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Syria:Russian Technology to Impede Communications/Circumvent the TOW Missiles

I have got to tip my hat to Gallier 2 for bringing this site to my attention along with some additional information regarding weapons systems Russia brought into Syria.

So first things first: Merci Gallier/tristopia!

According to strategika51, the Syrian air force destroyed 50 tons of these dropped supplies. They also claim that the Syrians found a way to circumvent the danger the TOW missiles pose. They also say that Russia continued to shoot with cruise missiles from the Caspian.
I have no way to check their claims but they are quite unique.
If I find contradictory info (or confirming one) I will tell.

Strategicka, via translate, a very interesting site I've now bookmarked for reference! 
 (highlighting the interesting bits)

Syria: the Syrian army continued to advance in Hama, Aleppo and Idlib

The war in Syria had its Battle of the Bulge: the Syrian Army units supported by the Lebanese Hezbollah and the military advisers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, advancing at high speed under intense tactical air support provided by swarms of Russian attack helicopters Mil Mi-24 managed to cross the forest of Sahl al-Ghab in the east of the province of Latakia, in fighting extreme violence before storming of Hama where the campaign more than 520 different elements rebel factions were eliminated in less than six hours. The rebels have shelled bunker shots 155mm Smerch rockets and 300 mm while Sukhoi Su-34 (Fallback) Russian flew over the battlefield at 400 meters altitude are pouring bombs and shells 30 mm (Canon GSh 30-1 / 9A-4071K)

In Aleppo, combat tank units armored regiments of the Syrian Army managed to find a parade with anti-tank missiles Raytheon TOW US manufacturing in possession of the rebels. For the first time, Tow missiles heavily used by rebel became inoperative face a new static combat tactical implementation by Syrian armored units.
We're going to take a more indepth look at the system used to make the TOW missiles in operative in the next part of this post! First we must finish up with the October 13 post.

In an unprecedented development, US warplanes raided over Aleppo before targeting power generation facilities serving loyalist areas with Sol-Air missiles.
Other US cargo aircraft have dumped large quantities of military equipment and ammunition including sophisticated anti-tank missiles over areas controlled by the Islamic State (EI). The Syrian warplanes opened fire on cargo dropped by US planes and credible reports of the destruction of more than 50 tons of equipment.
 As I suspected, besides dropping weapons to the brand Kurds. The US dropped weapons to the brand rebel ISIS. Except Syrian warplanes fired on the cargo.
Washington has asked Moscow explanations on this "incident" but Russian replied that they did not have any information about it. The Americans launched an ultimatum to Damascus today ending at 0000Z for its aircraft cease to harass the US drops to terrorist organizations of Ahrar al-Sham, the Army of the Conquest and Ennosra Front récipendiaires official military aid that Washington calls the "moderate opposition".

A Idlib (a set of 60 cities) the chief of military operations of Hezbollah was killed in action during a special operation on the back of Daech forces in the region.
The Syrian warplanes began conducting raids on northern military base in Deir Ezzor while Russian aviation continued its raids with amazing responsiveness throughout fortified positions, centers of commands and deposits weapons and fuel and Ennosra Daech Front. Other Russian cruise missiles were launched on targets in Syria Daech from the Caspian Sea.
Whatever the future military developments in Syria with increasing involvement of opposing forces (one evokes a diabolical plan prepared in England) it seems that the Russo-Syrian tandem has already acquired gains to negotiate a comprehensive peace with the camp adverse scheduled for neutral-territory Greece is increasingly citée- with a possible displacement of Syrian President Athens under the protection of Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker E.

Gallier then delivered the goods regarding the weapons system deployed in Syria by the Russians.
 Merci yet again Gallier!

Hi, concerning the protection against TOW missiles I've found corroborating information. It's a system called shtora-1 which messes with the missiles laser and infrared guiding and telemetric system and make the missile miss its target. It also disperse an aerosol around the tank with special grenades making the vehicle invisible to infrared and laser pointing.
According to this site (sorry french) the system has been massively distributed to the Syrian Arab Army. There's a video in Russian explaining on that site presenting the system.
 Unfortunately I have to rely on translate... No  matter it's worth the read!

Russia is testing other new weapons to Syria

 According to the Asian Defense News magazine (Russian combat helicopter Mil Mi-28 arrived in Syria), a new squadron of Russian attack helicopters, consisting of 12 Mi-28 NE, has just made ​​its appearance in Syria. At the same time, it has been noticed on the leading armored offensive action in western and central Syria, the new Russian electro-optical equipment Shtora-1. We have also seen last week that Russian had launched from the Caspian Sea, 26 cruise missiles 3M-Kaliber 14T which, after covering 1500 km, hit their targets in Syria.
The Mi-28 armored DO is Russian rival to the well known American aircraft AH-64 D, and costs 50% of the price of a fighter aircraft ($ 25 million). The helicopter has a maximum takeoff weight of 11 t, and it can take on board 2.5 tons of weapons. As armament, the helicopter has her nose in a mobile gun Cal. 30 mm (automatic guided in the direction of the sight of the weapon operator). It also has 16 anti-tank guided missiles, 40 missiles S-8 or S-13. The maximum speed of the Mi-28 is 320 km / h, practical ceiling of 5,700 m and autonomy of 1,100 km.

