Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Canadian fighting alongside YPG, single gun shot wound/bleeds to death

Isn't this an interesting bit of news?! This is the second Canadian killed in questionable circumstances in the vicinity of NATO's Kurdish allies.

When this news first broke, of course, the YPG told the story- They said an ISIL suicide bomber with an explosive belt killed this man. I would think the YPG would be able to discern the injuries of someone killed by an explosion vs a single gun shot wound? Wouldn't you?

John Gallagher died from a single gunshot.

Report from last week: Canadian killed in Syria fighting ISIS identified
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an activist group, issued a press release Wednesday that said an unnamed Canadian was killed when an ISIS fighter detonated an explosive belt on a farm around the village of Dalho, in the El-Hol area, east of al-Hasakah City in Syria.
After the Gallagher family was informed of the death, SOHR issued another press release confirming his identity.
Fighters on the ground told CTV News Gallagher had travelled to Syria in mid-2015 and was the only victim of the suicide bombing, although two others were injured.
The People's Defense Units (YPG) says they are now in possession of his belongings and passport.
Also:  The mother of John Gallagher said she had received messages of condolence from the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, the Kurdish paramilitary force that her son had been fighting alongside since arriving in Syria in early July.
 The YPG announced Gallagher’s death on its website Thursday, calling him a martyr and using his fighter name Gabar Rojava.

About that single gun shot wound that actually killed the Canadian man?

 Canadian killed fighting ISIL in Syria died from bleeding due to single gunshot wound, autopsy confirms
An autopsy has confirmed that a Canadian army veteran killed while fighting with Kurdish forces in Syria last week died of a single gunshot wound, according to the forensic examiner’s report.
The report by the forensic medicine specialist who examined the body at an international hospital in Syria debunks reports that John Robert Gallagher was killed by an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant suicide bomber.
Dr. Tayceer al-Makdesi, who examined the body at Al-Malikiyah hospital on Sunday, wrote that Gallagher had a 9mm bullet entrance wound in his lower right abdomen. The bullet passed through him but struck an artery, he wrote.
He found no other injuries other than abrasions on his back, which he said were the result of his body having been pulled on the ground. His Body Investigation Report recorded the cause of death as “bleeding due to an injury of gunshot.”
 So, you see we have a problem of credibility with the accounts of YPG and SOHR? Which isn't really surprising. We definitely have Mr Gallagher in the company of YPG, but, we have NO suicide bomber car or belt being detonated. It sure looks as if  YPG lied about the cause of death.  SOHR further validated the bogus story by putting it out as fact. And now an autopsy contradicts the  week old claim made by YPG and SOHR.

The big question is.... Why did YPG lie about how this man was killed?

 Flashback- The Kurdish Peshmerga (allies) kill one Canadian Special Forces & wound 3 more


  1. This fellow knew what he was getting into, volunteering to destroy Syria.
    His family has a whole new reality to consider?
    What I wonder is why the YPG lied, unless one of them killed this man (tying up loose ends?) and created the initial lie to cover up for their own treachery?


    Days after the appointment whose view on the Russian crash have a similar "conspiracy" tilt.

    1. I read the article and pretty much figure the whole protocol angle is just obfuscation- his view on the Polish plane crash seems to be the exact one touted by NATO- I covered that crash at the time.. I thought the weirdness began in Poland- with all those people on one plane- that didn't make sense
      It seemed more plausible to me that NATO with a mind to the future deadheaded that specific government so a more friendly one could come to the forefront-

  3. RATs-child Khazar Mafia, masquerading as United States Government are, "apparently" suiciding US Special Forces; reference those who may be tempted to "whistleblow" with regard to the true nature of the operations they are required to execute.

  4. Brown Canadians going off to fight in foreign wars are terrorists, while white Canadians doing the same, are heroes.

    1. No Canadian who goes off to fight wars for empire, plunder and exploitation in some other country is my hero- I don't care one whit for their colour