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Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East

In a nutshell- Kurds/Israel cojoined- Like cojoined twins?“twin babies born joined together at some point” Long term readers here KNOW that Kurdistan is simply Greater Israel
 Notice the overlap?- Cojoined! This just ain’t that difficult folks..
 From "Jew News" October 2014 -GREATER ISRAEL and KURDISTAN: Now this is my kind of a Middle East

And Israeli kind of Middle East. Get the picture?

Consider this cojoinment of Israel/Kurdistan in the context of the so called ‘refugee crisis

Instigated and encouraged by NATO/Israel. The so called “refugee crisis” is cover for ethnic cleansing aka forced removal of Arabs and other indigenous persons  from their ancestral lands! Destruction  and theft of their culture and history- A process that was initiated with the creation of Israel and continues on through to today. This explains why Israel refuses to take any refugees. - Israel: A Major Instigator in the Syrian refugee crisis.

Ethnic cleansing defined:
The practice of removing or killing people who belong to an ethnic group that is different from the ruling group in a country or region
Gee, doesn't that describe exactly what is going on in Syria & Iraq, right now!?
Canada, the US and Europe aka NATO nations are participating in the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs  and others from their lands and history. That’s what ethnic cleansing is folks- the practice of removing or killing people who belong to an ethnic group different then the ruling group in a country or region Which group/nation wants to rule that entire region?  Israel. Israel as a nation has done all it can to ‘ethnically cleanse’ Arabs from their ancestral homelands- It’s quite straightforward!
This fake concern for Arab and other indigenous persons from the Middle East  globally is plain and simple cover for the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people from their homes, their history, their ancestry, their everything!

Flashback! Barbara's Spectre: Israel's Refugee's Materialize in Europe

This plan to ethnically cleanse the region of it's people and history, altering the demographics of the area, helps to explain the demonization of Turkey and Erdogan- Turkey has to be destroyed for the benefit of Israel/Kurdistan.  Anyone who is on the bash Turkey meme is playing into the NATO/Israel agenda of ethnically cleansing the middle east- Witting or unwitting? Makes no difference. They are promoting destruction, death and mayhem. They are promoting ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population.

Where did I get the name "Second Israel" to describe Kurdistan? From Tablet Magazine- A term used by Ofra Bengio is professor emerita at the department of history of the Middle East and Africa and senior Research Associate at the Moshe Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University.

Tablet Mag 2014

Ofra Bengio makes it very clear that the Middle East is for Israel and it’s cojoined twin Kurdistan. Not for Arabs, Persians or Turks. Pay attention to the language. Think about the refugee crisis. Think about ethnic cleansing. And read!
"How should Israelis and Jews approach the idea of an independent Kurdish state? I argue that if there is one state that should support the idea of an independent Kurdistan in Iraq it is Israel, for various moral, political, economic, and strategic reasons.
Indeed, the affinities between these two small non-Arab nations, both of which have been denied the legitimacy to have a state in a region that the Arabs define as belonging solely to them, go a long way back.

These relations, which started in the 1960s and have gone on intermittently until today, have been advantageous for both parties. The Kurds gained military, technological, and humanitarian support while Israel gained access to intelligence. The Kurds also helped Jews who were fleeing from Iraq. However, both parties chose to keep these ties secret because of the expected negative reaction of the surrounding countries.
On the political level, the idea of another non-Arab state coming into existence in the Middle East sends a powerful message to the world and the people of the region that the right to statehood should not be the prerogative of Arabs, Turks, and Persians alone

