Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beware Media Spin Concerning Russian strikes in Syria- Claims VS Facts

In case you are unaware of the latest developments?

Breaking: Russia carries out Syria strike- Confirmation

Now let's talk coverage via NATO media

I admit these perception managed media reports are a cause for concern- They're extremely irrational.
And malicious. The situation is tense enough. Why does the US/NATO media have to inflame the situation- When I think about the competing interests in that area!! I shudder.
Let's keep our wits about us when following this news

Two news stories as examples- Let’s read them with a critical and logical eye to the facts

Mirror UK    &

Claims vs Facts

Claim- “Russian commanders are ignoring their own requests for military-to-military "de-confliction" with the U.S. as their warplanes attack Syrian resistance fighters Wednesday, a defense official told POLITICO.

"It completely bypasses every bit of legitimate discussion we've had with them so far," the official complained”

Fact- Was there an agreement on the part of the US to cooperate with Russia?
It does not seem so. It’s not mentioned anywhere in this Politico article.
Since it’s not mentioned we have to conclude that the US did NOT agree to deconflict.
The only statements of fact are Russia requested military to military deconfliction and there was  “legitimate discussion” regarding that request.  No mention of agreement-
Discussion does not equal agreement.
Agreement = Agreement

Claim- Politico spins a further fabrication that Russia did not use any lines of communication to let their actions be known while contradicting themselves in this sentence

Fact- “a Russian general appeared at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad this morning and announced that the first Russian air operations would begin shortly, the defense official said.”

Clearly the Russian’s communicated their intent, up close and in person! Who on earth is fooled by the Politico fabrication that Russia did not use any lines of communication!
 UPDATE!- U.S. brushes off Russian request to avoid Syrian airspace
 Which tells me that the US did not agree to deconflict, as I had stated above.
 "The United States on Wednesday said it had conducted air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria within the last hour or so, brushing aside a Russian request to avoid Syrian airspace"
Back to claims vs facts:


Insinuated claim- Russia endangered others.
Fact: “The general warned American units to keep away, but U.S. warplanes continued to fly in Syria as normal” Logic tells me it was the US that endangered others!
 Politico reports  the General went to the embassy, (earlier news indicates an hour beforehand)  minimally an hour before the strikes were launched and the US warplanes kept flying.
Therefore the US endangered their own. Russia did not.
Claim; “A French diplomat has accused Russia of lying about the target of air strikes carried out in Syria on Wednesday”

Fact- Russia made it abundantly clear that they were targeting those that were striking Syria- Period. Therefore, Russia did not lie.
Claim: “The Russian Defence Ministry claims it has started a bombing campaign against "Islamic State terrorist dens" in cooperation with the Syrian air force.

Facts: Russia is cooperating with the Syrian airforce, which makes Russian presence vastly more legitimate then US. And since the US has been supporting ISIS all along........It’s a given that Russia will strike those terrorists propped up by the US not limited to brand ISIS
Claim: "a French diplomatic source claims the Russians have attacked Syrian opposition targets rather than IS strongholds"

Fact: Striking US/NATO/Israeli backed opposition is targeting ISIS- So at least there the diplomat was correct since there is no difference between US backed opposition and NATO backed ISIS.

Use discernment and don't get caught up in the hype- Stay cool headed friends :)


  1. White helmets has already begun tweeting 'civilian casualties ' using a September 25 photo for a claimed sept 30 op

  2. ????
    Fed in a corner with no escape. BOJ in corner, no escape. ECB, in corner no escape. Not included here: BOE who is busy alongside COL striking Yuan clearing deals and Dim Sum trading deals. London/BOE is effecting its own pivot. Cameron now embroiled in a scandal

    Lukashenko warns on brink of war
    Israel and turkey saying Russia checked in pre strikes
    Israel testing Russia understanding in Golan
    Israeli media leaks story about anon prince in house of Saudi unrest. Same day an Iran story about weapons boat to Yemen in view for Saudi wedding story mimicking Afghan/Pak stories dating to 2002 (which US navy denied after the fact)
    Saudi Fm Jubeir and the DefMin (King's son) - whom the "Anon" prince says is 'running' the Kingdom for his ailing father - the choice of whose "next generation?" With all the internal destabilization, what does the interior minister Nayef (& crown prince think?)
    "Hebdo" scenario replayed over the Syrian drowning incident
    What do the Saudi FM Jubeir and the Hebdo attacks have in common?
    Yemen an obvious disaster as Iran warned the Saudis going in "it was a trap"
    Turkey and US upping the anti Assad 'transition' rhetoric.
    Hollande meeting Putin while the FM says Russia is all talk no action
    Israel ramping up the strikes on Gaza while media setting stage for Abbas ouster and triumphant return of Dahlan (see below)
    Iran former ambassador to Lebanon missing in Haj story recalls the 2007 Istanbul disappearance of RG and subsequent Prisoner X stories
    Endghahl warning that the US deployments of nukes to Europe raises the anti
    German Intelligence loses the list of NSA corporate / other targets in investigation (as VW strikes) . Same setup as the A400 downing timeline nearby Seville on engine upload issue.
    China parcel explosions
    India terror warnings about ISIS
    Russia and Europe Exomars mission delayed (as NASA is leaking water)
    Or this from the Guardian.....
    Belarus president brings 11-year-old son to UN

    1. Also notable
      US denies Iraq offer to join Russia/Iran fusion sharing
      Throwback to US waiting out Maliki as Russian put fighters and supplies into country
      Kurd factions backing Russian engagement after US refuses to label Syrian Kurd PKK offshoot avoids the terror lable
      "We do not support parties using, capitalizing on, the current conflict in Syria to dismember the country or to create more than one political entity out of that country,"

      Ironic becasue Kissinger has been calling for a partition since the outset, French plans notwithstanding

      And after the US general called for partition in Iraq

    2. Begs your question: Who benefits?

      The Saudi vs. Iran clash meme is in overdrive. Who benefits?

    3. Probably an important article,.

    4. thank you for all the links, I have much reading to do
      the saudi arabia withdrawal of billions from the markets was curious?
      I see the saudi vs iran meme is largely at play
      To my mind the beneficiary is Israel. Not sure what you think but if you want to expand, feel free :)

  3. Read the comments section in this Daily Mail article.

    Pro Putin and anti-western propaganda comments dominate.


    1. That's a wsj story and the commentators have been mostly influenced by MSM
      . One person fails to mention Assad was elected 2014

    2. Hello Brian,

      Yes there are some people parroting the "Assad is a monster, but" meme, however there are some excellent comments and it is very significant that a large majority are backing Putin despite western propaganda and calling that propaganda for what it is


      Third highest rated: 4432 positive 125 negative rating.

      "There are NO moderate rebel groups ....all the groups fighting Asad are either ISIS or offshoots of al qaeda or other extreme i s l a m i s t militias ...Putin and Russia are doing the world a favour in blasting these fanatics to pieces."

      Another comment:

      PUTIN is doing what all the other leaders are too scared to do! Anyway, this is all about OIL! The west staged another fake ¿Uprising¿ to overthrow a leader (Assad) who wouldn¿t give in to the demands of the west. Putin is stepping in to stop the encroachment of the west! GOOD for him!"

      "This is nothing more than American propaganda. The USA is the gasoline to the middle east's fire. Always have been and always will be."

      I tend not to believe Americans any more, the have been destabilising countries and continents for over a century now allays claiming they help delivering democracy. How many times has it been succeeded? Is not it ZERO."

    3. Thanks Anthony- I will look at the daily mail link
      I'm glad not too many people are believing the lies or at least questioning them

    4. Hey brian and Anthony..
      those are some great comments!
      I love the there are no moderate rebels, cause their aren't, and there really never has been
      Staged another uprising- love it!
      Yes, the US is the gas for the fire. Did many mention Israel or were those not allowed?

  4. 'Syrian resistance fighters '!!
    Is this the MSM referring to the jihadis ? Who are likely not even Syrian .

    1. brian? not sure where you are quoting from?

  5. ahahah the Fucking Clown

    " Russia's initial air strikes in Syria targeted recruits in the Free Syrian Army rebel group backed by the United States." backed by the CIA Ladys and Gentleman