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11/13/15 Paris Attacks- 2 Separate Operations in One Event

 Gallier2 left the link for this blog, I have put it through translate and posted it below: Merci Gallier!

Briefly: the French author hypothesizes that the Paris attacks were two operations running concurrently. The author notes the ineptitude of the 'suicide bombers' who managed to harm themselves- Something I noted myself as extremely odd, figuring these patsies were not in control of their explosive devices. The author from France seems to draw the same conclusion. As you can read in my response to Gallier. I had some issues with the concert hall also believing that the shooters and their weapons had to have been in place.  However the killings at Bataclan appear to have been done by a professional hit team- Something I did not take away from the reports in the anglo media.
  1. Hi Penny,

    here a link to a interesting story (sorry in french, but there's a little bit of english at the end)
    This is for the moment the most interesting hypothesis I have read yet. There were a lot of contradictory stuff out there that didn't fit the narratives, neither the official one (as always) but also the "conspiratory" one. Contrary to what is probably reported in the anglo media, there is a backlash against the gouvernement which I didn't expect. Valls (prime minister) has been attacked by high ups in the intelligence service, accusing him of criminal negligence (because he rejected Assad's offer 2 years ago to give the list of "french" daeshians). While, the rest of the state continues to exploit the chaos to get their agenda through, this doesn't fit with a well executed false flag. The military response also doesn't quite fit, as does the cooperation Russia now. So the idea of that blog post is, that French spooks worked with daesh to make a not too bloody attack, but were crossed by them in the Bataclan massacre. The evidence he gives is the extremely lame suicide bombers patsies in the Stade de France and the Rue Voltaire, who were just capable of blowing themselves up (only one civilian died in the sport arena by accident). So we have to look at the event as 2 separate events: the lame false flag involving daesh patsies and french inteligence and the Bataclan massacre that was a real Daesh (i.e. USrael) operation. I know it sounds a little bit complicated, but it's the only explanation I've stumbled upon that's fits the evidence so far.

Hi Gallier!

Thanks I'm going to check that out- Its interesting you mentioned the patsies that couldn't do anything but kill themselves, I mentioned them specifically because I found that interesting, curious and anomalous with the intent to cause terror, death and mayhem.

I suspected they weren't in control of their explosive devices

The other aspect that was interesting was the concert hall- Considering the usual security at concerts- you can't bring a water bottle or anything at all into concert venues- the guns had to have come in with the band or entourage- that seems possible to have been a separate operation

Look forward to reading it, merci, as always gallier!

 Via Translate- A very interesting read.

Here is proof that the attacks in Paris are a false-flag

As we said in "Paris. Attacks false-flag?" it is confirmed more and more, as the attacks of 9/11 and others, horrific attack and it turns out to be false-flag.
Indeed, the wave of attacks that befell Paris poses some questions. Here we will list the facts that make us say that the official account of the attacks of Paris does not hold water. It is common to call "complotiste" articles which disturb and are reproduced by websites all persuasions, including authentic extremists. We did nothing, we are only facing the facts. Let the reader make his own idea but frankly, you really be in bad faith not to see the deception of those attacks ...
BREAKING NEWS - Evidence that the attacks in Paris are a false-flag