No less important for Israel is the strategic benefit of a Kurdish state that is stable, prosperous, and more secular and democratic than surrounding countries, and that may act as a bulwark against the terrorist, radical, and destabilizing forces that are becoming rampant in the region. The emergence of ISIS in Iraq, if not contained, may endanger Israel as well.
With regard to the possible stance of a Kurdish state toward Israel one may safely assume that it will be friendly to the Jewish state. For one thing, the Kurds will need the sympathy and support of another non-Arab state in the international arena. For another, the Kurds have never been in conflict with Israel nor were they exposed to anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish indoctrination, nor do they harbor anti-Israeli feelings the way the Arab population does. Indeed, rarely did we hear vitriolic attacks or anti-Israeli propaganda from their leaders or from the Kurdish population at large. In a recent opinion poll that asked Kurds which country could be trusted to support Kurdish independence, 56.3 percent said Israel, 8.2 percent Turkey, and 4 percent the United States.
Although hard facts are missing one may assume that as the Kurdish leadership was accelerating its efforts for declaring independence it had itself approached Israeli leaders to grant their public support to such a move, which might be of crucial importance vis-à-vis the United States.
This may explain the fact that the three most important Israeli leaders, namely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former President Shimon Peres, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman came out publicly last June almost in tandem to support the establishment of a Kurdish state. The most outspoken was Netanyahu who declared: “We need to support the Kurdish aspiration for independence. They deserve it.”

These declarations seem also to signal that Israel and the United States are no longer on opposing poles regarding the Kurdistan project
With regard to Arab countries, as much as they blame Israel for promoting the breakup of Arab countries, the truth is that the collapse of such states as Sudan, Libya, Syria, or Iraq was home-made.( What utter trash, outrageous lies- but then isn’t it lies that pass as truth these days?) Similarly, while blaming “Zionists” for encouraging the formation of what some refer to as a “second Israel,”... Notice he is calling Kurdistan a “second Israel”?
 A Kurdish official, Adnan Mufti, stated that these countries would “accept the reality of a Kurdish state.” So, the formation of a “second Israel” will, in a way, take the onus from the first one and form a bulwark against radical and destabilizing forces in the region emanating either from states like Iran or terrorist organizations like ISIS or Hamas.

ISIS? Israeli Secret Intelligence Services? They are no threat to Israel- So this professor is actually talking about using this second Israel as a bulwark against Iran or Hamas. My readers should recall a post about the Kurdish aka second Israel threat against Iran written here some time back-

As for Turkey the assumption was that Israeli ties with the Kurds would be fatal for its relations with Ankara.
Clearly, the writing is on the wall for Turkey- The demonize Turkey meme pushing through the msm and the regurgitating alt media makes clear that Israel, the US and others are done with Ankara.

Covered extensively in yesterday's post

Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality

I found my earliest post on Kurdistan from August 2012- So well over three years ago!


  1. Penny quotes:

    "...Netanyahu who declared: “We need to support the Kurdish aspiration for independence. They deserve it.”

    Another day, another Arab country destroyed...what's new? Great insight into why Turkey has been played for a sucker. Erdogan walked into the trap laid for him.

    1. GC:

      Exactly GC, exactly ! Erdogan has been walked into a trap.

    2. and the next nail in the Turkish coffin courtesy of the usual suspects-

      Prominent Kurdish lawyer shot dead in southeast Turkey

    3. hey james

      I saw that news and I thought, well at least this is going to make very obvious the disinfo disseminators/regurgitators in the alt media.
      This shooting is not the work of Erdogan- And coming hot on the heels of the shootdown of the plane, it can't get any more plain that Erdogan is being kicked to the curb. And Turkey destabilized
      In fact, when I read this news it brought back the exact incident in Syria which was blamed on Assad, but, I suspected was the Kurds- Smart money suggests this is Mossad or PKK

      I was more naive then entertaining the possibility of it being a Turkish job, but, also wrote about Kurdish Israeli collusion

      "Perhaps Kurds, trained by Israel, killed one of their own?"

      In a later post, I acknowledged it was way more likely to have been the NATO affiliated PKK

      This shooting took place in Diyarbakir- And like I said smart money says PKK/Mossad-

    4. My money's on Mossad/CIA. They're the masters of shooting at both sides to start wars and more recently, 'color revolutions'.

