Friday, November 20, 2015

About Dave McGowan? News and an interview.

I know many readers here follow Dave's work. And I'm torn about doing this kind of an update.
Meria Heller has been keeping  all her listeners informed.
The latest news, sad to write it here too, is that Dave McGowan has slipped into a coma.
I'm going to leave it at that.

Below you will find a link to the last interview, to my knowledge, Dave had done.

Dave McGowan & Vyzygoth "Nothing but the Truth"


  1. I am very sorry to hear this news. Dave was one of the pioneers and leaders of the Truth Movement. It is a loss for all of us.


  2. Off topic (but relevant within the broad picture), this is what the Israeli-trained cops here in the USSA are up to:

    "He Wasn't Just a Dad He Was a Best Friend" -- Son of NC Man Killed for Asserting His Rights

  3. Very sad to hear about Dave!!!! and anonymouse, your post IS off topic and in very poor taste given the news. In short, you are a horse's ass
    Tom in Tempe AZ

    1. Well said, Tom.

      I notice this happening a lot. Penny puts up a particularly valuable post (usually from an alternative news source) and predictably an anonymous commenter arrives and puts up multiple off-topic posts with links to MSM organs such as WSJ, Haaretz, Washington Post and the NYT which just spreads the propaganda.

      To me, this looks like a troll trying to 'fly under the radar'. It happens too often to be coincidence.

      My condolences to Dave's family and friends. He is a true hero.

    2. AnonymousNovember 20, 2015 at 1:40 PMNovember 20, 2015 at 8:51 PM

      Tom in Tempe AZ, did you even read what I linked to? You call me "anonymouse". Perhaps you are a hasbarat. Your real name is obviously not tmcfall, or "Tom in Tempe AZ", so you are just as anonymous as I am.

      Do you deny that American police are trained by Israelis? Did you listen to the interview with Dave McGowan?

      Telling the truth is the best way to memorialize Dave McGowan.

    3. Anonymous, you are indulging in an ad hominem attack and is a further distraction. Tom's points remain: your comment and link are off topic and showed a lack of respect or a certain 'social tone deafness' given the topic of Dave's probably imminent death.

    4. " the topic of Dave's probably imminent death"

      That's the part I left unsaid james

      I really do feel for his family- 55 years old :(
      He had said on more then one occasion he loved his daughters and wanted to walk them down the aisle and have grandkids
      It's such a heartbreak.

      Anonymous- let's leave the truth telling aspect for later and just stay focused on Dave as a person. Perhaps how we found him? What we liked about his work? How much we wish he could've continued on?

      I was thinking how good it was I was able to get my Laurel Canyon book autographed, in such a lovely manner, from Dave :)

      Plus I have his other books, too.
      All the while he was writing those books he was working as a construction worker- raising a family, just like the rest of us.

    5. Anonymouse, I am quite real and not afraid to comment using my real name. I have read everything that David has published and have loved the honesty of this man for more than a decade. Yes the police are trained by IDF. I have known this since the late 90's. No I am not hasbarat. I apologize for calling you a horse's ass as this is an insult to horse's asses. If you want to honor Dave, just say what he meant to you. Sending love and healing to Dave.
      Tom in Tempe AZ

  4. Blimey that is really sad news. McGowan has always been one of the good guys. But people do come out of comas so there is hope yet.

    What a hideous year. First Mike Piper, now (possibly) McGowan.

    My thoughts and sympathies go out to his family and close friends.

    If he does pass on, then I hope he goes to a better place. There has to be one better than this one.

    Best wishes

    Harvey Price

  5. I'm very sad to hear about Dave McGowan. He has been a huge influence, and a huge inspiration. I've read several of his books, but the one that impressed me most was "Understanding the F-Word". I wrote one of the earliest Amazon reviews of the book, and since it's short, I want to post it here, as a token of my respect to Dave, and in hopes that it might encourage others to find a copy of it somewhere.

    26 of 29 people found the following review helpful

    Excellent book
    By A Customer on February 9, 2003

    This is an excellent book. I read the whole thing in a day, because I couldn't stop.

    The first section of the book deals with formal definitions of fascism and with characteristics of the US which meet those definitions. The second section is a series of sketches of US Presidents, chronologically, from Theodore Roosevelt to Bill Clinton. A number of recurring pernicious themes are illustrated in wry style. The last section covers the nightmare worlds of racist pseudoscience, electroshock, mind-control, lab-created plagues, MK-ULTRA, etc.

    It's a very straightforward book, written in a conversational rather than an academic style. "Pleasant" isn't the right word -the book contains a great deal of extremely unpleasant information, but the author's style is engaging and thought-provoking in a way that made me want to keep reading.

    Thank you, Dave, and thank you, Penny.

    Phil K

  6. Informed - is how Dave McGowan appeared to be and its what he appeared to want for those around him and for those who read his writings.
    It will be a pleasure to read further articles and books by him.
    The books of his that I've read were all quite inexpensive and his page is open to all, no subscription; packed with info and links to sources that are a wealth of further reading.


  7. Thanks for the update Penny, although the news itself is heartbreaking. Mr McG is a massive inspiration to me, a ray of light into the filth infested world of those who believe they are above us. I've tried to get many to read his books but a combination of horror, cognitive dissonance and lethargy means that most never make it through. If there is a heaven, then David earned his place and then some.

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