Overview of the most damning facts

Already for starters, a simple thing no media dared face, still remember that the French state handed borders the day of the attacks and deploying thirty thousand policemen which were mobilized for this operation to control Borders to last a month as part of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21). How odd ... After the attacks on the same day, the prolonged closure of borders lies with the State of Emergency declared ...
The same day of the attacks, Friday, November 13, 2015, always the same, no you're not dreaming, is presented on the morning the new "Plan Weapons" of the government to strengthen gun control and identities at borders on national territory and European. Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of Interior, will hold a speech to present this new "weapons Plan" in Nanterre on the morning of Friday, November 13, 2015, hours before the attacks. These new measures were criticized because considered too fascistic, but with the attacks the same day, hop, they will soon be passed as a letter in the mail. How odd ... (source : )
One day before the attacks, 12 November, the National Observatory of delinquency and criminal responses -rattaché the Ministry of Interior (again like Cazeneuve ...) published a report that terrorism had become the second concern of the French after unemployment ... (source: "The great fear of terrorism," Timothy Boutry, Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France, 13 November 2015.)
Finally, an exercise simulating attacks was conducted on the morning of the attack by hospital emergency departments under the control of the Ministries of Interior (again like Cazeneuve ...) and Defense. A coincidence we had already noted during the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington, those of 11 March 2004 in Madrid, or those of 7 July 2005 in London (source:. Cf. Intervention of Dr. Patrice Pelloux, President of the Association of Emergency Physicians of France on France Info at 10h26 and the evening news on France2, November 14, 2015. "How Samu was prepared for simultaneous attacks in Paris," Kira Mitrofanoff, Challenges, 15 November 2015.)

If the Bataclan

Unlike lamplighters who acted in Parisian neighborhoods and near Stade de France, the Bataclan are terrorists, according to witnesses, professionals. We have here blanks (ie they look like neither Arabs nor the Maghreb), ultra-pros, dressed in black from head to toe, AK-47 in hand, super well trained and kill with precision, as was described witnesses. Some arrived in black Mercedes, they quietly leave in the same car, once the p erpétré slaughter without being worried in the least. Oddly, NOBODY speaks in the media or among French officials.

So when we already made ​​a first scan the events, that is to say just a small overall analysis, we realize how the official account of the attacks shattered, yielding under the push and logical facts . The facts are overwhelming, and all this shows that the attacks in Paris have been planned by senior services of the French State.

But there are even stronger, we will now discuss the person Brahim Abdeslam.

If Brahim Abdeslam

Abdeslam Brahim, 31, kamikaze commandos involved in the attacks of Friday, November 13, 2015, was the owner of The Coffee Béguines located in a quiet side street Karreveld district of Molenbeek in Belgium. This bar was also a coffee shop office. The municipal authorities have ordered the November 2 "closure to the public of the establishment", for a "period of 5 months starting November 5, 2015 and ending April 4, 2016".
(Source: the Parisien )
Brahim Abdeslam blew himself alone at 9:41 p.m. at the terrace bistro Counter Voltaire, at 253 Boulevard Voltaire, close to Place de la Nation on Friday night, seriously injuring a dozen people. According to the head of the coffee story in L'Express, the terrorist moved quietly into the cafe. That's when he placed the order it blew themselves up. The waitress, Catherine, was wounded in the abdomen and chest. Hospitalized, his life would not be in danger, according to his colleagues, in shock.
He had rented a black Seat car, registered in Belgium, and found in Montreuil, near Paris, in the aftermath of the attacks. On board, three Kalashnikov assault rifles, eleven empty magazines and five full ...
Coincidentally, the authorities ordered the closure of his bar a few days before the attacks in Paris, what did we promised him in return? Money likely, it was not his goal to explode ...
Furthermore, Brahim Abdeslam drank alcohol and smoked marijuana excessively, it was a common criminal, he did not have the profile of a religious fanatic ready to die a martyr. Continuing, he moved quietly on the terrace of a cafe and blew, without shouting "Allah akbar", isolated from other people except the waitress ... And do not kill anyone ... Even the waitress that is unless a meter of it! ! This incredible explosive belt ... It is not very logical, a real kamikaze:
  • do not sit at a cafe to order,
  • secondly, he claims his act,
  • thirdly, it does not leave a car full of belongings, weapons and ammunition ready to serve.
  • And fourth, had he been a real explosive belt there would have been dead because the explosion was much more powerful.
But the explosion was very powerful indeed. The proof: the waitress next to him is not even dead, but only wounded and they want us to believe that he returned to explode with an explosive belt. Frankly, it does not hold water. If he had a real explosive belt, there would have been a heap of corpses, and the waitress, to within a meter of him, would have been shattered!
He never wanted to blow himself up, he had to wait and go get the other car after shooting. The secret services have triggered remotely micro-explosives they have hidden in his jacket or in the belt of his pants , powerful enough to kill him and injure people around less serious. All this in order to believe in a suicide bombing. Not only there is no death except those who work for the secret services and which must be disposed, as in the case Merah, but it passes for a suicide attack and still causes a terrible fear. One Stone is made ​​two strokes. It is born a terrorist fear death by zero, who benefits from the crime? Nobody caught the inconsistency of this act for the dead Bataclan blinding everyone.