      I see it also as a warning/threat to the cognoscenti within both sides, the Kurds and the Turkish leadership/spook cabals. It was done on television for a very good reason.

      The 'usual suspects' are asserting their continuing dominance even though it is slipping away fast because of their treachery - hence the increasingly desperate tactics.

      They're down to assassinations now and I think we can expect more of them.

    5. I thought of the CIA also,but, they have their proxies in the PKK on the ground so.... it would be the same/same

  2. I remember reading way back during the occupation of Iraq that US military knew Israeli troops were in "kurdistan" but were not allowed to say anything too publicly. Then the stories died even from the few arab sites they were on.

    Somewhere on youtube there's a video of an israeli woman "NGO" worker who admits Europe is going through a civilizational change and the Jews will be there (meaning people like her) to see it through.

    Once Turkey is destroyed there will be parts broken off and given to many different peoples - Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, even Russians have a historical claim so that will be a major mess if they let it fall apart.

    Another great piece with interesting admissions from the guilty parties.

    1. Hi silver palomino!

      I recall well Israel being involved with the Kurds- cause I've several posts here on that topic also

      As for the Israeli woman who says Europe will have to be more multicultural and the jews will lead the way..

      She's here in this post:

  3. Greater Israel and Kurdistan may have been the plan, but between the plan and reality stand the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and most likely other factors, for example the Turkish armed forces and maybe China further down the line.

    The deployment of the S400 and the missile ship off the Lebanese coast has changed the situation in Syrian airspace dramatically.

    The Syrian Arab Army is now deploying its first T90 tanks. Syria desperately needs supplies of artillery ammunition to be able to maintain large scale offensives. If Russia supplies this then we may see more movement on the ground. The Turkish airforce is still in hiding. The Russians and Syrians are pounding rebel supply lines from Turkey. The Russians clearly have raised the ante in Syria.

    Hezbollah has proved to be a reliable and very effective partner, including the involvement of its special forces in the rescue of the Russian navigator. The idea of battle hardened Hezbollah, supported by Iran and supplied by Russia is enough to shatter the plan for greater Israel and give Netanyahu nightmares. Hezbollah with modern anti-aircraft missiles? Hezbollah with modern anti-tank missiles?

    I know that I'm posting against the flow here, but when I see that map and read the comment "Now this is my kind of Middle East" then I feel that there is a danger of confusing the identification of a plan and identifying WITH the plan.

    I agree that the plan exists, but I hope with all my heart that the brave men and women who oppose it will ensure that it never comes to fruition.


    1. Hi Anthony!

      No worries about posting against the flow regarding this topic, because it's so large and takes in so many aspects in that-it's pretty difficult to limit the scope that all this involves.

      "I agree that the plan exists, but I hope with all my heart that the brave men and women who oppose it will ensure that it never comes to fruition"

      Consider me one of those women who oppose this evil plan- My "fight" is to raise awareness by shining a light on this devious plot-

      I too hope this plan never comes to fruition- For the Arabs, their lands, history and culture this would be the death knell

      You might be aware that at Syper's I've been attacked viciously for my stance against the Kurdish brothers of the Khazars and all their duplicity-
      I care not what paid trolls say. And the Israeli lobby pushing for greater Israel through Kurdistan has the means to challenge/denigrate anyone who shines a light on this situation.

      Watch out for those who play down this aspect of Israel's brothers in arms

      Watch out for those who demonize and overly focus on Erdogan in a 'cult of personality'' fashion- They are pushing an agenda I'm working very hard to shine a light on

      Be aware of those who focus only on Turkey, while ignoring the actions of Israel in Syria

      For Israel there is much to gain and much to lose- If they can get Turkey destabilized and destroyed they will have their greater Israel

    2. Yes, Israel is the central point to look from in this whole Syrian tragedy. All other aspects are minor distractions. The pipeline story from Qatar to the mediteeranian for example is not a cause of the thing but the reward for the concerned for their treasons. The oil spoils from Mosul the ISIS sells to Erdogan Junior, is not the cause of ISIS but the reward for their treachery. People who always try to exlpain everything with oil and pipelines, completely miss the real ideological reason. The oil spoils of war are consequences, not causes of things.

