Saturday, October 31, 2015

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Downing Russian Passenger Jet ?

1st- Russian Passenger Jet Crashes After Take Off from Sinai Peninsula- No survivors

 ISIS claims responsibility? 

Islamic State claims responsibility for Russian plane crash in Egypt

A militant group affiliated to Islamic State in Egypt claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane that crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Saturday, the group said in a statement circulated by supporters on Twitter.
Egyptian security sources earlier on Saturday said early investigations suggested the plane crashed due to a technical fault.
The claim of responsibility was also carried by the Aamaq website which acts as a semi official news agency for Islamic State
"The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God," the statement circulated on Twitter said.
Xinhua and  Times of India  


  1. October 31st. Halloween. What a surreal story to awaken to.

    Today's previous post has a bunch of early reports. What the heck to make of ISIS claiming to shoot this plane down?

    If you would like to share your thoughts on this situation, please do.

  2. It happened on I have frequently observed...that's the favourite day for media-focused false flags and "incidents". The plane was last seen at an altitude of 31,000 feet, which is too high for a ground-based missile. I'm thinking it was a bomb...and we all know who is responsible for about 90% of the bombs that go off in the world. They can't go into Syria anymore...and their secret pipeline from ISIS to Turkey has been discovered. They had to doooooo SOMEthing.


    1. Hey GC

      Friday for some parts of the world, yup
      But the crash was approx 6:30 am in Egypt- October 31st
      a very sunrise kind of time..

  3. I've only just seen this story, so off the top of my head. There was a mention of the pilot saying there was a technical fault and that they'd have to land. The fact that the debris has been reported over a wide area suggests that it exploded in the air and reports state that it was in two parts. I wouldn't have thought that ISIS would have the technical ability or the equipment to do this, though others could do. Odd that the IDF had intelligence assets in the region, why were they there at that particular time and is it normal for them to be in the area? The fact that it was Russians on board makes it look like that it was deliberately targeted. maybe we'll have to wait for more detailed information. Strange too that it's on Halloween.

    1. hey john
      yah that's the story from some Egyptian official, but, this same official gave two stories
      first that the plane was safely in Turkish airspace, then, he claimed that the plane had technical difficulties but, we can't verify that at all for ourselves because there is nothing to support that claim as of now

      He is claiming the pilot radioed in. Maybe he did and maybe he didn't?
      As of now the Egyptian officials statement is equal to heresay because it simply can't be validated
      Egypt has leaked 2 wildly divergent versions.
      IDF is to my understanding always somewhere in Sinai
      definitely more info is needed

      "There are currently no grounds to suggest technical malfunction, cockpit failure or external impacts that caused a Russian airliner crash in Egypt, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency said Saturday.

      "Rosaviatsiya currently has no reason to believe that the causes of the accident were technical failure or cockpit error or any impact. There is no reason to put forward and discuss any leads until there is reliable information about the circumstances of the accident," the agency said."

  4. If everyone can agree that the Malaysian airliner take-down over Ukraine was a blow against Russia, then this may be viewed as a much more personal assault.
    Keeping the Russians from vacationing in Dahab is not the same as denying Russia a base of operations, but the messaging is typically multi-fold.
    In no particular order:
    a) - Russian presence is not welcome in the ME.
    b) - Look we can take down aircraft, even if they fly very high. Bombs or missiles will do.
    c) - You cannot defend your people, and by extension your country and your interests.
    d) - Islamic militant proxies will continue to do our bidding.
    e) - We think nothing of striking civilians, although there may also have been target(s) of value on board.
    f) - Egypt better watch itself.
    g) - We won't let you bomb our boys in Syria, and then take leave in the Sinai, where your families meet you for vacation!

    The question to ask is, where are, or were, the 'usual' suspects at the time of the criminal act? Hmm, let's see.
    Response - wasn't us, we're all good choirboys attending a Syria 'peace' conference, arguing for peace.
    Blatant timing.

    1. Hi Spinworthy :)

      I made note of the timing in my initial post

      My first thoughts when I saw this news? Location? Timing? Suspicious? Payback?
      NATO hostility at Russian involvement in Syria? US projection of power, real and perceived, seriously challenged? Egypt is a vassal state. NATO/US militancy is the real power. el Sisi is a US trained yes man!

      Sinai Peninsula being a virtual military zone.. US/Egyptian/Israeli military in particular. Of course, Canada has a presence.

      Immediately after the Vienna agreement...
      And of course October 31st. Isn't this some sort of significant date for the psycho elites?

      What I find most interesting is the two statements regarding the plane

      said the plane was safely in Turkish airspace (no crash)
      said the plane crashed (technical difficulties)

      denying the plane crashed may have bought some one time
      but who
      and time for what