Photo: WikiStrike


The mystery of the three suicide bombers from the Stade de France

Why blew themselves up at these places? Everyone wonders. Nobody understand. Investigators and experts are trying to find out why, when they could cause a deadly carnage and panic, the three suicide bombers from the Stade de France blew themselves up Friday, November 13 in isolated places, killing only one person, let . probably by accident, where they could have done many more victims recall here the chronology of events:
At 9:20 p.m. the door D, the first jihadist activates the detonator of his explosive belt full of TATP (improvised explosive) and bolts. A passing close to him, is killed.
21.30. New detonation. Only victim: the jihadist whose body cut in half lying on the asphalt. The showcase of the neighboring restaurant is split sentence.
22h. In a nearby street, a final explosion kills only the carrier of the explosive belt in the entrance to a dead end, as if it was isolated before pressing the mortal button.
At the end of the meeting. If they had waited until the final whistle, when thousands of people flock to the metro, they have again done terrible damage, especially since Paris had already been under the influence of attacks against restaurants and the Bataclan.
"It is incomprehensible," said Sunday to AFP, under condition of anonymity, a police source. "It is miraculous that there were so few victims. Concretely, what they did, except suicide, it makes no sense. " "This is not the right time: if you want carnage, you do that at the time of entry or exit of spectators, adds the same officer As much what happened in central Paris. makes sense, as there are just guys who have committed suicide. "

Wikistrike will now solve the riddle live.

The key to understanding resided in the case Brahim Abdselam that nobody saw ... except us. And we just clarify a few lines above.
The first jihadist himself is surprised to explode, so there will be a death ... For it is not he who triggers the timer, second, secret services do not prevent, so they could not know at the same time they were operating the timer, the jihadist brushed a person.
Therefore after 10 minutes, to avoid another accidental death, they manage to isolate the other jihadist guiding him, talking to him, which like the other two had to wear a headset.
And 30 minutes after they had to find a vice, say anything, a tall tale, third, that it isolates itself in a deadlock, only for them to do jumping in turn no casualties. The Secret Service wanted to blow without causing victims, which is why nobody understands their actions. If terrorists were suicide bombers true, they would have caused many deaths. Because they would have been blown up at the right time and with more explosives.
This proves with certainty that they were manipulated by the secret services, is already the fact that they have isolated exploded without hurting anyone, and secondly, their explosive belts were of very low quality. In addition, when a suicide bomber wants to do something big, it never uses a belt but a vest of explosives, much more powerful. In Iraq, suicide bombers daéchiens do, every time, tens of maorts, hundreds injured, and huge material damage.
The smoking gun is the second jihadist, whose body has not even exploded, but has only found cut in two. The window next to him is found cracked, not even broken. Proof that everything was calculated to the least possible casualties. It is an absolute false flag. This is proof that the French state is well behind: wanting to create terror with the least possible victims to get the much desired change in constitution. It's so big that it's hard to believe that nobody has guessed the deception. Yet it is amazingly simple.
* 3 apprentices mindless suicide bombers equipped with explosive belts means made ​​to kill one or two pigeons,
* 3 morons with headsets where they receive their order,
* 3 idiots equipped with GPS embedded in their belt of explosives that walks and that queue, these are our three puppets with which the French secret services have played video games. The International Jihad became the PlayStation French secret service.