 In a previous article, I gave details of the "secret weapon" most sophisticated that allowed Russia to sit supremacy in Syria in terms of radio electronic warfare (Electronic Warfare -EW).

The top-secret weapon that allows Putin to sit supremacy in the war in Syria electronic radio?
Thus, as a result of measures implemented by the radio-electronic warfare Russia, Islamist rebels "moderates" could not receive any information via satellite from their US sponsors, particularly on the movements of the Syrian army. The army could concentrate, in secret, his troops on Latakia, Idlib axes (north of Lattakia) Hama-Latakia (east of Latakia) and Latakia, Homs, where it triggered the offensive action with shielded the rebels to regain control of Idlib, Hama, Homs segment of the M5 motorway linking Damascus to Aleppo
 Until the appearance of Russian bombings in Syria, the Syrian national army had suffered heavy losses inflicted on her screened by Islamist rebels "moderate", armed with anti-tank missiles BGM-71 TOW provided by the United States.
Here's where we get the information on the system that can block the TOW missiles!
This device may have been used or employed in some manner when jihadi communication and videos disappeared. Or perhaps some other device was employed? Something noted by another commenter a week or so back.
Oh, okay, they dont care anymore: "YES they are our assets!"! Talking about american assets, is it me or has anyone else noticed there are virtually no new djihado-vids on the net, which they used put online on a daily basis, either to show off how sick they can be or to record their Allahouackbar barrage along with some footage of their destroyed assets por partners in crime. Except for the first two days of the strike (including the whitesoros gaffe) there has been no vid. Be it the FreeSyrs or the Isils! I mean it just seemed to completely stop!
 The Shtora-1 is an active electro-optic Russian armored protective equipment specifically designed to neutralize the main anti-tank missile in depreciation of the US military, the BGM-71 TOW. Russia has now started distributing an impressive amount of this material for the Syrian army. The Shtora-1 scrambles or infrared laser beam guidance system of the missile and makes them miss their targets. It also scrambles the laser rangefinders, thus preventing to perform correct measurement of the distance that separates them from their targets. This equipment is mounted on Russian tanks T-90 MS, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3M and other armored ground forces of the Russian army.
 Each item of equipment has four pairs of infrared sensors and laser covering a 360 degree field of view. The detection of the guiding source of the anti-tank missile is determined with an accuracy of 3 degrees. Four measures against issuers begin to create pulses directed scrambling, then, when the antitank guidance system is detected, comes the launch of response missiles.

In addition, the equipment is provided with aerosol grenade launcher which creates an opaque screen in the infrared spectrum and laser guide. The grenades were launched at 50-70 m shielded to protect. The Shtor-1 is supported by a microprocessor which receives information from the sensors and activates warning countermeasures.
 Video demonstrating the system:

All in all a whole table full of 'food for thought'! Thanks to Gallier, again, for bringing such solid info here for all of us to share.

I did have more I wanted to get out there, but, have a bit of a head cold... no worries though I'm brewing my yarrow/peppermint tea and taking C and D. This should shorten my down time.
Take care all!

From earlier today:

Electrical Engineer's Study to Change AGW "Debate" ?


  1. Thanks for this info Penny. This is truly great news...a temporary halt in the arms race until the US/Israel can get its thinking cap on. When I was in of the most impressive buildings I saw (with a Red Star on top) was the skyscraper Institute of Technology. Obviously, the Russians have capitalized on the US dumbing down public education.

    I will copy this link to an UPdare of my earlier post about why the US moved its aircraft carrier out of the Persian Gulf...obviously afraid of this weaponry.


    1. Hey GC- yup it was all good reading and do share it with others

  2. Ziad was saying that the tow will not be effective against T-72 the same device has been installed on them. Then again more land equipment just landed.

    Amerika moved an air-craft carrier group out of harms way very quietly.

    To me being an American it great news.

    Get well;)

    1. thanks jo, I will, feeling cotton headed with a sore throat/earache chills thing-
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      Yah, GC noted that the US quietly moved their air carrier and I do think fear caused them to do so. Fear and Ego

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  4. Post this over at Ziads and good luck on the cold. Stay warm.

  5. this is all excellent news and glad to hear syria took care of those americunt air drops,wonder what the yanks excuse will be for striking at the powerplant in Aleppo twice now