Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Allies in Northern Syria don't share US goals? McClatchy Obfuscates

Keep in mind that claims of ‘unintended consequences/implications’ are subterfuge, plain and simple as you read this McClatchy article:
Full Definition of SUBTERFUGE
1:  deception by artifice or strategem in order to conceal, escape, or evade
2:  a deceptive device or stratagem
Get ready to wring your hands and fret:
"New allies in northern Syria don’t seem to share U.S. goals"
How something 'seems' is often different from reality! First: the new allies aren’t new. The US has been working alongside the Kurds for many years. Second: The Kurds certainly do share US/Israeli goals of remaking the middle east. So right off the bat, McClatchy is misleading the reader on two points.
The stated U.S. aim is to oust the Islamic State from its de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria. But if the Shammar tribal militia, the biggest in Hasaka province, is any example, many Arab forces on the ground have a different agenda. For that matter, so does the Kurdish People’s Protection Force, or YPG, which dominates this area and has worked closely with the United States since the siege last year of the border town of Kobani.”
The stated aim has always been a lie. The aim & goal has always been a remake of the middle east.  To the benefit of many interested players, Israel being the biggest player in the region. And to the detriment of others.
 “The road to the palace of Sheikh Humaydi Daham al Hadi, the head of the Shammar tribe, winds through vast wheat fields in this isolated corner of eastern Syria, past checkpoints manned by YPG fighters, and then by his own guards.
Hasaka, an oil, gas and grain producing area, is now part of what the YPG calls Jazera, one of three cantons that comprise Rojava, or west Kurdistan, a 200-mile-long corridor on Syria’s border with Turkey. The Syrian government, which still has troops in at least two cities, has acquiesced to YPG control”
So much for Kurdish allies of Syria.
“Because Turkey views the YPG as a terrorist group and has closed its borders because of the YPG’s affiliation with the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, the only way into Rojava is by a ferry across the Tigris River from Iraq and hours of driving on secondary roads.

Welcoming visitors in his vast reception room, Sheikh Humaydi says his goal is to lead a Shammar tribal uprising against the Islamic State “to liberate Syria, Iraq and beyond.” But he also wants to carry on a 2-century-old struggle against conservative Wahabi Islam, which he said destroyed the last Shammar emirate, and he favors the breakup of Saudi Arabia, where the puritanical sect dominates. “We are already working on that,” he said”
Sheikh Humaydi, like the YPG,  is supposed to be fighting ISIS. Just like the US and other NATO allies are alleged to be?  However brand rebel ISIS just keeps on chuggin’ all  the while PKK/ YPG is busy stealing Syrian territory. Not appearing to spend a whole bunch of time ‘fighting ISIS’ Despite the fantastic tales from the media. No doubt many of them bought and paid for by the Kurdish lobby

And Sheikh Humaydi wants to carry on a struggle against Wahabi Islam by destroying Saudi Arabia? Sure reads like win/win for Israel.
“According to his son, Bandar al Humaydi, who heads the al Sanadid militia, the immediate priority of is “to liberate al Hawl and Ash Shaddadi from the Islamic State,” a reference to two towns in the oil- and gas-producing parts of Hasaka province. Bandar says he has 600 to 700 front-line fighters and 2,000 reserves but is in need of ammunition and better weapons, including TOW anti-tank missiles.”

But any moves by al Sanadid depend on the YPG, which named Sheikh Humaydi co-president of the canton and recommended the al Sanadid militia to the U.S. military to receive military aid airdrops, the only known one of which took place Oct. 11.
In fact, every major decision in Rojava is up to the YPG, including the actual distribution of U.S. aid. Bandar al Humaydi said YPG military commanders told him that they had received the first U.S. shipment of 50 tons of ammunition, but that so far the Kurdish militia hadn’t distributed it. It’s not clear if the Kurdish militia supports Bandar’s plan to liberate al Hawl and Ash Shaddadi.

If al Sanadid (militia) has no immediate plans to attack Raqqa, which lies about 150 miles southeast of here, it reflects the view of the YPG, which controls territory as little as 35 miles from the Islamic State stronghold.

The claim" the only known one of which took place Oct. 11"  is a lie.  We know there were multiple drops across Northern Syria. Because I posted information regarding that fact here at the blog- A total of 120 tons of weapons was mentioned. Drops were to take place over the course of a week. And McClatchy is obfuscating that fact by claiming “the only known drop” Which tells us, there were others or the statement would have read “the only drop”
Humaydi contradicts himself, (italics/bold) because he’s lying. He makes two claims. The first reeks of showmanship- He’s going to liberate al Hawl and Ash Shaddadi, but, has no immediate plans nor does he have the means to do so. YPG is in complete control. Therefore Humaydi and his 'militia' aren't going to liberate either town from ISIS, in Syria. However, I find his claim of destroying Saudi Arabia quite interesting. Particularly in light of this news report!