If Salah Abdeslam

Suspected of being one of the eight perpetrators of Paris Friday Salah Abdeslam, brother of Brahim Abdeslam, the would-be suicide bomber Boulevard Voltaire, for some reason, decline or failure, Salah Abdeslam did not trigger explosive belt in contrast to his brother and the six suicide bombers who "acted" at the Stade de France and the Bataclan. Investigators believe that Salah and his brother Brahim could form the team that fired Kalashnikovs on terraces and restaurants, are sowing death and moving in Seat.
Salah Abdeslam was exfiltrated in Belgium by his two friends Attou Hamza and Mohammed Amri. They made ​​the journey by car-Molenbeek Molenbeek-Paris - more than 600 km and 6 hours away - the night of Friday to Saturday morning.
Investigators found ammonium nitrate to the homes of the two accomplices and ammunition of caliber 5.56 and 7.62, suitable for Kalashnikov rifles. Ammonium nitrate is a component used for the manufacture of fertilizers, but is highly dangerous. It is this chemical, which had led to the accidental explosion of the AZF factory in Toulouse in 2001, causing 31 deaths.
The sponsor of the attacks is the childhood friend of Salah Abdeslam, the famous Abdelhamid Abaaout, whose Kounia (war name) Abu Omar. This works for EMNI, it is the internal security of the Islamic State (Daech). The EMNI is also responsible for sending spies and suicide bombers in Europe. Each key spy EMNI by € 50,000 for an attack in Europe. And much more if he is willing to blow themselves (in this case it is the family of the "martyr" who gets the money). This is Abu Omar in person that manages records.
Thus, we must understand that Salah Abdeslam is protected by the highest authorities of Daech. But he and his brother Brahim who organized the attacks in Paris were not to die, but accompany and manage the "martyrs". They got overtaken by the French secret service lest they speak. For he is aware of the secret agreements between France and Daech (see conclusion). Brahim it worked, but Salah him, feeling dirty trick, changed clothes, got rid of the GPS device and the explosive belt. And then fled to Belgium to join later Syria.


All these facts show unequivocally that the French state has everything coordinated with the secret services, handling of Islamists like puppets, and this to change the constitution to impose a Patriot Act and the French, like the Americans after the attacks the World Trade Center, also known as false flag, using Al Qaeda as cover. Other times, other tools: the French secret services have used Daech and its agents, as they always have done from the beginning to try to topple Bashar al Assad and dismember Syria.
Do not forget that Daech is an artificial creation. It is only the instrument of the policy of several states and multinationals. In Syria, the presence of French officers flanking extremist armed groups when perpetrating crimes against humanity is widely attested.
Indeed, France has not always bombarded Daech but dropped him weapons for over a year. This is ignored by the Western press, but was widely discussed during a year by the Arab and Persian press. The truth came to light when CentCom fifty analysts have denounced the lies of reports on the Coalition, that an internal investigation has been initiated and that, ultimately, General John Allen was forced to resign. See especially: "Stewart, Brennan and Cardillo denounce the manipulation of Intelligence at the Pentagon" and "General Allen resigns (Bloomberg)", Voltaire Network, 12 and 23 September 2015.

David J. Feldmann for Wikistrike

When ow intelligence "cooperate", everyone keeps in hands of "cards" it does not show to another. When the French secret service and daéchiens (Emni) rose this joint opera tion, it is clear that the Emni sacrificed secondary agents, as they say lamplighter s da ns the barbouzard jargon, beings rather lanterns (the "kamikaze "useless) to focus on the Bataclan. EMNI has managed to trap their French counterparts while committing mass murder. Cheated and ridiculed, the French authorities are now turning to the Russians in revenge for Daech. The Yanks are marrent, shedding crocodile tears.

Here are some reminders.

