle, in my opinion.
The West aka NATO/Israel adopting Terrorism: The 80's Afghanistan, cited by Assad.

I'm certain terrorism preceded Afghanistan, an example being the zionist use of it in order to bring about Israel, but Afghanistan is a good starting point for this present day narrative

 Assad: “All these things together created the conditions for the unrest with Western support and Gulf money, particularly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and with Turkish logistic support, particularly since President Erdogan belongs intellectually to the Muslim Brotherhood. Consequently, he believes that, if the situation changed in Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, it means the creation of a new sultanate; not an Ottoman sultanate this time, but a sultanate for the Brotherhood extending from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and ruled by Erdogan."
You will notice that Assad specifically stated Turkish logistic support
Let's define logistics! 
Logistics: Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of whom ever.
And what entity would provide logistics in the case of Turkey?
Why of course, that would be NATO. Since Turkey's military and NATO are integrated.
So, if Turkey was the conduit, did it's political leadership really have a choice or say in the matter?   Recently, Turkey did move to buy arms that were not integrated into the global NATO tyranny!  Gee, I wonder why? Not! I know why. It was because the Turkish leadership saw 'the writing on the wall"

 Introductory Turkish Destabilization Flashback!
Back to Assad's interview:
Assad- “All these factors together brought things to what we have today. Once again, I say that there were mistakes, and mistakes always create gaps and weak points, but they are not sufficient to cause that alone, and they do not justify what happened. And if these gaps and weak points are the cause, why didn’t they lead to revolutions in the Gulf States - particularly in Saudi Arabia which doesn’t know anything about democracy? The answer is self-evident, I believe.”
On ISIS and terrorism

Assad said that Syria is “at war” with terrorism which is supported by foreign powers, and that political forces should unite around what Syrians want – which is security and safety for everyone.
Assad: “That means we should first unite against terrorism. That is logical and self-evident,” Assad said.

“There are forces fighting terrorism now alongside the Syrian state, which had previously fought against the Syrian state. We have made progress in this regard, but I would like to take this opportunity to call on all forces to unite against terrorism, because it is the way to achieve the political objectives which we, as Syrians, want through dialogue and political action.”

When asked about making the border area with Turkey an area free of Islamic State, Assad said that notion implies that terrorism is allowed in other regions. “That is unacceptable,” he said.

“Terrorism should be eradicated everywhere; and we have been calling for three decades for an international coalition to fight terrorism.”

On the refugee crisis:

Referring to the refugee crisis currently underway in Europe, the Syrian president said the West is “crying for the refugees with one eye and aiming at them with a machinegun with the second one.”

Elaborating on that statement, Assad added: "If you are worried about [refugees], stop supporting terrorists. That's what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees.”

He added that Western propaganda is reporting that the refugees are fleeing the Syrian government – which media outlets call a “regime” – even though they are actually fleeing terrorists.

That “propaganda” will only lead to more refugees for the West, the Syrian president said.

...Now [the West says] there is terrorism like Al-Nusra and ISIS, but because of the Syrian state or the Syrian regime or the Syrian president. So, as long as they follow this propaganda, they will have more refugees.”
On Western propaganda blaming Assad for the civil war

Assad accused Western propaganda of oversimplifying the Syrian crisis and reporting that “the whole problem in Syria lies in one individual.” He added the consequence of that rhetoric is for people to say “let that individual go and things will be alright.”

He also said the West will continue to support terrorism as long as he is in power “because the Western principle followed now in Syria and Russia and other countries is changing presidents, changing states, or what they call bringing regimes down. Why? Because they do not accept partners and do not accept independent states.”

He said that in Syria, the president comes into power through the people and through elections – and if he goes, he goes through the people. He stressed that a leader doesn't go “as a result of an American decision, a Security Council decision, the Geneva conference, or the Geneva communiqué.”

“If the people want [a leader] to stay, he should stay; and if the people reject him, he should leave immediately. This is the principle according to which I look at this issue.”

On a political solution to the Syrian crisis

Assad said that Damascus needs to continue dialogue between “Syrian entities” and “political entities or political currents,” while simultaneously fighting terrorism, in order to reach a consensus about the country's future.

“We have to continue dialogue in order to reach consensus as I said, but if you want to implement anything real, it’s impossible to do anything while you have people being killed, bloodletting hasn’t stopped, people feel insecure. Let’s say we sit together as Syrian political parties or powers and achieve a consensus regarding something in politics, in economy, in education, in health, in everything. How can we implement it if the priority of every single Syrian citizen is to be secure? So, we can achieve consensus, but we cannot implement unless we defeat the terrorism in Syria. We have to defeat terrorism, not only ISIS.”