500 ISIS Terrorists flown from Syria to Yemen. Also Link and LINK

Maybe those terrorists are being flown to Yemen to fight the Houthis? - Or maybe they are being flown to Yemen so the NATO irregulars can move across the Yemen border and destabilize Saudi Arabia. A goal stated by Humaydi, militia leader. Keeping an eye on Saudi Arabia in the very near future and we will all have a better idea of what is really going on with the transference to Yemen of NATO mercenary/jihadis

Back to McClatchy:

“We in the YPG have a strategic goal, to link Afrin with Kobani,” said Polat Can, a senior militia official, referring to two Kurdish enclaves in Rojava that are separated by 60 miles of territory controlled by the Islamic State. “We will do everything we can to achieve it.”

Other areas, such as Raqqa, “are not so important,” he said in an interview in Suleimaniyah, Iraq. Humaydi supports the YPG plan”

American military officials say the U.S. won’t back any such operation, and officials in Ankara say Turkey would block it, by force if necessary. Turkey fears that if the YPG seizes the corridor, millions more Syrian Arabs and Turkmans will flee to Turkey.

American military officials will back the Kurdish goal of linking territories. They have all along. There actions speak louder then their lying lips can deceive.

The statements by Humaydi and Can are the latest sign that Obama administration decisions to fix one problem could have long-term and unintended implications.


 “The airdrop of ammunition took place just two days after the administration declared an end to its “train-and-equip” program, which had widely been declared a failure. But how the Arab groups were selected to be part of the new program is hardly clear.

The process appears to give the YPG veto power over the buildup of Arab forces. It was Can who announced the creation of the Syrian Democratic Forces on Oct. 11, just hours before the arms airdrop. The al Sanadid militia was among the groups he named.

U.S. officials visited northern Syria in early October to meet with the YPG’s proposed partners. But they declined to meet Sheikh Humaydi at his compound.

One day later, Can told McClatchy that the YPG would retain overall command of the joint Kurdish-Arab force. “The international community has assigned this mission to the YPG,” he said.

Kurds- good allies of NATO/Israel - Here's hoping all those pathetic cheerleaders for the 'plucky Kurds' , particularly those that engaged in ad hominem attacks against my person, finally realize they cheered for the benefit of NATO/Israel. And destruction, mayhem and madness. Unless these persons were paid to disseminate lies? In which case they will never change their disinfo tune.

 "It isn’t only Turkey that is likely to question the U.S. approach to fighting the Islamic State in northern Syria. The method of selecting military aid recipients seems to favor forces with the agenda to remake the map of the Middle East. But backing such forces could put the U.S. into conflict with the stated national interests of regional powers like Turkey, which is loath to see Syria break apart; Iran, which wants Iraq to stay together; and Saudi Arabia, which can be expected to defend its own territorial integrity."
Turkey, does not want to see Syria break apart?
Iran does not want Iraq to break apart?
And Saudi Arabia will defend it's territorial integrity?
Interesting? I would add Turkey does not want to be destroyed either, but that looks to be a plan in motion.  It's interesting because ISIS  has provided the pretext to make the destruction of all the aforementioned nations possible- Who benefits? Israel & Kurds the allies of Israel.

The last few paragraphs of the McClatchy article:

We have been fighting ISIS for almost two years,” he said. “We were the first to fight them. The most important thing is we need weapons, to encourage people to come for training. If I had weapons, ammunition and support, I could gather 10,000 fighters.”
Unlike the Shammar leadership, Abu Issa was silent when asked if he supported the YPG’s goal of capturing another 60 miles of territory along the Syrian-Turkish border.
“Our goal is to go to Raqqa,” he said.
But he said the U.S. had not been in contact with him. “We didn’t get anything from the Americans. They don’t even contact us,” he said. “We are waiting to be supported.”
U.S. officials acknowledged that the Raqqa Revolutionaries are not being supplied. “He’s making a lot of noise,” said one U.S. military official, who could not be identified because he is not authorized to speak on the record. “We’re working through the Syrian Democratic Forces there. He’s not part of the vetted Arab force.”

Wait a minute! This man wants to fight ISIS. He wants to go to Raqqa. Yet the US does not supply the weapons needed to fight ISIS? In fact the US is not in contact with the one group that really does fight ISIS. Seems odd, no?


  1. WSJ: US Mulls Proposals to Embed Troops Among Rebels, Kurds in Syria

    Things must be going really badly for the rebels.

    1. To my knowledge special ops has long been involved with Kurds.
      Including in Syria-
      So either they are going to put additional boots on the ground or they are acknowledging the involvement of troops already because the one was killed in Iraq

  2. Bernard Bajolet, head of France's DGSE external intelligence agency . In Syria "The north is controlled by the Kurds." "We have the same thing in Iraq," Bajolet said, adding that "I doubt really that one can come back to the previous situation".

    US Deployments / French airstrikes to 'freeze' - to borrow a Ukraine/Moldova terms tossed around - consolidate the situation does make the Turkey election a must lose/divide for Erdogan

    1. "I doubt really that one can come back to the previous situation".

      Of course the remake was planned, years in the making. So France's intelligence agency and the CIA would both promote the agenda
      It's sad what they have collectively done
      All the damage
      The death
      environmental destruction etc

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      The Gorran movement? Yah, I see that mentioned. Not a clue.

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