Who provided weapons and financed the Islamic state or terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq and who gave it birth?
In 2012 - Holland admits that Syrian rebels weapons in violation of the embargo.
The French president admitted having delivered weapons to Syrian rebels during the embargo of the EU, according to a book that will be released soon in France. The deliveries took place in 2012, before it ended the embargo in May 2013, admitted Francois Hollande during his last interview of the year with the journalist and writer Xavier Panon. "We started to deliver when we were sure they would end up in the right hands. For lethal weapons is our services that have delivered the "Holland said to the writer, ...
October 2012 - In Syria, it seems that it is the jihadists who enjoy the weapons delivered to rebels
WASHINGTON - Most of the weapons dispatched at the request of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Syrian rebel groups fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad end up in the hands of radical Islamic jihadists, and not in those of groups opposition, more secular, that the West wants to strengthen, according to US officials and diplomats in the Middle East.
December 2012 - France is financing the Syrian rebels in an effort to oust Assad new
France became the largest funder of the Syrian armed opposition and now directly finance rebel groups around Aleppo, as part of a renewed effort to overthrow Assad's embattled regime. Large sums of cash were transferred by agents of the French government via the Turkish border to the rebel commanders last month, according to diplomatic sources. The money was used to buy weapons inside Syria and to finance armed operations against loyalist forces.
August 2014 - Hollande confirmed that France has delivered arms to Syrian rebels
President François Hollande said Thursday that France had delivered arms to the rebels fighting against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, "a few months ago. "
November 2015
Murad GazdievMuradoRT - The French rocket launcher apilas provided to Syrian #rebelles falls into the hands of #ISIS.
Photo #Deraa, #sud Syria 12:09 - November 6, 2015

June 2014 - "Thank God for the Saudis' ISIS, Iraq and backlash
The two factions that have the best results against Assad's forces are two Islamist extremist groups: al-Jabhat No. SRA and Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the latter is gaining ground in Iraq and threatens to destabilize more the whole region. And this success is partly due to the support that both groups received two Gulf countries: Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Jabhat al-No. SRA has so benefited from military and economic largess of Qatar a major Qatari official said he could recognize al-SRA No. commanders to blocks they control in various Syrian cities . But Isis, is something else. As a leading Qatari manager stated, "ISIS is from the beginning a Saudi project." France has benefited from support to the project étasuno-Wahhabi regime change in Syria and Iraq.
April 2015 - France and Qatar seal an agreement in the amount of $ 7 billion for Rafales.

Qatar has agreed to buy 24 fighter jets built by Dassault Rafales for 6.3 billion euros (4.55 billion pounds), announced on Thursday the French government. This Arab Gulf state seeks in effect to increase its military power in a region increasingly unstable.
June 2015 - Saudi Arabia and France enter into a market of $ 12 billion.
Saudi Arabia and France signed on Wednesday a trade agreement of $ 12 billion, said the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubair, during the historic visit of Salman bin Mohammed vice heir prince to Paris . Even after he became is clear for everyone that the proposed regime change in Syria favored the spread of terrorism, Holland continued to demand the end of the Syrian state.
September 2015 - Francois Hollande said that Assad must go
The President of France Francois Hollande told the UN General Assembly on Monday that his country would "assume its responsibilities" in the global effort to end fighting in Syria, but the conflict could be resolved if President Bashar al-Assad was removed from power.
Holland he will now change the discourse?

  • After the attacks of Paris Stock Exchange flies to New York and Paris



    Point of view of a US analyst

    Sun November 15, 2015

    Police cordon off street Following several attacks in and around the French capital, Paris, November 13, 2015. (Photo by Reuters)

    The Paris Could Be attacks the work of foreign intelligence services in order to "Facilitate a NATO strike contre Syria," says a US Army psychological training officer.

    On Saturday, Daesh (ISIL) Claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Paris Coordinated That killed at least 129 people and Injured Some 352 on Friday night.
    The terror organization called Expired the attacks "the first of the storm" and denounced France as a "capital of prostitution and obscenity."
    In an interview with Press TV, Scott Bennett pointed to two scenarios, arguing que la attacks Could Be Either the carried out by terrorists or ISIL "a foreign entity."
    They Could Be "a sort of Zionist Mossad, MI6, CIA operation, gold-have-been trained fighters That financement and trained by the United States and Saudi Arabia and others," he Explained.