    3. You get" it " gallier! You understand- Yahoo!

      When you look at everyone involved in selling brand ISIS oil it makes clear Erdogan's son is a bit player, but, a convenient scapegoat/patsy to blame. While the bigger picture is entirely ignored.

    4. Thanks Penny.

      I agree that all roads lead to the Rothschild's Jerusalem.

      It is quite bizarre (or perhaps not) that the worlds powers are gathering their forces in Syria as if they were preparing for a Hollywood production of "Armaggedon; The FInal Battle". The mutual destruction of political zionism and the muslim world as Mr Pike predicted (having read the script).

      Gallier mentions oil and pipelines as not being the central reason. I would discount all material explanations and reduce it all to a spiritual / occult core. How can a tiny religious cult exert so much influence over so much of the globe?

      I just happen to be one of those who have come to believe that our reality is ultimately going to prove to be far more bizarre than most people could ever imagine.

      Fasten your seatbelts.


    5. Dear Anthony,

      I couldn't agree more with your comment. In recent months I've been studying the Bible more and questioning the history of the usual suspects. Information and history that has been providentially brought to my attention has given me even greater concern for the play that is unfolding. One of the books I've read recently told of the participation the U. S. government had with Stalin's Russia. The deception and the resulting monstrous results in Russia, Germany and Eastern Europe had me in tears numerous times. I think most believe this couldn't happen again. I think most people better wake the hell up.

      God bless you, Anthony and dear Penny and all her regular commenter/readers who have their eyes wide open.

    6. Thank you, Gwen!


    7. I agree with Gwen, Anthony. Insightful comment.
      Check this out from Greencrow -

      Don't miss the video.

    8. James, thanks for the suggestion. That is a VERY interesting video. I am off to do some reading of Swedenborg and the doctor who is referenced in the video!

      I would recommend others watch this, too.

      (Thanks, also, to GC for finding that and posting on her blog.)

    9. Thanks anthony, gwen and james
      Thanks for the blessings also :)
      I'll take them
      You are all great!

  4. Hey Penny,
    It seems to me that one of your articles on Kurds was an interview with this guy in the pic at the top of This Voltaire Article ?

    If not, I stand corrected, but he sure looks like the fellow to me. Anyhow, the article does indeed say he/ that faction, has aligned themselves with the demon seed and their cohorts.

    Do you remember couple years back b4 election in Turkey Sibel Edmonds stating the Kurds had given permission for an air base to UknowWho on 'their land' in N Iraq?
    I don't listen to her anymore after that same interview when she practically endorsed erdogan after coming back from a trip to Turkey to visit family.

    ps. Oh.. guess what the new conservative party just elected to power is dredging back up ? Yep, the plane crash. I'm in contact with a transplanted Polish guy who keeps me abreast of news and views there via email.
    He told me last night that Poland wants war w/ Russia.. I keep getting the same feeling reading their news too.
    He has a great perspective as he Grandmother relayed war stories to him in his early youth, and he is still in contact with old friends and family there. I have some recent info I need to drop off to you about new personalities in power there.
    not good
    You may be dredging up those great old articles of yours to repost again on Smolensk plane crash

    1. That man is the 'leader' of the Syrian kurds allegedly, and has likely been in something here at some point in time

      The plane crash eh?
      Interesting, indeed- I'll keep an eye on that!

  5. One problem: How does destroying Turkey result in ethnic cleansing? I assume that you mean that most of the "Arab" or Semite people live in Turkey.. but they do not..

    1. there is a definition of ethnic cleansing and also Arabs were not the only ones mentioned- though that is mostly, but, not solely ,at play at this time- read the post thanks