Sunday, November 1, 2015

AKP's "Stunning Victory"?

Not really. But it's interesting how the media is spinning this.

Turkey's long-dominant Justice and Development Party (AKP) scored a stunning electoral comeback on Sunday, regaining its parliamentary majority in a poll seen as pivotal for the future of the troubled country.
The party, founded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, won over 49 percent of the vote to secure 315 seats in the 550-member parliament with nearly all votes counted, easily enough to form a government on its own.
"Today is a day of victory," a beaming Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a crowd of jubilant supporters in his hometown. "The victory belongs to the people."
He appealed for unity in the country, destabilised by renewed Kurdish violence and bloody attacks and facing escalating concerns about the faltering economy and what critics say is Erdogan's authoritarian rule.
"Today there are no losers but winners," he said. "We are coming to rebuild a new Turkey along with each and every citizen." 


"I am a Kurdish loyalist so I didn't change my vote, but I know that other people might have changed their minds," said 24-year-old Ersin Polat, who works in a clothing store in the Sur district, which has been under security curfews in recent weeks.

"I know that our neighbours were scared and they were going to vote for AKP this time."

No doubt a great many Kurds voted for AKP also. In light of the behaviour of the PKK.. Ending the truce and all...

That's right readers, as I had reported previously it was the PKK that officially ended the truce

Previous post from July 28/2015: PKK Ended Ceasefire Weeks Ago? A stream of the latest news

What was so very important in that news story for my readers? This very important information, is as follows.............

"The PKK announced three weeks ago that it was ending a three year cease fire complaining of a lack of progress in long-running, stalled peace talks with the Turkish government"

I repeat in large bold print:
"The PKK announced three weeks ago that it was ending a three year cease fire complaining of a lack of progress in long-running, stalled peace talks with the Turkish government"

 PKK announces end of cease-fire, mobilizes guerillas

 The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella network that includes the PKK, announced on Saturday that the cease-fire which was declared via a message from the PKK's imprisoned leader Abdullah Öcalan in 2013 has ended, dealing a huge blow to the protracted reconciliation process that was expected to speed up with the Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) entrance into Parliament.

Rudaw- July 12/2015

 The Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in a statement released on Saturday announced that a ceasefire with the Turkish government is over, claiming that Ankara has welched on its promises regarding the Kurdish issue in that country.

As I mentioned in posts covering  the first election there was some curious ballot counters.
 Also in the previous election the AKP party had still won, but, not with a majority.

It was too bad that those in the so called alternative media failed to report factually that it was the Kurds who had ended the ceasefire. By their own admission. Instead choosing to regurgitate the fairy tale presented by the NATO media.

The big question is: What will happen next?


  1. And there are so many options. One thought that I've been entertaining for a bit, has to do with that massive weapons drop in Northern Syria made by the US- rumours of 120 tons as reported here- dropped to the Kurds

    These weapons don't necessarily need to flow into Syria- They could be smuggled into Turkey- to assist in fomenting a war- That's one possibility.

    Common dreams is a joke! Pathetic, but, if their nauseating piece of rubbish is an indication of how badly events will turn in Turkey- then boy things will go bad, and fast.

    "Sunday's unexpected results in Turkey will be viewed as devastating for Erdoğan's numerous critics and as Reuters notes, the "results could aggravate deep splits" within the country. According to VICE News:..
    VICE news- roflmao!

    buzzwords abound!

    much maligned rightwing president

    etc., Did common dreams right garbage like this about Trudeaubama?

    This wasn't unexpected- the results were well within the margin of error from the polls-

    1. wrong right- should be write

      etc., Did common dreams write garbage like this about Trudeaubama?

  2. including some additional reporting

    ""I think the story here is that the AKP managed to win back votes from the religious Kurds they lost."

    because Kurds are Sunni Muslims

    "The key question Sunday was whether the ruling party would get enough seats for an outright majority in parliament or whether it would have to form a coalition in order to govern. Most analysts had expected AKP to fall short again, but the preliminary results suggest it picked up millions of votes at the expense of the nationalist MHP and pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party, or HDP. The secularist CHP was hovering around the same result as in June."

    All polls had AKP winning

  3. Turkey election: Erdogan's AK Party set for victory in polls clinching a 'major victory'

    The vote, because of its importance, saw an incredibly high turnout, with pollsters suggesting more than 86% of eligible Turks have cast their vote in the election.

  4. Kerry (& Soros ) are in Eurasia at the moment networking.

    Fidan resigned to run for office and was cajoled back into his intel role. THE WSJ hit piece a few years ago indicating his leaking a Iran cell figures how in this election.

    WSJ from 2013

    Then un resigns

    Who know maybe Erdogan will catch the "Latin American" disease..

  5. Russian media reported days ago the US had no intention of putting Patriots back in Turkey...

  6. Is Nagorno-Karabakh the next move? Already seen it flared few times with Putin directly intervening last year. Azeri clearly drifting into Russian orbit between Russian naval exercise (in quite an about face from just a few years ago when the Azeri foreign minister was in Israel touting his country's commitment to hosting IDF forces for an Iran strike.

    Joint naval drills

    OSCE rejects monitors for Azeri elections after dispute?

    Russian blasts OSCE back in 2005

    From back in 2008 with Turkey moving to back Azeri in Armenia conflict

    WSJ: Putin mediates in 2014

    Azeri FM in Israel 2013

    With Putin just warning CIS leaders of spillover - deployments in Kyrgz - and Russia offering basing to back the EEU economic bridge, is the Turkish risk the northern border? The NATO push in Georgia is in full force with Saakashvili just calling for open violence against a coup investigation backdrop

    Saakashvili threats


    Interesting sidestory to Yereven protests
    Ramil Sahib oglu Safarov story is particularly interesting becasue of not only Hungary Position visavis Russian but the act itself, namely the ax/knife which has become virtually ubiquitous. From Wiki: "Armenia severed diplomatic relations with Hungary and immediate protests broke out in Yerevan." Yereven being the home to the austerity protests earlier this year.