Thursday, September 17, 2015

Syria & the Kurds: Exodus alters demographics/Assad: No deal with Kurds

The Kurds. Of course the situation with the Kurds is not now, nor has it ever been, as simplistic as the lying media has presented. Long term readers here are aware that I have presented the case for the Kurdish militias being associated with NATO.  Both PKK and YPG. As is ISIS. And that, indeed there is a symbiotic relationship between the two groups. In Syria and in Turkey.
I have also proposed that the NATO created Kurdistan will be an extension of Israeli territory
I have covered a number of times how the Kurdish militias abuse their own kin.
Readers here have read the numerous accounts of the Kurdish militias engaging in ethnic cleansing which has no doubt contributed to the exodus of Syrians. Many of whom are Kurds.
So, let's talk about the Kurdish exodus. Which of course benefits Israel. After all the chosenites can't be outnumbered in their new stolen land.

Syrian Kurdish leaders fear mass exodus will cause major demographic changes
 This year, many Syrian Kurds have tried to travel to Europe, and several have drowned in the attempt. Recently, civilians from Efrin, a Kurdish enclave near Aleppo.

In an attempt to put an end to the exodus of refugees from the city, the local Kurdish administration has recently banned Kurds from leaving Efrin without permission, fearing there will be no one left to fight.

Local administration officials expressed concern about major demographic changes in the area, given the number of displaced Arabs from Aleppo, and Kurdish efflux to Turkey.

“They ban all the Kurds from Efrin to cross the border into Turkey. They just allow the Arabs to cross into Turkey through Efrin,” said Wasim Abdo, 28, a Kurd who left Efrin a year ago before the ban was imposed and now lives in Turkey.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey, has established three local administrations in Efrin, Kobane, and Hasakah province, which are protected by YPG forces.

In the beginning of September, the KNC organised protests in several Kurdish cities in Hasakah province against migration, following the death of three-year-old Alan Kurdi and his family members during an attempt to cross the sea between Turkey and Greece.

When asked why the KNC organised protests following Kurdi’s death, Zara Salih, a UK representative of one of the parties in the KNC, told Al Jazeera that the Kurdish parties in Syria are worried about demographic changes as a result of migration.

Salih blamed ISIL, the PYD, and the Syrian government for the phenomenon. “ISIL’s attacks and the danger of attacks against Kurds, and the PYD’s policy and rules such as the recruitment of young people to fight with them and put pressure on them, is not very different from the Baath regime,” Salih argued.

He was referring to laws adopted by the PYD administrations in Hasakah and Efrin requiring young men to serve in Kurdish armed groups for six months.

These laws have spurred men like 23-year-old Alan Deriki to flee his home city of Derik for Iraqi Kurdistan. “I did not want to join the YPG, but they forced me to join,” said Deriki. He added that cities in the Kurdish areas of Syria “are empty, without young people”.
This statement verifies the fact that most of the refugee/migrants are young and many are men.

Kamiran Sadoun, 35, lives in Erbil and said his family members from Derik are trying to send their sons outside of Syria now, fearing military service.

“A lot of people that do not support the YPG do not want to join their military service,” he told Al Jazeera in Erbil. “People are really afraid now.”
Yup, those are the media presented good guys, rah rah women fighters and democratic whatever.

 Meanwhile, some Syrian Kurds critical of the PYD’s policies also criticise the KNC for calling on people not to leave. “It’s a farce. Most of the KNC members and their families and their children live in Europe, and outside of Syria. And now they are asking Syrian Kurds not to leave,” said Abdo, 28, who fled military conscription a year ago. “It’s a shame,” he said.
 Like I said all is not rosy & democratic amongst the Kurds- So all the regurgitators and meme pushers should come to their senses about the lies they have been selling. Particularly the so called alternatives media meme pusher/regurgitators!

Assad and the Kurds have an arrangement?

I've seen this claimed often enough. But, never found it 100 percent plausible myself. And have expressed that sentiment, here at the blog, more then once.