    Bennett said "it's very possible, That this (attacks Paris) Was a fabricated assault."

    If That is the case, Bennett Said, "Then we see a larger pattern, a larger trigger of war qui Resembles the Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam War) and the 9/11 attacks. We're seeing all of this language repeated in the past; we're seeing the world coming behind the United States partner after the false-flag attacks of 9/11, and we now see the world coming behind France. "" So this May-have-been designed to be a false-flag attack in order to shift momentum from the war-footing, ship NATO and the United States, France and the United Kingdom into an offensive position and help get em a moral high ground That They Can now use to exploit a gold buffer no-fly zone in Syria, They can use this for new sanctions and request for investigations in Iran and They Can use this to destabilize Russia, "he added. "The significant thing is for Russia, Iran and China to be ahead of That in order to not be blamed for Any cette connection Because It's very possible, That if This was a fabricated assault, Then it very Easily Could Be Claimed on people Who are connected with [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad, or connected with Iran or Even with Russia, "he Concluded.
    Observers say while the US and Its Allies claim They Are contre fighting terrorist groups like ISIL, They in fact create Helped Train Those organisms and to advance Their policies in the Middle East.
    Hannibal Genséric

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    It makes no sense the way the spin is spinning. I don't have time to read all you wrote today, back tomorrow. There was a witness to the bomber at the stadium, said ran into him in the restroom across the stadium and he was sicker than hell and when he turned around he wasn't seeing anyone in the room. Wasted.

    1. Hey jo,
      The information is from a French blogger-
      Who put quite a bit of thought into what was written
      Interesting from those closer to the situation
      thanks for the link, I will look at it

  2. Gallier:
    I thought about this and I don't see it as two ops

    I see it as one operation. All coordinated

    - the suicide bombers, so called, serve more as the distraction, so the media can run with the suicide bomber meme, that is so hollywood anyway- so it's an easy narrative to reinforce- it plays on repetitive themes etc

    However the professional hit squad at the concert hall was the main act, for lack of a better term. The hit squad at the concert hall was a different story entirely- this was to sow seeds of terror in the younger generation- those who didn't really get the 9/11 effect-

    And perhaps there was more to it then that still, but, the millenium generation is really in the crosshairs of the global elite- and surely most of that crowd was the 30 and under crowd, for the most part

    1. I agree the people at the cafes were Pros also.

      Your last sentence says it all, they haven't seen this before so were wondering of the reservation of Amerikas neo-conns believes. Then besides great death machine contracts have been signed and Russia moved to the back burner for France. Win for Amerika. and france and eu your rights will disappear in a cloud of smoke and mirrors. I feel so much better more countries will be Amerikas puppets and meet the same end game.

    2. Yes, you are right. I didn't express myself correctly, when I meant 2 separate events, I meant that the AMPLITUDE of the Bataclan shooting was not expected by the French spooks of the operation and that therefore this operation was not completely part of the operation and that's the reason why there are several unusual things happening in the aftermath like: heavy backlash against Valls from the main stream, lefties embracing conspiracy theories like never before, some main stream media discovering their balls back (inrockuptibles one of the worst lefty paper broke several damning stories since one of theirs died in the Bataclan attack, as Soral would say, nothing like confrontation to the hard reality to get a social justice warrior's attention).
      But granted, my analysis are really lacking in depth and insight, as I really don't follow much these days (whenever I'm at the computer, my daughter jump on my knees and makes it nearly impossible to read a story calmly).

      PS: here some words the google translate got wrong: lamplighter=>patsy, barbouze=>spook, marrent/marer=> laugh, perprété=>commit(ed)

    3. I'm also quite annoyed on facebook with some of the people in my "friends" list and I will have to post something about it: I can not stand anymore the shares about that f.. police dog Diesel that was killed in the Saint-Denis operation. 130 deaths at Bataclan, millions of deaths in the ME, a gouvernment going dictatorship, not a peep, but a stupid police dog gets whacked and FB is full of "poor doggy" post day in day out, what's wrong with people?