On cooperation with Russia & Iran

The Syrian president said Damascus would be prepared to cooperate with “friendly countries” in its fight against terrorism, particularly Russia and Iran.

Calling the relationship between Syria and Iran an “old one,” Assad said the alliance is “based on a great deal of trust.”

“Iran supports Syria and the Syrian people. It stands with the Syrian state politically, economically and militarily,” he said, adding that Iranian support has been essential for Syria during “this difficult and ferocious war.”

However, he laid to rest claims by Western media that Tehran has sent an army or armed forces to Syria.

“That is not true. It sends us military equipment, and of course there is an exchange of military experts between Syria and Iran. This has always been the case, and it is natural for this cooperation to grow between the two countries in a state of war,” Assad said.

As for Russia, Assad said “there is a good, strong and historical relation between Moscow and Damascus.”
But Assad also said that Syria has “no veto” on any country, “provided that it has the will to fight terrorism and not as they are doing in what is called the 'international coalition' led by the United States."

“Countries like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Western countries which provide cover for terrorism like France, the United States, or others, cannot fight terrorism. You cannot be with and against terrorism at the same time. But if these countries decide to change their policies and realize that terrorism is like a scorpion, if you put it in your pocket, it will sting you. If that happens, we have no objection to cooperating with all these countries, provided it is a real and not a fake coalition to fight terrorism.”
Clearly Assad continues to see the writing on the wall! Cause it's obvious to me Turkey is being targeted and soon enough Saudi Arabia will be deeper in the throes of a destabilization that has begun with those mosque bombings.

On Assad's position towards Kurds

When asked if he has a specific position towards the Kurds, the Syrian president said they are “part of the Syrian fabric.”

“They are not foreigners - they live in this region like the Arabs, Circassians, Armenians and many other ethnicities and sects who’ve been living in Syria for many centuries...without these groups, there wouldn’t have been a homogenous Syria..."

“...But on the other hand, you cannot put all the Kurds in one category. Like any other Syrian component, there are different currents among them. They belong to different parties. There are those on the left and those on the right. There are tribes, and there are different groups. So, it is not objective to talk about the Kurds as one mass,” he stated.

However, he stressed the Kurds “are not allies at this stage, as some suggest."

“There are many fallen Kurdish soldiers who fought with the army, which means they are an integral part of society. But there are parties which had certain demands, and we addressed some at the beginning of the crisis. There are other demands which have nothing to do with the state, and which the state cannot address. There are things which would relate to the entire population, to the constitution, and the people should endorse these demands before a decision can be taken by the state. In any case, anything proposed should be in the national framework. That’s why I say that we are with the Kurds, and with other components, all of us in alliance to fight terrorism.”

He added that once the terrorists are defeated in Syria, Kurdish demands “expressed by certain parties” can be discussed nationally.
Some of what Assad said wrt the Kurds is contained in yesterday's post:
Syria & the Kurds: Exodus alters demographics/Assad: No deal with Kurds

The situation with the Kurds in Syria & their involvement with the destruction of Syria, covered by myself, earned me a lot of hostility. Oh well, I call them as I see them.

The Kurdish militias were no friend of Syria. The Kurdish militias were no friend to the Kurdish people. However you define them? And that's difficult because there is nothing cohesive about them! I've said that here and made a clear case for that fact and it earned me attacks which fill my spam box and get deleted by me. But then, there is collusion between the Kurds and Israel. Both groups aligned and both having a big lobby which no doubt includes a troll brigade.

There are about 100 posts here covering the Kurdish aspect of this destabilization. Collusion with Israel. Kurdish militias participating in ethnic cleansing. Kurdish militias harming ordinary Kurds.  Etc.,  Please don't bring the nonsensical Kurdish do gooder narrative here- I'm not buying lies and fanciful tales

John Kerry- Egads!

U.S. President Barack Obama believes that military talks with Russia on Syria is an important next step and hopes they will take place very shortly, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday.
"The president believes that mil-to-mil conversation is an important next step and hopefully will take place very shortly and help to define some of the different options available to us as we consider next steps in Syria," Kerry said at the start of talks with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed in London. 
"Our focus remains on destroying ISIL (Islamic State militants) and also on a political settlement with respect to Syria, which we believe cannot be achieved with the long-term presence of (President Bashar al-) Assad," Kerry told reporters. "We’re looking for ways in which to find a common ground."
Kerry's focus is not on destroying ISIS and it never has been! This has always been about outing Assad and destroying Syria. Expanding Israel. Creating the refugee crisis was a good way to punish Europe- destroying societies and driving down wages to create that horrid global gulag I have mentioned on other occasions.
I've asked everyone here before to stop participating in that which is destroying us all- The hour is late my friends. Any agenda being pushed, don't go along with it.