Monday, November 23, 2015

David McGowan Has Left This World

He passed yesterday. November 22/2015

This was the message I received via email from Meria Heller, yesterday.
But didn't check till today.

Just got this from Dave McGowan's brother: 
David passed today 11/22/2015 at 12:47 PM PST. So passes the Greatest Researcher and unassailable fountain of TRUTH of our time, possibly of any time. Your Legacy will outlive all time.
He will be missed. Without a doubt.

From earlier today:

A Sober Look at the West’s Kurdish Allies. As Opposed to the Alcohol Idiocy...


  1. Dave was certainly an extraordinary researcher and chronicler. He was also obviously a prince amongst men. A man of great courage and heart and an inspiration to me.

    He will be missed but we are the better for him having been here

  2. I've just come here after leaving a post on the Northern Truthseeker blog where I read the post about his passing there. Really, really sad news.

    It is kind of hard to believe, really. Another real truth teller gone. First Kenny of Kenny's Side Show, then Michael Collins Piper, and now Dave McGowan. Really terrible couple of years.

    Anyhow, his memory will live on, and he leaves an impressive library of work. It's just a shame that he never got to write any more. He always brought out information that you would never find anywhere else, and did it with a really good wry sense of humour. His Apollo stuff is still a real giggle, and should amaze anyone with a truly open mind.

    As I said on the NTS blog, sleep well dear prince.

    My best wishes go out to his friends, and family, and other readers of this blog, and any others that care about the real truth of things, and people who brought it to us like Dave McGowan.

    Sad day indeed.

    RIP Dave McGowan. Another star will be shining brightly in the firmament tonight.

    Best wishes

    Harvey Price, Palmerston North, New Zealand

  3. Thank you Dave.

    You raised the bar with your brilliantly erudite and witty commentaries. I read Inside Laurel Canyon, the Boston Marathon Bombing, Wagging the Moondoggie and other pieces absolutely transfixed, open mouthed, on a roller coaster ride of shock, laughter and downright amazement.

    You were wide awake, researching, writing and sharing the truth when I was still fast asleep in the mind numbing straitjacket of what passes as normality in this f***ed up, topsy turvy world. While I was shocked by September 11 2001, you were pulling apart the official BS and presciently foretelling the dawn of and plans for a global police state built on endless wars and self generated terror.

    I am addressing this post directly to Dave because I don't believe in death. We simply slip off the soul suit we've been given and continue the journey, taking with us none of the material possessions we've acquired but all of the experiences we've made.

    As I say to my children, we should live in love, with love and for love. In truth, with truth and for truth. Dave McGowan stood up to and exposed evil in a dark time.

    Thank you once again Dave for your example to us all.

  4. The world lost a true hero. I pray that his work lives on and is bigger than he ever imagined it could be.
    Dave, I hope you are sitting with Bob Marley and John Lennon right now and they are thanking you for your amazing investigative journalism skills.
    You put together a huge piece of the puzzle for those of us searching for the real truth about the world.
    May your family be blessed with abundance in the wake of your loss.
    I dedicate two songs to your memory:
    "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley....."How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?"
    Exactly, Bob. Exactly.
    I will continue to support Dave's work in support of his family and in support of his message of truth. Thank you David McGowan. I will miss you.