    4. Just read that at the moment

      It goes in the same way you said. The attackers at the "La belle équipe" restaurant were big white cleanly shaven buffy guys in a black mercedes. Looking more like body builded mercenaries than islamic terrorists. These guys went then from there to the Bataclan.

    5. And before you google translate my link above or the wikistrike article it references, see that Daily Mirror link
      It's the source of this story.

    6. Penny, I think you have it nailed - a blend of dupes, remote controlled 'suicide belts' and mercs/special-forces.

      My thoughts (fwiw)-

      The blowback meme is very useful: it gives something for the media to blather about and it gives a simple explanation of events for the hard of thinking. However, in a way, blowback is real - it is a device to create angry young useful idiots for jihad. On the other hand, in Paris, liberal secular young people and a multicultural 'melting-pot' were attacked in order to complete the dialectic. Clearly this is about creating chaos, fragmentation of a liberal society into even more liberal on the left and a reactionary ultra-right.

      Paris Attackers Fought In Syria, Trained In Israel (?) -

      Regarding the thought of 'Western Spooks' being deceived by an outside agency and the result being much worse than promised I recently found the same meme in Wolfgang Eggert's exposition on the MH370 event. His thesis: the US were duped into doing a remote control highjack of MH370 that was in turn highjacked by a 3rd party (usual suspects) who deliberately cause the deaths of all aboard thus forcing US to cover their tracks... So in Paris we see an analogous situation where the local spooks are persuaded into a course of action only for the event to be highjacked and the outcome to be much worse than promised. If you dance with the devil you'll end up with a sore rectum!

      MH 370 and the Secret Services - Wolfgang Eggert -

      Holywood-ism -

      Captured ISIS Beheading Film Crews Tells Their Secrets -

      and the WaPo article referenced -

      Hey Gallier, what happened to Panamza?

    7. Regarding the thought of 'Western Spooks' being deceived by an outside agency and the result being much worse than promised

      This is also the idea of Laurent Guyénot who had a series of articles on Egalité&Réconciliation
      where he analyses in detail the speciality of the Mossad, i.e. the highjacked false flag. He explains in detail with examples going from the Kennedy assassination, through 911, that these events are built like matrioshka dolls, it's a conspiracy within a conspiracy within another layer of conspiracy. This allows to have broad spectrum diversion and makes it really difficult to see through the manipulation.
      One example I really like in is exposé is the role of the Northwood papers, which proves without doubt that American secret services can do false flags, but the interesting part is to find out, who leaked that paper and why? You discover it's a zionist agent and the reason is to direct the suspicion on CIA away from Israel. Ok, my short example doesn't make any sense splashed here in a simple blog comment but the articles at E&R explains it really very well in detail and with backed sources.

      As for panamza: he does his thing as always, very interesting but his site is under permanent hacker attack making it difficult to reach him.

    8. to add about panamza, on this attack he hasn't discovered much damning stuff yet, as I already said, the really odd thing this time around is that a lot of damning info comes from main stream media (like the Daily Mirror stuff above) or from institutional sources (Bernard Squarcini's attack on Valls).

    9. Thanks for the E&R links.
      It's a few days since I last looked at Panamza and there seems to be a fair bit more recent stuff on there now.

  3. to clarify: a multi faceted single operation

  4. Been avidly ready everything but hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere or I just missed two Scottish ladies that hid in the Bata clan theatre basement. They said on live TV that they could "hear things being dragged across the floor above their heads" and that they "could hear the terrorists speaking to the Police on their walkie-talkies!"


    Stadium bomber

  6. Penny - this is totally off topic but thought you would be interested. Al-Masdar has recently started running op-ed pieces by a Masters degree candidate in Middle East Affairs. His specific focus is Iran-Saudi rivalry but he comments on ME wide affairs. Today 11/22/2015, he has a great one up about the kurds that you'll find fits a lot of your arguments and backed up by both reports from Amnesty International and a couple of International Assyrian groups: