Friday, September 4, 2015

“Boy on a Beach” Narrative Riddled with Inconsistencies & Agenda Pushing

Here’s hoping the buzz has  worn off on this latest perception management tale enough to state these facts without trolls and dupes appearing. I am always, always, highly suspicious of agendas being pushed when I witness such overwrought, overly dramatic heart string tugging narratives being woven. “Boy on a Beach” fits the manipulative bill to a tee.

Canadian residents Confirm they NEVER made application for the assumed fleeing family this soap opera revolves around- This entire narrative emanates from alleged extended family members
 Citizenship and Immigration Canada said it received no refugee application from the father of the two drowned boys.

It did, however, receive an application for Abdullah Kurdi's brother, Mohammed, but said it was incomplete and did not meet regulatory requirements for proof of refugee status recognition.

Tima Kurdi confirmed her family had only made an official request for Mohammed Kurdi, explaining she and her husband could only afford to sponsor one brother. They planned to apply for Mohammed first and subsequently bring Abdullah and his family to Canada”
Tima and Mohammed have been providing the narrative for this saga.

Multiple contradictory statements in this news item

 Father buries family in Kobane. Contradicting Statement regarding smugglers Etc., Father makes contradictory claims regarding situation on boat according to Police

Mr Abdullah said the overloaded boat flipped over moments after the captain, described as a Turkish man, panicked and abandoned the vessel, leaving Mr Abdullah as the de facto commander of a small boat in high seas.

In a police statement later leaked to the Turkish news agency Dogan, he gave a different account, denying that a smuggler was aboard
So was their a smuggler on board the “overloaded boat” Was there no smuggler? 
Was there even a boat?

More contradictory claims from another family member?
Man fleeing Kobani? Man burying family and staying in Kobani?
Man trying to go to Europe? Man coming to Canada?
“He only wanted to go to Europe for the sake of his children,” said Suleiman Kurdi, an uncle of the grieving father. “Now that they’re dead, he wants to stay here in Kobani next to them.”
Regarding the cemetery?
“Some graves in the cemetery were haphazardly marked out with borders of concrete blocks”
Unmarked? No names?  I’m having difficulty with the whole narrative of having to flee the area due to fighting, yet being able to come back and have a solemn ceremony to bury an entire family in a “haphazardly marked out’ cemetery-

image from BBC
And one more thing! 
What if the real story behind the refugee child washed ashore was not the story we were told?
Retired police officer Wynn Dunn, 70, originally of Pwllheli, Gwynedd, lives in Turgutreis a few miles away.
He said such sights had become a "plain fact" in Bodrum.

Mr Dunn, who previously ran a security consultancy and has lived in Turkey for 20 years, said residents have become accustomed to seeing "body bags" near the beach.
Plain fact'

"Because it's been going on here for so long, it's not so shocking. It's a plain fact," he added.

Mr Dunn said, despite recent media attention, bodies have been washing up for some time.

"People don't blink about it, it's a regular routine," he added.
If, as Mr Dunn claims, bodies routinely wash up on these shores would the elite psychos take an opportunity to present a concocted, emotionally appealing, overwrought narrative, through the war mongering,  agenda pushing media  in order to further promote their globally destructive killing agenda?  You bet they would! 

As my Northern Friend also pointed out:
"This dead 3 year old Syrian boy washing up on the Turkish shore is strangely reminiscent of the "Incubator Babies" fraud story used skillfully by the liars in our governments and media back in 1990 to convince the world that they attack and destroy Iraq for its 'conquest' of Kuwait...."

Agenda Pushing:

Kerry stresses need for Syria ground invasion

Because ground invasions result in less persons fleeing war, right? 

 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said there will be ground troops in Syria, emphasizing that he is convinced of the need to launch ground operations in the war-torn country but “at the appropriate moment”.

 “There will need to be people on the ground. I am convinced there will be at the appropriate moment.”

 Tie this war push in with the faltering economies & falling global stock markets then consider the ramifications?

Of course there are other facets to this narrative:

  •  The global gulag

  • Mono culturing humanity. Destroying human diversity

  • Creating "kurdistan" as an expansion of Israeli influence in the ME



  1. Hi Pen
    The Powers That Be have been pushing mass asian immigration on Europe and European cultures such as Canada and Australia for some time now. It is meeting with increasing domestic opposition for obvious reasons.

    This latest (staged?) appeal to emotion may be designed to overcome that opposition to mass immigration and to marginalise the remaining opponents.

    It also lays the groundwork for a ground invasion once the narrative shifts to causes i.e. the continuing fighting (insert hand-wringing by politicians) rather than the deliberate destabilisation of the NATO powers

    1. Hey james:

      yah, you should see the media spin here. We need to do more for these refugees, blah, blah, blah
      Canada can't afford to do more- Canada has high unemployment already
      Canada's young have the highest unemployment
      I have watched this country go downhill for sometime now and it's pathetic
      very pathetic- Our taxes are too high, utilities too high, everything too expensive and no jobs or low, low paying jobs- Canadians are in debt badly
      This is not a country that can afford refugees. There was a big stink here not too long ago over the foreign workers coming in to work at Tim Hortons and McDonalds- cheaper then minimum wage,housed in barracks- while the 24 and under crowd can't find an entry level job?!
      It's crazy.
      We need to stop waging war everywhere under that grotesque nato flag
      that would save us much money also- We could fix our dilapidated infrastructure. And best of all we would not have dirty hands in the displacement of so many other human beings

  2. Thats a staged scenario if we talk about boy's picture. How come body of a child is not swollen up as happend in natural drowned people? How come clothes are near perfect without any evidence of torn apart of messed up ? This picture clearly tells it's something else that happened and what has been shown to the world is altother different. Emotional fools are everywhere. ISIS is sending its fighters and suicide bombers disguised as real refugees among real refugees. Europe is doomed......see for yourself within 3 months.

    1. has a nice picture (and a good article).

    2. hey gallier

      "More than two thirds of the migrants are men. According to their declarations, more than half of them are between 18 and 34 years old. So, generally speaking, this is not a family issue"

      I have seen that fact mentioned previously elsewhere. Highly suggestive that many of these men are bought and paid for destabilizers headed into Europe and eventually onto Russia

    3. "Six months ago, I was astonished by the blindness of the EU leaders, who failed to understand that the intention of the United States was to weaken their countries, including by means of the « refugee crisis »"

      I can see that yes, this appears to be the plan

  3. "Since we know that only NATO is capable of publishing false information on the front page of all the newspapers of its member states, it is very probable that it has organised the present campaign. Besides which, the fact that all migrants are represented as refugees fleeing the war zones, and the insistance about the supposed Syrian origin of these migrants, allows us to suppose that NATO is preparing a public action linked to the war which it is secretly waging against Syria"

    1. Voltaire needs to go bigger. NATO is clearing the middle east for kurd/israeli expansion. Including Turkey

  4. You should read John Ward's blog post(s):

    The photo was staged for maximum pathos:

  5. Down the Rabbit hole -- now Abdullah Kurdi is accused of being the people-smuggling-boat-driver

    1. Hey tal:
      I did see that news story- an Iraqi woman, who lost her children said Mr Kurdi was the smuggler- I had my suspicions, but, here in Canada we are getting the 'it's our fault' the child died story pushed on us- as if!