Assad says Kurdish demands can be discussed after defeating IS

Embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Kurdish demands in Syria can be discussed after uniting to defeat Islamic extremists, promising he is open to any proposal as long as the country’s territorial integrity remains intact.
“We should unite in order to fight IS,” he said in an interview with Russian reporters that was widely published and broadcast by Russian media.
It's quite clear there is NO united front between Syrian Army and the Kurdish militias. Why would there be? 

Quoting Assad:
“After we defeat IS, al-Nusra and the terrorists (Syrian opposition groups), the Kurdish demands expressed by certain parties can be discussed nationally, he said.
“There’s no problem with that. We do not have a veto on any demand as long as it is within the framework of Syria’s unity and the unity of the Syrian people and territory,” he said, denying Damascus had any “state policy concerning the Kurds.”
 There will be no Rojova in Syria under Assad.
Syria’s Kurds control a self-declared autonomous enclave in Syrian Kurdistan, the country’s Kurdish regions, or Rojava in November 2013. They favor a federal system in which different groups can co-exist. That proposal has been opposed by Turkey, which is loath to having an autonomous Syrian enclave on its border, next to its own restive Kurdish-populated areas.
“For us, the Kurds are part of the Syrian fabric,” Assad stated. “So, are they our allies today? No, they are patriotic people,” he said.
“There are Kurds who are integrated fully into society, and I would like to stress that they are not allies at this stage, as some people would like to show, Assad said, placing a distance with the PYD party that controls Syrian Kurdistan. The PYD has long denied allegations it is secretly supported by Assad’s regime.
Syrian Kurdish militas are NOT allies at this stage as some like to show or claim or fabricate.
Quite frankly it makes zero sense the militias would have ever allied with the Syrian army, why some claimed this nonsense is quite beyond my comprehension.

Keeping in mind the fact of collusion between PKK &YPG, their cooperation under the NATO umbrella with the US, you can be quite certain that as I postulated last year- NATO and the US/Israel are indeed behind the obvious destabilization going on present day in Turkey. Just as in Syria.


  1. So, I left this comment at MOA- Yes, b, still censors my comments, while allowing much nonsense to flourish- but it's his show

    "Emptywheel asks if those boots on the ground are also helping the Kurds against Erdogan"

    Whoever Emptywheel is? It's nice to finally read someone on the ball! It's been obvious for some time now that the Kurds are aligned with NATO and NATO has thrown Turkey to the wolves- PKK wolves.

    Posted by: Penny | September 17, 2015 at 05:05 PM

    I don't know who this "Emptywheel" is or what has caused b to consider that opinion, but, for myself, one lone free thinking blogger who has been spouting on the destabilization of Turkey, the PKK and co as a stay behind army etc for a freakin' year now! It's nice, albeit a bit late in coming to see someone else besides me talking about this!

    1. for the readers here:
      Two days have passed and my comment never appeared at Moon of Alabama
      I looked and unless I missed it, it's censored completely
      Looks to me as if it should have met b's standards? whatever those might be?
      but alas.....

  2. So you don't see turkey as trying to destabilise Syria ?

    1. Hi brian!

      Turkey played it's role, but, now it's Turkey's turn to be destroyed
      Keeping in mind that Turkey is NATO occupied territory- So when talking about Turkey what facet of Turkey are we speaking of?
      Many fighters came through Turkey, vetted by the CIA/NATO/US- The borders were porous- and many that came through were PKK, with Turkish citizenship..

      This is a matter of no loyalty among thieves.
      And we've seen this happen a number of times- The loyal become the betrayed- Hussein comes to mind. Assad went along with the US as did Gadaffi. But one can't appease the tyrants...

  3. Gadafi was never a patsy of the US ; the hand scrunching a NATO (?) plane showed that

    1. Gadafi tried to go along with US demands (I didn't use the word patsy) - he tried to make nice with NATO not long before the nutters attacked Libya-

      There is no loyalty among the Atlantacists/the NATO nutter/banker scum/oil pigs